4-91 [Assassinations and tortures]: Their assassination attempts were failed apparently, which positioned them to torture me for a false confession

I had not realized that I was a target, but the spy conducted many operations covertly. I absolutely recognized many weird events occurred to me, though it took much time to figure out those were intentional.


The intelligence community kept a hindsight to conduct operations against me, though I attracted more attentions due to their continuous failures so that they had to eliminate me before I realized that I had been a serious target.


Then, their operation became apparent to deploy many officers to instigate me to commit a crime even with the intimidation of the criminals related to yakuza. I managed to escape all of them and finally found out that all was set up by the intelligence community.


Their failure triggered another assassination in December 2011, though it was also failed to reveal how the Chinese intelligence set it up. Their next step was a torture that I was a danger to China as a terrorist or a foreign spy, which was the only plausible explanation to continue their eliminative operation after I escaped from their critical trap.


I had lived under the fear for weeks, though I got accustomed with the torture. I thought it would halt sooner or later as it was baseless. At that time moment, one of the Aum fugitives turned himself in and I noticed that he used to be my co-worker in the middle of 1990s during his runaway.


They created another reason in this way to continue a torture as I was still a danger to the society as a terrorist suspect, though this suspicion was lifted within days as I showed them a critical counter-witness amongst their colleagues. Then, they condemned me that I was related to the AIJ fraud case with tortures and interrogations from one of my assumed friend who was originally an intelligence asset.


After all, there was no illegal conduct related to me so that they raised one issue after another to force a false confession with an endless torture. It is quite ordinary for us to fall down if tortured and they can create whatever in this way, which is one of the main protocol of the spy operation.


The tortures and assassinations did not work against me until now, though those were still crimes of the CIA, the Japanese police intelligence and other agencies. Moreover, those frauds, illegal transactions or even the support of Aum fugitive were really conducted by the spy, though they tried to press all the charge onto me.


I initially did not realize the intelligence community was involved in those criminal cases, but there were many proofs that they knew too much and I finally researched out that they were masterminds of those criminal conducts. It was the same for the Sep 11 attack suspicion that it was not me related to this attack, but the CIA and other intelligence agencies grasped the detail of this attack beforehand to make it happen for their sake.



4-24 [Turn-in triggered another torture]: Aum fugitive arrest was leveraged to gear up the torture against me as a terrorist suspect

Makoto Hirata, one of the three last Aum fugitives, turned himself in at the end of 2011, which was critical to the whole operation. The intelligence organizations failed to assassinate me in the middle of December and started a torture from that day.


It occurred in Hong Kong and the Chinese intelligence was in charge of all of them, but actually, it was a joint operation with the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and others.


It had already passed a few weeks since the start of torture and I was still survived without falling down any one of them and I came to think that they should have stopped this operation as there was no crime of mine to be pursued.


At that exact moment, he turned himself into the police and I realized he was the one I used to work with after the police posted his photo on the internet. Then, I researched his other profiles and confirmed he was my ex-colleague during his runaway.


This fact was also confirmed by the Japanese police and they extended an investigation against me, which also meant that the Chinese intelligence continued their torture.


There was another critical matter related to this plot that he went to the Tokyo metropolitan police, even though he lived in Osaka. This behavior triggered a formal participation of the intelligence section of the Tokyo metropolitan police as they were originally in charge of searching him as a person of interest related to the shooting of the director general of the Japanese police in 1995.


The chief of this section in 2011, Shoichiro Ishikawa, was the past investigator in charge of the covert team in 1995 when he wrote a plan to leave this Aum fugitive at large and framed me as a related person.


He assumed this investigator position from 1995 to 1997 and definitely wrote some of the plots falsely to frame me as a left extremist.


There was another important issue related to this plot that the timing of his turn-in was controlled by the electromagnetic wave. I had been a subject of this radiowave operation for decades including the time I worked with this fugitive in 1997-1998, which also meant that he was also a subject of the same technology. It indicated that his escape and turn-in had been controlled by the police intelligence for decades.


Just in case, I think he did not realize he had been controlled by the electromagnetic wave as I had not noticed this technology for decades. Both of us were manipulated remotely by this electromagnetic wave to work together just for framing as one of the supporters.


The problem at the end of 2011 and in early 2012 was that the most of us did not realize that the covert team of the Japanese police intelligence supported their escape. Contrarily, they suspected that I was involved in another terrorist act including the sarin attack of the Tokyo metropolitan subway system. All of us were framed by this false intel of the Japanese intelligence and the investigation was geared up with harsher tortures.


3-177 [Torture in Chinese way]: Torture was slightly changed what they conducted in Hokkaido

The torture was continued as usual in Hong Kong, though it was slightly different from the operation in Hokkaido.


The beep sound never stopped during the night and the construction drilling was unbearably loud in the daytime. I would like to close the door, but I would have been suffocated as the spy should fill the carbon dioxide in the room if I had shut down all. It also meant that it was impossible to use the air conditioner, which deprived more sleep in the summer of the subtropical Hong Kong.


I had a physical strength at first to stand but lost my conscious within days. I stopped smoking so that they could not mix a drug into it, which used to be their favorite methodology when I had been in Hong Kong.


