3-109 [A midnight noise]: Many noises were created during the midnight

If the spy did not get an enough support from the local people in the island, they should have needed to conduct their operation by their own. The bureaucrats were compelled to do so in the Okierabu island, but they were willing to run a torture in the Kume island.


I assumed he was a police bureaucrat who stayed at the next hotel. He did not mention he was an officer and my recognition was not necessarily correct, but a man in suit decided to stay at the place like a local B&B rather than the neighboring luxurious hotel. It indicated at least an intention to stay there coming close to me.


There were several people staying at that hotel, but it was just two of them that I saw on that night. The owner of the hotel had known that I was a target of the police operation and had thought for a little while whether she should have provided me a room or not.


It was a local new year season in Okinawa and she made a special rice cake for some of us. The night went quite calm, but again, the noise came from another room, which was made by guests whom I had not seen previously, as I noticed them the number of shoes at the entrance.


I could not sleep due to that noise, additionally with a swelter, hence I opened a window of the room. The breeze came from outside to hit a door, which made a click noise once every a few dozen seconds.


It was another nuisance noise but I had decided to let the bureaucrat know what they had done to me all the time. I kept it for another half an hour, there was a knock from the wall, implying to ask me of stopping it. I had ignored his request and had continued it for an hour to let them know how devastating it was.


In the next morning, when I went down to the main room, there was a police asset, likely a private investigator, at the entrance. He went out of the hotel when confirming my presence to show how wrong their operation was and kicked him out.



3-84 [Noise as usual]: Noise became apparently created by the police operation

When I checked in a hotel in Amami Oshima island, the noise came from the upstairs as usual, which was continued relatively in a loud volume hence I went upstairs to confront them directly.


There used to be no one coming out of the room when I stayed in Tokyo or anywhere else, but this time was different. It looked like absolutely a police officer that stayed in that room, to deny making any noise even though I continuously asked him to stop it.


Just in case, the noise has not been halted for several years, hearing a loud noise from the upstairs. I gave up asking them to stop it anymore, but sometimes still confront them when it becomes too irregular. At one time, he replied to my request that he was pretending to clean up the room.


You can deceive others more easily when adding up a truth into the lie. Therefore, a professional con man employs a truth quite well to swindle their targets. However, it is not easy to use a word properly, hence your true purpose can be identified with the right questions.


This noise can be diminished when listening to the music all day long from the earphone, which is another reason why I did not confront with a con man, not often anymore. Especially after buying a CD for sleeping, I can take a sleep at least, even though there are a few days I can sleep well in a year, which is tremendously improved as I could not sleep in those days, which caused a mental stress.


In any way, I did not take an enough rest in those days with a loud noise, which should be categorized as a torture conducted by the Japanese police department in Japan.


It is nearly impossible for the hotel to decline a demand from the police where I should stay for their monitor, which might not violate human rights yet, but the additional noise is a torture or illegal eavesdropping is an abuse of their authority.


Japanese constitution clearly defines any torture is prohibited that the police cannot abuse their authority in any circumstances. However, there is no definition of the torture in the criminal and police law, which is just categorized as a battery. This is a problem of the lack of legislative action.


Almost all of the hotel have cooperated with the police conduct, some of which realized that there was a possibility of the torture or other types of illegal activities. However, I was assumed to be a criminal, and moreover, they could not decline the police order as they were likely to get a huge repercussion later on if not cooperating. In the end, the whole police conduct has been illegal and there was no way that their deed could be acceptable to the general public.


3-12 [Still beeping in Indonesia]: Spy operation was continued even after going to Indonesia

I had decided to leave but had no idea where to go. I preferred a place directly accessible from Hong Kong with unnecessary to take a visa. If it was necessary or at least to take one at the airport, I might have been kicked out there to go back to Japan.


There were about fifteen cities matching to this category, and then, I excluded any capitals as the main city was well protected by their own intelligence officers, but also filled with many spies as well. I would like to avoid a confrontation with them, whose screening resulted in several cities, the majority located in Indonesia. I had never been to Indonesia, hence I thought it was a good opportunity for me to visit there.


It was also the next to Singapore, meaning I could jump on the next available opportunity once it became open. My priority was to leave Hong Kong, which should have given a chance to take a breath. When staying Hong Kong more, my mental might have been worsened, but moreover, they should have attempted the next assassination sooner or later.


Once decided the next destination, I left Hong Kong quickly, though the situation was not that improved. A while after entering the hotel room, the beep sound started to reflect in the room. It had kept continued for all night long, I was so tired mentally and physically until the next morning.


In the morning, I went out of the room to eat a breakfast, seeing several spooky men surrounding the small table. They were apparently spies, but their intention was an intimidation to show up in that way.


Eventually, I gave up all the bookings and decided moving to the next place, as their harassment was so successful. However, the next step should have been tricky as it was necessary to consider several pros and cons. My initial take was to stay at the hotel owned locally, which might halt a collaboration with the intelligence community.


In the reality, its plot was turned out to be useless. The situation was not totally changed and I still heard a severe beeping in the room. The issue was the environment where the spy could easily run their operation.


