3-18 [Leaving Indonesia]: Decided to go back to Japan as there was no closure of the spy operation

There were more operations actually conducted in Indonesia as I had been there for months with still several emotional trauma. In any way, I had been monitored, targeted and tortured by the spy, which was more directly conducted by their own in smaller islands.


I had the similar operation even in the big cities, though it was mainly conducted by the local people, which was categorized as a gaslighting. There were many types of people living in bigger cities, hence the spy could avail the network, crime infrastructure or the PI’s network. They could outsource some of their operations to the local in this way, though it was not available on the smaller island, hence the spy was driven to run an operation by themselves.


Having said that, the intelligence community also deployed their assets to my operation as well. I saw many foreigners availed for my operation, but they were not necessarily intelligence officers, some of those were apparently categorized as assets or informants, as they had not understood a protocol of the spy.


I have no idea whether the spy contacts a target directly in general, but I had recognized tens of spies around me, i.e. government-employed officers, hence it was meaningless to hide an identity, any further. After all, it was just a fact that I had been monitored and tortured, which was just more than a gaslighting. That was why they directly conducted their operation revealing their identity if there was no better option.


The torture was lesser than in Hong Kong and Japan, though it was continued still, though there were many other types of troubles. After moving to one of the big islands where the spy could easily access from oversea, I struggled with them more often.


Those fights were actually extended to avail the local residents, which was a little unbearable to me. When staying at the large hotel, there were many employees who conducted a harassment as a management order. There was no choice for them other than following it, but they basically detested its conduct and showed an apology later on.


I am not and was not a lion or spy, hence it was a little overwhelming to me as I could not control it. At the same time, I started to think there was no end of the spy operation even staying further in the Southeast Asia, and in the end, I had decided to go back to Japan, almost at the end of 2012.



3-17 [Losing air under the water]: My gear was set up to consume more air than normal

There was another occasion that I was highly targeted by the spy operation during a diving at one of the other islands in Indonesia. That place was more local than the other areas I had visited and there were few foreigners, though there were a few dive shops.


I went on the boat with German and American on that day. There was no issue on the first day, but there were something wrong with my gear on the following day that my air was consumed extremely quicker than any other at 5-10 minutes.


Actually, I was buoyed to the surface at first as there was no choice, but that place was near to the rock and I was not lost in the ocean. I had no idea what happened, but I thought it was one of the common accidents.


I also assumed that my initial check was not enough and the air might be lesser originally so that I confirmed it well on the next dive that there was no problem at all.


However, my air was consumed extremely quicker than any other in the next as well. There was a serious problem at that time, as I dived much deeper with a current, therefore I could not go up to the surface as I might have lost in the ocean. Moreover, it was dangerous for me to buoy quickly from the deep, as it might hurt my lung.


After all, my guide shared his air with me and we kept continued a diving for the next 10 minutes. There was no physical damage eventually, though I suffered mentally. I was a target of the intelligence community so that this streak should not have been a coincidental accident.


I checked my gear thoroughly when back to the boat, and then I found an adjustment of the air for the BC jacket, which was different from others. Mine was set as to consume more air, which was the reason why I lost it so quickly under the deep water. I changed its setting and dived again to confirm it was adjusted intentionally to jeopardize my life.


This is apparently a CIA operation, but hard to be categorized as a harassment or lethal plot. It was extremely dangerous but I could not have died unless I had been panicked down below.


Having said that, I had exactly the same experience before, which was much nearer to the death as it took place much deeper around 40 meters. Then, I realized this event was also a CIA operation conducted in November 2009.


I have seriously doubted that the spy would like to continue this operation in the small island where the operative just shouted a shark had come. He was definitely an officer of the European country, comparing to the fact that there was no government employee at the boat where I was framed by the spy operation. He could not leave a trace, which should be the reason why he did not do anything material.


3-16 [Spy Operation at diving]: Undercover agent was there not disguising their true identity

When moving to smaller islands, I spent a time for the scuba diving. It was in my mind originally when I decided to go to Indonesia, though I had no plan to visit the site soon. My plan was totally changed by the gaslighting and I reached a resort area earlier than I thought.


It holds true to any countries, but the diving shop was often run by foreigners until the economic level reaches a certain level, because it has not been popular yet amongst local residents. Foreigners are the main customers, which was true to the small islands I visited.


One of the guide out there was European, but he mentioned he started it half a year before and clearly said that they could prepare anything for that amount of time. He was definitely a spy and did not hide his identity, I had no idea what he thought as an operation.


