3-59 [Traffic accident]: Your accident can be framed by the spy

There should be numerous operations to frame traffic accidents, which I have actually experienced many times. I have not fallen totally by the intelligence mission, but those were designed so minutely that I did not realize they were operations.


When looking back the accidents or near accidents, there were traces of the operation, whose authenticities were also confirmed with other operations conducted against me concurrently. Moreover, I knew some of them who were framed by the traffic accident plotted by the spy.


This operation of the traffic accident is also originally meant to acquire the target as an asset. Even if your accident is not prosecutable, there is a possibility that you should pay a considerable compensation. If you get an offer that the intelligence organization should pay for those with an exchange of the assetization, you might accept their proposal as you have no idea of its true nature under a confusion after the accident.


This offer is calculable in a rational way, as the compensation can be compared with the cost of assetization. All of the issues are considerable in a monetary way, hence its final decision should be quite rational as well.


The traffic accident has several outcomes, ranging from a death to a small injury. You might suffer from a disorder, even if you have survived an accident, which might create a social burden in the end. If the outcome is severe, the operation is originally designed to render you harmless, socially or physically.


These accidents can be caused by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. It can divert an attention to others during a driving, which used to be conducted physically in the past, placing something intriguing on the road to deprive an attention of driving, but this is easily executed by the wave nowadays.


Moreover, your concentration can be lowered by the electromagnetic wave, which creates a traffic accident while operated during a driving. Or, you might fall down with a seizure while driving, which can be triggered by the wave as well.


Your aggression is escalated by the radiowave to cause a reckless driving. This operation is basically accompanied with a physical manipulation that you are irritated by something physically while driving, which provokes an accident.


Even after I realized I was maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave, there were tens of operations to involve me with the traffic accident, accompanied with physical plots. There were many people involved in these operations, hence it is likely widely known that the spy has conducted a mission to cause an accident.



2-84 [AIJ fraud case]: I was said to be involved in this big financial fraud case

The financial investigation was started from AIJ fraud case. AIJ was an asset manager who run a bogus operation to disappear around US$2bn, one of the biggest financial crime in Japan.


I did not know this manager in charge personally, but there were hundreds of them knowing both him and me. In the end, we were basically in the same industry and it was its nature.


However, there was one of my friend who contacted AIJ, when I was trying to find a primary investor. It occurred in autumn 2010 as he was also a friend to him as well. This guy actually did not mention any names but just mentioning profiles of this investor, hence I was pretty much sure it was AIJ, though I did not know at that time.


The AIJ fraud case became uncovered in February 2012 as they failed to report the correct asset account and were ordered to do so as soon as possible. This was made public, and eventually, they proceeded to a legal case.


There was one big issue here that this was a story of February 2012, though I was asked of this case in January. I had been severely tortured since the previous December and still harsh in that January. The CIA asset interrogated me that I should have known this manager.


His name sounded familiar but I had no idea who he was, hence I was so confused at that time. I was asked the same name at four or five times before the issue was made public, and then suddenly realized what it meant after the news came out that AIJ refused to report the correct account.


This basically indicated that the spy knew something wrong with this company, even before nobody realized there was a fraud. Japanese Financial Service Agency, the government vehicle in charge of these industries, did not realize a true nature of this case when they reported a wrongdoing, as the fraud was buried deeper into the financial system and could not dig out any of them yet.


It additionally implied that the intelligence community knew there was a fraud case. Financial Service Agency mentioned it might take a couple of years to investigate into this case as they did not have enough resources for the asset management fraud case. I was so worried of this situation, as it basically meant I might be tortured in the next couple of years.


Therefore, I wrote a detailed memo to them where they should find an evidence of fraud, as I was a professional and accustomed to the hedge fund scheme. After seeing my memo, they were able to get the whole picture within weeks.


Another point here was that how the police intelligence and CIA had realized this fraud case before the FSA. I was pretty much sure it was improbable and the FSA officers should confirm this point if they were allowed to cover my story. The only explanation was the intelligence community had known this criminal case thoroughly from the scratch.


2-50 [Framing]: Several famous methodologies of police framing to create a criminal

During running away, I was extremely cautious not to conduct any petty crimes. After all, it was not a normal running away as there were full of police officers and spies surrounding me all the time. I just escaped from the reality, but I could not be away from anyone physically.


I had already realized they created a crime to suck a subject down, therefore my every move was tried to be 100% coping with the law. I read the criminal law and police law many times during this escape, not to be arrested for the unknown legal matter.


I had made up my mind not to commit a battery, especially. I did not realize an existence of the electromagnetic manipulation but had realized my emotion easily exploding more than usual. I thought it was a result of a stress from the torture and severe watch, but in any way, the battery was an enough reason for them to arrest me, even if whatever minor it was.


That held true to any minor charges, one of which was a theft. There is one famous operation that the police left an expensive item at the noticeable place to me, to instigate its crime. I was not short of cash yet at that time, hence I was not induced to act like that, but there were many occasions to find something like that just in front of me.


I had experienced many honey traps but it did not work basically as they were so scared to near me, as I was assumed to be a bad guy. I luckily understood how it worked and the Japanese police have employed this methodology to frame their subject.


