3-128 [Moving to new place]: Spy had difficulty to run a covert operation in the remote islands

I left the Yaeyama islands around the end of February 2013. The travel started from the Amami islands reaching to the southeast end of Japan in two months. There were many incidents until then, but the CIA and Japanese police intelligence started to kill the people also in these islands at last.


I thought the damage should be expanded as far as I stayed there, hence decided to go to another place. I had another reason to leave the Yaeyama, but in any way, I left Okinawa in that February.


Having said that, there was a large possibility that this decision was not completely mine, as I was manipulated by the electromagnetic wave even though I did not realize its existence yet. It implies this departure might be a result of the spy operation, who would like to locate me at another place.


I have realized that I was so controlled by the wave around the end of my stay in Ishigaki island, as I was filled often with a suicidal emotion and had experienced spooky dreams to alter my sexual preference, which was found to be one of the intelligence operation later on.


However hard they conducted covert operations against me in these islands, there was a critical issue that I could tell an outsider at the spot, some of those were contractors deployed by the police and CIA. The local dialect was different from ones spoken around Tokyo, which was why the operative was nearly impossible to hide out.


The electromagnetic wave was more effective when conducting together with the physical operation, such as a gaslighting or intimidation, but it was hard to go through when spotted at once.


There was another difficulty for them to run an operation that the local people were reluctant to support the illegal intelligence operation and they could keep a distance from it as the local community was strong enough to negotiate with the police in these islands.


In the end, almost all of the Nansei remote islands were not appropriate places to run an intelligence mission, hence the spy definitely would like me to move to another place where they could conduct an operation more easily.


That was why I assumed I was manipulated by the spy to leave these islands in the end, even though I had my rationale to leave there. Then, I finally realized an existence of the electromagnetic wave operation in the next place, which was a methodology to have manipulated me wirelessly for a long time.



3-113 [Miyako island]: Police and spy had a difficulty to find their collaborators

There was no future outlook as the Japanese police intelligence and CIA did not halt their illegal operation, hence I started to think about moving from the Okinawa main island, where it was populated enough to mobilize many people for their plot, such as a gaslighting.


Then, I had decided to go south again, along with the Nansei islands, and the next destination was the Miyako island, which was my home ground for some reason, even if it was the first time to go there.


However, there were many spies sent from outside of the island. There were fewer people cooperating with the intelligence mission in this island, but it was a resort island hence they can send many operatives easily from the outside due to many cheaper hotels available especially for the off-season.


Some of the local hotels decided not to provide me a room, as they needed to support an illegal police operation if I was there. After my spending a couple of days there, it looked like they had already shared what the police had done as an illegal operation, as the hotel should prepare the rooms around mine to make a noise or an intimidation. There was no way for them to decline this cooperation, but they could avoid all if I was not spending days at their hotel.


It basically meant that they knew who I was and they honestly would like to support me, but their option was limited.


It was only one day that the hotel declined my stay, but I had decided to stay outside to show my regard to them. The Miyako island was warm enough, though the winter night was still shivering. I stayed at the remote parking from any local residence, just a place for the sea view, hence there was no one running a car except watching me over.


I needed to keep a car heater on with running the engine, which might be dangerous as the carbon dioxide might fill an air of my car when the spy cracked an exhaust pile. Therefore, I was obliged to change an air every an hour, which deprived my sleep but I felt satisfied with what it happened.


In any way, the local people knew who I was and what the police did to me, which means they have still known there was an illegal police operation against me.


3-108 [Police failed to win a trust]: Local people were reluctant to support an illegal operation

The police tried hard to gain a cooperation from the local people also in the Kume island, but their mission did not work well. There were many operations to frame me as a danger to the community, but the local had already known a background of me that I was not a criminal, but it was the police that ran an illegal operation.


As a result, they knew me even after moving to the new hotel, just when asking for a stay for a few days. Moreover, I was known to almost all the people at the restaurant and some of them had looked at and discussed an issue related to me. Although, I tried to avoid a direct contact as I was easily framed by the spy, which might make my stay miserable.