Later on, he made a fuss several times that he saw a shark. I had no idea why he thought I would become panic due to its operation, but it looked like the main plot at that place. Actually, I saw sharks sometimes in the past, which was not scary as far as it did not attack the human-being.


The plot was meant to intimidate me by this methodology to make me feel vulnerable to accept their offer. Although, I had no idea why they just run this level operation spending half a year.


However, there was a possibility that they had prepared a different type of operation as the previous plot was much severe when diving at the different island. I revealed their plot on that day and they could not recur the same again in the following place.


That island was too small for the police to locate some of their officers permanent, which made that place an easy access to the spy. The drug was openly sold there and some of the foreigners were shouting at the beach with a high. I also asked several times, but there was no way to buy those and nobody should have not assumed I would buy one of them.


Their shouting was photoed by the spy, which was apparently one of the ways to acquire them as an asset. Or, these photos should be used later on to avail them working for the intelligence operation. At least, that was one of the reasons why the spy had a network on that island to acquire their assets.


At the same time, I actually felt quite weird, as I was set up to visit that place originally, though I had no idea how I was manipulated. Until now, I have understood there is a methodology of the electromagnetic wave to control the target remotely, but I had worried in those days how much the spy could manipulate me with their skillset.


3-15 [Gaslighting in Indonesia]: They organized a sizable orchestration with cheaper cost

The gaslighting was a common plot employed by the spy in the Southeast Asia. It is a kind of the harassments, though it is not meant to harass their subject. This methodology is availed to drive the subject to the corner mentally, which is meant to acquire their target as an asset in the end. Although, they are not hesitant to render the subject harmless as a result, socially or physically.


The spy basically employs ordinary people for this operation rather than conducts it by themselves. The cost depends on the income level of each country, but I heard they could have hired one person for a dollar to execute a simple role within the total orchestration.


For example, they can hire five people to rule one side of the road, to oppress me while I walk through, which was really occurred. It did not cost that much in this calculation and they could have run more complicated gaslighting just spending a hundred bucks.


That was one of the reasons why I avoided going to the capital, as the spy network was well built in the main city, which was true to the private investigators’ network, also availed to the gaslighting. I went to the second city where it was a little harder to conduct the same type of operation, but they could have done the similar.


When going to the smaller town, the language bar became higher and it was more difficult to procure the local people. There was lesser obstacle to run an operation, on the other hand, indicating they should have done their plot by their own.


The tourist areas were in between those that they could hire some of the locals for their gaslighting as the language barrier was lower. Moreover, they had already built a spy network to acquire foreigners as an asset.


The gaslighting does not require a tremendous effort for each participant, therefore they cannot feel a deep guilty. On the other hand, the subject is oppressed by many people, hence the mental suffering is actually accumulated.


In Japan, the gaslighting had been conducted by the police, PIs and street gangs, though it was changed when I was back to Japan. They had learned how to run this operation and decided to spend some petty money for hiring the ordinary people.


Foreign tourists were also used at the gaslighting in the Southeast Asia. I had no idea how it was constructed but I was threatened by them occasionally. Although, when I showed them it was incapable, they were just shunned any further. As a result, I figured out they did not understand what they were doing but hired by the spy with an exchange of money.


The same kind of gaslighting was conducted by the security officers at the airport. They asked me to buy something before entering the airplane, which was meant to show there was a corruption case. The face of those officers was so sad that I could have realized that the spy could do anything they wanted.


3-14 [Effective hunger strike]: I could not find a way to halt my torture

I always stayed at the hotel room in the building until then, but there was no beeping when decided to sleep at the bungalow. I thought this should be a way to follow, but it was a mere expectation, turned out to be wrong. From the middle of night, cicadas started chirping intensely, which was endless at the same pace, sounded like that it was recorded.


I could not tell whether this was taped or not, while it was possible to catch it somewhere left around my place, which was actually what happened at my home. This was eventually confirmed as they put a cricket into the drain where it was impossible to get in. I actually took it out after pulling a metal structure. My bedroom is located far away for any greens, hence it is impossible to keep insects around there. The only option is to keep in the trapped area, which was why their plot was revealed eventually.


Anyway, I have no idea whether it was recorded or not, though I was so angry to decide not to go out. It was an independent bungalow so that it was not problematic for the hotel even when locking myself in the room.


I did not remember how long it was continued, though the hotel manager asked me to get out of the room on the second day. I did not eat anything and attempted an effective hunger strike, which looked like suffering many related people.


When in Hong Kong, I tried not to exercise a hunger strike as it was assumed to be a serious protest against the government in China. It works actually sometimes and they might halt their tortures, but it should increase a risk of assassination. I had been nearly killed for several times in Hong Kong, hence I would not like to increase its probability more than that.


