3-44 [Monitor and wiretap]: Those are old schools of the spy methodologies, but still availed

The wiretapping and monitoring are categorized as an old school of the spy methodology, but it is still availed generally. It is necessary to understand a subject to be acquired as an asset, hence those approaches are a prerequisite.


There are many ways to wiretap a target, which is so various that the spy is likely to listen to any conversations if they want. For example, the concrete microphone is employed to eavesdrop a conversation taken place in the next room as its sounds can be captured by a vibration of the wall.


The directional microphone can capture a conversation in the room from a distance. I have heard a mix of those technologies to listen to the conversation from a distance through the vibration of the wall.


The spy can set up a bug in the room, which is a stable and general way for wiretapping, though it always requires a power source to transmit a signal. It is basically the same as a mobile phone that you cannot send data or a voice if there is not enough power left.


This reality compels them to set up a wiretap at the place where the power is available, such as an outlet. Moreover, there is a limitation of the distance transmitting a radiowave, which can be delivered several hundred yards, but not miles away.


Your traffic of the internet access is easily monitored. The spy can confirm what you watch remotely by the tempest, but your status is easily confirmed when the spy set up a trap in the application or cookie.


Sometimes, I am so wondered why the hacker can exist without notice by the government, as it is actually not a difficult task to the authority. It is still difficult to arrest them due to a necessity to prove they are guilty, which might require to catch them red-handed. However, it does not mean they have no idea of whereabout of hackers.


The spy can set up a bug in the PC as well and moreover can install a transmitter to control it or obtain an information. Your webcam might be controlled externally, which is used to monitor your life. This is actually easily avoided by masking it with a tape, as it is nearly impossible to avoid an external maneuver, however hard you take care.


Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to counter when something is installed in your PC physically, which has more space than the mobile, also with a battery, hence it is one of the most appropriate places to set up something inside.


On the other hand, the surveillance camera is not so simple. It is easy to monitor in and out of the building by the normal and infrared cameras, but it is hard to watch inside the room. I had been filmed from the place where my room is totally revealed, but that kind of place is limited to several, hence the monitoring place is also easily revealed.


When the camera is set up inside the room, which is definitely a place where they can maintain a power to send data. It means the spy can just install some of the places in the room, such as a sprinkler, emergency light, air-conditioner or lighting. Although, they can wire a camera from the upper and next room, which gives them more flexibility in terms of the location, though it requires a construction. In Japan, the central heating system is rare, so that it is also not used for monitoring inside the room.


Those technologies are availed not just for the assetization, but also a subject who cannot be cracked. Although, there is no big difference as they can either obtain an important information by those ways or use their surveillance information to gain a critical intel.


Those old school methodologies are still used, which will be used in the future as well even if the technology is advanced more.



2-69 [A wiretapping setup]: Police replaced an air conditioner with a bug

I did not know why an air conditioner was decided to be replaced in my room but the police was really needed to install a bug there, as they failed it previously. It was one of the ways to understand what I was doing, which was why they needed to replace it to a new one with wiretapping.


There were two men coming for its setting up, one of those was in charge and the other just supporting him. I had no conviction that the police would come over, but I had watched them closely as there was a suitable opportunity to set up a bug. After all, that was how monitoring cameras and bugs were installed at my flat in Hong Kong.


During an observation over their installation, I recognized the support worker wore a lot longer pants than his legs, which was not adjusted permanently but pinned. It was apparently a temporary uniform, which was unmatched to his profile, aged around 30 with a well built, not for a part-time job as an assistant of the installation.


It basically indicated this guy was an undercover and he looked a lot like a police officer.


I would like to confront him somehow, but could not hit upon the right move. I was thinking about how it went and got a good idea to tell. I decided to look at the cuff at the bottom of his pants. When I just looked at these parts for 5-10 minutes, he eventually noticed what I looked at and started to lose his nerve.


He touched that area to make them mended, but I kept watching irrelevantly, and then, he was more or less frozen, unable to do anything.


He was on the verge of confrontation, but the phone was suddenly rung and he went out of my room. The work was continued an hour from that time point, but he never came back to my room.


He was a police officer after all. The situation in my room was apparent from the house a few away, which was why they decided to remove him from my room before I started to confront him. It was necessary as it was illegal if he entered my room disguising his true identity, categorized as a trespassing. I was at that time thinking how to talk to him to extract his confession, but the police was a little ahead of me.


Although, I got to know two important facts at this time moment, one of which was that there was a room availed for the police surveillance. I confirmed where it was and there were a few others provided to the police monitoring, which I had a proof of.


The other was that the bug was set up in my room in any way. He was not back to my room, but the bug was preinstalled into the air conditioner in my room. I confirmed it with a detector, but its inside was too complicated to be inspected. Although, I believe it was still there as it was, which should be used as a proof as well.


[Wiretapping by Japanese police]: Illegal wiretapping commonly practiced by the law enforcement

In the next day, I went to buy a wiretapping detector in Akihabara, as I was so nervous of my environment after noising from the upper room. I was accustomed to the life with bugs but I could not have imagined it was opaquely conducted by the authority in Japan, though I thought it was worthwhile to check its reality.


When back to the room, the detector reacted that there was a wiretapping located at one of the plugs. Then, I went to the hotel management and asked them to open it to confirm it.


I saw a small device there but could not discern whether it was what I looked for or not. In my image, the bug consisted of the electronic substrate with a transmitting structure, but it was a small box inside the plug. It did not look like a wiretapping and I eventually realized that I had no knowledge to confirm its authenticity.