However, my conscious still became low driven by the sleepless and headache rather than the downer they used to dope me in the past. A headache was partially triggered by the sleep deprivation, but I felt it was caused by more fundamental origin.


It was also not the same as the pain directly created by the electromagnetic wave, which was actually aggravated by the wave but I felt there was something fundamentally wrong inside my brain. I felt heavy in the head, a different from the acute ache by the radiowave, both of which were mixed up to drive my brain out of normal.


This headache also prevented me from sleeping as well, which damaged also my mental, though I had nothing to do anymore, as I had completed what I should do in the first two days.


I did not go out in those days, but also I could not go out physically. I spent almost all the time in the room as I could sleep if I would like to under this circumstance, which also deprived a sense of the day and night.


This happened quite often when manipulated by the electromagnetic wave, though it was more created by the noise at that time, which prevented me from sleeping to create an unbearable headache. This ache was aggravated by the wave, which lowers my brain function, which was my perception in those days.


You lose your conscious when the drug starts to function if you are drugged by the spy. This fact indicates that the brain lost consciousness in different ways either by the drug or the wave and I could identify often how I was affected.


Although, it was always hard to tell what just happened under the deteriorating consciousness when I just spent a day to do nothing in a state between sleep and awake.


3-50[Torturing electromagnetic wave]: The wave is capable of torturing a target

The electromagnetic wave technology started as a supplement to the spy operation and torture, but it can be used as the main method nowadays. This effectiveness is basically the same as other tortures.


The severest under this operation is a headache and visceral pain. A headache is more or less contained after finding out a methodology to cool the head, though I had been just tortured by the pain when I had no idea how to tackle. On the other hand, I have not found how to stop visceral ache, but it is limited to become extreme for my case, though I realized a fact that there were a plenty of people suffering from the visceral disease created by the electromagnetic wave irradiation.


The electromagnetic wave technology can maneuver your body. This operation has a sizable influence on your life, as your cannot move your body as you want, which must be categorized as a severe torture.


Your emotion is also controlled by the radiowave manipulation, which is one of the harshest operations as well that you are exploded too abnormally. You can be suddenly pissed off or suffer from an unbearable anxiety. This external electromagnetic influence can be contained by cooling your head, but I had been so devastated until finding a way to counter.


The self-harm is an extension of this emotional control, though it can be more physically conducted as your body is also maneuvered by the wave.


When I did not find out a countermeasure, my face was swollen and my arm was bruised in purple all the time for more than a year. As said, this behavior can be restricted by cooling your head, but it was a hell before I realized this way out. I totally realized my emotion and body is under the external control by the wave, but I could not have stopped my self-harm.


This electromagnetic torture is the same as other methodologies that the spy employs to crack a target. Having said that, I have no idea how it goes as this radiowave operation has already been known to lots of people that the same operation cannot be continued for long. There are many other subjects under a severe torture than me, hence there are just two options to take for the intelligence organizations, admitting all of them or killing all of us.


On the other hand, this methodology should be employed even after this is regulated by the government. We should realize the fact that our life will be endangered by this technology in the future as we have been exposed its risk for several decades.


3-49 [Torture causes a mental issue]: Spy leverages your weakness for their operational sake

The noise control is effective to keep a target awaken, who is likely to be exhausted mentally after continuously noised. I have been noised for 24 hours a day for several years and my mental was cracked at some point.


When I was irritated under this circumstance, I would have lost myself easily to the extreme. This emotional explosion can be maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave, which is almost no way to be controlled normally. This explosion is contained by cooling your forehead and back of head, but if not cooled, your irritation might be escalated into an irregular behavior.


The noise can be louder or lower, depending on the environment, but both of them have a significant impact as far as it is recognized as a torture or harassment. If you assume it is sounded intentionally, you cannot stand its noise.


This operation is actually countered by the noise cancel headphone. You can listen to the music to introduce a sleep during the night and just play an instrumental music during the daytime. However, you better be cautious on the loudness as it might hurt your audibility permanently, which is why the noise cancel is superior as it counters an outside noise with a lower volume.


The bug was the next torture I encountered during this course. There were many of them sent to my room, from a harmless bug to the killer hornet. Those noises and bugs are actually quite famous tortures employed by the modern intelligence, as there is no proof of their deliberation. At the same time, it looks quite harmless, but actually, it cracks a mental of the subject.


Those tortures should create an emotional explosion, which is eventually changed to the exhaustion. As said, you can control your temper just cooling your head at front and back.


There are many tortures I have experienced and the carbon dioxide is one of the most critical. It is basically lethal when CO2 density increases in the closed room, though it is hard to be revealed as it is CO2, just similar to a normal suffocation. If it is the case of CO gas, there is a trace of the accident or deliberation, but hard to prove a deliberation for the carbon dioxide case.


This methodology is fatal in nature, but its density is way so high that you pass out at some point. It means this is also usable as a torture to intimidate mentally.


The gaslighting is one of the ways to crack your mental. There should be a concrete proof for this operation, but it is hard to be obtained by the subject. Especially when this methodology is employed by the authority, they can ignore all the evidence, hence it is hard to prove. I have been said that I would be killed for many times, which apparently has an impact on the mental.


