85 [Brain reading]: This technology was used against the eminent Japanese politician starting from the late 2000s

Your thought can be read by the radar, but it is more advanced than sending a thought. These two ways are based on the theory of brainwave but their technology mix is not the same. The radar is employed to read your brainwave, which is transformed to the electromagnetic wave readable to the manipulator’s brain through a wire from the device. Its wave can be sent wirelessly as well.

On the other hand, the manipulator’s brain is connected to the device which extracts the brainwave with thought and it is sent to the subject wirelessly.

As you can see, the thought reading requires a radar, which is the main difference, although it is easier to transmit than an ultra-long wave, meaning there is less restriction for reading your brain than sending a thought to your brain.

Just in case, it is impossible to read a thought by burying a chip in your body. If it is put inside the brain, it can transmit a brainwave but it is necessary to drill your skull for that matter. It is impossible to conduct without your notice. If it is buried under the scalp, you can easily find out where it is. In either case, it requires a huge battery to send a brainwave feed continuously, which is quite impractical to the intelligence covert operation. It might work for the intentional communication to overcome those issues mentioned above.

When I began to notice that my thought was read, I realized one fact Ichiro Ozawa wore a flu mask occasionally. He used to be called as a Japanese kingmaker in 1990s and an important minor leader in 2000s. At first, I did not know why my thought was read and assumed my mouth movement had been analyzed. That is why I wore a flu mask initially and that should hold true to him, as he was said to wear it at a critical occasion for the political struggle. I double checked a fact and found that his flu mask became a focus after 2008, which was used to hide his thought.

This is a crucial information to understand how this thought reading had been deployed for a manipulation of Japanese politics. He actually chose a few prime ministers in early 1990s, though he started to worry that his thought was read in the late 2000s. If he had a sense his thought was read by others, he should have worn it at the much earlier time. That means a thought reading was introduced to Japan likely in the early 2000s, considering there was a test run beforehand.

This also indicates that the thought reading is a relatively new technology amongst the electromagnetic manipulation as the initial device was likely invented in 1970s. This technology has been continuously developed to create new intelligence methodologies.

The thought reading uses a different band of the electromagnetic wave to an ultra-long wave, hence it is easier to counter by jamming. Having said that, it is not easy for the ordinary people to counter this technology.

A good thing is that this is a new technology so that it is likely used just by the government intelligence, which is less likely used against the ordinary people. A bad thing is that this technology is used for a political conspiracy by them. In any way, it might be used for the general public, if not restricted as soon as possible.


24-2 [Brainwave controlling device]: the radar capacitates to snoop what you think wirelessly

The brain is read by the radar, not by the ultra-long wave which is employed to affect the brain wirelessly. This distinction indicates the device itself is much simpler for the brain reading, though it is necessary to crack the reflection of its radar modulated by the brainwave. Its difficulty is not at the hardware, but at how to separate the brainwave from the reflected wave.


Once separated, this extracted brainwave is readjusted to the operator’s brainwave pattern. There is a large possibility that the individuality prevails the wavelength, hence the subject’s brainwave should be readjusted along with the operator’s. This work is not complicated, but not simple as well.


This readjusted brainwave is irradiated to the operator who can read the subject’s brain in this way. The key is this readjustment, which is simple once it is cracked, though the individuality is not necessarily easy to be cracked. This readjusted wave can be sent through wired connection. In practice, the subject is not connected by the wire, though the operator can sit next to the machine to read the subject’s brainwave.


This final connection can be sent wirelessly by the radiowave as well. If that is the case, the operator should have a free hand for the location. Although, there is one issue how to send the information at a long distance. If sending through the wired line like a telephone line, the information is digitalized at first then reconverted to the analog wave. This methodology should work for the ordinary conversation by voice, as the slight modification of the frequency information is conceivable by the ear.


At this point, I am not sure this is the same to the electromagnetic wave for the brain. The deterioration of the brainwave might become unconceivable. If that is the case, it is necessary to secure the line by analog, which might require an adjustment of the wave, but the deterioration is not an issue. This methodology cannot be used by the private companies, but possible through the governmental wired connection.



The radar and its brainwave reading is much harder than sending information by the electromagnetic wave. It requires a fewer process to control the body movement than to read the brainwave. However, it is necessary to understand how the subject reacts to the radiowave, if the radar is not used. The alternative way is to be supplemented by monitoring or tapping, the old school spying tools. When sending the thought by the wave and making the subject speak by themselves, it is possible to judge whether the brain control works or not.


