4-54 [CIA target]: I have been on their watch list since born, but became more serious

I spent half a year in London, which was quite influential to my life as I had decided to give up further study in the US, even though I was there to study English for that goal.


I changed my course during a time in London to work before the further study as it was the last chance for me to find a job as a new grad for my age and it was the only option left for me to live in the academic field if deciding to study more.


My life was quite unstable in those days so that it was better to obtain a stability at first to accumulate the money and to think about the study later on, which was a conclusion I got in London.


However, I am not sure whether it was really my decision or not, as I was a subject of the electromagnetic operation at that time as well. I cannot differentiate between what was my true nature and what was a result of the manipulation, and actually, I have been quite maneuvered by the intelligence operation with and without the electromagnetic wave capability.


If this was a result of their successful operation, there was an agency who stopped me from going to the US, which was the most likely Japanese police intelligence, as there was a possibility that I might have worked for the CIA afterwards.


It was quite sad as I cannot confirm my important decision was determined just by myself, though the reality was a reality. I assumed they still undecided to keep a framing of the terrorist against me or to invite me as their insider.


There were many friends around me working still as a bureaucrat and I remembered I had many discussions whether I also become one of them, but I could not imagine the life working for the single institution for the life, which was highly likely the case in the Japanese government.


That was a part of the reason why I pursued a course in the academic field as it was another job to relate myself to the administrative policy without a long-term commitment.


In any way, they could not have controlled my life totally, but I was highly manipulated by them even for the important decision. As said, I had worked with one of the Aum fugitives, the most wanted in Japan at that time, two years before going to London, confirming that I had been maneuvered by the intelligence operation with the electromagnetic wave.


Actually, my stay in London itself was a result of the intelligence manipulation, which had a significant meaning to my life later on, as I became more targeted by the CIA.



4-53 [Assetization]: There were no further ops to hire me as an intelligence asset in London

I used to think often about why they became a spy after I realized I had been a target of their antipersonnel operation. I knew many of them who worked as an asset to the foreign intelligence agencies, some of those actually committed a crime to accept the offer for an avoidance of the jail time or extra payment.


On the other hand, there were many operatives longing for the CIA or MI6, some of those were deployed the long-lasted operation against me. Even if they conceivably notice they are treated as an expendable asset, there are many of them to become a spy of those intelligence agencies.


The agencies realized I would not become one of them when observing closely in London as I had no interest on the spy nor working for the foreign government. I have been fully committed to the Japanese traditional culture and I even went abroad for the further academic study. It was exciting for me to live under the different culture and environment, though there was no yearning for the foreign thing from the scratch.


When they understood it, it was a poor move to introduce themselves as an intelligence agent, but it was better to instigate me to commit a crime whose legal punishment should have been replaced by the assetization.


The drug was quite available for the majority of the case like mine, as there were a bunch of people trying it from curiosity. Adding to this, there was no trace of the spy when they employed real drug dealers selling their product to the target like me.


I actually had no memory that I was a target of their operation to hire as an asset but these numerous contacts from the dealers. I had been monitored, which I realized and confirmed later on, but there was no critical operation against me.


There were many occasion I was talked to by several Americans and I am pretty much sure some of them were the CIA officers, though there was no material operation, but still, I was under the surveillance.


There were two meanings of their behaviors, one of which was that they confirmed me whether I was a dangerous terrorist or not, as I have been on the CIA watch list since born and I was marked as an extremist contacted with the real terrorists as a result of the covert operation of the Japanese police intelligence. The other possibility was to conclude whether I could work for their agencies as an asset. In any way, there was no significant issue in London and I went back to Japan after spending a planned time.


4-52 [Drug operation]: Drug is one of the main items to frame the target as an intelligence asset

I was mainly monitored in London, not a hard target of the framing or assetization, though there was apparently an operation to crack me down with the drug. It was the time when the speed got a popularity and there were many drug dealers to try to sell it or the weed to me.


Having said that, I did not experience that kind of instigation in the first few months when I got there, which was changed to the daily event later on. I was asked to buy it every day, more than 100 times in several months.


The worst case was 12 times an hour that various dealers had spotted me and my friend on the Camden main street at the early Sunday afternoon. I asked him or others that this was normal, but none of them had experienced the same invitation that much.


In those days, I thought I looked like to be addicted to the drug, but the reality was that it was one of the ways to hire foreign nationals as an intelligence asset. I hung out with many people so that there were actually some of them getting high with the weed, and I perfectly realized that it was quite easy to get those illegal drugs.