I had a conflict with the local people once, during the lunch time. I just would like to eat out there, but one of them suddenly picked a quarrel with me. It was a total nonsense, but I tried to keep myself not to be exploded, as it did not solve a problem at that time. It was more likely that I was treated as a harm to the society on the other hand, hence I needed to contain myself all the time.


This guy showed on the following day when I went to buy something to drink at the convenience store. He mentioned a regret for his behavior on the previous day, which was an intention of the local community and their leader. It was necessary for the people in the island to make it right as it was out of their code.


That was partially a reason why it was quite hard for the spy to mobilize the local people for their operation. The gaslighting or intimidation have totally breached their moral code, which they did not want to cooperate with.


Adding to this, this incident implied that even his small demeanor was shared by lots of the people in the island, which was not just denounced but was asked to be corrected.


It was nearly impossible for the police and spy to run a covert operation under this environment. The police could have conducted an illegal operation, but their action was also shared by the local people, eventually losing a trust against any police officers who basically consisted of the outsiders.


3-107 [Framing before operation]: Police and spy needed to frame me for winning a trust of the local people

The police and private intelligences needed to frame me as a danger to the island, if they would like to get a support from the people out there, which took place in the Kume island as well.


This island is sized in between big and small, populated by ten thousands of people, separated by many large communities, though it looked like they shared an information what the police intended to do all over the island.


There were lots of people who had known I was a subject of the police intelligence and treated me as such. It was basically the same at the other islands I stayed and they also knew my purpose was to understand more about those islands in the detail.


It also implied that they have still known who I am in those islands, as the police was necessitated to ask a help for the local people, which could not be concealed in nature.


If it was not an off-season for the tourist, they might have conducted their operation covertly. As a matter of fact, there were many government officials, spies and private investigators moved together with me, hence their existence was kind of obvious to the local people.


Furthermore, the local government was asked to support the operation, which was another source of the revelation. It is quite limited for the police to hire the local officer in the island, but the local government consists mainly of the locals, whose information is easily spread out to the overall islands.


Considering a size of the Kume island, the local people could decline a cooperation with the police and the majority of them had no incentive to support as the operation was too stupid, given a shared information.


In this case, the spy and police needed to frame me a real harm beforehand, which they tried in this island as well. When I was in the middle of the mountain to look over the town below, there was one guy coming near and denouncing me for an hour.


In those days, I thought I could have convinced them I was innocent so that I spend much time to talk to them, even if I had been denounced for the whole time. He was not a police officer or spy, but he was a collaborator to them as his talk was composed by the police intel against me.


This operation was confirmed on the next day, as local people discussed what I meant the day before at the top of another mountain. They looked like to understand my point and in this way, the police and spy often failed to gain a trust of the local residents.


3-106 [Quiet but noisy]: Spy had a difficulty in conducting an operation without enough cooperation

The next day, the ferry assumed their service and I went to Kume island, one of the Okinawa islands, which was the biggest remote island within a reach of the main island.


There were not many travelers on the island as it was an off-season for the tourist. When I was in Amami islands, there were many visitors as it was around the start of the new year, though it was already over when I got to the Kume, meaning the calmest of the whole year.


There was no noise at my hotel, as there was no other guest staying at that place. It was impossible for the spy to irritate me from a plain sight, hence they gave up noising directly on the first day.


However, the sound actually came from the outside at later that day, which was the best alternative for them at that time.


I tried to figure out where it came from when opening the window, but I could not confirm it. It was basically difficult to specify where it came even from the adjacent room, but it was nearly impossible to identify the outside source. It looked like all of the building was a source of the noise.


Moreover, it was quite hard to confirm it was a result of the spy operation or not. It might be a normal noise in everyday life, as I was at least too sensitive for the noise due to the intelligence plot. All I could do was to keep myself, irrelevant to its original intention, which was the only way to survive through their torture.


The local people in that island realized there was an operation against me and treated me as such. The majority of them had known that the police and spy had illegally conducted the operation and they were basically reluctant to cooperation with the authorities.


