4-92 [CIA took over the command]: CIA has been in charge of the eliminative operation against me from the middle to secure their organizational interest

The CIA has been in charge of the operation against me from the middle, even though the Japanese police intelligence independently had conducted it until the late 1990s. I used to live in Tokyo from 2003 to 2007 when the Japanese police intelligence had their own opportunity to run an illegal mission against me, though the CIA was always there quite next to me.


I moved to Hong Kong in 2007 and the CIA has been involved in the whole operation as I was targeted to hide a trace that they knew and utilized the Sep 11 attack for their sake, and I was one of the critical witnesses.


Other intelligence agencies had also run independent operations, such as Chinese and North Korean intelligence, though the majority was under a direct control of the CIA.


Their operation started from an assetization, though they have tried to kill me since the middle of the 1990s. I did not elucidate why they alternatively conducted an operation of the assetization and elimination, but the Japanese police intelligence independently attempted assassinations more than ten times and the CIA done several, though there were just two occasions that I was targeted to be killed from 2007 to 2011, in Xian and Guam.


They definitely wanted to kill me, though some of them kept me alive as my analytical capability was outstanding that I realized the financial crisis and the Greek crisis, half a year before they took place.


I had a right expectation for some of the issues in advance and the CIA used my analysis. I actually realized that they read my analysis in autumn 2011, just before the well-calculated fraud operation was conducted against me.


It was broadcasted on TV, which was partially because some of them let me know that I was severely targeted by the intelligence community, though I had not realized the fact more than they used my analysis.


As a matter of fact, it was not so surprising that my writings were availed by the CIA and they were actually not illegally obtained. Therefore, I just noticed in that autumn that I was monitored by them and never assumed that there was an illegal operation against me.


I was useful to them in this way so that there were many people as well trying to hire me as an asset rather than killing me.


However, in either way, the CIA is just wrong for their mission, especially at the point that the intelligence community has built up the spy network around the world which has been out of the governmental control at all. That is why they believe they are lions to do whatever they want to the ordinary people.


We have a right to live freely without interference of their illegal oppression.



4-90 [Realization of spy ops]: There were a bunch of intelligence ops, though I had not realized them for decades

I eventually worked in the financial industry so that there were many sting operations to frame me for the illegal transaction and the financial fraud. Their endless operations basically imply that there were many individuals working as an intelligence asset after falling down with those tactics.


I met lots of intelligence asset of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence. Some of them were not necessarily there to trap me and told me indirectly how the spy conducted an operation. It was partially because they would like to confirm whether I was also an asset or not, otherwise letting me know I was targeted by the intelligence community.


There were many other spies directly hired by the intelligence agencies, working as a field agent or analyst. In the most of the cases, I did not realize their real identity, but some of them behaved quite out of normal though I did not notice they were spies at that time.


The majority of the intelligence officers I met were from the US, China and UK, and also many officers from the Japanese police intelligence and Japanese Public Security Investigation Agency as well as many spies from South and North Korea.


I encountered with more than a hundred of spies in my life, even though I have not been one of them, as I have been a serious target of them for decades. At the same time, they have failed to fall me down and I have successfully avoided becoming one of them.


When they gave up to hire me as an asset, there were many plots to eliminate me. I was drugged and poisoned by them quite often and they set up several critical car accidents. I realized those were traps because there were always police officers at the dangerous scene in advance.


My room was burnt though it was improbable for me to realize it was a result of the spy operation as I did not realize I had been a serious target. A helicopter directly flew to me on the hilltop and they kept hovered just in front of me, though I thought it was a result of the coincidental accident as I did not conduct any crimes.


However, I realized all of them were intelligence operations once I found out I had been a serious target of the spy.


4-88 [Sting ops for financial frauds]: CIA was a mastermind to instigate me to conduct financial crimes, though all failed

There were several operations around the time when the fund was pulled out including the financial fraud case. I wrote the instigation case about the gold smuggling and money laundering which were ones of those around that time.


It is ordinary for the intelligence agency to conduct a sting operation against the target, a basic of the antipersonnel operation, which is basically well planned with a profound research to frame you under the situation jumping on the fraud. Each operation was not one day mission but continuously adjusted until its final success or failure.


I realized one of the cases was a fraud as the money amount was irregular. I had a career working as a prop trader hence I knew the limit of personal discretion of each trader in the financial company. If not, I might have jumped on these fraud cases.


There was another fraud case when I went to Guam in 2009 and there was also another financial fraud in 2010, which were created by real crooks and spies, as there was no way that I fell on those sting operations.


They did not understand a profile of mine that there was no way to be involved with the normal financial fraud as I am basically too cautious and brush up my judgment of the risk by gut as well, which makes me away from the sizable loss.


