2-85-2 [AIJ investigation]: CIA and Japanese intelligence were definitely related to this issue beforehand

There was no fraud case known to the primary investigators, SEC and FSA, but the CIA and Japanese police intelligence started to interrogate me about my involvement, though I had no understanding what they were talking about. After this issue was revealed to the public, I realized what they were talking about, though there was no information about the criminal trace. The only thing all of us but spy knew was that something wrong was going on, but impossible to know as there was no detail.


They kept this interrogation as they should have believed I would sign a false confession as I was severely tortured in those days. They assumed they had an enough time to make a complicity case against me, as nobody knew how to proceed an investigation.


Then, I wrote a memo to the formal investigators where to focus on this issue, which accelerated an inspection tremendously. It was totally out of their imagination that I could find the way out and they even wrongly claimed I knew their scheme as I run the similar bogus business.


It wat totally nonsense, but they have continuously fabricated a false information, whatever I did, which was also one of the techniques to drive me a corner to accept a false charge.


In any way, the spy knew there was a crime before the formal investigators realized there was a crime, which indicated they knew a crime at least in autumn 2010 when I nearly contacted a founder of AIJ.


It implied that the police knew there was a fraud at late in that autumn, which might be solved at that time if they properly investigated as they also had a legal authority to proceed an investigation. This omission was critical to the general public as the damage might have been reduced at hundreds of million US dollar if they prohibited their asset management activity including acquirement of new customers.


The next issue was why they did not investigate into this case, even though they realized there was a fraud earlier than any others. The most probable cause was that the CIA and Japanese police intelligence were involved in the AIJ fraud case. There were many ways how they were related to the case, though at least they were at the position to know there was a criminal activity.


There is another possibility that the police left this activity free to monitor how they would proceed. If that was the case, they used this crime to frame me or others to associate with it. This action might have been wrong as they let a tremendous amount of pension money gone in front of their watch, and at the same time, they used this case for other operations in their minds.


Either of them must be the right answer, where there were no others, which indicated the Japanese police intelligence was so corrupted. Although, this is not just a matter of the corruption, as they were indirectly responsible for the money lost in this scheme. My witness is apparently not enough, but this might be proceeded to the national redress when finding further information.


Or, the police should have investigated this case and admitted their wrongdoing, which is their legal obligation.



2-85-1 [AIJ investigation]: The spy knew there was a crime before the financial investigator realized it

AIJ issue was made public in February 2012, though I had been interrogated about it already in the precedent January, actually before Financial Service Agency was notified this problem. Precisely saying, SEC got a tip in that January and asked a report of the correct asset account.


They eventually replied that they could not comply with it, hence the matter was transferred also to the FSA which made an administrative order to open the account information.


It meant that the SEC and FSA had no idea what the issue was as AIJ did not report anything and no clue how they would proceed an investigation. In those days, there were quite limited officers to understand a detail of the hedge fund scheme in Japan, hence they mentioned it might take a couple of years to conclude.


Then, I wrote a memo to them what the problem was and how they should focus their investigation at the end of that February. That was why they had a conclusion that there was a fraud in this AIJ case.


I was pretty much sure no investigator knew what happened in that January because I was the one who supported them to close this case. Nevertheless, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence had already known there was a crime back in that January, which meant something.


Furthermore, it was in autumn 2010 when I had nearly contacted with a founder of AIJ. They had a faked information that I contacted him at that time, which was one of the reasons why they asked me of this case in that January. It looked a contact as there was a phone call to him made just in front of me, but actually there was not.


Even if I talked to him at that time, there was no business associated with him, therefore it was impossible for me to be involved in his case. That was basically the same as this person who called to him was innocent to any criminal activity.


Additionally, I was under a severe surveillance in this autumn 2010. The operation against me started decades ago, but the current streak of operation began in 2009. The intelligence community tried hard to frame me continuously before and after this autumn, which implied this near contact to AIJ was likely one of their framing operation.


The truth was I did not know him and the only contact was a phone call made in front of me at which I even did not talk to him. Although, this was an enough probable cause to the spy and police to claim I had a connection to AIJ or they could have created a false intel that I was highly involved in the fraud case.


2-84 [AIJ fraud case]: I was said to be involved in this big financial fraud case

The financial investigation was started from AIJ fraud case. AIJ was an asset manager who run a bogus operation to disappear around US$2bn, one of the biggest financial crime in Japan.