There were many PIs sent to the island, whom I can figure out easily as there were not many tourists originally.


As a result of this situation, there was almost no gaslighting and my day became one of the calmest in those days, but still, there was a noise sent from the outside, which deprived my sleep.


3-105 [Okinawa islands]: Back to the intelligence mission against me in early 2013

Back to the original story which I experienced in early 2013.


I got to the Okinawa main island in January by the ferry from Amami islands. There was no ferry from here to further south, necessary to fly over to the Sakishima islands, though there were many islands around the main island that could be reached by ferry, hence I had decided to go there at first.


Then, I went to the remote island pier which was a little away from the one used for the Amami lines on the very next day. However, the ferry was closed due to a strong wind that I was at a loss what to do the next.


The ferry is easily stopped when the wave goes beyond a certain level of the height, which is often for the season when the wind is strong. This time should have been one of the cases, but I could not perceive it straightforward like that, as I had been a subject of the operation and torture for a long time until then.


It was more difficult how to accept its outcome that I needed to perceive it calmly, as my emotion easily became irregular if not. I could not have confirmed what was a truth or what was a lie, whose non-determination might have shaken my brain eventually to break my psychiatric normalcy.


In any way, there was no way to go to the islands on that day, though I had determined to go there and to wait for the wave settled.


In those days, I had an obsession the mission and torture should end until the middle of that January, which was not clearly said by someone, but all the information indicated there was a deadline around that time.


I was still wondered why I got to believe it was going to halt soon, but it has been frequented since then. I am pretty much sure they created this obsession by the electromagnetic wave later on, which was quite effective to depress me once it was revealed incorrect. Eventually, I realized it was a spy intention to crack down a subject, but I did not understand a nature of the operation in those days.


That obsession was one of the reasons why I decided to go to the Okinawa islands, as it was an easy reach from the main island. I thought to spend the last day on the main island, which was another reason I was adamant to go to these islands.


3-92 [Predated spy operation]: I realized to be monitored before the sting ops conducted, indicating I have been their target

Those stories I told until here were incidents happened at the Amami islands, the northern part of the Nansei islands starting from December of 2012, though I had visited Okinawa, the southern part in October of 2011, which was actually slightly before the spy operation was openly conducted.


I often went there and would like to dive at Yonaguni island at that specific time. There was a site called as a ruin under the sea, which can be available from the late October, as it was located in the south of the island, where we can dive after the north wind started to blow in the winter. It means this time around was the best season for diving there as it was still warm in this region.


There has been another custom of mine that I walk or ride around the island to know how it is, which was the case in Yanaguni island as well.


That was the original purpose of my trip but I had enough time to visit other islands, hence decided to go to Yoron island at first, one of the Amami islands. I borrowed a bicycle there to go around, but eventually would like to dive as well; this kind of improvisation has been a style of my trip.


When I hopped around the Amami islands in late 2012, there were several locals talking about the fact that I visited Yoron in October of 2011. They said that they saw me at one of the beaches, which I actually remembered three locals there at off-season without no tourists. This kind of remark was a part of the whole gaslighting, but I also realized one important fact.


I was watched in this October of 2011 fully by the police intelligence and spy, which was why they knew the detail of my whereabout. I also realized fact that my room was repaired fully due to an accident caused by the upper room, around the same period, which was actually a spy operation to prepare monitors and bugs in my room.


The intelligence community has put me under surveillance for decades, but I did not realize this fact yet. I slowly confirmed what the spy did to me, but this Yoron story was one of the triggers as the big sting operation was conducted against me in December of 2011.


It indicated the instigation was really conducted by the police, spy and attorney, which also meant that they conducted an illegal sting operation against me. This fact let me recognize that there had been more instigations run by the CIA, Chinese and Japanese intelligences. Those events were totally connected each other and I was a subject of their antipersonnel operation.


This fact of the illegal operation was actually confirmed that there were other monitors during my visit to Okinawa at that time. This was a proof that the police and CIA had conducted many illegal operations to render their target harmless.