51 [Body maneuvered wirelessly by the radiowave]: you lose a command over your body

Your physical movement looks quite complicated to be externally controlled, though the electromagnetic wave actually can maneuver it. My movement has been restricted on every day for several years and you cannot imagine how minutely it is controlled. There is no way to live a normal life under this manipulation.


The physical control is actually an extension of the brain manipulation. There is no significant difference between sending a thought and controlling a body movement. The only difference is that the brain address for the body movement is already found, which is controlled in the motor area, while the brain uses multiple areas to think. Furthermore, its area might use a distinctive frequency pattern, highly likely separated from other functions. It implies the manipulator can send a thought without body movement if cutting this frequency range when irradiating the ultra-long wave.


The brain is widely manipulated when your thought is controlled, whose process should be complicated. The thought itself should be sent to the speech or auditory area in the brain by the wave. It is unclear how the thought process is controlled beyond that, but at least, the brain process can be deeply manipulated by the radiowave for sure.


The physical movement can be controlled by the brain stem to move each related muscle. However, if that is the case, the muscle might get two contradictory orders, one from the external radiowave and the other from the motor area. Therefore, it is necessary to affect the motor area to control the subject’s movement.


More precisely saying, the manipulator’s movement simultaneously creates a brainwave, which is sent to the subject’s brain to be synchronized. In this way, your body movement is controlled, including the thought to move in that way. That is why the physical control should be affected just more than the brain stem.


If the electromagnetic wave can control the brain stem directly, there is a possibility that the human movement is maneuvered by the digital information, i.e. the wave pattern is recreated in the PC, which is sent to the subject who moves according to its signal. I doubt this technology is still not yet developed in practice.


The physical movement is more controlled by the stronger electrical power. I tried many times to avoid its control, concluding that the escape is not impossible. However, the electrical power is increased as a result, which makes it harder to avoid. This has proved that the control is dependent on a level of the power.


Additionally, the control might be halted when concentrating on using a different part of the brain. If you try to keep the state of emptiness at zen, you can resist to the external control. The brainwave is dominated by the theta wave under this state, which is why the brain can avoid a synchronization, partially.


Having said that, it is quite difficult to keep that state and its resistance escalates a stress, which creates another issue on the brain activity. Furthermore, it is the same as doing nothing when your brain is dominated by the theta wave. In either way, you cannot do anything. All in all, it is useless to resist against the physical maneuver by the radiowave.


The biggest risk to the physical manipulation is a suicide, though it is not necessarily easy as there is a slight discrepancy between the manipulator’s behavior and the subject’s, hence it is not easy to compel a complicated movement. It is especially hard when the manipulator cannot actually see how the subject moves according to the manipulation. This situation is overcome by the surveillance camera, but it leaves a trace of the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


On the other hand, it is easier to make the subject jump off or dive in, as they are composed by the simple physical movement. As a result, the damage is fatal, more than just elevating a stress.


The self-harm is another easy target of the physical manipulation. It is easy to punch yourself or hit your head on a wall. It looks like a psychiatric disorder, therefore it is hard to explain that the damage is caused by the electromagnetic wave. In this way, you can torture the subject by far easily.



24-2 [Brainwave controlling device]: the radar capacitates to snoop what you think wirelessly

The brain is read by the radar, not by the ultra-long wave which is employed to affect the brain wirelessly. This distinction indicates the device itself is much simpler for the brain reading, though it is necessary to crack the reflection of its radar modulated by the brainwave. Its difficulty is not at the hardware, but at how to separate the brainwave from the reflected wave.


Once separated, this extracted brainwave is readjusted to the operator’s brainwave pattern. There is a large possibility that the individuality prevails the wavelength, hence the subject’s brainwave should be readjusted along with the operator’s. This work is not complicated, but not simple as well.


This readjusted brainwave is irradiated to the operator who can read the subject’s brain in this way. The key is this readjustment, which is simple once it is cracked, though the individuality is not necessarily easy to be cracked. This readjusted wave can be sent through wired connection. In practice, the subject is not connected by the wire, though the operator can sit next to the machine to read the subject’s brainwave.


This final connection can be sent wirelessly by the radiowave as well. If that is the case, the operator should have a free hand for the location. Although, there is one issue how to send the information at a long distance. If sending through the wired line like a telephone line, the information is digitalized at first then reconverted to the analog wave. This methodology should work for the ordinary conversation by voice, as the slight modification of the frequency information is conceivable by the ear.


