3-194 [Stalking of private investigators]: They were deployed to this region by the police intelligence

I started to see private investigators together with the police officers. In the past, their operations were basically separated, even though they were around me 24 hours a day, which used to show that the police was not involved in the gaslighting of the PIs. However, they had already given up this cover and started to conduct operations concurrently.


It was highly likely driven by a change in the chain of command that the PIs used to be hired directly by the central command of the police, though they have definitely deployed by the local chief since moving to this place.


When their operation is commanded at the local level, their operation becomes integrated naturally. It basically means the local police headquarter controls all the operation including the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


As a matter of fact, there are lesser PIs in this area and it is basically hard to commute from other areas due to a segregation of the mountains. It implies that the PIs here are basically sent from the other areas.


This operation is only possible when the police intelligence established their own private investigating company and I have identified it with several plausible evidence. It is not necessarily perfect for the legal term, but I could enough explain the shell company is created for the operation against me.


I found it out as they named it directly related to the operation, which was why I could identify it and gathered up proofs.


They were required to establish a base as it was necessary to get a PI license from the community safety section of the police department. If not, the PIs’ conducts might have been prosecuted, even though they were deployed by the police intelligence division.


When I was home, they availed the private investigators founded by the ex-police officer and it was unnecessary to create one of them, as there were enough PIs to conduct a gaslighting. However, this area has been less populated so that they were required to bring them from the other areas.


If the police intelligence would like to conduct their operation covertly to the other divisions, they should prepare this shell company at first, so that they left an evidence that they mobilized PIs for their operation. Moreover, they left a proof of the timing when they started to plan an operation directed to the current mission.


This shell company has been used as the base and PIs can be sent to conduct an operation locally through its vehicle, which is basically a gaslighting under the name of the investigation.


This network has been availed for the operation to create a traffic accident, which I fell down many times on the pavement and I was even hit by the car. These are not a simple gaslighting or stalking, but just a crime prepared by the police.


If these operations were independently conducted by PIs, the police could not have been condemned by the politics, so that they had availed this system. However, it became more or less useless that the police illegal activity had been already uncovered, but they still kept the shell company to conduct a joint operation of the police and their subordinated PIs.



3-118 [Yaeyama islands]: I moved to the new islands, but still surrounded by the spy

I moved to the Yaeyama islands after spending a few weeks in the Miyako and decided the Ishigaki as a base, which was the most populated island in the area. The Yaeyama was a south end of the Nansei islands, indicating that I went through from the north to the south.


It was still a winter but the temperature was higher than the most of Japan, hence it was easier to live, but my situation was not changed at all in this island. The gaslighting was conducted always, which was done by the tourists as they could not mobilize the local people.


I saw many foreign spies, and actually, the police also sent many officers to the island as well. Eventually, they could not hide anymore that there was a joint operation of the intelligence community at least against me.


The Yaeyama was also unfitting for them to conduct a covert operation. The Ishigaki was big enough, but there were several smaller islands where they could not conduct an operation on their own as it became too apparent due to the off-season for the tourist, and at the same time, the ferry was limited that they could not hide out from me if 100% confirmed.


As a result, they should ask a support of the local people, but many of them were so reluctant to cooperate with the illegal police operation that they intentionally told me there was something wrong going on. Moreover, almost all of the local residents knew there was an illegal operation of the police intelligence and CIA targeting me.


On the other hand, I did not see a police officer in some islands. There were several islands that no officer stationed originally, hence there was no base for their operation at all. That was why they should ask a help for the local community as the only alternative, which was why it was nearly impossible for them to run a covert mission.


3-116 [Foreign agents]: Foreign Spy got in charge of the operation replacing PI

The young private investigators were sent back to an outside of the island and I assumed the operation might be eased from here. It was still quite hard to mobilize the local people in the Miyako island, while the number of the police was limited there as well, hence they could not deploy enough officers to an operation against me.


This hope was gone without soon that the foreign spy started to play the main role in the operation. It was essentially conducted by assets of the foreign intelligence agencies, but it was changed to English wordings that I heard from other rooms. There was no accent spoken by Japanese, hence I realized the main perpetrators were shifted to foreigners.


