[When did the radiowave start?]: CIA have developed this electromagnetic wave technology

The electromagnetic manipulation is apparently an extension of the EEG / biofeedback which is still conducted through the electrode placed on the skull, but the wireless is just one step ahead. However, it also indicates the wireless transmission is the other important technological background of the radiowave manipulation.


That was why MK Ultra’s sub-project 119 was way out toward the current technology, but the electromagnetic control was established from other sources. Although, there was a quite crucial remark at the MK Ultra that the CIA had been quite interested in a skillset to maneuver the human being externally and wirelessly. This motivation was kept even after the whole project was revealed and denounced, which was eventually realized as the electromagnetic manipulation.


This methodology should start from the simple frequency control. Irradiating a specific frequency band to the subjects, their brain and organs suffered from the corresponding symptom. That might begin with the wired experiment, but there is a large possibility that even a single frequency should cause a critical effect, including a heart attack and brain stroke. Actually, it is a proved fact that these two fatal symptoms can be caused by an irradiation of the ultra-long wave.


It is a complicated task to cause a depression by the radiowave manipulation, but a headache or fatigue is not that difficult; i.e. those can be caused by the simple pattern of frequencies. Mixing up these relatively simple maneuvers, the subject might eventually suffer from the depression. Moreover, if the same techniques are combined in different ways, you might be driven to the suicide or criminal action.


This technology has been further developed even to send a thought directly to the brain. I have opaquely experienced it since 2013, though I saw its capability in 1993, which implied they were capable of transmitting a thought already in 1980s. This evolution was quite dangerous to manipulate other human beings and societies.


The brain reading was developed later than sending, which should be in the late 1990s or might be in 2000s. There was a time lag for this advancement and I was pretty much sure of it as I was a subject of this electromagnetic manipulation without the brainwave reading in the middle of 1990s. Additionally, they employed the thought reading at the operation against me or others at least in 2000s.


This technology is still in the progress to manipulate the human being more efficiently in the near future. This advancement is horrific, but we better understand the current technology can kill the people and have actually created many social problems.


The people should understand a true nature of the electromagnetic wave manipulation. This has been covertly deployed to manipulate the people and societies for decades and there were many crimes caused by this technology piling up huge casualties. We should restrict the electromagnetic manipulation to recover a normal for the people.




[When did the radiowave start?]: The radiowave manipulation is not an extension of MK ULTRA

MK Ultra is a code name of the CIA’s mind control project with human experiments, which had been conducted until 1970s when it was leaked to the public. The majority of related papers were disposed, but some of them were remained to public later on.


The sub-project 119 was one of them, which was about a control over the human body by the electromagnetic wave. The detail was not clear, but there was a memo about a direction of the project written on 17 August 1960. There were focal points for the experiment as below,


  1. Bioelectric sensors: sources of significant electrical potential and methods of pick-up
  2. Recording: amplification, electronic tape and other multi-channel recording.
  3. Analysis: autocorrelators, spectrum analyzers, etc. and coordination with automatic data processing equipment.
  4. Standardization of data for correlation with biochemical, physiological and behavioral indices.
  5. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.


The current electromagnetic wave technology is actually not an extension of these focal points, which means the current device is irrelevant to MK Ultra, even though they shared the same direction to manipulate the human being.


The CIA would had targeted to control the body, rather than the brain control. Any body parts are controlled by the electric signal from the brain and the sub-project 119 targeted to access its electric signal. This researcher itemized technological directions and analytical frameworks for that purpose.


However, these were not projected to the current electromagnetic wave technology, as the current focuses on a control over the brain and brainwave and does not concern the electric signal running through the spine. There is a technology to connect a device to the neural system, which is not necessarily related to the wireless control.


This analysis implies that the current technology is not a descendant of MK Ultra, nor this sub-project 119 was not successful as it does not make sense from the modern technology point of view. Furthermore, this is not a research targeting an EEG at all. There was no other memo leftover for this and we cannot tell how this research progressed, but it should be futile and its budget should be cut sooner rather than later.


There was no other project similar to the sub-project 119. The majority of MK Ultra’s evidence was disposed in 1973, but if the electromagnetic wave were successful until then, there should have been more traces than this 119 paper. That implies the electromagnetic manipulation was highly likely established after 1970s.

[Rogue spies behind]: The rogue spies are the main perpetrators, but there should have been official orders as well

In Japan, the police intelligence has gone rogue to conduct multiple murders. This operation has not been recognized as a crime because they are one of the divisions of Japanese police department and they disguised assassination as a death from an accident or illness. That is why it has been impossible to prosecute their crimes.


The CIA has also gone rogue, not just for the operation in Japan but also in the home country, the United States. I am not sure how many criminal activities they have planned and executed, but there is no doubt they have killed many innocent people, more than just committing crimes.