At this point, I am not sure this is the same to the electromagnetic wave for the brain. The deterioration of the brainwave might become unconceivable. If that is the case, it is necessary to secure the line by analog, which might require an adjustment of the wave, but the deterioration is not an issue. This methodology cannot be used by the private companies, but possible through the governmental wired connection.



The radar and its brainwave reading is much harder than sending information by the electromagnetic wave. It requires a fewer process to control the body movement than to read the brainwave. However, it is necessary to understand how the subject reacts to the radiowave, if the radar is not used. The alternative way is to be supplemented by monitoring or tapping, the old school spying tools. When sending the thought by the wave and making the subject speak by themselves, it is possible to judge whether the brain control works or not.


This mixed procedure is not the newest technology, but it is still in practice, as the radar is not widely used. In this process, the operator’s brainwave is necessary to be extracted, which is readjusted and sent to the subject. It might take some time to crack the subject’s individuality, though once done, it works permanently.


In this sense, it is much easier to send the simple pattern of the frequency. It also requires to crack the individuality, though its decoding is much simpler than sending a thought. Adding to this, this simple wave is enough to affect the brain and visceral organs, even with a disease. This operation just requires a transmitter, simpler than any others.


This technology goes toward the digital control in the future. They prefer to send the information with the digital script, which is more convenient if that is possible than sending the operator’s brainwave. Or, the emotion is more cracked in the future, which might be more affected by the digital control.


The technology can be evolved in a vicious way even from now. Therefore, we should admit the existence of this technology and we should restrict its usage.


24-1 [Brainwave controlling device]: several technologies are used for the brain manipulation

The brainwave control has been developed historically and it is still on the progress to reach the future when the human being is more controlled remotely. Its development is brought by the technological progress, which is not drastically changed just in one night, but the breakthrough adds new methodologies step by step. The brainwave control is the same as other technologies in this sense that the innovation drives its evolution.


This technology is developed with both software and hardware innovations, though the latter is more critical to its progress, partially because it is still hard to be digitally analyzed. The algorithm might add another possibility as a software, but still, the hardware technology is the key to control the brain by the electromagnetic wave.


There are limited number of devices used in this control as hardware. The basic requirement is apparently an antenna. Both transmitter and receiver are required, though the transmitter is enough to affect the brain. Its size can be reduced when winded, but the old facility has a huge antenna. If there is an unnecessary pole in the residence area, it is likely an antenna to control the brain, one of which I am quite familiar with.


On the other hand, the pole has no directivity, hence its transmission should affect surrounding people equally, whose range is decided by its electrical power. Although, the individuality prevails in this effect so that not all of them are affected in the same way. It is just a huge possibility that some of them around might be influenced negatively in the same way as the subject is suffered.


It is necessary to employ the directive antenna if avoiding the effect on others than the subject. The government possesses that kind of antenna, though it is not necessarily used for the brainwave control, mainly for their communication. Or, the smaller sized device can limit an effective range by controlling its electrical power, as it is portably set nearer to the subject. As a result, there are several antennas in practice, the old huge, directive, small portable and satellite antennas.


The large antenna is installed to target the specific subject, hence it is not that difficult to be spotted, when realizing you are targeted. On the other hand, the smaller one cannot be found easily, as it is portable. Although, however small, as far as it irradiates the electromagnetic wave, it can be detected.


This technology is almost certainly developed by the CIA. In the past, some of the technologies might be more advanced in the Soviet Union, but the US definitely possesses the most progressed capability. There are many related devices, but almost all of them are introduced by the CIA. Some of them might be redeveloped in other countries like Japan, but it is nothing more than the adjustment. The CIA plays the main role in this brainwave control.

22-2 [Brain control history]: your thought can be manipulated by the ultra-long wave irradiation

The more fundamental issue is what frequency affects the brain. If the long wave even affects the brain, the original machine was not that sizable and the smaller one might have the capability to cause a damage in the brain or organs. I am not sure about its influence of the long wave, but its possibility cannot be eliminated. It also depends on the electric power and directivity, so that the experiment should be executed under its control. This possibility can be tested, but I do not have a facility to confirm its capability.


At least, the ultra-long wave has an influence on the brain. The big difference at this point was an influence on the visceral organs. The brainwave was an original target, which had been researching for a long time even with wired, but the research was not well known that the electrode was attached to each organ. This implies the visceral influence was likely a byproduct of the wireless experiment, which was not targeted originally, but affected on the course of the brainwave research.


As a result, both brain and visceral influence are analyzed separately. This distinction is actually essential, as there is a possibility that the single frequency and simple pattern might be influential enough to affect the visceral organs or other body parts. On the other hand, the brain activity is likely more complicated than that. The straightforward emotion might be created by the simple pattern of frequencies, as there is no big difference to the other body parts in terms of the radiowave control. On the contrary, thinking or moving the body is not a result of the simple brain activity, hence it should require a more complicated pattern of frequencies.