I did not know this manager in charge personally, but there were hundreds of them knowing both him and me. In the end, we were basically in the same industry and it was its nature.


However, there was one of my friend who contacted AIJ, when I was trying to find a primary investor. It occurred in autumn 2010 as he was also a friend to him as well. This guy actually did not mention any names but just mentioning profiles of this investor, hence I was pretty much sure it was AIJ, though I did not know at that time.


The AIJ fraud case became uncovered in February 2012 as they failed to report the correct asset account and were ordered to do so as soon as possible. This was made public, and eventually, they proceeded to a legal case.


There was one big issue here that this was a story of February 2012, though I was asked of this case in January. I had been severely tortured since the previous December and still harsh in that January. The CIA asset interrogated me that I should have known this manager.


His name sounded familiar but I had no idea who he was, hence I was so confused at that time. I was asked the same name at four or five times before the issue was made public, and then suddenly realized what it meant after the news came out that AIJ refused to report the correct account.


This basically indicated that the spy knew something wrong with this company, even before nobody realized there was a fraud. Japanese Financial Service Agency, the government vehicle in charge of these industries, did not realize a true nature of this case when they reported a wrongdoing, as the fraud was buried deeper into the financial system and could not dig out any of them yet.


It additionally implied that the intelligence community knew there was a fraud case. Financial Service Agency mentioned it might take a couple of years to investigate into this case as they did not have enough resources for the asset management fraud case. I was so worried of this situation, as it basically meant I might be tortured in the next couple of years.


Therefore, I wrote a detailed memo to them where they should find an evidence of fraud, as I was a professional and accustomed to the hedge fund scheme. After seeing my memo, they were able to get the whole picture within weeks.


Another point here was that how the police intelligence and CIA had realized this fraud case before the FSA. I was pretty much sure it was improbable and the FSA officers should confirm this point if they were allowed to cover my story. The only explanation was the intelligence community had known this criminal case thoroughly from the scratch.


[Fraud instigation]: Japanese police hired criminals to ask me of joining

There were other framings to trap me on frauds in 2010. It might be the case often occurred when running a business, but they were less likely independent incidents happening at the same period of time, especially under the severe surveillance of intelligence and law enforcements.


Those fraud cases became critical, one of which was a crime related to the gold ingot smuggling. It was a money laundering case involved with Yakuza, the Japanese mafia, who cleansed their money to the gold with smuggling between Japan and Hong Kong. I knew how it worked as the related party told me how lucrative this was, but I took a distance from this kind of business.


The other case was a financial fraud which was also brought by the same person. It sounded the same as a commercial paper transaction, but its methodology was too unique. He asked me to introduce a commercial banker, but I checked their paper and found a flawed, which was why I was not involved in this case.


However, this transaction methodology itself was likely categorized as a criminal activity, even if it was not a fraud case. This kind of transaction was prosecuted by FBI in 2012, which I assumed they realized the system after investigating my past activity. Just in case, I was not involved in those and I had not even thought about its legality as it was unnecessary due to my early decline.


The FBI was originally not invited as the CIA was a lead of this covert operation against me, however my existence attracted lots of eyes and the US law enforcement joined the party to find crimes surrounding me. The Japanese police was involved originally, but they could not have arrested anyone related to those crimes.


This fact indicates the Japanese police intelligence knew those money launderings in advance. It also implies they used these criminals coming near to me, and if not, it would not happen in this way from the scratch. They were assets of the Japanese police, which was the only explanation why they were exempted from the prosecution and also all of those were sting operations against me conducted by the police intelligence.


I am still wondering why they kept those criminals as their assets from the bar. Generally speaking, they should get a kickback from the proceeds of crime act, which was why they were exempted, luckily or unluckily though I have no such evidence they were so corrupted to gain from the criminals.


At least, these criminals were cooperated with the authority to keep them out of the criminal charge for any cases. The sting operation was one of those, which was why I had known a criminal transaction which was later investigated by law enforcements.


It also implied one more important causality that those assets were originally caught by the Japanese police intelligence beforehand. The gold ingot money laundering was definitely developed in between 2004 and 2010, suggesting that their handler was a specialist of the financial crime including money laundering. He was likely in charge of the special unit in those years.