One apparent change was that the harassment was reduced when I ate something. When they operated a gaslighting operation during eating, I often could not eat anything to contain myself, which sometimes bothered local people as well.


That was why I asked many times not to run an operation during eating, but the private investigators fully ignored it. On the other hand, foreign spies realized this protocol hence they at least waited to run a harassment until I finished up eating.


This change indicated that the foreign spy was by far superior to the PIs that they had realized it was necessary to stand and wait for some time, not just to push forward if really need to frame a subject. It also implied that the operation started to be conducted by the different team.


Basically, the foreign agents did not conduct an operation by their own, as they were so opaque in the Miyako island, especially in the winter, an off-season for the tourist. If they had increased their aggression against me, it was not so sure how they were going to be treated in this island.


Although, they showed up sometimes that I saw one foreign spy at the local hot spring spa. He came with the police officers, though I was not sure of his intention, as it was quite unnecessary to show who he was. I actually saw him several thousand miles away, hence it was absolutely confirmed he was an intelligence officer.


There were many gaslighting conducted under a control of the foreign spy who mobilized many Japanese assets as well. I confirmed at a look that they were not private investigators and they were the main figures to run a field work after young PIs were sent back home.


3-115 [Private investigators]: They were eventually kicked out of the island

There were many young private investigators deployed for various plots, the most of those believed they were capable. However, I could not fall into their tactics, hence they became irritated eventually.


Their methodology was centered by the gaslighting to intimidate me to accept their demand and they also employed many framings to instigate me to commit a crime.


It was not effective as I was watched by numerous people that any crimes triggered an immediate arrest, though they kept their useless instigation forever. Adding to this, they supported the police to create a crime from my past, as they mentioned a matter related to the police investigation which I had known of.


There was no crime originally, hence all they could do was to create a false confession as a result of the gaslighting, intimidation and torture which was conducted by those young PIs as well as the police intelligence and CIA.


There was a critical problem at their methodology that they did not understand a system of the good cop and bad cop. More likely, they could not have become a good cop, as they could not hide their evil intention. As a result, they tried to control me just by lies and bluffs, though they did not understand it was operationally limited without a good cop.


They should have driven me to the edge as far as they could, but they were not physically fit comparing to me, hence they could not go beyond a mental stir-up, though they were so persistent and annoying. They were not local people but just sent from outside of the island as a contract including a cash payment, hence they could have continued as far as the payment went.


They also realized that I tried to control myself not to attack them so that they became to show more aggression against me than a bluff. They were pissed off in front of me to escalate a tension, which was the only option to take for them as far as the payment continued.


This aggression might have been escalated into a physical damage to the local community, hence the police eventually decided to send them back to the outside. One evening when I went down to the hotel lobby, the police gathered those young PIs altogether, some of those I had known that they conducted a gaslighting against me.


The police said to them that they were sent back to their home, which was likely conducted to win a trust of mine that they were a good cop, but contrarily, it was revealed that the police was fully involved in the whole illegal orchestration.


3-114 [Private Investigators]: PIs were sent from outside of the island for a ground operation

The Japanese police intelligence and CIA were not able to mobilize the local people in the Miyako island, which essentially required them to conduct an operation by their own. However, it was also not easy as it was a remote island, a population of fifty thousand, hence there are not enough police officers assigned to their mission.


When the number of intelligence officer was more limited, it was necessary to send them at least from the main Okinawa island where their local headquarter was located.


That was why the gaslighting was conducted by the private investigators sent from outside of the island. I had not understood their background, though it looked like they were professional PIs coming from Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan area, judging from their accent and dialect.


The most of them had discussed of a new intelligence organization created by the Japanese government. This agency would have been run by me or others related to this operation and they were believed to be hired by this organization as capable spies.


It sounds quite silly, but they believed this story, which was why they were willing to run an operation in this island. There are several agencies holding tens of thousands as intelligence officers in Japan, hence there is no need to construct another.


Furthermore, I believed they could not work as a government official. There are many criminals in the police, especially who run an illegal torture against me or demolished the country, but the majority of others are good officers.


On the other hand, the young PIs out there was nearly impossible to work for the government. There were many people working as a bureaucrat around me and I also considered its possibility when I was a university student, but it at least required a decency to work as a public servant. This recognition is fundamental even working for the intelligence agency, but they just did not understand this part of the spy mentality working for the government.