These influences and controls can be tested by the wired connection, looking at the brainwave change on EEG. It is still hard digitally to identify the specific frequency to create the specific reaction on the brain, but its reaction can be judged by EEG and the subject’s perception.


In this experiment, the systematic feedback structure is not necessary and it can be a one-way from a sender to a receiver by the electromagnetic wave. The verbal communication should be a medium of the feedback from the subject to the operator. On the other hand, if the brainwave control is in practice, its influence is hard to be known for the operator when there is no feedback from the subject.


It is necessary to solve this issue and the wiretapping should be used initially to get its feedback. This feedback is not perfect, but enough to understand how effective the electromagnetic wave is to the subject and its feedback capacitates the frequency adjustment accordingly.


This transmitting technology is developed to send a thought to the subject nowadays, though the digital thought is still at its initial stage, still dominated by the analog transmission. It means the digitally scripted word is yet hard to be sent. The thought on the operator’s brain is extracted as a brainwave through wired connection, which is sent wirelessly to the subject whose brain is synchronized to the external brainwave to think in the same way.


As said, this synchronization is beyond just more than thinking, but also moving the body in the same manner, such as raising a hand. It also means the subject’s mouth and throat are synchronized to the sender’s, i.e. to control a speaking. I have a specific accent with mixed dialects, hence it is more noticeable that my speaking is under control, but if not, it is quite hard to differentiate between mine and manipulation.


The body move is also controlled, though there is a small window for my command not to be subdued. However, if it is not realized the fact that the body is controlled by the radiowave, the behavior is more easily manipulated, because it is felt totally mine. On the other hand, even if it is noticed, the strong electromagnetic wave can overwhelm my command, totally losing the control of my body.



22-1 [Brain control history]: the brain control was evolved from the wired connection

The brainwave control is not suddenly emerged, but it has been established for a long time, and the new methodology is always invented and added.


The research of EEG started from the wired electrode, hence the brainwave control should be originated from the wired technology. It intrinsically elucidates the brain disorder by the wave pattern, which is advanced to cure its disease by irradiation, though dramatically evolved to cause the disorder in the brain. The EEG and biofeedback have been continued as the treatment in public, though its malfunction and misuse was concealed at some point, because it was classified by the US government, which also indicates this technology is too dangerous to be publicly available.


The brain control was openly discussed and reported initially, though disappeared in 1980s, implying there was highly likely a fundamental breakthrough in 1970s, to establish the technology to cause the disorder in the brain. It was started from the wired but evolved to the wireless, which also highly likely occurred in 1970s. The wired electrode even has a distance, hence the wireless is not far away to be progressed. Looking back the history, the wired electrode was also evolved from the plugin to the skull, onto the shaved skull, eventually to the multiple electrodes on the head. In the current technology, the brainwave can be read and sent by the system similar to the headset.


All in all, the distance is not a problem, especially to send the electromagnetic wave to the brain. The transmitting antenna is an issue to this matter, as the very low frequency requires a long antenna to send. As well known, that kind of antenna has been a huge structure, though the long antenna is not necessarily straight, hence the modern machine is not always enormous. The sufficient length can be achieved by winding.


21 [Brainwave reading]: your brainwave can be read by the other brain

The complicated frequency pattern is hard to be cracked, which also means that its digital analysis is difficult, though it does not mean the digital processing is unavailable. It is necessary to identify how the unique pattern is generated by the specific brain activity before replicating it through digital processing.


Or, it is hard to elucidate the meaning which the wave contains instantaneously, even though the brainwave is cracked digitally, as it requires some time for its calculation process. The instant transformation is critical for the brain manipulation in practice, as it becomes more effective when understanding what the subject thinks to improvise the operation.


As a matter of fact, there is a simple way to read the brain, which is to recognize the brainwave as it is. The brainwave can be read wirelessly, but it had better start from the wired, where the brainwave is transmitted through the wired electrode to the outside. When you think something, it creates the brainwave which is transmitted to the operator’s brain through the wired connection, and then your thought is snooped.


The reader’s brain is synchronized to your brainwave in this way, while this synchronization is a one-way from you to the reader. The two-way communication is complicated, but not so difficult through the wired connection, where the both brainwaves are sent and received each other for its synchronization.


