3-176 [The last Hong Kong]: I was back to Hong Kong to pack all my belongings sent to Japan

I came back to Hong Kong for the permanent move to Japan. I ran away from my apartment in the spring of 2012 and occasionally came back to the place, though this was the last time I would stay there.


There were assassination attempts and tortures in this room so that I had never thought I could live in, though I left my belongings there until settling my future direction. Those were the only reason I should have come back to Hong Kong.


I had decided where to stay in Japan until then, though my original plan was to stay at the monthly residence to see how the torture proceeded, hence all of my belongings were sent to the warehouse until the next step.


I had no reason to stay longer in Hong Kong, as it was just for the move, but I only could book the mover two weeks ahead. I completed necessary paper works in the first two days, and then, there was nothing to do just waiting for the end.


I had no intention to meet anyone as it was quite apparent that the CIA and Chinese intelligence would intervene any meetings. I just had decided to spend the last days in Hong Kong quietly.


I walked to the city center sometimes at the beginning, as I was accustomed to the assassinations and tortures so that I was not so frightened anymore to walk around. Actually, I was not a subject of the assaults anymore in Hong Kong.


One day, I saw one of my colleague in the financial industry in the small alley, who was sent from Japan. I knew why he was there as his analysis was crucial to some critical issues, though I did not mention it vocally, but just discussed directly through the brain.


This was another confirmation that they could read my brain through the electromagnetic wave. This technology is invisible and they have often manipulated me not to believe there is no such functionality, though I have seen many pieces of evidence its existence outside of my brain.


At the same time, I realized that many people were mobilized by the government to support their activities.



3-11 [Decided to leave Hong Kong again]: I should be killed if decided to stay longer

I had believed the investigation and torture should be halted when the deadline was passed, but the reality was contrary that it was escalated more. They have always lied about the time limit to raise my expectation for creating a despair later on when it was turned out to be faked. They have continued this methodology on and on, as there were limited choices to take because there has been nothing to prosecute me.


The noise from the upper room became louder to deprive my sleep. I more or less lived in the hallucination with other numerous spy operation.


There have been many types of the operation and I had an experience to fall down with unknown cause in those days. When I waited for a taxi, I came to lose my conscious and could not stand still at that spot. I felt the same feeling in the past, though it was so extreme on that day.


I could not breathe nor stand, which can be explained as an extreme sleepy, but it was more like a rope tightening around my head. The only I could do was to crouch down to endure it, which continued for several minutes while I tried to breathe normal under nearly fainted.


I have already known that this was a result of the electromagnetic wave. This pain was out of normal and we could not do anything at all. In the past, I thought it was created by alcohol as its symptom just appeared while drinking. I had thought I became older to be more affected by it, causing a drowsiness.


However, I assumed it was drugged by the spy on that day in Hong Kong, as I had not drunk that much and I had poisoned by them for several times as well, more than just drugged.


The truth is that this was a result of the electromagnetic wave, which occurs even when you are not drunk. You come to lose your conscious under this radiowave, though it had not occurred while I was sober until my realization of the electromagnetic capability.


The alcohol is not an essential issue, though this effect is enhanced when you take it inside your body system, which aggravates a pain to the extreme. I knew some of them passed out due to this wave and even killed eventually.


I started to think about leaving Hong Kong sooner after that event. I thought I would be killed easily when staying there more.


Although, there was no job available in Singapore, therefore I decided to leave there at first, to spend some time in other countries until the issue is settled. In this direction, it was appropriate to go to other countries in the Southeast Asia.


3-9 [Looking for way out]: I believed I could be freed if completing all of their setups

After all, there was no position available to me in Singapore at that time, though many people told me that I would be notified when the position was open to the market. That was why I was still optimistic about the future and I could have been back to the industry sooner or later.


The issue was what I should do from then on. I fully realized there was no opportunity at least at that time in Singapore, hence there was no meaning to go there. Although, it was also not practical to live in Hong Kong surrounded by many spies.


I had no idea when they would attempt again to assassinate me and it was too dangerous to expose myself to ill-minded lurked in the intelligence community. Moreover, I had been severely tortured, which should demolish my mental if staying there further. I needed to find the way out.


Although, there was another reason I should stay there more, as all the meeting had not been completed yet. The last one was a meeting with individuals including several spies and they sounded like to set it up as a time limit for me to become one of them.


I had absolutely no idea to become a spy and it was necessary to go through their operation till the end though the reality was harsher. The spies believed they were lions to execute whatever they wanted. They escalated tortures against me and I came to live almost with unconscious all day long.


