4-96 [Self-determination is an issue]: Intelligence community has been too independent from the democratic control

One of the fundamental issues in this world is a self-determination of the intelligence community, which is a phenomena categorized as the bureaucratization. All the organization basically bureaucratized to work efficiently though it often skews a decision making, one of whose aspects is called as a self-determination.


The bureaucracy including the intelligence agency is originally created by the politics to service for the people, however it is often altered to pursue their organizational goal, which is called as a self-determination.


This behavior is sometimes escalated to ignore their true nature to work for the people, but to maximize their organizational gains. Even if their organization become unnecessary as the time goes by, they conduct an unnecessary activity to maintain their organization, which distorts the budget to spend for the unnecessary administrative job. Those are also a part of the self-determination.


The intelligence agency also cannot get away from this phenomenon and they pursue their organizational goal at any costs, which is especially dangerous as they are capable of manipulating the people and the politics. The CIA has accumulated many knowledges and experiences to run these operations all over the world, whose capability has been used for the people and politics.


That is when the intelligence agency becomes a danger to their own people and country, which is a fundamental problem actually taking place in this world, and which is a result of the self-determination.


They have conducted many unforgivable operations to pursue their organization survival, which includes an ignorance of the terrorist attacks to let them happen and moreover a brainwash to create terrorist attacks. The real damages to the society have created a necessity of the intelligence job, which expands their authority, budget and headcounts.


This problem is more expanded to run a joint operation of the intelligence agencies all over the world, which is hard to contain by any governments. The American government has no capability to restrict an operation of the Chinese intelligence and the Chinese government was incapable of containing the CIA.


The intelligence community has been working together in this way to conduct any antisociety operation, which is the biggest problem to this world.



4-95 [Intelligence community always needs an enemy]: If necessary, they have created their targets

The Japanese police intelligence started to frame me as an enemy in the early 1990s. At first, they led me to join the left extremist activity eventually to be hired as their asset. I knew some others who actually fell into their trap to become extremists, probably working as an intelligence asset later on.


The left extremists grew older and their activity will cease unless finding out their successors. This direction was quite dangerous to the Japanese police intelligence which would lose their raison d’etre as the left extremist is almost single dangerous terrorist belief in Japan. The peace is always an enemy to the intelligence community.


That was why they supported the left extremist to find out the successors in the 1990s as the collapse of Soviet Union deprived a momentum completely from the activity of pursuing the revolution.


There was another hidden issue here that there were many sympathizers in the police department to believe the left extremism. The majority of them used to be students in the 1960s when the student movement was radicalized to the left and conducted many violent acts.


I was one of their targets, though it did not work as I am a proponent of the freedom, democracy and capitalism already when they tried to entrap me for the leftist activity during my high teen.


My philosophy has contradicted to other types of the police career who are more authoritarian than socialist.


The capitalism is an idea to deny the distribution by the government. The freedom is an idea to restrict the government authority. The democracy is an idea to give the sovereignty to the people. All of them denies the authoritarian view of the police career and that was why they have hated me as I have been dangerous to their existence.


The enemy is not just created by the Japanese intelligence, but it has been a trend all over the world amongst the intelligence community for a long time, especially in the 1990s. The end of the cold war was a victory of the Western intelligence, but also a start of their unnecessity.


The CIA and other agencies needed an enemy to fight with and created them if necessary. One of the easiest way at that time was to ignore an intel of the real terrorist attack to provoke a necessity of the intelligence job, which includes an ignorance of the Sep 11 attack and they let it happen even though fully aware of the terrorist plot.


3-77 [Spy’s self-determination]: It is a fundamental issue of the intelligence community trying independent from any governments

The social unrest is a target for the spy to manipulate criminals to conduct mass murders. At first, there was a phase to establish a methodology to manipulate a subject to cause a mass murder. Once it is obtained, they have intentionally created murderers, which is eventually construed that the more intelligence is necessary for the country.


The only leftover issue is at what level this plan was approved within the intelligence agency. In the Japanese case, the head of police intelligence division was definitely involved, though they did not leave any evidence that they directly ordered, but more likely they just implied what to do and the detail was decided at the different level of commanding chain.