Contrarily saying, there were many businessmen from the financial industry framed by those traps as the majority of them are not positioned to take the risk, who are not trained to judge it. After they were instigated to conduct a crime, the Japanese police intelligence or CIA confronted them with an evidence to ask them working as an intelligence asset, which is one of the main purposes of the intelligence agency.


However, this outcome has been a little dangerous to our society as they become an intelligence asset as a result of their crimes. They essentially do not care what is legal or not and they eventually get a legal exemption as far as working as a spy, hence they have escalated crimes including the financial scam to have created a big social problem.


The CIA, Japanese police intelligence or others have left them at large, but this should not be just a result that they worked for the intelligence community; i.e. that crime money has been highly likely reimbursed to the intelligence officers.


This is the fact of the intelligence community that I have not fallen in.


3-221 [Keep calm]: Spy always tries hard to instigate you to conduct a forbidden behavior

I have managed to find out the way to counter the electromagnetic wave operation and have succeeded canceling out some of them, though I have been a subject of the gaslighting and more direct intimation as well as the everyday torture for long.


I have often fallen down from an unbearable headache as it sometimes becomes too much painful. In the worst case, I have just woken up a few hours a day. It has already passed five years since I became a subject of the torture and three years since the electromagnetic operation opaquely conducted, though there was no sign of their closure.


I have been apparently frustrated with the life like this and the illegal conduct of the governments, but I managed to keep myself calm down. It is no use to be distressed by the issue which I cannot control.


It is surely irritating for me not able to do the thing which used to be no problem in the past as I became assaulted by the electromagnetic wave operation, but it is more important to think how to counter the operation than just being suffered.


For example, I have often crouched down from too much heart pain and I still have no idea how to counter this irradiation, even though I have found many ways to mitigate many types of a headache. Having said that, I can work on the task under this situation after being accustomed to the visceral pains including heartache. Even if my behavior is constrained by the pain, there is something I can do within its range.


My pissed-off against the police does not help me from the pain. There are many operations to irritate me and I have often shouted against them in the outside when I cannot cool down my back of head, but I have managed not to conduct any illegal actions.


After all, the antipersonnel operation is originally meant to hire the subject as an asset or to eliminate this individual, which indicating that one of their goals is to have me assault someone and to contain me as a criminal. It is totally nonsense to follow their expectation with expressing my irritation to the outside.


This holds true to the ordinary gaslighting which has basically conducted for the same purpose so that it is better not to be distressed by their actions. If you are continuously threatened, it is necessary to find out the legal way to cope with, but if it is just a harassment and if it is hard to tell whether intentional or unintentional, you can just ignore it.


I am pretty much sure it is not easy to perceive in that way, but there are many issues which are not solved just by pissed-off.


3-58 [Crime instigation]: This mission becomes easier when employing the electromagnetic wave

The electromagnetic wave is also suitable to instigate a crime. As a matter of fact, some of us should commit a crime, just whispered in the brain by the wave, though, analyzing real crimes under this control, it actually requires some time before conducting felonies.


It is not easy to instigate you committing a crime as there is a restriction of reason. Especially if it is an instigation about a felony, your conscience should stop you from a real action.


There are two ways to crack this reason, one of which is to make your brain dysfunctional by the electromagnetic wave. Your reason does not work under this maneuver and not realize what you have done. The crime created by this manipulation is quite preemptive, even though the reason does not work showing a symptom of schizophrenia. The operative has prepared a crime with a replacement of your dysfunctional brain, which is why your crime is too much designed improbably.


The crime can be instigated by an emotional escalation to overcome a restriction of reason. When your aggression or sexual arousal are escalated to the extreme, you might conduct an illegal behavior. The human decision is based on the balance between emotion and reason, hence you might ignore the law or moral if your emotion takes over a command of the brain. If you are manipulated to commit a crime, you are likely to be eliminated socially.


If your instigated crime is a felony, the spy is unlikely to consider your assetization from the scratch rather targets to render you harmless. As a result, the crime should be an extreme felony. The spy manipulates you to raise a social instability, though it is not meant to eliminate you from the society if that is the case, but you have been just consumed for their antisociety plot.


Generally speaking, it is quite hard to uncover a true nature of its crime if it is instigated by the electromagnetic wave, though its difficulty does not mean it does not exist. If the crime is investigated in the detail, there is a possibility that the slight trace can be found. Although, it is necessary to make this technology public and to prosecute operatives of the electromagnetic wave operation as an accomplice.


It is possible to prosecute these spies in the current legal structure, but it is necessary officially to define this technology is illegal in nature, which is not just punished as a complicity, but the possession itself should be legally charged.


The target can be manipulated to commit a crime by other methodologies but the electromagnetic wave. If that is the case, the spy should come near to a target physically at least for the manipulation. In this case, this spy is more like an asset rather than an intelligence officer to avoid a risk when revealed.