There are many other ways to crack your mental state. Their goal is to fall you down for all the tortures and they have developed many methodologies even when you are not under custody. If these tortures are employed at your operation, there is no way out for you, but the spy is also driven to the edge, as there is no way out for the spy once this is revealed to the public.


3-48 [Torture and sleep deprivation]: Torture can be conducted without confinement; a sleep deprivation is one of them

The intelligence target is not randomly selected but it is decided through the formal organizational process of the agency in advance. At least, there are lists of the monitored and the formal assets, which are budgeted by the government, not different from any other administrative entity.

The subject is not always acquired as an asset successfully. If absolutely necessary to obtain the target, the spy conducts a torture beyond just a manipulative operation. Especially if you have no protection from the government or you become one of the main targets of your own government, you are assumed to be an easy target of the abuse.

The torture has been a common practice of the spy for a long time, which is basically effective, but it is not so sure that you will get a right intel from this conduct. The subject is highly likely to tell a lie for an avoidance of the harsh assault, which is basically along with what the spy wants to have.

The spy can create an intel as they want from the torture, but not necessarily to obtain the truth. Moreover, there is no way to tell whether the intel is correct or not, just by the torture, hence it is nearly worthless to obtain a secret information. It is just useful for the spy to continue their operation as they can create a necessary information from the abuse.

This paradox should also appear at the assetization. Even if the spy acquires the target as an asset after the torture, this individual is not necessarily loyal to the intelligence organization. It might be ended up with hiring a potential enemy inside their network, nevertheless, they have employed a torture.

The general image of torture is more or less punching and kicking, or maybe progressed to break a finger or burn with a red-hot iron. There have been many methodologies created through the human history, but the majority of them are categorized as an illegal under the modern rule of law.

When employing these physical methodologies, it should create a big problem later on if the subject has survived. If that is the case, it is better to kill the target, rather than just torturing.

Furthermore, the traditional torture can be availed when confining a target under their custody, but it is difficult under the other circumstances.

The most fundamental torture is a deprivation of the sleep, employed by the intelligence organization, which can be used for the most of the occasions. It does not require a physical contact, hence it is the most available without any proofs of their illegal conducts.

As a matter of fact, you become sleepless even with a slight noise. When your sympathetic nervous system is dominant, you cannot sleep, which does not require a huge operation, just irritating your nerve.

Even if you fall asleep, you can be waken up every time under the REM sleep. Its state is easily monitored by the brainwave, whose technology is cheaply purchased nowadays. You should wake up when noised under this brain state.

This is kind of an extension of the electromagnetic wave operation, as those share the same brainwave technology. Moreover, this operation is conducted just by the wave, not requiring a physical noise.

3-29 [Antipersonnel ops 3]: Spy oppresses a target as an emergency measure

The main spy operation is assumed to obtain an intel, but it also means to spread it on the other hand. They have circulated an information favorable to their own country or a fake to disturb a situation in the targeted country. These two intelligence operations share the same route, in or out, though this network is not necessarily availed just for the information exchange.


Fundamentally, the spy acquires the target as an asset. It is not always successful, which sometimes requires a tremendous time to hire, while they render the subject harmless if failed.


It is quite often to eliminate the target socially or physically. For example, the spy instigates the subject to commit a crime as an operation, resulted in either to become an asset or to be jailed, if succeeded.


In this case, the intelligence is indifferent to either of the choices, as they cannot control an outcome of the accident fully. There should be a preference, but they can contain the subject as an asset or complete an elimination once sent to the prison.


Although as said, it is not always successful. If it is failed eventually, they might pursue just an eradication when giving up an assetization. The physical elimination just means an assassination, which is a common practice, though it is quite limited to kill their subject opaquely in the modern world.


For example, the spy often uses a methodology to eliminate a target by a traffic accident, whose knowledge has been accumulated through the past experiences. Their technique is quite intricate, which perfectly looks like a real accident.


Having said that, it is basically framed hence there is a possibility to find a trace when looking back a process how to reach the accident. Furthermore, this attempt is not necessarily successful as well, especially when you realize and prepare for a traffic accident plotted by the spy.


The spy can sicken a subject. You are going to fall ill when taking a dangerous drug or poison. I have experienced both of them for many times, but I could not confirm perfectly where I got those. As you can imagine, the symptoms always appeared shortly afterward and I traced my action and behavior, though it has been always difficult to narrow down the possibilities to the single.


When the specific chemical substance enters into your body system, it is easily found out, later on, hence the cause can be revealed more likely than that of the car accident.


There is another common methodology to drive a target to commit a suicide, which is extended to fake the murder as a suicide, both of which are well planned not to reveal as an assassination. Although, these are also not perfect, hence they might kill the subject opaquely if really necessary to eliminate.


These operations require more time and money to prepare, with many intelligence assets to hide its true nature. When availing many people to be assigned to each small piece of the whole orchestration, it is hard for all of them to realize what really is going on. In this process, they can utilize ordinary people, therefore the intelligence organization hires them if worthwhile for the operation.