Having said that, the intelligence covert operation of the Japanese intelligence has been approved by the same line of ranking officers, indicating a selection of the target has been conducted by the same team. There should be many crimes independently caused by the rogue officers, though the whole intelligence agency is responsible for these irregularities as well.


This basically holds true to the CIA that the high ranking officers have been definitely involved in the electromagnetic operation to have caused mass murders. It is required for the spy to stir up the social unrest to create a demand for an intelligence job. At the same time, the rogue officers and assets have caused many irregular crimes including mass murders which the agency is still responsible to.


These operations were evolved at some point to the current. The US, Japan and many other countries have already realized that the electromagnetic wave is too dangerous to victimize numerous people, directly and indirectly. I am not sure when they realized this fact but there was an apparent murder created by the wave, hence they should have realized its capability until then.


Contrarily saying, the government has been blackmailed by the intelligence community at least since then. It is apparent that the intelligence cannot enhance their authority and budget under this circumstance that they are responsible for many crimes or are creating many problems caused by the wave. However, they can deter the administration to investigate more of the intelligence crime to show how capable they are. That is basically a blackmail against the government.


Or, they can employ a strategy of the good cop and bad cop under this circumstance. There are many rogue agents to manipulate criminals to kill many people, which can be countered by white knight intelligence officers. In this way, they can win a trust from the administration, though this plot is one of the basic intelligence operations.


This crazy situation is caused by a self-determination of the spy organization. All the organization is bureaucratized to ignore a chain of command for a maintenance of their own existence. It holds true to the intelligence agency and the issue is that their operational capability is too sophisticated to topple the government.


This is also true to the military, which is why they are severely controlled by the democratic government as a civilian control. If not, the democracy cannot be sustained to cause many harms to the people. We need to control an intelligence capability to protect ourselves from an illegal operation in the same manner to contain a self-determination of the military.


3-26 [Spy’s basic 5]: Spy inevitably determines their own agenda improperly in the end

The spy organization can decide their direction by their own in the end as it is bureaucratized. The bureaucratization is meant to rationalize an organization, but it is easily transformed to narrow their organization goal or to create a sectionalism and self-determination.


This organization behavior must be seen at any foundations, which is not unique to the intelligence agency.


However, their self-determination is devastating to the people. As written, the spy can frame their target, which is an antipersonnel operation to instigate the subject to commit a crime or to involve in the traffic accident.


Moreover, they can drive them to commit a suicide or to be assassinated. The intelligence organization has accumulated these skillsets and their self-determination indicates to employ those for their organizational sake. That is why their self-determination is dangerous than any others.


This organizational behavior also appears at each division of the intelligence agency. It is called as a sectionalism in the general term, which creates a fragmented self-determination within the spy organization. Furthermore, they are professional spies, therefore skilled to hide any traces of their manipulation. As a result, there are many dangerous, unnecessary and uncontrolled operations.


The military and police are other organizations whose self-determination is critical to the people and their country. The civilian control is one of the main ways to contain their irregularity, which is why the military follows a rule of the democratic government in many countries.


The spy and police should follow a democratic order under the civilian control because their skillset is dangerous enough for the people to lose a sovereignty over the country. They have a sufficient capability to topple the democracy secretively.


The self-determination of the spy organization is the most dangerous amongst those. The military can execute a coup, but the spy can manipulate the politics secretively for their organizational interest. Their manipulative skillset has been accumulated significantly, hence it should be controlled by the democratic government.


The electromagnetic manipulation adds another peril to the modern society. This technology is based on the synchronization between the brainwave and external ultra-long-wave, which is not just to maneuver a subject, but to assassinate their target.


The antipersonnel operation has been advanced with this technology innovation, which unnoticeably controls the subject more easily and deeply as this radiowave is invisible so that it is hard to be revealed.


This technology is also utilized for a self-determination of the intelligence organization. They have actually assassinated many people and created social disorders, but it is always hard to be perfectly proved. However, if continuing this status, the society and democracy can be more demolished, eventually to lose more freedom from the people.