Another common crime was a document forgery, therefore I always used my real name wherever I went. That was one of the reasons I could not hide, but they could not confine me for this crime in this way.


I was extremely cautious of my behavior, but there was a time I was fallen to their minor operation. They prepared a car running around 15miles per hour to create the small congestion in front of me. Then, another operational car drove over this slow car where it was prohibited. There were more cars followed that move and my turn was coming to the next.


When I followed through, the siren was suddenly sounded and my car was asked to stop over to the side. It was absolutely my wrong behavior, but this was a common practice of the police officers to frame a subject. This was apparently not acceptable to the Japanese legal system, but it was nearly impossible to prove that car was asked to run slowly to instigate me.


All I could do at that time was to show my regret and just followed what the police officer would like to proceed. Eventually, there was nothing more than sneering at that time, but I deeply decided not to make any trivial crimes from then on.


[Endless framing]: cultivating every opportunity to frame me

I met some of my colleagues and there were a few opportunities I usually assumed and I was ready to accept any as far as I could take for the next several years, but no one could hire me.


On the other hand, the police and CIA took these opportunities in a different way that they would like to use them to frame me for the next move. It was impossible to charge me as there was no crime, but I understood they tried new investigation through the conversation.


All the conversation was connected and some of them were apparently instructed to ask a specific question. I could not tell whether it was a direct order from the authority or not, but at least all of them were not under the normal situation. Some of them sounded even like being also under a severe investigation.


The harassment was continued at the same time even though it was stepped down from the torture. I was watched with many tails, which was deployed to pressurize me to accept their false charge. It was necessary for them to employ me as their asset in the end.


The police really investigated a criminal case against me, as not all of them knew I was innocent. Their intelligence and CIA absolutely recognized my innocence, but they also spread a fake information to continue an investigation. That was why they remotely controlled my acquaintances for an interrogation and changed a subject one after another.


I always shouted that you would catch me if you want, though I could not make a sign for their written statement. In Japanese system, the attorney prosecutor can hold us if we do not sign a statement due to a possibility of the destruction of evidence. In this way, they could lock me down for the next few years until finishing a lower court to destroy my life.


Lots of Japanese people have accepted those statements even if they were wrong, as they were so worried to exclude from the real world. This threat is still vital to the judicial system. Once they have signed it, it is used as an evidence at the trial, which is a convenient way to create a false charge.


I fully understood this system, therefore I made up my mind to be expelled from the society for years to fight against them. However, they also realized what I knew, hence they could not arrest me as it was impossible to generate a false confession. That was why they had recurred a remote interrogation and that was why they made up any reasons to continue their investigation. In this way, they practically succeeded rendering me harmless as far as it maintained.


I thought the Japanese police should have followed the law and constitution, but I was wrong that there was nothing change in Tokyo from Hong Kong. In the meantime, there were lots of acquaintances investigated by the police, hence I decided to go back to my hometown for an avoidance of the further trouble.


[Framing]: Tried hard to frame me as no crime originally

I started to meet lots of people from the middle of January in 2012 and realized there were spies and police officers behind to frame me for the crime.


They failed their instigation and there was no crime originally I committed, therefore it was impossible to prosecute me in any way, but they tried to find any crimes through conversations with my friends and acquaintances. There were many of them talking to me as the police and intelligence ordered and some had no idea what was going on. Some of them actually went out to get a new order during the conversation and changed a subject directly after. Or, some of the others got an order in front of me through the phone or e-mail.


These differences were created by a different depth of their involvements. Some of them were so ill-minded to frame me willingly. I saw a couple of times to see them framing the third party there, which was beyond my understanding. They were just more than crazy, even if they were assets to the CIA and showed off what they could do.


There were some of them suffered from a guilty conscious and other of them laughing to create a false charge. There was one of my friend who had no idea what was going on, but later stopped talking as he looked like to get an advice not to talk by e-mail. At that time, the different spy tried to frame him so harshly but I could not say what to do even if I knew it was a framing against him not me.


These ill-minded attacked others as they had already committed a crime. It was highly likely they were secured as far as they framed me, though it was not the whole story as they were originally protected as they were CIA assets. I assume they could not reveal their identity to the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence so that it was necessary to pretend they just cooperated with the Japanese authority.


Although, I did not realize this true nature. I was also deceived that they committed a crime and framed me for their immunities. In any way, they raised many transactions which they believed I made a criminal action. It was also a remote interrogation through the spy, as there was no evidence to catch me. As said, there was no crime so that they had continued it forever.


There were many other ways to frame me and I got a trouble with the political opinion and ethics. I totally believe any political opinions are held freely as far as not committing a criminal activity, which means I am a believer of the free world. However, they tried to frame me I was dangerous to China, which was actually not true, but it was also true that I believed the communism and socialism are futile. It was a little easy for them to frame me as I am a pure proponent of the capitalism, freedom and democracy, which was not well accepted by some of the members at Japanese ruling party as well in those days.


My theory was well built according to its line so that their framing endangered my being in Hong Kong. That was one of their strategies to confine me under the torture. This worked better than the instigation and later they tried hard to compel me a false confession or to push me conducting an illegal behavior after losing myself.