4-81 [South Korean ops was compromised by the North]: They should find out the moles

I went to Guam due to a person related to North Korea, though I cannot write down the detail of him.


I still cannot elucidate exactly why they always made an excuse during the operation, but I have assumed they were asked to do so as it was necessary for them to avoid a revenge if I were to become a spy after falling down with their operation. Their recognition was partially correct but partially wrong, as I would not become a spy.


At that time, he suddenly confessed me that he was a Korean descendant and it was weird to me that there were more non-Japanese Asians around me as I lived in Hong Kong. It was totally a useless disclosure, which was also completely out of the context of our conversation at that moment.


I still remembered his wife’s eye worrying so much when leaving as the plan was suddenly changed to eat outside without her. We went to a standing bar run by Korean and sat on the counter to talk to bartenders out there.


I talked to a woman standing in front who spoke a perfect English with a capability to discuss the complicated matter, which was out of norm as she did not need to work as a bartender at the Korean bar in Guam as she could have found a better-paid job.


I was curious and tried to find a reason why, and then, she said she graduated from the university in the US. I understood why she had a good command of English, but her profile should have given her better opportunity to work either in Korea or in the US. Moreover, she was smart enough.


I thought she owned the bar, but the owner was standing next to her and her English was not that excellent. I realized this weirdness at that exact moment and managed to find the reason behind, but she was so reluctant that I gave up my inquiry in the middle.


Looking back from now, she was an intelligence officer of South Korea. The issue was that this whole event was partially set up by the North Korean intention. My friend was availed and made a confession as he was blackmailed by North as his relatives still lived there, which meant that the North and South Korea collaborated the operation against me, but it was not the case officially; i.e. her line of command was compromised by North and some of her senior officers knew the Sep 11 attack in advance, which was why they set up an operation against me in this way.


I cannot specify who they were, but I saw a Korean who talked to Americans at the café in Hong Kong in November 2012. They sat there to let me hear something and they were spies as they had already changed an operation to appear opaquely as almost all of their covers were blown up.


It meant that this Korean officer or ex was highly related to the operation to make use of the Sep 11 attack to frame me. It is impossible for me to identify who he was, but the Korean government can and it is necessary as he is likely one of them compromised by the North Korean intelligence. They needed to get rid of all the moles inside their organization.



4-67 [North Korean involvement to frame me related to Sep 11]: We can technically confirm it through their money account

North Korea is related to the operations against me from the scratch, not just at the time to frame me as a terrorist connected to Sep 11 attack. It was a result of the joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and North Korean government, but moreover, the South Korean intelligence was compromised tremendously by the North.


Within my understandings, it has been impossible for them to conduct an operation in the US without notice. The US investigative and intelligence agencies have not left them at large as they have recognized the North Korea is one of the main enemy related to the terrorism.


On the other hand, the South Korea has had a stable relationship with the US and their intelligence has collaborated for a long time, capable of running an operation in the US territory, which I actually experienced as their target.


The issue is that the South Korean operation is affected by the North, at least all of the operations against me. It was improbable that the South Korean intelligence had cooperated with the North peer, indicating that the South has been compromised tremendously by the North for a long time.


In Japan, the operation against me has been conducted by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, which was supported by the North Korean. Precisely saying, they coercively deployed the North Korean relatives for the operation against me, and the majority of them were not a formal spy.


This is a little complicated, but the Japanese police intelligence has run their operation, partially with the North Korean government who avails their related people living in Japan. They have called those people as a “base” who has been an important asset to run the operation in Japan.


I saw North Korean spies directly, though it just occurred in China, and I think I had never met the spy sent from the North Korean territory in the US or in Japan.


I went to the Pentagon and the Capitol Hill as the Korean guy brought us there and there was no reason to visit the tower to observe the Pentagon other than just visiting there to leave an evidence. I clearly remembered he mentioned to go there without a clear reason and left there quickly without any reasons as well.


I saw he collaborated with the South Korean intelligence and the CIA later on, meaning that he was availed by the South Korean spy to let us visit those places eventually targeted by the Sep 11 terrorists, two weeks later.