Then, I hit upon an idea to move to a smaller island. They were able to employ local outlaws when staying at the big city, as there were a plenty of people including baddies. At the same time, the spy had constructed their own network even in the second city, but I could have gotten away from this situation when hopping to the smaller island.


[Starting from noising in Tokyo]: Japanese police tried to hide their torturing capability at first

I thought the torture should be ceased when I came back to Japan. It was executed by the Chinese intelligence in Hong Kong, and they could not run the same operation in Tokyo, which was a natural way of my common sense.


However, Japan was not like that.


It started from a minor abuse. When back in Tokyo to check in the hotel, I heard a relatively loud noise in the room. I searched for its source and found out that it came from the fan in the bathroom, where the outside noise was echoed loudly.


It was not a big sound but started from the very first day I came back to Japan. I was so nervous about the sound that I asked them to change the room as I had been tortured with beeping and water pouring during the whole night in Hong Kong for several months.


Although, the situation was more or less the same that I heard a noise in the next room as well. I had no choice on that day, hence I decided to keep that room to sleep there. In the next morning, it was not just a sound but they started to make a large noise from the upper room. I went to the upstairs for its complaint to find the English newspaper was set up on the door knob. I immediately thought it was the Chinese intelligence that would continue their torturing investigation even in Japan.


Although, it was a manipulation of those intelligence agencies, the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and Chinese intelligence, as they would like to show it was a conduct of the Chinese. The Japanese police intelligence was enough capable to run this kind of operation, but there were lots of others monitoring the situation so that they could not reveal a true identity of this joint operation to me and others.


They needed to place themselves unrelated to these tortures even for their profound support to continue an investigation against me. If not, it might have created a big social problem as many Japanese politicians realized the torture and illegal investigation in Hong Kong. That was why they avoided an opaque torture at first to show their investigation was under the law.


That was why they started from the small abuse to confuse and manipulate me, though their purpose had not changed at all to render me harmless, driving me to commit a crime or to make a false confession. The CIA intention might have been slightly different that they would like to hire me as an asset in the end.


[Another noise]: Road construction continued a year for fifty yards

There was a road construction in front of my apartment when I was tortured, which actually started long before likely in the middle of 2011. Although, it had continued for more than a year, which was unlikely in Hong Kong unless it was a part of the intelligence operation. The construction was quickly completed there in general and it just needed weeks to be done for fifty yards.


The construction noise was surely noticed before my realization of the spy operation, though it was not out of the ordinary. It might be a planned renovation originally but availed to the operation from the middle.


This drilling sound was critical to my mental, as all of the windows of my apartment was open due to the threat of carbon dioxide suffocation. It was so loud during the daytime from Monday to Saturday that my nerve was irregularly stimulated. As you can see, it was quite a limited place that you could drill within its fifty-yard length, though it would not stop at all.


The construction was halted during the night, though I got other noised from the upper room, therefore some noises were always out there in turn, which deprived my energy as well.


I assume this should be one of the general methodologies of the intelligence operation. It was just a construction and there was no more meaning, though if you were a subject of the government authority and the construction continued more than it normally needed, it was meant to damage you mentally and physically. It might be an escalation of the paranoia, but it was enough to harm you as you doubted its true nature.


Furthermore, they could separate the noise teams for a dayshift and nightshift, which enhanced their operational capability. This continuous noises definitely demolished your mental after sleep deprivation, which was why they continued it until the end.


[Beeping day and night]: The beeping is irritating enough to deprive a sleep

I had lived an extraordinary life under surveillance and tortures, which was escalated over time. The Chinese intelligence initially employed a water sound to deprive my sleep, but it was escalated to a beep sound. The water flush was still frequented but the beep was more efficient. They needed a preparation to sound the water pouring just above my bedroom, but it just required one device to beep.


The frequency of its beep was near to a mosquito sound, which was quite effective to stimulate my nerve. It was not so loud and kept almost the whole day. The drilling became harsh during the daytime, but the beep created another layer of the noises.


I also countered it with a noise cancel, but there was one apparent issue for that countermeasure. I needed to use it for the whole day as the beep sounded continuously, though the noise cancel created a white noise which was countered by the ear ringing. This ear noise was left a little even if stopping to use its function.


I cannot deny a possibility that the tinnitus was also generated by the device in the upper room, but in any way, I had my ear ringing even after ending its use. There was no issue using its function with a music, but there might be a problem with no sound.


Eventually, I suffered from it for almost all the day, which compelled me to reduce a time using its function. However, its reduction recurs a noise problem especially during the night, which deprived more time of my sleep. All these issues were mixed up to enhance my stress with endless noises.


At that time, there were more days when I did not smoke nor was not drugged, but still spending most of the time in the bed. I definitely needed a sleep as much as possible, so that waited on the bed when I got tired naturally to sleep. That life was not so different from the time when I was drugged by spies. Although, this lifestyle was the only option to keep myself sane and all I can do was to endure on the bed. My only goal was to survive day after day.