2-74 [Outsourced PI’s surveillance]: Private investigators are well connected to the police system

The private investigator had watched me at that donuts shop for a long time, but I did not recognize him as such because he looked like a police officer. However, I had had a doubt as well, because he was too old to work in the field.


The tails have been much younger, partially because I have walked too much from the general perspective. Moreover, he looked older than the intelligence ranking officer, hence I could not specify who he was.


One day, he talked to someone with a phone, revealing one location, which was a critical information to tell he was a PI working at one specified agency. It is often the case that one word has revealed a true identity of the person, even if it is a lie.


The police officers have been well trained and not spoken any languages, even however I drove them to the edge when they investigated me under cover. When they have neared me to get a reaction, they just spoke prearranged words. On the other hand, it is necessary for me to behave in front of the uniform as I might be arrested for an obstruction if not. The tail has always shut their mouth even if they were revealed and confronted.


PIs’ behavior is totally different. I think they loved being a PI, hence not bothered much to be revealed. Furthermore, the police officer is trained how to play a role in the team, but PI freely changes their role at a moment.


After realizing their existence around me, I could spot them when enough attention toward the tail.


There are many PI’s offices run by the ex-police officer. In the past, the regulation was too loose about the personal information, hence any individual could have accessed to the police database if they had a close relationship with them. The ex-police PI was profiled in this category, which was why they establish many private investigation offices.


It might be partially true to the current environment or the police skill-set might work for the PI, and in any way, there were many ex police officers working as a private investigator. They looked quite like a police officer, as they used to be.


This relationship between the police and PI is not one direction and the police has used the PI for their sake. They actually have outsourced some of the police jobs to the PIs, especially when their conduct is categorized as an illegal. If they ask an unlawful investigation of trusted PIs, nothing won’t be revealed.


This system works quite well, as the police can deny any illegal activities and ignore any wrongdoings of PIs. This is practically an illegal action of the police organization, but there is no proof of this connection and no investigation. In this way, they can conduct any criminal act, theoretically.


That was why the monitor against me was partially outsourced to them. Although, it could not have been ended up with just a surveillance or tail. They have conducted numerous gaslighting and harassments, some of which has often escalated into an intimidation. These have been eventually under a command of the police department and assumed to be their crimes.


Although, it was still up to an intimidation, as I attracted too many eyes. They had failed many assassination attempts and it becomes not easy to kill me due to the public attention. The police can still ask a murder in this system, but now, they are quite hesitant as they are so worried about the repercussion after killing me.



2-72 [Three infrared cameras]: Surveillance cameras were installed at three different premises

There were several infrared cameras set up against my home, which were installed at three houses of my neighbor. I have these photos, hence they could not deny it happened, though it is a tricky problem.


These cameras were as a reality located at their private premises, whose direct responsibilities were taken by them from this fact. However, I do not think they set up these by themselves, but the Japanese police intelligence definitely installed them.


Although, all I have as a proof are photos of infrared cameras set up at their premises. At least I could say these were orchestrated as it is improbable to install them at three different houses coincidentally targeting me.


I am not sure this orchestration consists of a probable cause that this was installed by the police, otherwise I should confront these neighbors who were in charge. Moreover, they needed to speak at the law court for making it legally confirmed, which was partially obliged as their deeds were basically illegal in Japan.


However right I am, it is not easy to sue them, even though I am not living there anymore. If these were set up by the police, these neighbors were innocent as they just collaborated with the police investigation. The next issue is whether the police conduct was legally complied or not.


If I would like to confirm this, I need to sue my neighbor, which is the only path I can take, as it is a known fact which is illegal. In the end, it is confirmed as the police conduct, they will be exempted from any responsibilities.


On the other hand, the local community became severely flawed, when I decided to sue them. I have enough reason to do so and they were wrong to believe that the police had righteously conducted these operations.


It was a result of the public peace which the police intelligence has objected. In their logic, I should abandon my legal right to sue them for the public peace. If that is the case, the police should admit their wrongdoing to maintain the public peace and order.


It is improbable that these three neighbors just prepared their infrared cameras on their own and separately set these up. Moreover, these cameras were set up to monitor all the path from my house to the outside, which cannot be a result of the coincidence. Furthermore, one of them was actually portable just to look inside my room, which was concurrently controlled by someone. Is that what the neighbor did to me?


I have not made up my mind to confront these by a legal process, but it is not the right reason to the police not to admit what they did was unlawful.


[Riot squad]: The police intelligence brought them to reveal a true nature of the operation

I had already realized that the police intelligence was involved in the operation, but it was after my going back home that they were actually a lead of this whole act.


The more you encounter police officers, the more capable you can tell them just by a look, as they basically wear an atmosphere as a police. I saw hundreds of them in Tokyo, hence I was able to spot them until I went back home.


I had often drunk a coffee at a donuts shop near my home while reading a book, several times a week, where the police intelligence sat next to me for a watch. It is still quite hard to differentiate which division they work for, even if realizing they are police officers.