That was because my sleep was deprived as a result of the torture, but I was also drugged again. This life was the same I experienced one year before, which was disastrous to me.


My symptom and mental was recovered from the day before a meeting with non-spies, otherwise I was totally out of normal. It was not just losing my sense, but also losing my normal being. It was highly likely that my anxiety was enhanced due to the electromagnetic manipulation. After all, they had had many methodologies to crack me down, not hesitant to use them semi-publicly.


3-8 [Set-up meetings]: All the meeting was manipulated by the CIA

I went back to Hong Kong for a transition to Singapore, as it was necessary to reconnect myself to the industry to find out available positions. Some of the meetings were already set up while I was in my hometown and some others were added after those meetings. All in all, I tried to gather information as much as possible to construct the future vision.


During this course, I had heard a Japanese insider story of the insider trading investigation in 2012. The conversation occurred in that November and the formal investigation was almost done, but some of the spies believed it was necessary to go further in this case.


As you can imagine, I had been fully monitored and my conversation was sometimes sent up directly to the top. They knew this system so that this opportunity was exploited to their case against the insider trading in Japan. Actually, those stories I heard were too crazy not to be prosecuted, but they were exempted from the legal case.


I did not directly talk to the CIA officers who determined to discuss this issue, hence I had no idea what they thought, but they would like to catch them really. It also implied those bogus fund managers were CIA assets, impossible to pursue them from the different operation line.


This conversation also indicated that the CIA was not unanimous for each event and they sometimes challenged an authority sneakily in their ways.


There were also meetings directly talking to the spy, one of those I never met before and an appointment was made by him. I instantly realized he was a spy as he had no knowledge of the financial industry in terms of the system and people.


There were also other meetings full of scared friends. I had no idea who threatened them, but I recognized some of them were compelled to cooperate with the CIA. In those occasions, they were often controlled remotely for the specific questions, and it was one of them.


Another usual protocol was to make an excuse when not seeing spies in their sights and it also took place at that time as well.


All in all, I had prepared for the next step to meet with lots of people, though the intelligence community would like to keep me in Hong Kong as there were a plenty of opportunities there, but none in Singapore. I was always said that I would get an open position once it became available.


I had no idea why they preferred Hong Kong, but they might have thought that it was easier to hire me as an asset if I decided to stay there. Or it might have been a neutral zone to the CIA and the Chinese intelligence.


3-6 [Spy joint operation]: Their joint operation cannot be controlled by any governments

It became apparent that the CIA was fully involved in any operations conducted beforehand after they asked me to join one of them. I thought it was just the Chinese intelligence that had availed the room on the upper floor, though I came to know that there were many nationals in and out.


Furthermore, I heard several complaints from the next room with a perfect British accent. There were Chinese families formally lived in, though it was just availed for the spy operation at least when I was back to Hong Kong.


In the past, they disguised their true identity of this operation, but they were not bothered anymore just to show it was a joint operation of the global intelligence agencies, led by the CIA, including Japanese and Chinese intelligence organizations.


Then, I was able to confirm that this joint had been conducted for a long time. I saw some of the foreigners at the sightseeing area of my hometown, who talked about me in Chinese or was swearing me in American English. They had fully collaborated for a long time.


The assassination attempt against me or the prolonged torture had been a result of this collaboration. The crime instigations and oppression to create a false confession were also a result of this joint operation, which meant that this started a long time ago, not just for a year. Although, I still had no idea why I become one of their severe targets.


They had worked together like this, but still, each organization had conducted independent operations as well. For example, the Japanese police intelligence executed a part of the whole orchestration, though conducted their own outside of this framework. It was a result of the reality that they set me as a target independently, though they were fully involved in the joint operation as well.


They had eventually asked me to join, hence there was no way to hide that it was originally a joint operation. They had realized this strategy would not work later on therefore they kept torturing and drugging me driven to the verge. All of them became bad cops and did not hide the true nature of this joint. The CIA started to proceed their agenda opaquely, supported by MI6, Chinese and Japanese intelligence in Hong Kong.


The spy multinational joint operation is too dangerous for anyone as there is no government to stop their operations. The US government has no capability to control the Chinese intelligence and the Chinese cannot touch the CIA, which means their joint operation is apparently out of any government controls to pursue their own interest.


I have been deprived my sleep, tortured and drugged to spend all of my time with unconsciousness.


3-5 [Who are spies?]: I recognized many of them, some of those are my old friends

I was thinking about the spy on the next day when I was invited to become a lion, though I had no intention to become one of them, but finding out who the spies were around me.


