3-188 [Self-harm]: It was one of the main options to contain my aggression from the society in those days

My emotion was extremised in any direction by the electromagnetic wave, which was hard to be contained as they escalated it to the level that I could not accommodate.


I employed a self-harm as one of the options in those days. When my aggression was escalated too much, there was a possibility that I might have attacked someone or demolish my surroundings so that I attacked myself as the alternative.


It was effective not to assault others, as my aggressive stress was released off by the actual attack against myself, hence there was no risk to harm others as far as I employed this tactic.


However, this behavior had been escalated. The human brain is flexible enough to adjust to the new situation so that I needed more self-harm to contain my aggressive emotion day after day. Eventually, my body became worn out.


Adding to this, I hit myself almost every day to sleep. We basically sleep when tired too much and the self-harm created a tiredness with an opportunity to sleep in those days even though controlled by the electromagnetic wave. Therefore, I hit myself hard more than 100 times in those every day.


There was another meaning to hit myself that my body was basically synchronized to the operatives through the electromagnetic wave, meaning that my self-harm was transferred to their self-harm as well. I thought this conduct should prevent them to continue the electromagnetic operation all night long.


As a result, my face was always swollen and my arm was bruised in blue, as those were areas easily hit by myself. I often hit my hand, which caused a swelling at the large coin size to hurt continuously for a week.


The pain is also enhanced by the electromagnetic wave so that my self-harm created another burden on me. These were just tortures caused by the radiowave operation, and actually, there was no difference from the traditional measure in terms of the pain.


One day, I showed my bruise to the outsourced private investigators hired by the spy and they were so frightened as my whole right forearm was just in blue.



30-1 [Suicidal by the radiowave]: Instantaneous suicide is an extension of the self-harm

The impulsive suicidal emotion is an extension of the aggression. Your aggression is escalated to target yourself, but it is impulsive in nature. Its stress is often dissipated when you harm yourself impulsively. This feeling and behavior is escalated into the suicidal emotion when the same stress is felt in your brain.


The electromagnetic wave can enhance your aggression wirelessly. It is basically linked to the anger in the normal occasion, but the anger requires an object to be angry with. It means the certain pattern of the frequency cannot boost the anger, rather just to escalate the aggressive stress.


The suicidal emotion can be aggravated as well, but its direction depends on your individuality. If you are empathetic in nature, your aggression releases more toward yourself as a self-harm, while if you are accustomed to attacking others, you are easily manipulated to assault others with this brainwave control. Although, the attacking target cannot be directed by the same frequency pattern, which is chosen circumstantially or requires another manipulation to choose the specific.


This stress of the aggression is not necessarily linked to the sexual emotion. When the sexual stress is boosted at the same time with the aggression, its impulse might trigger the sexual assault, though it is not a pure result of the aggression. Having said that, there is a possibility that this stress can be released through the sexual perversion, which is one of the possible outcomes, not the main one. The radiowave control can enhance this emotion, but the sexual desire cannot be boosted in the same frequency pattern. If its manipulation appears as a sexual assault, it is highly likely as a result of your own nature, or your sexual emotion is also enhanced by the different radiowave irradiation.


In the same manner, this impulsive aggression might have you commit a suicide. The simple electromagnetic irradiation cannot control your behavior, which is just a result of the emotional control. However, the suicide is far ahead of the aggression so that the self-harm should appear beforehand.


The suicide, in this case, is a result of the impulse, therefore you cannot write the suicide note or your note is too short to tell your story toward the end of the life. However, if you are naturally fallen into this situation due to the imbalance of the brain chemical, it is likely you have told your uncontainable desire to your surroundings. On the other hand, if the electromagnetic wave urges you commit a suicide, you do not have enough time to write the note or even to tell your state to others because it is instantaneously compelled. This is a remark that this victim is likely controlled by the electromagnetic wave, which might be the only trace we can have later on.


29 [Self-harm by the radiowave]: Self-harm is one of the appearances​ when your aggression is ignited electromagnetically

The self-harm is an extension of the aggression when your aggressive emotion starts to attack your own. If you would like to avoid attacking others, it is one of the option to take unconsciously. The stress of the aggression is not meant to cause the self-mutilation originally, though it might be ended up with the social conflict if your stress is just released to others.


When the emotion is transferred to a self-harm, your stress is released to feel calm and comfortable again. It also means you should keep hurting yourself until you reach the fulfillment sufficiently to lower the stress level. However, the human brain is featured to require more actions to lower the next stress, which is eventually escalated to a more dangerous harm on yourself. If you cannot control its escalation, you should accidently commit a suicide as an extension of the self-harm.


The aggression is a primitive emotion, which is originally meant to attack others, not yourself. When your brain is more controlled by the primitive feeling, your bare aggression makes you fight with others. It implies the self-harm is a result of the function of the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex, where the reason contains an emotion to be exploded.


When your emotion is exploded, your frontal lobe cannot function to stop you, while cerebellum is fully in charge of your action. The reason is not functional at this time, which makes you hard to remember the causality and circumstance. You just have a memory of the instantaneous image and feeling, which is also a proof that your frontal lobe is out of the function. Conversely saying, you can control your aggressive behavior when your frontal lobe is still intact.


You might attack others, even if you can still contain your emotion. Your irregular action is justified by the social reasoning, such as the brutal action during the war. Although, this is somehow out of the human nature, hence some of them have severely suffered from PTSD.


There is another irregular case to attack others with a rational mind, when you are lack of the empathy. It might be a disorder of the mirror neuron or the oxytocin and your reason has no capacity to stop a transformation from the aggression to the attack. This is a result of the brain deficit which some of the psychopath suffer from.


In both cases, the attack is justified by the total brain reasoning. It does not matter where the justification comes from, but it is necessary to be justified by your brain to initiate the brutal action. The brain can process many inputs emotionally or rationally, to output the behavior to take.


The issue is how deeply the electromagnetic wave can control the brain. The aggression is apparently raised by the radiowave irradiation. It increases a stress which should be released somehow, as you cannot keep it in your brain for long. It should be exploded in some forms, but the same frequency pattern cannot control a direction where the stress advances.


That means the manipulator cannot control its behavioral direction just by enhancing the aggressive emotion, rather it depends on your nature. If you are the person to contain yourself to attack others originally, your aggression won’t be released to others. It is more like you are going to hurt yourself when the stress of aggression is boosted to the extreme level.


However, if you have a clear target of its aggression, there is a possibility that you would attack this person. It is quite natural to feel stressed against someone when living a normal life. When you are electromagnetically controlled at this time moment to increase the aggression, its emotion should have a clear object, eventually to attack this person.


Even in this circumstance, you might contain yourself, which is totally depending on your nature. On the other hand, if you are accustomed to attacking others, your frontal lobe cannot restrain you from the brutal action when the radiowave is irradiated to boost the aggression. It is immediately transferred to the action to release the stress and it should be stopped when the stress is sufficiently lowered. Also in this case, there is an issue of the escalation that the stress can be reduced by the minor attack originally, though eventually ended up with the manslaughter.


All in all, the electromagnetic wave can increase the aggression, but the same frequency pattern cannot control the direction, which is more dependent on your nature. If the manipulator targets the real action in the end, it is required to manipulate with other ways as well. These mixed control eventually pushes you to commit a murder or a suicide.