3-185 [Living in a gaslighitng]: They tried hard to make me fight back for the arrest as a battery

The gaslighting kept continued even after I moved to the new place. There were often several kids making a noise outside the room, but I could not tell whether it was originally like that or induced by the Japanese police intelligence. I was still sensible enough not to ask them why, though that kind of minor issues became a burden to my daily life.


Having said that, there was a high school student standing in a small farm field, holding a bat when I walked through the adjacent street. He was just standing out there having a lighted mobile phone at the other hand, indicating that he just got an instruction from the mobile.


The gaslighting is an operation to show up and confront you suddenly for the intimidation or harassment, or they even swear you at the same time. If this operation is continued, you eventually cannot tell what is on purpose and what is accidental, which aggravates your paranoia.


If this state gets worse, some of us are going to attack others manipulated by this delusion. This kind of the operations has been conducted around me for a long time.


I also cannot tell whether they are intentional or not, but my behavior keeps a legal code as I have been accustomed to it in the end. I just tried my best not to be bothered by any of them, irrelevant to its purpose.


However, there are many operatives apparently coming near to me for the intimidation, which is quite annoying. In the most of these cases, their actions are categorized as a crime, even they followed an order of the police’s instruction. On the other hand, the police has no intention to arrest them, so that I sometimes countered them with an eccentric behavior.


I was just looked like controlled by the dangerous delusion, and it was actually partly true, hence they ran away from me as they were so worried of the uncertainty. In the end, they are less likely coming near to me intentionally for the intimidation.


They have recurred a gaslighting for many years as a job, but my behavior should be different from others, as I had been tortured and they attempted assassinations several times until then. It is still bothering, but they could not damage my mental just by this operation.


Moreover, I am also accustomed to my eccentric behavior, as I have experienced the real one many times due to the electromagnetic wave and the drug they doped me. That was why I lost my embarrassment and I could do whatever to drive them out, as far as the methodology is legal.


On the other hand, my emotion became irregular quite often due to the electromagnetic wave manipulation and my extreme aggression might have exploded in a dangerous way. I sometimes lost my confident to contain it, so that I got away from anyone when it became too irregular. I have attempted many plots to avoid an illegal conduct.



3-119 [A midnight fuss]: PIs shouted on the street all night long, eventually alienating the local people

I had thought again that their illegal operation should have halted when I got to Ishigaki island, which was actually one of the intelligence techniques to let me down by betraying its hope eventually.


This is really effective that the subject should be hurt when the hope is suddenly changed to the despair, which is leveraged to acquire the target as an asset or to compel a false confession. Or, the victim might be so despaired to conduct a felony or to commit a suicide in the end.


I had thought it was going to end when I arrived at the Ishigaki island, but it would not happen. I hoped at least the noise could have halted on that day as I was going to stay on the top floor, but it came from the ceiling again as usual. Then, I went up stairs to figure out that there was another floor, not used for the guest where the noise was created.


I could not confront the guest on that day, hence giving up to sleep eventually, and thereafter, I was going to be bothered by a fuss on the street.


At first, I thought there were some young people making a fuss after drinking as the hotel was quite next to the main bar area of the island. However, it would not stop and I realized they actually shouted against me as an intimidation to show the operation would not be stopped.


I could not sleep originally due to a loud noise so that I had decided to stir up their fuss more to dis them through a possible bug in my room. The mob actually made their noise louder along with my decrying.


They became silent after a little while, hence I dissed them again to say that it was all they could do, which made them excited again to make a noise. I was not able to sleep in any way so that continued this plot until the next morning.


They were definitely not a local people as their accent was different from the local, which implied they were private investigators sent from the outside. I had no idea which agency hired them, but they made a noise just to drive me to the edge and they were not decent enough to stay calm against my irritation.


However, they did not realize an important fact that their fuss made a local people away from their side. It was not a resident area, but still, it was the center of the island, next to the city hall. Their turmoil was easily spread out to the whole island, which made them harder to mobilize the local people for a further operation.


3-111 [Endless operation]: Spy controlled an expectation to create a despair later on

The torture would not end at the day I assumed the last. It was just my wrong perception against the police intention, but actually, they mentioned many times that the whole investigation would halt at one day of January in 2013.


This was also an intelligence technique to let a subject to have a hope, which was betrayed to create a despair, which shakes the target mentally to be hired as an intelligence asset. They have conducted this kind of operation for numerous times, hence they have accumulated enough knowledge to improvise according to any occasions.


The electromagnetic wave should be employed for this mission as well. I did not realize its existence yet, but this technology is the best way to convince the target to believe what should not be believed. The mix of radiowave and physical operations can enhance an effectiveness of the intelligence mission.