Even if you have a difficulty to tell a police, it was not ordinary to see a middle-aged man drinking a coffee in the donuts shop without doing anything. It was nothing less than a surveillance since I was apparently a subject of them. There was another possibility that he was an ex-police working as a private investigator hired by the police department.


You need more profiles actually to get to know the detail of them, but that time, he was a member of the police intelligence. I gazed him to analyze and thought he might be a ranking officer at the local police while he looked old and weak. But, someday, this guy brought two members of the riot squad who are too masculine for me to beat.


It was his mistake driven by the ego, but I totally realized he was an officer at the police intelligence. The riot squad and police intelligence both belong to the security police, which is apparently controlled by the latter. It means the ranking intelligence officer was easy to deploy any members of the squat riot, which was why they were at the donuts shop in the ordinary late morning.


At the same time, he was there to watch me directly ordered by the national intelligence office. He was a ranking officer at the local, but necessary to report to the central organization; I could confirm this whole picture at that time moment.


This realization gave me another look at the whole operation including those in Hong Kong that the Japanese police intelligence was one of the main masterminds, which had also tried to frame me for a long time, as I had been through many incomprehensible events in the past as well.


[Secrete service deployment]: Japanese police intelligence tried to disguise a nature of the operation

I realized there were many ranking police officers coming to see me, but it was a secret service that always surrounded me. They were big in size due to hiring criteria, which was one of the reasons why they were easily spotted. At first, I misunderstood a true nature of their presence as protecting me, though that was one of the reasons why the police deployed them around me.


The cover story was still necessary that I was targeted by the Chinese intelligence, hence they needed someone to guard me, which was one of the easiest ways to explain for the politician why they still needed to monitor me.


In Japan, the vast majority of the secret service belongs to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, as the VIPs are so concentrated in Tokyo. This unit is structured into the security police, whose division is separated from the police intelligence just in Tokyo.


The security police is a notion of securing the public safety, which consists of the security police and intelligence. The police intelligence has been one of the ruling division of the Japanese police, which can easily deploy the secret service in this structure.


The investigation division is totally separated that it is hard for them to mobilize detectives for my surveillance. All in all, the secret service deployment was a proof that the police intelligence was in charge of the operation against me, which indicated that it was not a criminal case, originally.


I did not realize this fact and its importance, therefore I believed the police investigation should be completed sooner or later, as there was no crime at all. I thought the police investigation division was a lead, followed by the SEC and the special investigation unit of the attorney prosecutor. Once they investigated all the financial transactions I made, I should be free to go in the end.


However, the reality was that the police intelligence was in charge who would like to frame me at whatever it cost. This is a not criminal case against me, but it is their covert operation to hide their organizational crimes, which is why they have still continued until the major issue is revealed.



[Secret service deployment]: Police intelligence was revealed in charge

When I came back to Japan, there were many secret service agents around me. They were easy to be spotted as they wore an earphone at the either side of ears. The secret service was selected from the police officers who were well built with a high rank of marital arts. I talked to them sometimes, but they did not answer even though did not ignore me, which I thought they were there to secure me rather than to monitor.


They were quite close to me all the time, hence I decided to shake off the tail, and then, I realized there were other types of people monitoring me as well. The secret service did not hide so that I could spot easily but those tails were far way to be recognized who they were.


I decided to slip from the tail again, though this time, I would hide at first to bait them coming in front of me. One guy was framed by this trick, who was the police officer without uniform. They have been basically trained not to reveal their identity until the end, hence he also tried to behave nothing happened. He stopped at the vending machine nearby and spent some time to buy a drink slowly.


He should have assumed I would go away, though I thought it was a good opportunity to understand the tail. I checked him from various angles and he was definitely a police officer.


He looked like an elite young officer passing a senior exam, but I was not confident of that, even though I have known many bureaucrats who passed the same one. All I could tell was he was a police officer and this whole surveillance was run by the police intelligence.


I saw him within twenty inches for thirty seconds from head to toe, but he was too policeman to react to it. And it was also unconceivable that someone from crime investigation division could stand it against his subject, even if he had conducted a tail.


To tell the truth, I had had no idea the police intelligence was in charge of my case until then, as I thought this was one of the criminal investigation. That was why I had been thought that this would cease sooner or later as there was no crime originally. However, when they were in charge as I realized, there should have another reason why they bugged and monitored me irregularly, or tailing me like that.


Then, I understood they were in Hong Kong to run an operation against me. I naturally knew what they were capable of, as my father used to be their target as well. That was also why the secret service was deployed as they belonged to the police security bureau, which was composed of the security department including the secret service and the intelligence department.


I fully understood this was not a criminal investigation, though still did not realize well how deeply the CIA was involved in this case.