Some of them had been agents until I met them and others were employed as such after I knew them. At the same time, I tried to find out how they were assigned to watch me over.


Fundamentally, Japanese cannot become a CIA officer but just hired as their asset, because the agency has a policy not to hire a foreigner as a proper. They are just controlled by the handlers. I at least found out several of them on that day.


On the other hand, there were several Americans who worked for the CIA, but I could not tell whether they were officers or assets, otherwise just to cooperate them at the specific occasion. Although, I realized some of them were proper CIA officers and some had just cooperated with them.


Then, I recognized some of MI6 officers and those who had cooperated with. This intelligence organization used to hire just from the elite schools, hence those who graduated from the same schools were availed to support their operation. They were more like temporary collaborators, though I realized there were many of them as such around me.


I recognized some of them working for the Japanese police intelligence. I could not differentiate whether they worked as an undercover or they were private investigators hired by the police, though I was pretty much sure they were deployed to monitor the situation, especially about mine.


I could have confirmed many spies around me since 2000 at that time, because I had not realized yet that I had been one of their targets until then and I misunderstood that I became one of their severe targets in the 2000s.


There were also other PIs who did not work for the Japanese police intelligence. I had no idea whether they were independent originally or paid by some agencies, but they were there.


Recollecting a memory of the meeting where they mentioned that the spies are lions who can do whatever they want, I realized he was controlled remotely. It might be an electromagnetic wave, but I had not known it yet and just thought his talk was controlled through the phone or the people surrounding us at that night. As a reality, the police has employed that methodology, sending a text message to the mobile phone, to control my acquaintances for the interrogation.


Then, I realized there was one of my old friends at the other side of this control, who was a PI, eventually called as a black traveling bird. I thought he was not a professional spy, but working as a contractor for the CIA.


There were several others who I was quite familiar with as I heard their voices from the upper room which was availed as the operational hub. There were more people working for the spy than I thought, though I had no idea to become one of them. I thought it was better to endure the torture for the time being and there should be a great future beyond that.


3-4 [Spy invitation]: I declined it but started to think why so many spies around me

I was asked to become their spy many times when I was back to Hong Kong. I was fully monitored by the Japanese police in Japan, which might be the reason why I was not invited there. There was another reason why I was invited to their organization as there were lots of people who had become a spy for a long time ago, who I have known for a long time.


This lion story was one of the invitations, which was plotted to temp me into a spy to leverage the existing relationship.


As a matter of fact, their strategy is totally the same as terrorists or extremists, who has availed the personal relationship to expand their members. The spy organizations have severely watched extremist activities, hence they might employ the terrorist strategy for their own use.


Or, the spy originally has created this procedure to acquire an asset from the extremist organization. Those assets have copied this methodology, which might be the reason why the terrorist have employed the same methodology systematically.


However, they did not understand the reality of myself that I did not trust anyone that much. It does not mean I did not trust others, but I did not trust any opinions claimed even by the trusted people.


The authority is not a source of the righteousness, hence I should check pros and cons of any opinions mentioned by anyone. The logic or implication matters more than who says it to me, implying it is impossible to hire me as a spy with leveraging a personal trust.


However, their usual options became limited as their faked claim had been revealed as such to lose their trust from other investigators. They could not press a false charge that I was involved in the illegal transaction including an insider trading, and they could not leverage their faked intel to create a false confession with torturing.


They raised some of the names whom I thought they were of my friends and asked me to become a spy not to press a charge against them. Although, it was nonsense to me as I was not involved in any and I just had a sense that they made a crime, but I had no evidence on theirs as well.


Contrarily, I had realized they were originally one of them to think about how they behaved in the past, as some of them actually played a part to instigate me for the illegal activity which I all declined.


Their next step was to let me think it should have been easy to become a spy as there have been a plenty of them around me. Their thought was actually valid that I thought it was easy to become one of them, though I had no intention to be.


That was not just because the lion story was crazy, but also the job was not attractive at all to me.


In any way, they asked me at many occasion to become a spy, but there was one reason why they could have done this for many times that they hid a true identity of the operation which had been actually conducted for decades. I did not realize this fact yet, but I would not have talked to them if they had revealed this truth.


At that time, the Chinese intelligence had still played a bad cop to conduct tortures and the CIA and other intelligences had assumed a good cop to help me out. That was their plot and I still believed it somehow, though the doubt became bigger after hearing the lion story.


Simultaneously, I started to think why there were so many spies around me and when this situation had begun.