All the spy skillset should be conducted under the civilian control including this electromagnetic wave manipulation, and moreover, the intelligence should be built into the democracy more than now.


Almost all the intelligence organization have executed harmful operations to their own country and people, which can be escalated if leaving as they currently are. It is inevitable for the spy to determine their own agenda, therefore it is necessary to build a system not on the premise that it cannot occur in the future, but how to contain it once it happens.


2-65 [Self-determination of spy]: Bureaucratization of the intelligence was too dangerous for us

Looking at what the police intelligence did to the Japanese society, I had no idea why their operation has been permitted for a long time.


In Japan, there is a restriction against control over the police department from the politics, which is necessary to prevent a corruption case of the politician, but this system is abused by the police officers. We should restrict a self-determination of the police department democratically. The government and people can decide what is right and not, taking back a dominance of the police department.


We do not have an oversight committee against the intelligence activity, which is handled by National Public Safety Commission headed by one of the ministers. Sadly, this system does not work properly, as it is almost controlled and manipulated by the police department.


It is better to establish an independent committee in the diet to investigate a misconduct of the police department as a representative of the people. In the Japanese constitution, the diet has the power to investigate the administrative issue, which is perfectly a legal way to restrict the intelligence operation in a democratic way.


The Japanese intelligence became self-determined to protect their organization. It is exactly a phenomenon called the bureaucratization as Weber discussed, but the Japanese government failed its restriction. Eventually, we gave them a power for many assassinations and political plots.


Their necessities were totally reduced after the USSR was gone, which was a trigger of their further self-determination. However, it was escalated to the self-fulfillment at some point with a directional political motivation.


It was a hidden revolution, actually successful somehow, as a result of the left extremist sympathizers taking over the police management eventually spending more than thirty years.


The electromagnetic wave had played a critical role in this process. There were many politicians eliminated by this technology, including an assassination of the premier, which was designed to take over the whole government in the end.


There is another issue related to this, which is how much the CIA has been involved in this process. The electromagnetic wave has been provided to the Japanese intelligence from them, indicating they have been partially synchronized even for the political operation including murders.


It implies there should have been a political motivation inside the CIA as well. I heard a socialistic view toward the world from the CIA, who believed there was a universal righteousness in this world, which can govern the unified world.


This kind of view is actually connectible to the left extremist, which might be the reason why their operation was synchronized somehow even for the political elimination.


Although, I have no idea why the CIA has operated like this. In Japan, there are not many police officers taking an intelligence career path toward the top. There are dozens of the current ranking officers and hundreds including all after WWII. I have shared some of the backgrounds with them so that I can understand what they think more than average.


On the other hand, I have no idea what the CIA thinks actually. The self-determination is universal and their necessity also declined in the 1990s, which triggered more covert operation categorized as a treason in those days. The world unrest is favorable to them in any times, which they learned through the budget cut in the 1990s.


Having said that, I have no knowledge of the CIA directors, who are too anonymous to be researched.


All I can tell is that the Japanese police intelligence is highly manipulated by the CIA, including many political plots. Their operation becomes more covert as a progress of the electromagnetic wave technology, which is why we are wondering the Japanese intelligence is working for Japan or not.


The same question is partially applicable to the CIA whether their majority of operation really works for the United States or not.


2-54 [Creating an enemy]: Intelligence has manipulated their subject to murderer

The police can only nail down their target when there is a crime, which is the main way to take, though. The assassination is one of other ways, but it is not necessarily successful. Moreover, if it has been failed for multiple times, it becomes much harder as their subjects care for their behavior more than before.


The manipulation is also another methodology to let the original target commit a crime. Even if they failed its operation, they can restrain the life of their targets if achieving a common ground within the police ranking officers that they were enemies to the police organization.


In the modern world, this manipulation can be created by the electromagnetic wave. Looking back my case, there was a time to think about how to attack the Parliament.


Just in case, I had never thought I should attack it, even under this manipulation. This idea was so out of my political philosophy, hence it was thought as one of the ideas to write a novel.