[Helicopter encounter]: Not realized what it meant as I did not have an intel of myself

I had been a subject of the police intelligence for a long time, but the current streak of operations at least started from 2009, when tracing back the evidence. Just to clarify it, they conducted many operations against me in the past, but it was not a streak. They run some for years, failed all, left me with a setup and came back later on for the next, which was their operational cycle and I can trace back the current streak starting from 2009 at least.


On the other hand, I already showed that the Chinese intelligence targeted me at least in the middle of 2011, which actually started from much early year. There were a couple of incidents as an evidence, one of which was an encounter with the helicopter.


This event occurred in the spring of 2010, which was confirmed through my blogging in Japanese. I went to walk in the Lamma Island, one of the remote islands in Hong Kong, where I saw an incomprehensible helicopter.


In those days, I often trekked in the mountain and expanded its excursion to the remote islands. My plan was to cross Lamma Island on that day, but it was too short for a whole day, so that went south to climb the hill for seeing the South China Sea. There was a Chinese arbor on the hilltop, where I took a rest after climbing up. When I got there, there are several others but I became alone without soon while watching the blue ocean.


Then, I heard a sound of the helicopter, which became louder and louder, eventually it rotated around the hill where I was. It also started to descend to my level, when I watched how it went on. Sooner or later, it came down 20 yards from my place, hovering there and one of their crews leaned forward to watch my behavior. It had continued for several minutes and flew away without any incidents.


It was a helo belonging to the Hong Kong special administrative region, not to the People’s Liberation Army of China, as I saw its sign on the airframe. That was one of the reasons why I was not scared, but more like, I encountered a weird incident.


Although, I am pretty confident that it flew over to watch me, whether I was going to contact someone on the hill or not. They had conducted a secret investigation on me and this might have been a chance that I would meet a handler at the unpopulated remote island. Or, there is another possibility that I was a member of the criminal organization to meet a contract there.


Precisely saying, there were several false information that I knew, one of which was I was a member of the drug cartel. There were also other intels that I was working for the CIA or MI6, though they should dismiss the information I was working for the Chinese intelligence. They were all false, but I knew they had this kind of information, which was tipped to the Hong Kong police as well and it was highly likely that they had known it until then.


In any way, this incident was a proof that I was watched at least until then. They not just sent a helo to watch my conduct, but also pressurize me to judge whether I was really doubtful or not. This was an action of the Hong Kong authority, but it also meant that the Chinese police was also concerned about my existence.


I am still wondering why the Chinese intelligence put me under their surveillance. I almost understood why the CIA and Japanese police intelligence were so tireless to hunt me down, as they have had something to hide, which I was a witness of their conspiracy, though I had no idea why the Chinese spy also wanted to render me harmless.


At least, some of Hong Kong police officers should have understood that I was irrelevant, as I could not have understood why the helicopter was there. If I were a spy, I reacted in that way against their threatening. But I just watched its strange encounter and they should also realize that I had no idea what was going on. If noticed, it might be one of the pretty scenes of the spy movie.


[One step to the extreme measure]: no one can be trusted

I got an appointment for the job interview under this severe surveillance, which they asked me to come over but it was apparently not a normal interview. Considering its background and the fact that the Japanese and Chinese authorities had watched strictly, I immediately recognized it was a call from the CIA.


In those days, I had not understood my situation totally and misjudged that the CIA came here to help me out. I thought it was apparent there was no reason for the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence to hunt me down and the CIA should be reasonable enough to resolve these misunderstandings. It was a silly notion to believe, but it was problematic just more than absurd.


The other parties had originally pretended to believe I was the CIA agent and they were not happy with my meeting with them in that story. Or more precisely, the majority of them believed those stories except ranking officers really connected, which also held true to the CIA officers who had no idea the real nature of this covert operation.


In this circumstance, I got a meeting potentially with the CIA, which was apparent to the Chinese and Japanese who had hacked my PC. They warned me not to go there with a physical threat. It was hard to explain but the Chinese intelligence had a bug and camera in my room and they knew what I was doing all the time. It had not been often in Hong Kong, but this methodology has been quite common in the mainland China. When I opened its e-mail and thought about whether going to this meeting, the noise level was tremendously escalated to warn my decision.


The date coming nearer, the drilling even started from the upper room, and then, they sent a spam mail not to attend it. Certainly, there was no one telling me directly not to go there, but this was how the spy communicated for this kind of operation, not to leave any traces and evidence. That was the way to deny any responsibilities later on and tried a subtle methodology to deliver their messages or to manipulate others.


Although, there was a possibility that I recognized as such due to a result of the electromagnetic manipulation. In any way, the tension was escalated toward its time and the drill was more frequented from the upper room. That was an apparent Chinese message as the room was used by them for the surveillance.


Thinking through pros and cons, I had a limited option to take and it was necessary to talk to someone, definitely. The Japanese government was helpless as the Japanese police was so aggressive that I had better talk to the US authority. I understood well of the Chinese message, but I should have bet on the CIA option.