This Korean guy asked me of the communism on the way back to New York from Washington DC, indicating that there was an influence of the North Korea as well.


We can confirm how deeply the North Korea was related to the Sep 11 attack, looking through their money account, as they were highly likely to sell the market or the airline stocks before the attack.


The CIA has already known this point as their secret Royal account was revealed when the aunt of the current dictator defected to the US which occurred before the Sep 11 attack. If there was such a trade, we can confirm whether the North Korea knew the terrorist attack as a country.


4-64 [Reason to go to Pentagon before Sep 11]: Korean guided us there suddenly without any explanation

We can identify the spies and officers who knew Sep 11 attack before it took place when we find out the perpetrators who framed me as a possible terrorist related to this attack.


At first, I went to the Washington DC on the weekend of 25-26 August 2001, paying a visit to the Capitol Hill and the Pentagon on the latter day. However, it was quite unnecessary to see the Pentagon, and moreover, there was initially no plan to go to the DC at all.


One of my friends asked me to go to the different city, hundreds of miles away from the DC, as he needed to complete his paperwork there. Just in case, I could not write the detail that much as he could be identified.


In the legal term, there was no problem to mention his name and where we went, but the whole issue was related to the fact that I was framed as a terrorist suspect connected to Sep 11 attack and also related to the real traitors. I have no idea how they are treated on-going so that I refrained from writing the detail too much.


In any way, there was no plan to go to the DC, but the third man joined this trip who suggested to go to the DC, which was why we visited there to see around the White House and the Capitol Hill with his guide.


We went to the Pentagon during the course, but there was no explanation to take a ride to the tower where we could have a look how the Pentagon looked like and there was no explanation to leave that tower within several minutes.


This visit was incoherent and we moved just to go to that place without concrete reason. There were many framings like this in my life and I am pretty much sure this was also one of the fabrications to create a false evidence.


This operation was conducted by the South Korean intelligence, however it was actually run by North Korean intention.


There were two problems at this point, one of which is that the South Korean spies exactly understood when and where the Sep 11 attack took place, which was why they could have conducted this operation to frame me. The other was that this operation was executed under the influence of North Korean spy.


The South Korean intelligence was sometimes involved in the operation against me, though it was almost always under the influence of the North Korea, indicating that the South Korean intelligence agency has been compromised by the North so tremendously.


There was another critical issue for this setup that I paid a visit to the whole place initially because one of my friends asked me to go to his university to complete some paperwork.


This request was less likely a result of the accidental coincidence, meaning that this summon was fabricated by the CIA or other American intelligence agency and there was a possibility to find a trace from this point.


4-46 [I was poisoned]: I was poisoned highly likely by North Korean spy supported by the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence

I have been a subject of the North Korea operation for decades. There were at least ten of North Korean related individuals involved in the operation against me. I knew the real identities of half of them, though I did not write down them as the issue was too serious. In my understanding, there was no one willingly to support the North Korean covert operation.


There was an incident happened in Xian, China in May 2011 that my hand was swelled almost double on the first day I arrived there. I had no idea what just happened, though it was apparently a problem with an unbearable pain.


In those days, I thought to get sick by eating something poisoned, though I could not hit upon what actually it was. However, the spy operation became apparent from the end of that year that they tried to kill me, which was failed to escalate their tortures against me. At that time, I was convinced that I was directly poisoned by the Chinese intelligence as they were in charge of the torture against me in Hong Kong.


They should have put something into my dinner, which was why I was so suffered later on.


Several years later, I had analyzed each event how it happened as there were numerous operations they conducted against me, and at the same time, I would like to elucidate how each of them was related each other.


Then, I realized that there were other individuals who I contacted on the same day, a couple of hours before I suffered from the poison. They spoke Japanese staying the next door of mine who asked me to borrow a phone as they could not enter the room.


I let them in my room, though they could not communicate with the hotel managers so that I talked to them on behalf. It was more likely that they set up something during my call to the front desk.


One of the possibility was that they put something into my pet bottle water, which was left in the living room while I contacted with them at the phone next to the bed when I could not see one of them staying at the living.