What really happened to me was that the torture and harassment became harsher after the deadline was passed, contrarily. They successfully controlled my expectation, whose failure created a despair, which made a torture more unbearable.


This operation usually ended up with hiring an intelligence asset or they can eliminate a target in another way, most likely driving to a suicide. If necessary, they are not hesitant to kill their subject and they have actually attempted many assassinations against me.


Even if those did not work, their next step was an appearance of the good cop. In my case, the Japanese police intelligence often played a bad cop and the CIA came over as a good cop, which was the way trying to hire me as the CIA asset. This structure worked well, I basically did not trust the police intelligence.


However, I lost a trust against the CIA as well, hence the police sometimes played a good cop on the other hand. Or, they made me believe that there were many rogue officers in the intelligence community and there was no issue organizationally.


In any way, the whole point was to shake my mental from the both side, which increases an odd to hire me as an intelligence asset. There had been another alternative to driving me a suicide, as an extension of the despair.


In this whole operation, the electromagnetic wave is quite effective, as it can control a negative and depressive emotion escalated into suicidal. If a target dies from this manipulation, it is nearly impossible to prove this is a result of the intelligence operation using the electromagnetic wave, as there is an enough evidence that the subject has had a suicidal intention in advance.


However, it is actually driven by the electromagnetic wave, meaning it is an act of the assassination. We better realize the reality that the spy is not hesitant to kill their target, if necessary to their organization.


3-110 [Large-scale gaslighting]: Spy and police have orchestrated a large-scale intimidation since then

I thought the Japanese police intelligence and CIA should have halted their operation until the middle of January in 2013. Then, I had decided coming back to the Okinawa main island to spend the last day of their operation. I had no idea how it was going to end, but there should be someone coming to me and telling me that the mission was completed.


In those days, there was an official investigation as well as the covert operation, and once they gave up officially, I thought they should have halted their torture and intimidation. That apology should have been a task of the police chief, hence I had moved to the place easily accessible from Tokyo.


There was no choice for the police, as it had been already escalated to the torture, rather than a harassment. The sleep deprivation and bug into my room are categorized as a torture, which was conducted in the middle of 2012 in Japan, though it was escalated to an apparent intimidation until then.


It was partially a result of the enforcement of gaslighting, which used to be conducted by police officers, private investigators and street gangs from April to October in 2012, though the ordinary people were not availed. There were many neighbors mobilized by the police, though they had realized that they were wrong eventually, hence there was no harsh operation from the middle.


The situation was changed in this January of 2013 that they mobilized many ordinary people. It was hard for them to avail the local people in the smaller island, but there were nearly a million of people living there, hence they could easily mobilize some portion of the population.


There was another reason that they had learned how to organize the gaslighting as they had experienced the CIA operation in the Southeast Asia. If paying ten dollars for each, they could avail fifty people for five hundred bucks even in Japan.


This methodology was not used in Tokyo metropolitan area or my hometown, but they started to conduct a gaslighting in this way. They actually boasted to mobilize many people in this way openly against me, which made their operation more dangerous to the general public.


As a matter of fact, it was harsher for me to be intimidated by the ordinary people. If that is the case for the police or private investigator, I could directly confront them, though I had no idea how to counter them as they made some nasty words toward me, but they did not understand the whole meaning of it.


Furthermore, I could not differentiate it was a result of the accidental coincidence or the deliberation. That was why there was no choice but standing my environment whatever it happened to me, as far as correctly confirmed.


3-41 [Spy deploys children for their ops]: Spy can avail whatever they want to achieve their operational goal

The spy has used any objects for the operation, even including their families. I saw many spies from various countries in the Southeast Asia, but they did not care whatever it cost, if necessary to drive me to the edge mentally.


There were some families leaving their children in front of my room swearing for a long time. This methodology is well designed as their target cannot complain against the children’s behavior, just to become their victim. If raising a hand, the subject might be punished or lose a social credibility.


However, it is just a harm to those children. At first, I was worried about those kids but eventually gave up as it was apparently out of my control.


The children have no sense of values, no idea of what is right or wrong. The majority of their moral sense is created through the time, not written in the genetic code, therefore the children’s bullying becomes harsher than normally assumed.


When the children are availed for the operation, the majority of them have known what they do. I saw hundreds of children deployed at the spy operation, but half of them have realized what they have done. Even if they have not understood a true meaning of their behavior, they have known it was a harassment asked by their parents or government officers, perceived as such by their sense.


Some of them have had nasty eyes, willingly to conduct a harassment against me. They were so young that I could not confront them whatever they did. If the same harsh harassment is done by some adults, I definitely think how to counter them in a legal way, though it is not a choice against children, as I would become a bad person whatever I did.