Later on, I studied these methodologies and understood there were many ways to eavesdrop on my speaking. You can listen to a conversation in the room with a concrete microphone from the upper or next room. If you employ a directional microphone, you can listen to it from far away. There is said to be a mix of those to listen from far away through the wall. The wiretapping is unexpectedly easy, which is often conducted in any countries.


In the Japanese legal system, a wiretapping itself is not a crime. It is a crime when trespassing and destructing a property when setting up the bug. Furthermore, the police is not allowed to wiretap without a warrant from the court, but I am pretty much sure they have conducted it without notice.


It is apparent that the wiretapping information cannot be treated as an evidence unless it is permitted by the court order. However, if they have no intention to arrest the subject, they can employ any measures. If their original target is to intimidate the subject subdued under their rule, they can do whatever illegal investigation they want. It is unconstitutional, but there is no law that the illegal investigation is categorized as a criminal activity.


Back to the story of the bug in my hotel room, the hotel management has no capability to open the plug, hence they asked an outside help to execute its job. As said, I realized I had no capability to identify it and went out to the convenience store afterward to buy something to drink for my refreshment, where I saw those contractors also.


They talked to the uniformed police officer there and realized they were connected originally, though I had no idea what it meant at the spot. I had not assumed the police was highly involved in the illegal activity and not expected that the wiretapping was so commonly deployed by them in those days.


Moreover, I had still not realized there was a joint operation of the whole intelligence organizations, but expected they run an investigation separately with sharing information.


[Another wiretap attempt]: Chinese wanted to have a construction in my room, many times

There was actually another construction before the road renovation, which was a story in 2010. I could not remember how he came to my room; maybe I was asked to by the building managers or he just visited my room directly. In any way, he said he would like to repair the elevator shaft as there was a crack and water leak on probably from my room.


I did not look at the crack itself, but he showed me a picture of it. He entered into my room and confirmed whether there was a leak or not, then saying he needed a complete construction to check its authenticity.


In the end, I declined it but could not remember why in the detail precisely. It was doubtful to me there was a crack in the elevator shaft, which was created by the shower leak from my bathroom. His assert was not improbable, but his argument was flawed to convince a true nature of the crack. It might be enough just to show me where the crack was as I was accustomed to seeing the elevator shaft with my father who used to work for the elevator company.


Furthermore, it was unconceivable that he needed several weeks to complete it. I was said not to stay at my flat during the construction, therefore, I could not accept it unless it was absolutely necessary, which was why they could not proceed more.


This incident indicated the Chinese intelligence had an operational plan even in 2010, as he was the same plumber to set up bugs and cameras at my apartment. He was the guy to crack my ceiling to drip a liquid chemical, which implied they would like to prepare those one year before they really did.


I have no idea whether he was an agent or collaborator, but at least he was related to the Chinese intelligence. Hong Kong belongs to the mainland China so that it is not surprising there are many collaborators, though this incident enough proved I had been a target of them for a long time.


I could not remember when it was exactly, but it was a story between the summer and autumn in 2010, which was one year before the assassination attempt and following tortures. Although, I could not tell whether this was a result of the joint operation of the global intelligences or the sole Chinese spy operation.


[Opaque wiretapping]: They intimidated to show how capable they were

I started to conquer my fear day by day from the middle of January in 2012, almost one month after the assassination attempt. I had still been tortured but they looked like shifting their strategy to have me to talk to others. I was sometimes invited to an interview, but more often to meet my acquaintances coming over to Hong Kong. My torture was still too severe for me to meet anyone, but they asked me to come over, which was obviously triggered by some changes at the intelligence strategy.


I had no idea what had become of me and there was no hope that something would be changed soon. I just reacted and resisted against the spy operation at every moment so that I might have got any useful information when I met them, which was my perception at that time.


Then, my mobile phone started to be wiretapped as these plans were occasionally set just through the phone conversation. At first, my conversation was bugged just at the bathroom, as there were a plenty of taps in my rooms and several surveillance cameras as well. They did not need to intercept my conversation when in the rooms, but it looked like there was not enough room for the bug in my bathroom.


It was so obvious but the sound was suddenly changed at the mobile, always when I entered there. Suddenly, the noise was increased and I easily noticed it was listened by the spy.


The noise was apparently created by a microphone on the tapped line, but I assume it could be killed if they wanted, which implied it was also intended to threaten me to show how capable they were. Or, I cannot deny a possibility that the spy was abruptly required to wiretap the phone, hence they failed to cut off the voice. However, it worked quite well so that they decided to keep a noise from then on to oppress me.


Actually, my room was bugged and monitored, and moreover, my PC was hacked, therefore it was nonsense to believe my phone was not wiretapped in advance for a long time. Although, I had no idea how they bugged my phone.


I have been still using it continuously for five years, but it was recently suffered from the reverb, not a noise. The reverb was created by a microphone which took a sound from the speaker, which indicated how this phone was wiretapped. However, the SIM card was not the same before, hence it was highly likely controlled by the software.


The hardware is also possible, but there is almost no space in the mobile phone to set a transmitter separately from the presets. The SIM should be the easiest way to control the software, but it looks like the software was rewritten by the intelligence organizations.


Furthermore, my phone used to be wiretapped by the Chinese intelligence, but it was now listened by the Japanese police and CIA in the same manner with the past. This apparently means they had the joint operation in those days and still have one against me.