Another possibility was that they put a poison onto the phone itself. I actually talked to the front desk after one of them completely failed to communicate with them, which was a left hand swelled double later on.


There was still a possibility that they put something poisonous into my food, but I could not conclude the single probability. There might be someone who can understand what poison was used to my case and how it happened, though I have no idea as I am not a specialist of the poison.


There was another issue that these old couples were not Japanese at all, but a North Korean spy. Generally speaking, the Japanese police intelligence and the Japanese public security investigation agency does not use a cover of the old couple. On the other hand, it was quite often conducted by the North Korean spy.


I doubted they were the North Korean spy, though there was no proof yet. However, it was apparent that the Chinese spy was not required to conduct this kind of complicated operation. They were definitely involved in this case, but these Japanese speaking couples were prepared by the Japanese government organization or North Korea, both of which really would like to kill me.


There is a way to find out a truth of this event as my location was known from the Japanese police intelligence, even if the operation was conducted by North Korea. Their intelligence capability was quite high, but they could not directly access to my whereabouts without a help of other organizations.


This fact was quite critical as I was a target of the North Korean kidnapping operation around the same time. I was intensively monitored by the Japanese police intelligence in those days, which ignored this kidnapping operation, meaning that they supported I was taken by North Korean. One of the intelligence senior officers in charge at that time was Shoichiro Ishikawa, who is now in charge of the government mission to take back the kidnapped by North Korea. This fact is more terrible than the joke.


4-43 [Japanese police cover-up 3]: Their operation was continuously failed

They hid a truth behind the operation against me with publishing a book called “The man who shot the police director general” as I did not care about who actually shot him. I remembered slightly that the police condemned the Aum fugitive as the mastermind and I realized he was the one who I used to work with during his runaway, but I did not care that much about why he was untouched even though he was also under surveillance by the police intelligence.


When he turned himself into the police, I realized I had known him, while I had been severely tortured by the Chinese intelligence at my flat in Hong Kong.


Chronologically ordering, my torture started from the middle of December 2011, he showed up to the police station on the last day of 2011 and I realized he was the one I used to work with at the construction site in the first week of January 2012. Then, I came back to Tokyo to find the job in April, though it was highly restricted by the intelligence community so that I went back to my home in the next month. This book was published in the following July when I was still at my home with many gaslightings.


In those days, I had not realized an existence of the electromagnetic wave capability yet and did not notice I had been the serious target for a long time as well. Although, I recognized my emotion became too irregular quite often and had a different personality during the morning doze in 2012.


Moreover, my idea was actually read totally from the outside in those days. I noticed the weirdness but I assumed some of the intelligence officers had an exceptional skillset to read the thought through a mouth or jaw movement. Adding to this, I thought my emotional control was somehow broken due to the prolonged tortures.


However, I understood a functionality of the electromagnetic wave operation in 2013 and realized that I had been targeted by this operation for a long time.


The issue here is that I was also a subject of this operation in the middle of 1990s when I worked with this Aum fugitive under the full monitor by the police intelligence. It meant that the police left him at large on purpose, which was availed to frame me as an accessory to the terrorist.


This also indicated that they had this plan long before to entrap me as a possible terrorist suspect after his turn-in. This was executed as the plan B at the end of 2011, as I had escaped from their sting operation and survived through their assassination and tortures since then.


Their option was limited at that exact moment so that they decided to condemn me as a terrorist and justified their tortures against me. Their tactic was failed within the fortnight, which required another cover-up to hide a truth of the shooting against the director general.


4-42 [Japanese police cover-up 2]: They created new shooter after the mastermind denied his involvement after turning in

There were many books related to this shooting case in Japan, one of which was titled as “the man who shot the police director general” published by Shincho. In this book, a different one is treated as the true shooter.


Although, it was improbable, as the shooter was 180 centimeter high, though this another man was 160 centimeter high. As written before, the victim has a gunshot wound penetrated his body, hence a height of the shooter can be identified in a smaller range, which never becomes shorter. It might be possible that the perpetrator was higher than calculated when shooting in the unique position, but that is the only alternative.


This book was published on 1 July 2012 after Makoto Hirata turned himself in at the of 2011; there were several meanings of this publishing.