I was a graduate student of the law department and fully realized an outcome of breaching the law. The drug was a serious crime in some countries that it was not worthwhile to try as its choice was quite irrational.


Looking back from now, there were some individuals who purposely smoked it in front of me, as the whole was a setup of the spy, not the independent activity of each one of them including dealers.


If I had taken a drug, they could have arrested me to ask whether working as an asset of their intelligence agency, the CIA or MI6. I knew some of them becoming an intelligence asset after fallen into the legal issue in this way.


After all, you should accept an offer of the intelligence asset, if you would like to avoid to spend a time in the prison. This is one of the main protocol for the intelligence organization to expand their HUMINT network.


4-51 [Spies in London]: There were many spies around me: some confirmed as CIA officers though basically hard to identify

It had to be the CIA that brought me to London, though there were more agents from the British intelligence, MI5 or MI6. I can name several of them, though it is still hard to confirm as there were always many English citizens around me.


Having said that, there were field officers of the CIA and some of them were confirmed. Their identities were revealed not due to an encounter around this time, but they were related to the critical issue I was framed later on. That is why I am pretty much sure that they were CIA field agents, though I found out their real identities in 2012. It took much time for the revelation as I went there in 1999.


There were many CIA assets, some of those were Japanese sent to infiltrate into my social network. Although, it was not deniable that they were assets of the MI6, not of the CIA, but there was no big difference in terms of the result, as they have basically collaborated as an intelligence member of the Five Eyes to make the best of their intelligence capabilities.


There were agents from other countries and I could confirm the officer from South Korea and France, though I am not sure about any others. There were several spies from several countries, but there was enough probability that they were hired as an asset later on, not sent from their own government.


If I had known that I was surrounded by the spy, I would have observed them more seriously, though I did not analyze that much. I missed a great opportunity to research them as I had its capability as I was a researcher studying at the best graduate school for the political science at that time in Japan.


I noticed that there were many spies around me because they were related to the issue later on. All the issues I had encountered in my life were assumed to be a result of the accidental coincidence for a long time, but I finally realized that I have been framed by the spy for long.


Until here, I wrote many sting operations against me and there were also framings I was related to the criminal, or even more connected to the terrorists, such as the hijacker from Japan Red Army, the most wanted fugitive of the Aum cult and several members of the left extremist. Those events were not random at all, but interrelated each other, as they were set up by the intelligence agencies.


I can name many intelligence officers I met in London but still cannot confirm who was sent from the Japanese police intelligence. I had several probable figures in my mind, but it was difficult to narrow down to the single. In any way, it was quite hard to spot who the spy was, but eventually, I realized there were many spies from various countries.


4-49 [Foreign intelligence involvement]: I attracted more attentions due to my survival, which led me to London in 1998

They had continued an operation to frame me one of the Aum cult associates in 1997-98 that I worked with one of the fugitives, Makoto Hirata, though this framing operation started in 1996.


There was another operation around the same time that I met with several parliament members to be, which was an operation guiding me to join the Democratic Party Japan and I have had several proofs of this operation. This was more critical than the operation of the hijacker and the Aum fugitive, as this was the case that they have availed an electromagnetic wave for the political manipulation. This capability was not just used against me, but to take over the Japanese government in the end.


At that time, they failed to convert my political view. I had decided to go to London around the same time and I personally believed it was the only my decision to go there, but I have already realized that I was highly manipulated by the foreign spies as well, implying that there was a large possibility to go there with the manipulation.


As said, I had already been on the watch list of the CIA since born, as my father was a communist and used to be one of the active union leaders at the American company, which was a perfect profile of the enemy of CIA in the 1960s.


This fact implied that the CIA had already known that I was a subject of the Japanese police intelligence operation with the electromagnetic wave capability. I am not sure when they realized it, might be from the scratch or in the middle, but I had a sign of the foreign spy at least in 1996.


In any way, they had an intention to send me oversea for the direct monitor, which was why I went to London, even though I believed I made a decision without any manipulation. This was not the only CIA idea to bring me to London and MI6 had definitely involved in this decision, but it does not make a big difference as they have shared many intel as the Five Eyes members.


The point here was that the Japanese police intelligence had continuously failed many operations, which attracted more attentions for the foreign intelligence. That was why I went to London, eventually in February 1999.