I had several strokes at the same time, small ones though, which is why I am pretty much sure both of them were results of the electromagnetic manipulation.


Their true intention was to let me attack the Parliament for real. However, they could not have changed my political view, hence it just became up to the level of an idea to write the novel. It was more difficult to change this philosophy than just to manipulate daily behavior, which was why they could not create a criminal act at that time.


There are several critical points here, one of which is that not all the individual has a constraint as I have had. I have a master degree in the politics and law at one of the best school in Japan and it is nearly impossible to change my view toward the philosophy and legality, which was created through a study for numerous hours.


However, generally speaking, the personal value can be manipulated to conduct an illegal activity, if not having a stubborn code. In the end, some of them have killed many people through manipulation to believe they did the right thing.


This criminal conduct was charged only to the executor, but this is problematic. If the operative was out of the legal sanction, there is no restriction for the spy to employ the electromagnetic wave to manipulate their targets to commit a crime. Furthermore, this crime eventually created many victims as well.


This radiowave operation was basically conducted by the spy, CIA and the Japanese police intelligence in Japan. When their target successfully committed a crime especially to murder many people, they become more needed to counter those criminals. This structure should have corrupted the whole legal system.


The Japanese police intelligence had me think the same kind of assaults in 2014 as well. I had no intention to attack in both of cases, but the electromagnetic manipulation was forceful in the latter case when I built up my paranoia striking back to the police if this situation would continue for the next couple of years.


I totally recognized I was manipulated in 2014, though the only I could do was to decline an immediate attack. This basically indicates that you should conduct a murder if the manipulator expands your paranoia. Its urge seems created internally even realizing it is not, therefore you might be easily maneuvered if you do not know you can be controlled by the electromagnetic wave.


As written before, there were many murder cases created by the radiowave. I was lucky to avoid the final cause, but my existence proved this threat is real. Furthermore, comparing the case in 2014 to one in 2006, their electromagnetic capability was by far enhanced, which indicates more people are subjects of the manipulated killer by the wave.


[Another operational prep]: Global intelligence community has covertly worked together for their sake

The fluid chemical tricked down as they renovated the upper room on the twenty fourth floor after the previous residents moved out. There was actually a moving before it was availed for the torture and surveillance operation. In my memory, there was a couple who had quarreled often since the middle of 2010, which was well heard to my room.


It is highly likely that this was one of the intelligence operation, though there are two possibilities, one of which is that they fought each other to disturb my life. The other is that they were induced to be divorced to clear the upper room, which was why they had quarreled quite often.


I could not overrule either of possibility as they were typical for the intelligence operation. If it were the former case, the spy had originally lived there before my moving to this place, which was considerable enough as I had been their subject for decades. On the other hand, it was not difficult to make them divorced especially when they were not framed by the spy operation.


In either way, there was one shared conclusion that their operation was under way even in 2010, which was linked to the sting operation at the end of 2011. I had been a subject of the intelligence organizations for decades, but they often suspended their operations when they failed, which was one of the reasons why I did not realize it. However, it also meant this streak of the intelligence operation did not start from that October 2011.


It was a start of the unofficial joint operation of the Japanese police and Chinese counterparts, but the covert joint operation led by the CIA began much earlier. That was why the upper room was open to the spy operation, well prepared by them as late as at the middle of 2010.


Furthermore, there were additional rooms for my surveillance from the opposite building. At least, I realized three rooms were used for its purpose, where they watched me through cameras. There was another room in the different building where there were several officers always sitting at the table, who looked like listening to my room. It was a residential apartment and I believed the Chinese intelligence intentionally showed off how capable they were to intimidate me.


This fact was one of the proof that the Chinse spy had watched me for a long time seriously, and if not, they could not prepare well like this when I realized what was going on.


At the same time, this indicated they had collaborated for a long time at least against me. There were several assassination attempts and tactics to compel me working for them, some of which were conducted by the CIA. It meant the intelligence community got an independence from any governments to conduct their joint operation just for their sake. I was one of their target, which proved their self-determination was quite dangerous to the world.