The police intelligence definitely had a motivation to create a new image of the shooter before the Aum was not behind this shooting case. He actually denied his involvement in this case, even though there was no necessity as it was not prosecutable after the statute of limitations was passed.


Therefore, the police intelligence arranged another suspect and made up the story that there was a defection at the investigation which was why they could not prosecute the real shooter. If not, there was a risk that the shooting was condemned as an act of North Korea as there was enough evidence of their operation.


At the same time, there was another risk of the revelation that the police intelligence supported his runaway, even though he was one of the most wanted in Japan at that time. There were many people including many journalists already to know that I worked with him at the construction sites.


They initially spread a fake intel that I was involved in his escape as I used to work with him unnoticeably, though this framing was failed as one of the attorney prosecutors definitely defended me that I was not one of them, as he knew well of me in those days.


It was critical as the whole prosecutors were not manipulated by this new intelligence operation to prosecute me as an accessary. On the other hand, when it was revealed that the police actually planned his escape, some of the journalists or other many police officers definitely tried to find out the reason behind the support.


This scrutiny might uncover a true nature of this shooting case, as he was assumed to be a mastermind though actually not. When this was the case, the fact was revealed in this way that the police intelligence knew that North Korea shot the Japanese police director general and they covered up the real identity as they were connected to North Korea in many perspectives.


Moreover, there was another risk that it was revealed in this way that the police intelligence had employed the electromagnetic wave to manipulate confessed suspect, fugitives, me and others for hiding up everything.


It was necessary to create a new perpetrator to cover up all of those, which was why this book was published at that timing.


4-41 [Japanese police cover-up 1]: Police intelligence created a story and supported a runaway of the named mastermind

The police intelligence conducted many operations to cover up this shooting against the Japanese police director general. At first, they brainwashed one of their members who was also a believer of the Aum cult to confess that he might have shot the director. Then, the police claimed one of the Aum leaders was the mastermind whose runaway was supported by them. He eventually turned himself in, but it was after a 15-year statute of the limitations, just for this shooting case.


This was an essence of their cover up, and moreover, they announced this shooting was conducted by the Aum cult without any proofs when their formal investigation was ceased in 2010, 15 years later from the shot. They had continuously covered up a truth of this shooting in this way.


There was another fundamental cover-up in this case that the police availed to make another confession with the hypnosis. This confessed shooter’s memory had been always fragile and vague as it was said to be that the Aum cult wiped out his memory, which was why the police hypnotized this suspect to revive the tale behind the shooting.


This hypnosis was known to the general public as it was leaked to the media. The police intelligence was in charge of this investigation and it was impossible to leak this unnoticeably, meaning that the video was provided to the press on purpose.


This leaking operation successfully created a perception in the public that this shooting was conducted by the Aum cult, which was commanded by one of three fugitives, Makoto Hirata. This was apparently an anti-society operation to manipulate the general public, one of the common missions of the intelligence organization including the Japanese police intelligence.


This hypnosis video was quite famous and the therapist got recognized by this leak, though I did not claim he was involved in the cover-up noticeably. It is impossible to judge whether he knew a nature of this hypnosis beforehand or not, and moreover, it was not a fundamental issue.


There were officers who asked him to conduct this hypnosis, those were apparently related to the true perpetrator of this cover-up operation. This confessed police officer lived under a severe detention of the police intelligence, therefore the true perpetrators were also ones of their members or the whole organization.


If the police really wants to know who shot their director general at that time, they just ask this therapist who paid him to conduct this hypnosis, which was quite an easy inquiry for the police.


There was another critical point for this particular cover-up which was a timing of this leak. This video was broadcasted by the media on 18-19 February 1997 and the police actually lost the trace of those Aum fugitives from the end of 1996. They successfully blended them into the society covertly around the same time, while they announced this was another act of the Aum cult terrorist attacks. A few months later, I started to work with one of the fugitives at the construction site, which was another operation against me to avail this situation.


All in all, they at least had decided to cover up the shooting case with the Aum fugitive around this time and the hypnosis video was one of the antisociety operation to make the public believe it was an act of the Aum cult to hide a true nature.