The odds of this operation can be enhanced by the electromagnetic wave, or historically, which has been used as a supplement. The spy has been close to the target to commit a crime as an instigation, whose final push is driven by the wave.


The radiowave has a capability to brainwash a target to change the ethical viewpoint, though it is more straightforward to explode an emotion of the subject, which has appeared as a unique signature of the crime under this maneuver.


In the end, the intelligence organization can ask their target to choose to become their asset or confined behind the bar after conducting a crime. Moreover, they can make this subject eliminated socially and, as said, this individual might be just chosen to create a social instability as an antisociety mission.


3-38 [Escalation]: Sting operation basically starts from a legal conduct escalated into an illegal

You might assume you are not entrapped by the spy operation so easily, but their methodology is quite sophisticated. If you do not understand their plot, you might be easily framed by their manipulation.


Almost all the crime is escalated from a minor to major, or more precisely saying, the initial non-illegal conduct is progressed into the illegal action in the end. The intelligence plot is along with this path to start with a legitimate behavior advanced to the criminal act.


For example, the insider trading framing does not begin with an insider information. They provide a legitimate idea to yield a nice return at first to create a trust, and then, it is escalated into a minor insider information. If it is just a minor, you might feel it is just an extension of the legitimate trading insight. However, there is a line between the legal and illegal for this case, from the judicial point of view.


Once you get into the illegal realm, you are likely to go deeper in the insider trading world. At some point, the intelligence should confront you a reality to choose either an assetization or confinement behind the bar.


In this case, you must decline at the time when it is transferred to the illegal conduct, which is the only place to halt this escalation. The crime is a crime, which does not matter whether it is heavier or lighter. The depth certainly has an influence on the amount of punishment and there is a possibility of non-prosecution, but you can be eliminated from your current environment even for the lighter case. Your only option is to prevent an escalation before getting into the illegal behavior.


This prevention holds true to any criminal activities. Even if you are induced to commit a crime by your friend, you should stay within the legal area, ignoring your relationship with this individual. There is definitely a line of the legal and illegal and you will be protected as far as keeping clean from the legal point of view.


If your friend is an undercover, this spy tries hard to involve you in the illegal activity with a psychological weakness. After all, you better recognize that this kind of relationship is unnecessary, irrelevant to whether this person is a spy or not.


In this world, there are many cases hard to tell either legal or illegal, but you better be cautious beforehand. Even if you do not consult with the legal profession, you at least understand the basic law related to your job.


We usually do not care what is legal and what is not when living a normal life, which means we easily conduct an illegal activity when we think its action is along with our personal code. That is why the spy searches for the past crime and usually finds it, and moreover, they can create it even if none. In this course, the spy avails an escalation to frame a subject easily from a minor breach.


3-37 [Framing]: You are instigated to commit a crime and offered an immunity later on if working as an asset

The basic of spy operation is to frame a subject in a trap, acquired as their asset.


It is also quite often that the target should have made a trouble by their own, which can be uncovered by the spy to offer an immunity to be exchanged with working for them. The personal weakness is always leveraged, therefore the intelligence should research a background of the target, which is likely to yield several exploitable takeaways.


The spy is not necessarily passive like this, but more actively farming their target. The traffic accident is one of the most common operations that they actively cause the subject to create an accident, which just appeared completely as such when well-planned.


I have experienced some of them and thought they were pure accidents, but realized not as there was a sign of the intelligence elaboration. I got the same plot in Japan, the United States and Europe, but there were always police officers at those scenes in advance.


In Japan, the police intelligence is one of the police divisions so that it is apparent that they are connected, but it is partially true to the other country. At least, the intelligence organization has their collaborator amongst the police who supports a framing operation of the spy.


Once creating an accident to cause an injury of the second party, even framed by the intelligence, they should have a problem with the compensation and legal punishment. The intelligence should appear at this time moment to offer an immunity otherwise to accept all the charge.


This framing can be concerning on an unethical issue rather than a traffic accident. The legality of gamble and sex depends on the country, it is hard fully to realize what is right and what is wrong, beforehand. As a result, the subject might be easily framed by the spy, unexpectedly.


The drug is illegal in the most of the countries and you might be framed by this instigation when asked by one of your friends who is actually a spy of the intelligence organization. I was asked to buy it more than a hundred times just walking the normal street and twelve times an hour was the highest record, which is not an accidental coincidence, but a sting operation of the spy.


There are many crimes which are availed for the instigation. I mentioned of several fraud cases which took a time for the preparation, but they could have tried as far as the true identity was not revealed. If succeeded eventually, they can ask the subject to accept an offer of the asset or a jail time.