4-93 [Japanese police intelligence started a war]: This organization was controlled by the left extremist sympathizers who hated me crazily

I was told in April 2012 that this is a war by the Japanese police, though it was beyond my understandings at that time as I had no clue of their charges against me.


I still had no idea whether this police director knew all the story I wrote here or he was also framed by the police intelligence, but in any way, they have been just crazy enough to instigate me to commit a crime, to torture me endlessly and to attempt assassinations many times.


The whole issue is not a war, but an organizational crime of the Japanese police. As said, my father was blown up by the electric shock and was not able to move in the next one month, eventually hospitalized for months, which took place in the 1970s. This was also a result of their operation unless the CIA conducted it by their own.


The point here is that they have run illegal operations at least since then at least against my family, which was highly likely a proof that they have continuously tortured the target and attempted many assassinations since their establishment after World War II.


The police should make it public what they have done to the people. I am one of the crime victims of the governments and all the fact should be known to the people. I was still a survivor but we should recognize there were numerous people killed by their operation if including a conduct of the CIA.


They started an eliminative operation against me in 1995, as one of the left extremist members said so and he was actually one of their accessories as well. The police said to me this is a war so that there is something problematic happened around that time.


The fundamental reason was that I did not become a member of the left extremist and they confirmed that it would never happen in 1995, after their set up of my encounter with the hijacker from Japan Red Army. This joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist might have been revealed if I were to be survived in this way. Adding to this, there is definitely a personal hatred against me to motivate this endless crazy operation.


Later on, they framed me as a supporter of the Aum fugitive, which was another critical operation against me except several assassination attempts. Iwao Uruma definitely involved in both cases as well as his associates such as Katsuharu Ishikari and Shoichiro Ishikawa.


They are officers at the Japanese police intelligence, and at the same time, belongs to the same career line to control the electromagnetic wave capability even covertly within the intelligence division.


Some of them availed the Sep 11 attack to frame me related to the terrorist and they were able to conduct this plot as they knew the attack before 11 Sep 2001. They have been demolishing Japanese society forever since the middle of the 1990s and I was unlucky enough as I was one of the early targets of these extremist sympathizers.



4-50 [CIA rationale]: They assumed me as one of the extremists or knew I was framed originally

I went to London as there was a good opportunity that one of my friends was assigned to work there. I asked him to stay at his flat without paying for the study and he accepted it.


At that time, I was a graduate student in Japan and considered to study in the US as the next step. It was necessary for me to brush up my English and I found out a great opportunity for that purpose, just as another accidental coincidence.


There were many manipulations during this course and it is hard to tell which was manipulated and which was not, but in any way, it was not the only my decision to go to London for the study. I am pretty much sure I was maneuvered remotely as I was manipulated to work with one of the three Aum fugitives, the most wanted in Japan, around the same time.


There was another reason why I had a confidence to be maneuvered remotely that there were many spies I met in London. At the beginning, I had been just monitored, even though the spy was originally out there and there was no sign of the assetization. Having said that, I had a plan to stay there for half a year, hence there was no need in a hurry.


The operation was eventually conducted to hire me as an intelligence asset, but there were no hard operations and I had no idea what they had intended to do. Although, their existence suggested that they brought me to London with the full knowledge that I had been severely targeted by the Japanese police intelligence.


There were two possibilities of their recognition, one of which was that they totally realized that I was framed by the Japanese police and the other was that they were also framed that I was one of the dangerous extremist activists in Japan.


In either way, the CIA had an interest and sent me to London for the close monitor, to understand more about who I was.


4-47 [Japanese society under attack 1]: Two sets of rogue groups in the police: Authoritarian and Left sympathizer

There was a line of the intelligence careers who have been demolishing the Japanese society and system inside the police which eventually controlled the covert operational organization called as zero. They took over this command even before their members assumed the director general post.


I assumed I was an early target of them after they fully in charge of the covert operation, highly likely occurred in the middle of 1990s. Their director general was shot in 1995, but its true nature was covered up because their team had already taken over all the covert intelligence operation.


Some of the local police chiefs were selected in relevance with this cover-up operation to leave the Aum fugitive at large, Shigeaki Ishikawa and Katsuharu Ashikari, though their assignment was confirmed by Takahiro Kunimatsu who was the director general shot by North Korea.


It is improbable for him to cover up the shooting against himself so that there should have been an influential ex-executive officer who intervened into their deployment.


This ex-officer was highly likely not radicalized to the left as he was older than the left sympathizers. The majority of the left sympathizers in the police department graduated from the university after the 1960s when the left student movement was peaked.


As said, there were two sets of the groups inside this line of careers, authoritarians and left sympathizers. The majority of old generations were categorized as the authoritarian who just pursued their power without the specific goal.


