3-37 [Framing]: You are instigated to commit a crime and offered an immunity later on if working as an asset

The basic of spy operation is to frame a subject in a trap, acquired as their asset.


It is also quite often that the target should have made a trouble by their own, which can be uncovered by the spy to offer an immunity to be exchanged with working for them. The personal weakness is always leveraged, therefore the intelligence should research a background of the target, which is likely to yield several exploitable takeaways.


The spy is not necessarily passive like this, but more actively farming their target. The traffic accident is one of the most common operations that they actively cause the subject to create an accident, which just appeared completely as such when well-planned.


I have experienced some of them and thought they were pure accidents, but realized not as there was a sign of the intelligence elaboration. I got the same plot in Japan, the United States and Europe, but there were always police officers at those scenes in advance.


In Japan, the police intelligence is one of the police divisions so that it is apparent that they are connected, but it is partially true to the other country. At least, the intelligence organization has their collaborator amongst the police who supports a framing operation of the spy.


Once creating an accident to cause an injury of the second party, even framed by the intelligence, they should have a problem with the compensation and legal punishment. The intelligence should appear at this time moment to offer an immunity otherwise to accept all the charge.


This framing can be concerning on an unethical issue rather than a traffic accident. The legality of gamble and sex depends on the country, it is hard fully to realize what is right and what is wrong, beforehand. As a result, the subject might be easily framed by the spy, unexpectedly.


The drug is illegal in the most of the countries and you might be framed by this instigation when asked by one of your friends who is actually a spy of the intelligence organization. I was asked to buy it more than a hundred times just walking the normal street and twelve times an hour was the highest record, which is not an accidental coincidence, but a sting operation of the spy.


There are many crimes which are availed for the instigation. I mentioned of several fraud cases which took a time for the preparation, but they could have tried as far as the true identity was not revealed. If succeeded eventually, they can ask the subject to accept an offer of the asset or a jail time.



2-98-2 [Spy immunity creates a crime]: This immunity structure always motivates a crime in the end

The immunity of the intelligence asset is not necessarily absolute, as there is no written paper. It is a result of the common practice and necessity that these assets are deployed in the future spy operation.


This free-hand is also applicable to the money laundering case. Their basic logic is that they can control these crimes when they hire those criminals as their assets rather than prosecuting them. However, this is just an official logic and the reality is that they have hired them to frame their potential targets to expand their intelligence network. In this way, the CIA or Japanese police intelligence can expand their power.


Contrarily saying, if you deny an authority of the spy, you will be a target of them as far as alive and they actually have the capability to render you harmless. That has been the reality. I still have no idea why they believe what they are doing is right, but moreover, no idea why they have still stayed at the public position.


Furthermore, I have no idea why the immunity is provided to criminals just because they have worked to the intelligence organizations. As far as I know, there were huge financial crimes in Japan, some of which were revealed in 2012 to be prosecuted, though there were others not prosecuted in the same manner despite its seriousness.


There should be another reason, a corruption. The financial crimes were so different from others in terms of the amount of money. As you can see, I wrote several cases until here, some of which went beyond billion US dollar. There were numerous illegal transactions trading at tens of thousand dollars, which has been a nature of the financial crimes.


This money should have been provided to the CIA and Japanese police, though I had no proof of this corruption. I was pretty much sure their whole system was wrong, but there was no proof that the intelligence officers got a personal gain from these immunities.


Sadly, these intelligence officers are in charge of these investigations including corruption cases, hence it is quite improbable to make these cases publicly prosecuted.


The immunity of intelligence assets has been apparently abused to motivate more crimes as they have free hands. This wrong system should have created numerous corruptions which are likely one of the reasons why they would like to run an operation against me to cover the reality I have known.



2-98-1 [Spy immunity creates a crime]: CIA operatives were actually not arrested during 2012 industry-wide investigation

It is a general issue that some of the criminals are immune from prosecutions when working as an asset to the intelligence organization. In the police operation, they have often hired rats to know the detail of criminal activities of others but themselves. The criminal spies can access easily to other criminals who were eventually arrested in this scheme.


However, this immunity created a chance for any crimes with free-hand. This issue should be critical enough and some of the murder cases were immunized as well.


There were other types of crimes created in this scheme that the police asked their rats to create a crime. There were many cases in Japan that the police department confiscated drugs and weapons prepared by their rats.


The same structure has been seen at the left extremist in Japan. Some of their members have been hired as spies to the police intelligence, who worked to frame other members of the same extremist group.


On the other hand, their sabotages were immunized as they worked as spies. In the end, the extremist has been radicalized to conduct violent crimes with an immunity as their nature was not changed even after they work for the police.


The police has had their own logic that their spies can proceed a career with a successful sabotage operation, which should lead more control over this specific terrorist group. On the other hand, the extremist spy can conduct an illegal operation without a worry to be caught.


This relationship is also seen between the CIA and their asset, both of those have immunized from Japanese legal system. They cannot be prosecuted even when they have conducted many illegal transactions including an insider trading. Or, more precisely, they are exempted from the official prosecution. The CIA has enough capability to negotiate every issue under the table, which provides them de facto immunity.


There were several investors who had conducted numerous illegal transactions, which was found in a course of the insider inspection in 2012. However, nobody was arrested within their circles. I heard this story at the almost end of their industry-wide operation because some of the officers of the CIA and Japanese police were so mad at this untouched outcome.


I have been fully monitored by many authorities, hence they let other parties know unacceptable crimes were left at large. This conversation was recorded and heard by lots of people, but still, they would not have arrested. There was just one reason why they were not prosecuted; they had worked for the CIA.