This mixed procedure is not the newest technology, but it is still in practice, as the radar is not widely used. In this process, the operator’s brainwave is necessary to be extracted, which is readjusted and sent to the subject. It might take some time to crack the subject’s individuality, though once done, it works permanently.


In this sense, it is much easier to send the simple pattern of the frequency. It also requires to crack the individuality, though its decoding is much simpler than sending a thought. Adding to this, this simple wave is enough to affect the brain and visceral organs, even with a disease. This operation just requires a transmitter, simpler than any others.


This technology goes toward the digital control in the future. They prefer to send the information with the digital script, which is more convenient if that is possible than sending the operator’s brainwave. Or, the emotion is more cracked in the future, which might be more affected by the digital control.


The technology can be evolved in a vicious way even from now. Therefore, we should admit the existence of this technology and we should restrict its usage.


24-1 [Brainwave controlling device]: several technologies are used for the brain manipulation

The brainwave control has been developed historically and it is still on the progress to reach the future when the human being is more controlled remotely. Its development is brought by the technological progress, which is not drastically changed just in one night, but the breakthrough adds new methodologies step by step. The brainwave control is the same as other technologies in this sense that the innovation drives its evolution.


This technology is developed with both software and hardware innovations, though the latter is more critical to its progress, partially because it is still hard to be digitally analyzed. The algorithm might add another possibility as a software, but still, the hardware technology is the key to control the brain by the electromagnetic wave.


There are limited number of devices used in this control as hardware. The basic requirement is apparently an antenna. Both transmitter and receiver are required, though the transmitter is enough to affect the brain. Its size can be reduced when winded, but the old facility has a huge antenna. If there is an unnecessary pole in the residence area, it is likely an antenna to control the brain, one of which I am quite familiar with.


On the other hand, the pole has no directivity, hence its transmission should affect surrounding people equally, whose range is decided by its electrical power. Although, the individuality prevails in this effect so that not all of them are affected in the same way. It is just a huge possibility that some of them around might be influenced negatively in the same way as the subject is suffered.


It is necessary to employ the directive antenna if avoiding the effect on others than the subject. The government possesses that kind of antenna, though it is not necessarily used for the brainwave control, mainly for their communication. Or, the smaller sized device can limit an effective range by controlling its electrical power, as it is portably set nearer to the subject. As a result, there are several antennas in practice, the old huge, directive, small portable and satellite antennas.


The large antenna is installed to target the specific subject, hence it is not that difficult to be spotted, when realizing you are targeted. On the other hand, the smaller one cannot be found easily, as it is portable. Although, however small, as far as it irradiates the electromagnetic wave, it can be detected.


This technology is almost certainly developed by the CIA. In the past, some of the technologies might be more advanced in the Soviet Union, but the US definitely possesses the most progressed capability. There are many related devices, but almost all of them are introduced by the CIA. Some of them might be redeveloped in other countries like Japan, but it is nothing more than the adjustment. The CIA plays the main role in this brainwave control.

23-2 [Brain reading history]: the most advanced brainwave technology is fully owned by the government

This methodology should be evolved to use the satellite radar. If that is the case, the operator can cover wider areas. The satellite should be used for the special occasion, though the number of subjects should be limited and they are definitely not ordinary targets, though it does not mean the satellite is not available.


In my experience, the response time is different, when my brain is read by the satellite radar. It actually requires more time for the transmission as it travels a round-trip to the earth with another one-way to the operator, which is the reason why the response is slow at a few tenths of a second.


This radar can be beamed from the commercial satellite, but it is hardly conceivable that the government allow them to read the brainwave without any restrictions. It implies any radar from the satellite should be under the control of the government. There is a possibility the militaries or intelligence agencies use it without any legal confirmation. Even if it is just a misconduct of the officers, the government cannot deny any responsibilities in any way.


This satellite technology is quite substantial, as they can avail the brain reading within a wider range of areas globally. There is a slight time-lag for the real-time control, though it is enough to manipulate the subject. The electromagnetic wave is not necessarily sent from the satellite, even when the radar is beamed there to read the brain. The ultra-long wave can be irradiated from the different place, responding to the knowledge they acquire from the radar.


They even can control the conversation in this way, if the operator makes the subject thinks before speaking. Although, there is a limitation for this control and it is not an easy task to do. Even though the mouth and throat is controlled, there is a small window time for the subject freely to work their own brain. That is why the perfect control is impossible.