Their ignorance of the real figure of the spy made them believe that they should be hired as an intelligence officer by the government, which was why they were cheaply hired by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence to run an operation on the ground in this island.


3-5 [Who are spies?]: I recognized many of them, some of those are my old friends

I was thinking about the spy on the next day when I was invited to become a lion, though I had no intention to become one of them, but finding out who the spies were around me.


Some of them had been agents until I met them and others were employed as such after I knew them. At the same time, I tried to find out how they were assigned to watch me over.


Fundamentally, Japanese cannot become a CIA officer but just hired as their asset, because the agency has a policy not to hire a foreigner as a proper. They are just controlled by the handlers. I at least found out several of them on that day.


On the other hand, there were several Americans who worked for the CIA, but I could not tell whether they were officers or assets, otherwise just to cooperate them at the specific occasion. Although, I realized some of them were proper CIA officers and some had just cooperated with them.


Then, I recognized some of MI6 officers and those who had cooperated with. This intelligence organization used to hire just from the elite schools, hence those who graduated from the same schools were availed to support their operation. They were more like temporary collaborators, though I realized there were many of them as such around me.


I recognized some of them working for the Japanese police intelligence. I could not differentiate whether they worked as an undercover or they were private investigators hired by the police, though I was pretty much sure they were deployed to monitor the situation, especially about mine.


I could have confirmed many spies around me since 2000 at that time, because I had not realized yet that I had been one of their targets until then and I misunderstood that I became one of their severe targets in the 2000s.


There were also other PIs who did not work for the Japanese police intelligence. I had no idea whether they were independent originally or paid by some agencies, but they were there.


Recollecting a memory of the meeting where they mentioned that the spies are lions who can do whatever they want, I realized he was controlled remotely. It might be an electromagnetic wave, but I had not known it yet and just thought his talk was controlled through the phone or the people surrounding us at that night. As a reality, the police has employed that methodology, sending a text message to the mobile phone, to control my acquaintances for the interrogation.


Then, I realized there was one of my old friends at the other side of this control, who was a PI, eventually called as a black traveling bird. I thought he was not a professional spy, but working as a contractor for the CIA.


There were several others who I was quite familiar with as I heard their voices from the upper room which was availed as the operational hub. There were more people working for the spy than I thought, though I had no idea to become one of them. I thought it was better to endure the torture for the time being and there should be a great future beyond that.


76 [PI intimidation and harassment]: PIs were hired to attack me as a proxy of the police

Several weeks after I went back home, I noticed PIs were hired to conduct an operation against me. Once this fact was revealed, they gave up a covert tail but started to stalk me opaquely. It was not an investigation, but an illegal harassment, though it was actually more than that.


There were several types of PIs around me. As mentioned, there was an ex-police PI, which is one of the common in this industry. He was actually a manager and hired many subordinates who were in charge of the gaslighting against me.


Many bugs were put into my house from the window, especially in the bathroom, which might have been conducted by them under an order of the police department. PIs were quite actively used in my case.


There were many part-time PIs, some of those were quite young like a high school student. They were hired to harass me, but they were so weird or afraid of me that I could spot them easily.


PIs loved to make a false show of power when working as a permanent. My understanding is that they need to contact with the yakuza for their job, hence they are necessary to show themselves bigger to negotiate with. At the same time, it is one of the tactics to confront with the ordinary people, as we are basically hesitant for a confrontation against the harassment when they bluff.


Actually, I was said many times, “I will kill you” as a bluff. This word is just a pure intimidation. I got many threats other than this, which was apparently categorized as a crime.


This was actually a sizable issue as these PIs were basically hired by the police or CIA. It was basically the same as the police officer yelled at me, “I will kill you”, which is so wrong in our society. It is still a crime of the police department even when covertly hiring PIs to intimidate me.


The police has been apparently an accessory to these crimes, though they tried to disguise this fact itself as far as I know. They tried to show there was no intimidation or no connection to these PIs, which was more wrong. They should consider how to use the private investigator if they cannot control a quality of their operation. At the same time, they should admit a responsibility for any wrongdoing as far as it is conducted as an extension of their operation.