On the other hand, there is no culture like that in Southeast Asia, therefore I assumed this methodology could be employed there. My plot likely worked to cause a fear amongst politicians and police bureaucrats in Japan. My hunger strike might have escalated a criticism against them, which was why they would like to stop it as soon as possible.


I had no idea what the CIA thought about it. They plotted many times of my death so that a hunger strike should be assumed as one of the necessary evils. This recognition should have been a consensus to the global intelligence community, excluding the Japanese police intelligence.


My intention was to drive men in power to the edge with a hunger strike, but the hotel manager frequently visited my room to ask to leave a room for a while and eventually followed them, as I was so sympathetic to their position. This trial should have some effect, though the torture would not be halted and the spy was still hyperactive to suck me down.


3-13 [Direct operation of field agents]: Hard to hire English speakers for their ops in smaller islands

The spy operation continued even when leaving a big city to smaller islands. I came to understand they had no intention to give up wherever I went, but their operation became apparent in a small island.


The gaslighting and harassment were inevitable in the big city, which held true in Indonesia, even though less intense than before. The issue was my anxiety increased due to an unfamiliar environment with many people, which I had no idea what was the next to come. On the other hand, the smaller islands were less populated with lesser chances to conduct an operation, where the spy operation became distinctive.


For example, I had been nearly involved in the car accident for many times with a 30-minute taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. There were many unconceivable rushing-out, which was apparently a result of the intelligence plot.


This kind of operations continued later on, which was a normal protocol of theirs, but it was so apparent and unmistakable in smaller islands. This type of operations was rare in the big city, as it was basically unnecessary as there were more opportunities that they could exploit.


The environment was not so different in the hotel, but there was no beeping on the first day that they might be not just ready, as it was a locally owned resort hotel. On the other hand, the spy had directly confronted in the hotel to hint an issue which they tried to frame me as usual.


The spy looked like employing a unique methodology to look me in the eye with an admonishment to win a surrender. They might have believed I really had something wrong to make a confession.


Thinking about it for a while, I decided to look them back with despisal for several minutes in the eye. They could not stand that tactic and left the scene. Then, the local workers laughed at this situation, implying they knew I was a target of spies staying at this hotel.


I realized the fact that the spy could not use local people in the same manner as of the big city. In that island, there were fewer people capable of speaking English and they could not employ them an operation to avail a complicated language. That was why they should have done each operation by their own.


However, I had got the same type of gaslighting for a year and went through numerous tortures, hence there was no way to drive me to the edge in this manner. That was why I thought they were driven to the edge contrarily that there was no other choice for them to run an operation by themselves.


This recognition was simply wrong. Their operational methodologies came to be limited but the overall intelligence community was still intact to conduct an extreme exercise.


3-12 [Still beeping in Indonesia]: Spy operation was continued even after going to Indonesia

I had decided to leave but had no idea where to go. I preferred a place directly accessible from Hong Kong with unnecessary to take a visa. If it was necessary or at least to take one at the airport, I might have been kicked out there to go back to Japan.


There were about fifteen cities matching to this category, and then, I excluded any capitals as the main city was well protected by their own intelligence officers, but also filled with many spies as well. I would like to avoid a confrontation with them, whose screening resulted in several cities, the majority located in Indonesia. I had never been to Indonesia, hence I thought it was a good opportunity for me to visit there.


It was also the next to Singapore, meaning I could jump on the next available opportunity once it became open. My priority was to leave Hong Kong, which should have given a chance to take a breath. When staying Hong Kong more, my mental might have been worsened, but moreover, they should have attempted the next assassination sooner or later.


Once decided the next destination, I left Hong Kong quickly, though the situation was not that improved. A while after entering the hotel room, the beep sound started to reflect in the room. It had kept continued for all night long, I was so tired mentally and physically until the next morning.


In the morning, I went out of the room to eat a breakfast, seeing several spooky men surrounding the small table. They were apparently spies, but their intention was an intimidation to show up in that way.


Eventually, I gave up all the bookings and decided moving to the next place, as their harassment was so successful. However, the next step should have been tricky as it was necessary to consider several pros and cons. My initial take was to stay at the hotel owned locally, which might halt a collaboration with the intelligence community.


In the reality, its plot was turned out to be useless. The situation was not totally changed and I still heard a severe beeping in the room. The issue was the environment where the spy could easily run their operation.


Then, I hit upon an idea to move to a smaller island. They were able to employ local outlaws when staying at the big city, as there were a plenty of people including baddies. At the same time, the spy had constructed their own network even in the second city, but I could have gotten away from this situation when hopping to the smaller island.