Furthermore, their assets have been also derailed to conduct criminal actions. The controlled crime of intelligence community is offensive, but the uncontrolled organized crime of their affiliate is destructive. Those assets also have the capability to run an electromagnetic operation for an intelligence outsourcing, but they definitely employ these technologies for their own. It is problematic to manipulate others through the radiowave even if it is an official order of the intelligence organization, but it is absolutely unacceptable to use it for their own interest.


To make the situation worse, they are not caught nor prosecuted eventually, as they are valuable assets. This flaw of the legal system provides more incentive for the rogue operative to conduct an inadmissible crime for their personal interest, including an abuse of the electromagnetic manipulation. Moreover, it is hard to prove the incident has been triggered by the radiowave. They can torture, sicken or kill the subject, but we only can get circumstantial evidence and there is no trace of the external radiowave on the dead body.


There are lots of serious problems triggered by the electromagnetic wave manipulation, but we have no clue for each case who the perpetrators are. This technology is definitely employed by the intelligence community so that their rogue officers and assets have the capability as well.


I am pretty much sure the CIA should blame their assets going rogue, but it is not necessarily true. Some of the crimes should have been ordered or implied by them as I was a subject to have experienced their rogue operations. I also acknowledge that some of them have been really conducted out of control of the intelligence organizations.


They should admit a responsibility for numerous wrong operations. At the same time, their assets should take responsibilities for their crimes and those are the only way to halt this craziness. It is definitely necessary to charge righteously for taking back a democracy from the rogue organizations.


[Trace of the radiowave manipulation]: If the criminal is manipulated by the wave, there is a specific characteristic

It is quite rare for the ordinary people to be targeted by the intelligence organization, hence your depression is more likely triggered by a natural cause, rather than by the electromagnetic wave. However, you might be used for their operation manipulated by the wave.


Furthermore, there is a possibility that you might be a victim of the crime triggered by the radiowave. There are many incomprehensible assaults caused by the electromagnetic wave, which has actually been escalated to murders.


There is one apparent characteristic caused by the wave that the crime is quite preemptive, but it is planned by the totally irrational criminal. This cannot occur in the real world without help from the outside. The electromagnetic wave can obscure the thinking function and control the delusion led to the criminal action. If this is the case, the manipulation requires at least several months, which is also likely supported by the physical manipulation, hence the trace can be left during the course.


Generally speaking, there is no incomprehensible assault if the reasoning functions intact. The potential criminals can murder their targets rationally, but there is enough evidence for the rationality, hence it is not incomprehensible.


It is the only psychopath who can conduct an incomprehensible crime with a rational mind. Some of their cases should be preemptive but unconceivable, as their thought process is so irregular from the norm. If thinking in the same distorted mind, their rationality should emerge behind the trace.


There are also cases for the impulsive assaults caused by the electromagnetic wave, which is more difficult to be discerned. If their crimes are categorized more than the battery, the criminals are dangerously aggressive in nature even if created by the radiowave manipulation.


More precisely saying, they have issues to contain their emotions and their behaviors are easily escalated by enhancing an aggression. In these cases, there are no plans beforehand and no need for a long-term manipulation, though it is necessary to find these potential offenders for triggering large scale incidents with multiple victims.


I have realized there were such cases in the real world, but I am still not sure why these manipulations are necessary. We can guess several reasons, such as just to see a turmoil after killings, to show their capabilities to manipulate the subject committing a crime, which might be intended to blackmail the government or others. I did not get the exact reason why, but I am pretty much sure there are lots of victims from crimes created by the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


If they target those anonymous people originally just to show their capabilities, they are just psychos. They did not kill victims directly, but their intentions create murders. Sadly, it is hard to find the evidence of these electromagnetic wave manipulation, but you might find a slight physical trace, as the perpetrators have definitely confirmed a mental state of the target in some ways.


[Influence of the radiowave]: it is hard to find an evidence of the electromagnetic wave, but there is

There is apparently a limitation at the electromagnetic manipulation, though there are various damages caused by the wave. However, it is quite difficult to discern which outcome is created by the radiowave. Most of the symptoms look like triggered by the natural cause, even if they are irregular diseases or abnormal personal traits. Even if the subject realizes something wrong happening, its realization might be a result of the delusion.


Having said that, if multiple irregular symptoms have recurred for a long time, it is likely a result of the electromagnetic wave. The spies tried one operation but it might be ineffective to you, as the electromagnetic wave influence depends on the individuality. If that is the case, the perpetrators would employ another methodology, which is why you might have several symptoms recurred under the electromagnetic manipulation.


There is another case to identify the radiowave manipulation that you have experienced events which are statistically impossible. Although, the impossible occurs in the real world, hence you cannot ascribe everything to the conspiracy, but there are sometimes reasons behind the impossible occurrence, one of which is caused by the electromagnetic wave.