If both of you have the similar brainwave characteristic, your brains are easily synchronized to make yourselves understood each other. In other words, if your individuality is matched to the operator, both of you think and behave in the same way through wired connection. If this is a one-way synchronization, the reader thinks the same as you do and moves in the same as you do, such as raising a hand simultaneously.


The key here is how much both of you are on the same wavelength in terms of your brain activities. However, in my understanding, this conformity is rare, which requires another adjustment for the general use of the brain manipulation. The next key is a conversion of the frequency from one analog band to the other. It is not difficult to shift the range up and down, and also not difficult to compress or extend the range. In these two directions, the electromagnetic wave can be converted physically.


This system is quite akin to the general wireless communication. Some radio equipment, such as a mobile phone, has their specific code, which is a key to read the encoded data sent from another equipment. This decoding is quite similar to the brainwave connection and its adjustment mentioned above.


In my experience, there are many people communicating through the radiowave, hence the uniqueness of each brainwave pattern is adjustable by the simple conversion. If not, the synchronization occurs within more limited number of people. Although, there should be a limitation especially at the linguistic point of view, necessary to share the same language for its brainwave communication, but it does not mean the brainwave is differently used.


This adjustment code is the last piece to find out for the brain control. It might be randomly analyzed in the same manner with tuning the radio station, which is really the same process of its conversion. Or, it might be systematically and more efficiently found out through the algorithm.


All in all, even though the brainwave is not completely cracked or analyzed digitally, they already can read your thought in the brain and can control your behavior. Even if each brainwave is unique to each individual, the simple conversion can translate the brainwave to the reader.


20 [Brainwave patterning analysis]: the generic brainwave pattern might cause you the disease

It is difficult to analyze the electromagnetic wave digitally, which also means it is hard to control the brain or body by the digital wave. Considering these difficulties, it had better analyze the brainwave as an analog frequency pattern.


The brain generates only an ultra-long wave, hence the frequency range is limited, while it is unknown how many frequencies are irradiated simultaneously. For example, when you feel a headache, the characteristic brainwave is irradiated for its symptom. The wave can be captured as it is in analog, though it is difficult to conclude what frequencies are irradiated simultaneously.


Although, the similar wave pattern can be reproduced from the random mix of frequencies. If you feel a headache when the specific wave is irradiated to your brain, it is the target pattern of the wave to cause the synchronization.


Or, the brainwave itself is recorded to create the targeted frequency pattern. There are many people suffering from the brain disease, such as a depression, emotional disorder or other types of symptoms. Their brainwaves can be used to affect others when their recorded brainwave is irradiated to the subject’s brain which can be synchronized to cause the same symptoms.


If accumulating pathological brainwaves for specific symptoms, each pathological frequency pattern can be generalized as a result. In this methodology, there is no need to analyze each digitally. It is insufficient as a scientific verification, though practical enough to affect the brain externally.


The issue here is an individuality how distinctive each brain works. If the difference is negligible, the generalized wave can create the symptom for a wider range of the people. The necessary task is to gather the frequency pattern according to each brain disease, whose generalized pattern can create a corresponding symptom to the subject’s brain. On the other hand, if the individuality plays a distinctive role, it is hard generally to affect the brain externally.


Considering the reality that the brain is affected by the outside frequency, the simple symptom can be composed of the simple wave pattern. For example, the aggression can be caused by the single frequency or simple patterns, hence the generalized radiowave can affect many people to become more aggressive.


However, it is just an aggressiveness, not necessarily provoking any aggressive actions. It is necessary to eliminate the reason and to urge the action, separately. The aggressive emotion is not the only decisive factor to cause an attack, but it is necessary to restrain the sociality. It is functioned to contain the aggression in the normal life, which is compelled to be dysfunctioned by another brainwave or physical manipulation.


There is another associated issue how to choose a target for the assault. The indiscriminate attack might be easier as it can be created just inside the brain, while it is more difficult for the brain to justify its action than the aggressiveness against the specific target. The brain manipulation is always complicated to achieve the specific goal, as it is highly affected also by the individuality of each person and brain.


The complexity does not necessarily lie at the behavioral process, but often at the brain process itself, such as thinking. If you think 1,000 words, the electromagnetic wave should contain the whole content for the manipulation. It apparently implies it is not easy to create the wave pattern holding that amount of information, and at the same time, it is not easy to understand its meaning just by the patterning analysis.


This consideration indicates that the patterning is really used for the radiowave control, especially effective to generate the simple emotion, and the pain in the brain or each organ can be reproduced by the digital analysis, however, these methodologies are useless to read the brain. It is necessary to develop the technique more than the patterning to read what you think and to move your hand. That is actually what the current technology can do to you.