Both groups have been mixed to compose one line, sharing a capability of the electromagnetic wave operation. This technology was even hidden in the police intelligence, which was why several police leaders were hospitalized around the same time by this functionality, though not realized that their suffering was caused by the electromagnetic wave.


This device was introduced from the CIA and their group exclusively availed this technology, which was one of their main identities.


There was another important character of this line that they shared the pachinko concession with the North Korean government. The police started to take this interest from 1985 when one of their subordinated company was in charge of testing all the machines used for this gambling industry.


That was why the old generation was not one of the left sympathizers but helped North Korea as they were highly involved in terms of the pachinko concession. That was why they supported a plan to leave the Aum fugitive at large to hide a truth of the shooting against the police director general after condemning one of them was a mastermind.


This operation was later utilized by the left sympathizers inside the same line, which was why I was framed to work with one of the fugitives, Makoto Hirata, after they failed many operations to drive me to the Marxist extremist group. They were more involved with North Korea, as they shared the same ideological goal with.


They had conducted many political operations since the middle of the 1990s to demolish the Japanese society and system to idealize their socialist pursuit as a covert revolution with the electromagnetic wave.


4-45 [Jeopardous covert commanding line in Japanese police]: Some of the police careers were well connected to the extremists

The cover-up operation was conducted by one of the commanding lines in the Japanese police intelligence against the incident that the police director general was shot by North Korea. He was shot down to a coma on 30 March 1995 and assumed his job on 15 June, meaning that it was not a conduct of the whole police organization, as he could have literally commanded all the operation. It was unnecessary for him to cover up the shooting case against himself.


It indicated that one of the intelligence commanding lines independently decided to conceal the fact to protect North Korea. At the same time, this line has availed an electromagnetic operation as they had one of the policemen believing Aum cult to confess that he might have shot the director as a result of the twilight learning.


Furthermore, they condemned this was operated by one of the Aum cult leaders whose runaway was supported and manipulated by the police. Even his turn-in was maneuvered by the police that it was calculated to occur after the statute of limitations was gone for a murder attempt of this shooting case. If he showed up beforehand, the police was required to find out the true perpetrators, whose investigation was highly likely extended to the North Korean connection.


This same line has framed me many times as I was also set up as an accessory to this Aum terrorist attack. They availed this denounced mastermind fugitive to work with me as construction workers and they claimed that I had supported his escape.


In this way, they prepared a trap against me, when something happened to spread a false intel that I was one of the terrorists. As said, he was not the first terrorist I met in my life and there were a bunch of the left extremists infiltrating into my social network who were also assumed to be potential terrorists.


The Aum fugitive operation and the left extremist plots were conducted by the same intelligence team, meaning that they were radicalized to the left extremism. Eventually, this line had controlled the whole intelligence covert organization, zero, named from the zeroth section of the police intelligence.


Initially, they tried to convert me to the left extremist, though failed. I was a son of the communist studying at one of the top school, though I was not tilted to the left at all. Their assumption was just wrong that I would become one of them and they failed this operation badly, as I became a potential witness that the police intelligence was highly involved in the extremist activity.


There were basically two sets of the left extremist supporters inside the police intelligence careers, one of those has needed the extremist to maintain their organization and the other has been a sympathizer to the extremist activity. Both of them had the same goal to find out the successor of the extremist organization, as there were quite a limited number of young generation to believe the Marxism is an answer to Japan.


They thought I was an easy target, but their assumption was completely wrong and became a witness to their operation. They escalated their operation to frame me, though the majority of them did not achieve their initial goal. Contrarily, their failures made me more dangerous for a survival of their organization, as I saw the hijacker and the terrorist involved in the sarin attack as well as many extremists until the middle of the 1990s. There was a risk that all of them were revealed to be conducted by the police intelligence in this way.


4-40 [Japanese police intelligence related to North Korea]: Some of them shared the same money source and socialist ideal

It was critical to understand why the Japanese police intelligence should have covered up the North Korean involvement for those cases. The simple answer is that there was a deal between them, though it is still unclear what the nature of this deal. There were several possibilities for this reason behind.


The money was an important component of this deal, as there was a Korean won coin left behind the scene as well as the North Korean army badge. It basically implied that the North Korean spy blackmailed the Japanese police insider to reveal the money related issue.


There was a deal related to the money occurred before this shooting in 1995 and the pachinko concession was the most likely incident as the police took over some shares from North Korea between 1985 and 1989.


All of those suggested there was a man in power who could control an investigation of the Japanese police, though could not intervene a command of the director general. There were two possibilities of this individual, one was that he was a high-ranking officer, but not one of the main leaders at the national headquarter at that time, meaning he was one of the local police chiefs. Another was that he was an influential ex-officer of the police department, highly likely an ex-director general.