If the subject speaks without thinking in this small window of the time to avoid the control, it actually works that the subject should get a free voice. However, the speaking content is sometimes inconceivable in this manner, hence there is a limitation for a daily use. On the other hand, this result verifies there is a control by the electromagnetic wave externally and also there are several machines and methodology for that purpose.


The control of other parts of the body is much easier than the mouth, such as hands or feet. The movement with momentum, such as running, is more easily controlled by the radiowave, as there is no time window to recover the free will. I can say it is slimly possible to avoid this kind of control as well, but it requires a huge concentration whose level is far beyond the normal. This control actually does not require any radar to read the brainwave, though the radar capacitates a real-time feedback, hence their control quality is improved with its support.


23-1 [Brain reading history]: the radar can read your brain

The employment of the radar technology was progressed at some point to hack the brain, more than manipulation. The brainwave is controlled by the ultra-long wave irradiated wirelessly, but the radar is featured with a short wave. It is not used for the brain control, but for hacking the subject’s thinking.


The radar is a straighter wave, which is beamed to the object and reflected back to the sending point, which provides the location and shape of the object. If this is sonar, the sound is sent and also reflected back to locate the object, basically in the same structure. If this reflection is not straight back or the majority is bounced to other directions, the object is hard to be recognized, which is one of the main features of the stealth.


If this radar is irradiated to the subject, the reflection tells where the subject is, while this reflected wave is slightly modified by the electromagnetic wave which the subject’s brain and body generates. The brainwave can be extracted from this reflected wave when separating from the original radar frequency with some adjustments. This process is executed physically, not necessarily digitally. This is the current way to snoop the brain wirelessly.


It is impossible to read the brainwave wirelessly just by the antenna. The wave itself is irradiated toward outside the brain, but it is too weak to be read remotely. When the transmitter is buried into the human brain, it can be read just by the antenna, though it requires a sufficient power, which is basically the same phenomena that the mobile phone requires a huge battery. That means it is practically impossible to put the transmitter into the body for sending the brainwave to the receiver.


The radar is capable of reading the brainwave after the adjustment, though there is a limitation. It is necessary that the subject should be located at the specific area, as the radar is a straighter wave to cover a short range of the area. It means the brainwave can be cracked at home, but impossible at work.


18 [Wireless brainwave reading]: its only function is to snoop what you think

It is unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly if only to control and affect the brain through the wireless radiowave.


When the subject is tested at the experiment of electromagnetic wave irradiation, it can confirm what frequency has a specific influence on the brain, unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly. Even if they would like to know what the brainwave indicates at this time moment, it can be analyzed through the wired connection, unnecessary to read the brainwave wirelessly. The radiowave has a limitation in terms of its directivity and electrical power, whose influence can be tested wirelessly against more number of subjects, but the wired connection is enough to show its result.


The brainwave reading is only required when the operator would like to capture what the subject thinks about. When you think in the brain, the specific frequency is generated inside the skull accordingly.


Let’s think about the hand movement, which is actually a result of the brain function, the same as thinking in the brain. We already know the brain address of hand movement, but you use many brain areas for thinking, not definitively concluding how it is constructed. Although, the hand movement also requires wider brain areas, because you move it as a result of the purpose you would like to achieve, such as typing a keyboard. There is no big difference between thinking and body movement in terms of the brain activity, both requiring thinking process in any way.


The brainwave is generated during the course of these brain activities. The synchronization is a phenomenon that your brain activity is synchronized to the external electromagnetic wave, which also means your action is controlled by the radiowave irradiation. On the contrary, the operator can reconstruct the meaning what you think, when your brainwave is decoded.


There is a big difference between wired and wireless in terms of the brain reading. If connected through wires on the brain, the brainwave can be transmitted to the machine as it is. However, it is impossible to read the wave wirelessly as it is, because the irradiation from the brain is too weak to be read by the remote antenna. I am not sure how far it can go, but one meter is highly likely too distant to be read.


It is necessary to use a radar to read the brainwave wirelessly. It is also one type of the electromagnetic wave, though featured as a high frequency with directivity. When it is irradiated to the brain, the reflection wave is slightly modulated by the brainwave. If this mixed wave is decoded and separated, one of which is the original radar and another is the brainwave.


In this case, the radar is not an ultra-long wave, more like a directional wave which is easier to handle, though its electromagnetic wave cannot affect the brain, just employed for reading. Then, they can get the reflected radar wave and extract the brainwave from it. The next big step is how to understand the meaning of its wave.


There are two possible ways to read that wave, one of which is a digital analysis that the wave is analyzed digitally to reconstruct what the subject thinks in the brain. The other way is to recognize it in the analog.