There are main three lethal diseases caused by the wave, pancreatic cancer, heart attack and stroke. Pancreatic cancer is not frequented, hence if you suddenly suffer from it without a genetic cause, there is a slight possibility that it is triggered by the electromagnetic wave. Furthermore, if you suffer from other symptoms ascribed to the radiowave, the odd is escalated.


The stroke is a normal cause of death, but it is quite rare to be caused when you are young below 40s. If this is created by the electromagnetic wave, there are two reasons, one of which is an assassination or permanent damage at your brain and body function. This is possible but the outcome is not for sure as there is a sensitivity difference for each individual.


There is another possibility that they have tried to manipulate your brain, which accidently creates a stroke or brain tumor. This is not a deliberate assassination, but still, the responsibility is at the electromagnetic manipulator.


You might suffer from a chronic disease from the radiowave manipulation. It sounds like safer than death, but your life still becomes restricted in many occasion, which is the reason why they execute this operation.


The most indiscernible symptom is a psychiatric disorder. The electromagnetic wave can cause a depression, but not directly, which can be caused by the multiple operations; i.e. there is no pattern of frequencies to create a depression. This holds true to the suicidal emotion, which can be created by the multiple steps, not by the single frequency.


The only way to identify an influence from the radiwave manipulation is that you suffer from the multiple symptoms. The depression does not create a headache and does not lower a brain function substantially. If you have several symptoms at the same time, it might be created by the wave. Although, there is also a possibility that your brain suffers from the serious internal damage, which creates multiple symptoms. If that is the case, you better to see a doctor without any second thoughts.


There are mixed symptoms usually appeared when you are a subject of the electromagnetic wave manipulation. You might realize it is caused by the wave eventually and you can try several countermeasures to protect yourself from the harm. However, I still could not find a fundamental remedy to its attack.


[Helicopter down]: The left extremists were responsible, supported by the police intelligence

There were basically terrorists to target helicopters of Japanese defense force in Japan. It should be the left extremist who has been sabotaging the Japanese defense and who has the capability to conduct the electromagnetic manipulation.


Although, it is apparent that they have had no capability to develop this technology by their own. Some government organization should have provided them to run the electromagnetic operation to sabotage the Japanese government.


I saw a bird controlled by the electromagnetic wave in 1993, which implied this function could be already established in 1980s. It also meant that the left extremist might get this device from the Soviet Union. However, that control I saw was conducted by the Japanese police intelligence at that time.


The Japanese intelligence definitely provided this technology to their assets for their covert operation, which includes the left extremist, or more precisely saying, the majority of their assets are members of the left extremist. Considering the timeframe, this device is used for the attacks against helicopters belonging to the Japanese defense force.


In the end, there were two possibilities that the left extremist independently fell them down with the electromagnetic technology provided by the Japanese police intelligence or the intelligence officers ordered to do so, including an implication. In either way, the left extremist was the main perpetrator, which is openly or implicitly supported by the police intelligence, which should also share the responsibility in any way.


Having said that, there is a slight possibility the attack was executed by the device which was not provided by either the CIA or the Japanese police intelligence. Although, it was still almost surely conducted by the left extremist and they should be spies of the intelligence community in any way.


[Helicopter down]: The downs were not directly caused by the intelligence officers

The issue is who fell helicopters down. Basically, the electromagnetic manipulation is conducted by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence in Japan. These attacks might be executed by the CIA, though it looks like the outcomes were beyond their capability.


The CIA officers have been understaffed to conduct this kind of operations, hence these would have been conducted by the CIA assets if that were the case. However, these events were geographically deviated to run the same chain of their command.


For example, if you target the helicopter in Sendai, a northern city of Japan, you need to understand the general flying route, analyze the best location for its operation and wait until it actually follows suit in that way. The CIA can send a team there for its research and action, but they cannot run this operation, two months after completing the first mission in Wakayama, at a middle of Japan.


These attacks were more like driven by a domestic group targeting helicopters of the defense force. Moreover, there had been several mysterious accidents in Wakayama for months until then, which was likely conducted by the same group. They also have their perpetrators located in Sendai, which was why these attacks were executed completely in the same way. Even if they used the same device, the local should have done a research for the attack.


The police intelligence might conduct these operations, though there is no reason for them to attack these helicopters. The defense force had already known the electromagnetic wave until then and fully realized the police intelligence has its capability.


Actually, some of the agents at the defense intelligence have been from the police intelligence, so that they cannot target the military helicopters apparently like this. I cannot dismiss its possibility, but it is quite less likely.


There is another perspective on these events that a control over the bird is not general. I actually saw many times that birds were manipulated electromagnetically, but I also heard not all the manipulators had the capability to maneuver the bird. As you can imagine, the bird cannot be controlled by the human language, therefore its control should be 100% conducted by the emotional manipulation. That is why the limited number of perpetrators have this capability and the suspect might be narrowed down for these attacks.