There were several names for these probabilities, not so many, and moreover, they have belonged to the same factional line in the police department, career police intelligence officers related to the covert team, getting a concession from the North Korea. The head of investigation division at the Tokyo metropolitan police at that time was one of their subordinated members.


There was another angle of this issue that the police intelligence was taken over by the left sympathizer around the same time. They were university students in 1960s when the Marxist student movement was peaked in Japan. Their political ideal was shared by North Korea, implying that they were not just a simple sympathizers connected by the money.


That was why I was framed to work together with one of the Aum fugitives, as his runaway was planned by the intelligence covert team and the same team had tried to push me to the extremist activity to create a successor of their movement.


The police cover-up was mainly decided by the North Korean sympathizers who have been connected by the pachinko concession, but there was another reason that the left radicalized police officers wanted to support North Korea with the political reason as they have shared the same socialist ideal.


4-27 [Radicalized ex-director general]: He was the main traitor who also targeted me forever

There are many officers and spies involved in the operation against me, though it was quite hard to identify who initiated it from the scratch. My father has been on the watch list of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence for more than half a century, which was a part of the reason why I could not name who started the whole. I was highly likely on the same watch list since birth, hence it was apparently beyond my knowledge.


Having said that, I have been a critical target of their operations for decades, which was definitely determined by the influential figure. He was Iwao Uruma, one of the two most powerful ex-director generals of the Japanese police department. At least, he was involved in my case at the age of early 40s as a local police chief when his career path was not confirmed to become the head of police. However, he was promoted smoothly, which gave him the power to escalate the illegal operation against me.


He has been still related to the eliminative operation against me and definitely in charge of the decision making. His influence was well known in the Japanese politics and society and I had condemned his involvement for years, hence it became difficult for him to work on this case with hands-on. Contrarily, he has tried hard to deny his relation, which I confirmed at his newspaper column.


He was also an important figure at the Japanese police intelligence, and after all, the intelligence covert team has been completely wrong to run criminal operations for decades. This team was in charge of the sting operation against me, including ones in Hong Kong, instructed by him.


There was another important fact that he was the one who reinforced a criminal investigation against the financial industries, which itself was fine, but I was a subject of the instigation of many financial crimes at the same period. It implied that he started to acquire intelligence assets in this industry to frame others, especially me. I had declined any criminal activity, which was why I was survived but not for many people.


This same covert team was in charge of the runaway operation of the Aum fugitive and also turn-in of one of the three fugitives. I was framed to be involved in his escape, but actually it was just another operation of the Japanese police intelligence.


All of those indicated that the electromagnetic wave operation was dominated by this covert intelligence team in Japan. This organization is called as zero, named after the zeroth section of the intelligence division, which has been well known, though their capability was not well known. That was why several police directors were hospitalized due to this technology in 2000-01, some of them retired afterward, which collapsed the prime minister, Keizo Obuchi, as well.


This covert team had not been politicized, but it was tilted to the left and radicalized toward that direction. That was why the prime was killed, which actually took place around the time when this influential police bureaucrat took over its control. He was one of the main members to radicalize the intelligence covert team and conducted many political operations to pursue his Marxist ideal.


4-14 [Who targeted me]: No idea who targeted my father initially, but I knew some of the main officers related to my case

There was a decision maker who approved an electromagnetic operation and a mission to frame as a left extremist. The whole operation has continued for decades so that there were several officers who determined each operation.


Having said that, almost all the early operations were conducted by the Japanese police intelligence, which was a part of the countermeasure against the left extremist activity. It meant that their covert team was in charge of the operation, which was named as “zero”. It also meant that the operation was planned, approved and executed by the security planning division of the Japanese police intelligence.


Each operation was hard to be proved who was in charge, but each was approved always by someone and definitely planned by the central security planning division as multiple prefectures were involved from the scratch.


It also indicated that the decision was made by the elite police career within the intelligence division, which could narrow down the probability less than 100 individuals. Although, it was quite hard for me to research further, as my father was targeted a long time ago so that I could not identify who was in charge in those days through the internet.


It might be possible if I could get all the information of the personnel move at the police department, though it could just narrow down the probability, hard to identify the true source of the problem.


On the other hand, I know more about the case against me, as I have been their target to know the other half of the truth. One of the main perpetrator was Iwao Uruma.


He was a local chief of my hometown almost thirty years ago, eventually became a director general of the police department. I remembered my father said to me that there was a young talented chief sent from the central, as he saw the new chief at the headquarter.


His job required to visit many official places for the machine maintenance including the police headquarter, though, as I said, he has been monitored by the police for more than half a century and it was not a coincidence that the new chief saw my father as he was one of the main figures of the Japanese police intelligence.


There should be some reason for this encounter, but furthermore, this officer was the one who eventually controlled an intelligence covert operation, which was availed to demolish the Japanese society.