That was why they availed children for their operation. The children definitely follow what their parents ask even if realizing it is categorized as a harassment, and moreover, they come to assume their action is necessary for their code. This skewed morality becomes their nature in the end, to conduct unlawful behavior after grown-up.


In Japan, the police and other government officials have employed children for their operation and I have claimed this issue for many times, as it is apparently bad for them. However, I could not have stopped them and eventually gave up.


3-40 [Spy’s gaslighting]: Gaslighting is designed to shake your mental for the specific goal

The gaslighting is one of the spy methodologies. They might praise a subject to fall into their hands but it is an alternative to cause a damage if necessary. This is a basis of the good cop and bad cop as well, but the gaslighting employs this approach far-flung.


You might be blackmailed suddenly just walking down the street, which is one of them. It ranges from a subtle harassment such as sworn by passers-by to an opaque intimidation by the mafia and street gang. Although, the direct intimidation is a crime even if it is availed as one of the whole orchestration.


This is one of the critical points as it might not be categorized as a crime when passers-by have blackmailed subtly, as it is hard to prove its intention. This subtle swearing is actually enough to intimidate a subject mentally.


For example, you might be worried when just hinted that you are being watched, which is a general type of the gaslighting.


It is even unbearable to see your neighbors have talked secretly against you, which can be caused by the malicious intention of one of them but can be triggered by the faked crime information spread by the police and spy.


You should basically ignore a gaslighting, but better run away from your current environment if necessary. The majority of operation can be ignorable, which is easily escalated to the extreme. You might suffer from the mental problem at some point, which is ended up with either shutting yourself down or exploding against the community.


The paranoia can be also escalated when burnt out mentally, which certainly takes place without a gaslighting. It is one of the crucial points as it is quite hard to tell whether it is a result of the pure mental issue or the real harm from the outside. If losing a trust of your surroundings, you might be more vulnerable to the gaslighting.


The spy can leave this situation for good or show up as a good cop. Once you have trusted them, its relationship might be leveraged to hire you as an intelligence asset. In this methodology, the gaslighting plays a role of the baddy and the spy is assumed to be a rescuer of the goody, but this is just a system.


The gaslighting does not take place accidentally, which is availed to reach their specific goal. If it is conducted by the spy, the objective is highly likely an assetization, but it can be used as an elimination as well.


On the other hand, it might be one of the severe harassment if operated by the private investigators.


3-15 [Gaslighting in Indonesia]: They organized a sizable orchestration with cheaper cost

The gaslighting was a common plot employed by the spy in the Southeast Asia. It is a kind of the harassments, though it is not meant to harass their subject. This methodology is availed to drive the subject to the corner mentally, which is meant to acquire their target as an asset in the end. Although, they are not hesitant to render the subject harmless as a result, socially or physically.


The spy basically employs ordinary people for this operation rather than conducts it by themselves. The cost depends on the income level of each country, but I heard they could have hired one person for a dollar to execute a simple role within the total orchestration.


For example, they can hire five people to rule one side of the road, to oppress me while I walk through, which was really occurred. It did not cost that much in this calculation and they could have run more complicated gaslighting just spending a hundred bucks.


That was one of the reasons why I avoided going to the capital, as the spy network was well built in the main city, which was true to the private investigators’ network, also availed to the gaslighting. I went to the second city where it was a little harder to conduct the same type of operation, but they could have done the similar.


When going to the smaller town, the language bar became higher and it was more difficult to procure the local people. There was lesser obstacle to run an operation, on the other hand, indicating they should have done their plot by their own.


The tourist areas were in between those that they could hire some of the locals for their gaslighting as the language barrier was lower. Moreover, they had already built a spy network to acquire foreigners as an asset.


The gaslighting does not require a tremendous effort for each participant, therefore they cannot feel a deep guilty. On the other hand, the subject is oppressed by many people, hence the mental suffering is actually accumulated.


In Japan, the gaslighting had been conducted by the police, PIs and street gangs, though it was changed when I was back to Japan. They had learned how to run this operation and decided to spend some petty money for hiring the ordinary people.


Foreign tourists were also used at the gaslighting in the Southeast Asia. I had no idea how it was constructed but I was threatened by them occasionally. Although, when I showed them it was incapable, they were just shunned any further. As a result, I figured out they did not understand what they were doing but hired by the spy with an exchange of money.


The same kind of gaslighting was conducted by the security officers at the airport. They asked me to buy something before entering the airplane, which was meant to show there was a corruption case. The face of those officers was so sad that I could have realized that the spy could do anything they wanted.