29 [Self-harm by the radiowave]: Self-harm is one of the appearances​ when your aggression is ignited electromagnetically

The self-harm is an extension of the aggression when your aggressive emotion starts to attack your own. If you would like to avoid attacking others, it is one of the option to take unconsciously. The stress of the aggression is not meant to cause the self-mutilation originally, though it might be ended up with the social conflict if your stress is just released to others.


When the emotion is transferred to a self-harm, your stress is released to feel calm and comfortable again. It also means you should keep hurting yourself until you reach the fulfillment sufficiently to lower the stress level. However, the human brain is featured to require more actions to lower the next stress, which is eventually escalated to a more dangerous harm on yourself. If you cannot control its escalation, you should accidently commit a suicide as an extension of the self-harm.


The aggression is a primitive emotion, which is originally meant to attack others, not yourself. When your brain is more controlled by the primitive feeling, your bare aggression makes you fight with others. It implies the self-harm is a result of the function of the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex, where the reason contains an emotion to be exploded.


When your emotion is exploded, your frontal lobe cannot function to stop you, while cerebellum is fully in charge of your action. The reason is not functional at this time, which makes you hard to remember the causality and circumstance. You just have a memory of the instantaneous image and feeling, which is also a proof that your frontal lobe is out of the function. Conversely saying, you can control your aggressive behavior when your frontal lobe is still intact.


You might attack others, even if you can still contain your emotion. Your irregular action is justified by the social reasoning, such as the brutal action during the war. Although, this is somehow out of the human nature, hence some of them have severely suffered from PTSD.


There is another irregular case to attack others with a rational mind, when you are lack of the empathy. It might be a disorder of the mirror neuron or the oxytocin and your reason has no capacity to stop a transformation from the aggression to the attack. This is a result of the brain deficit which some of the psychopath suffer from.


In both cases, the attack is justified by the total brain reasoning. It does not matter where the justification comes from, but it is necessary to be justified by your brain to initiate the brutal action. The brain can process many inputs emotionally or rationally, to output the behavior to take.


The issue is how deeply the electromagnetic wave can control the brain. The aggression is apparently raised by the radiowave irradiation. It increases a stress which should be released somehow, as you cannot keep it in your brain for long. It should be exploded in some forms, but the same frequency pattern cannot control a direction where the stress advances.


That means the manipulator cannot control its behavioral direction just by enhancing the aggressive emotion, rather it depends on your nature. If you are the person to contain yourself to attack others originally, your aggression won’t be released to others. It is more like you are going to hurt yourself when the stress of aggression is boosted to the extreme level.


However, if you have a clear target of its aggression, there is a possibility that you would attack this person. It is quite natural to feel stressed against someone when living a normal life. When you are electromagnetically controlled at this time moment to increase the aggression, its emotion should have a clear object, eventually to attack this person.


Even in this circumstance, you might contain yourself, which is totally depending on your nature. On the other hand, if you are accustomed to attacking others, your frontal lobe cannot restrain you from the brutal action when the radiowave is irradiated to boost the aggression. It is immediately transferred to the action to release the stress and it should be stopped when the stress is sufficiently lowered. Also in this case, there is an issue of the escalation that the stress can be reduced by the minor attack originally, though eventually ended up with the manslaughter.


All in all, the electromagnetic wave can increase the aggression, but the same frequency pattern cannot control the direction, which is more dependent on your nature. If the manipulator targets the real action in the end, it is required to manipulate with other ways as well. These mixed control eventually pushes you to commit a murder or a suicide.



27-1 [Fight or flight by the radiowave]: your aggression can be ignited by the electromagnetic wave

The basic human emotion is a feeling of either positive or negative, though there is an older animalistic feeling, aggression and fear.


We can categorize these as two dimensions, one for positive and aggression and the other for negative and fear, while the aggression and fear are actually located in the cerebellum, the more primitive part of the brain. On the other hand, the positive and negative emotions are likely created in the cerebral cortex which is the area more human than animal. Although, the dopamine and serotonin might affect to compose those feelings, which suggests their feelings are results of more complex brain activity including the hypothalamus.


The reason why I cannot conclude the brain area where the positive and negative come from is that I still cannot contain a generation of these feelings. However, their influence can be controlled by the strong-mindedness; i.e. you cannot believe the perception under the positive feeling influence and you can ignore when negative.


The aggression and fear are harder to be controlled by whatever mind. The strong-mindedness is a function of the frontal lobe to separate the reason from the emotion. The positive and negative is more linked to the reason or the rational decision making, while these feelings are kind of instinct, quite supportive but ignorable.


On the other hand, the aggression and fear are the alternative to the reason, it is kind of purely emotional instinct, which can occasionally overwhelm the rationality. They are basically suppressed by the reason and the frontal lobe, hence their explosion almost should not appear as the dangerous behavior in the ordinary state.


The very-low frequency electromagnetic wave can control the aggression and fear as well to become more explosive. When their explosions overwhelm the reason control, they are transformed to the actual behavior. If that is the case for the aggression, it is transformed to the brutal aggressiveness to the surroundings including the murder. The key is a balance between the emotion and the reason.


It also implies the explosive behavior can be created by lowering the reason control. If the frontal lobe is malfunctioned, you cannot stop the brutal action with a slight ignition of the aggression which is usually prevented internally.


This phenomenon holds true to the fear which emerges in the cerebellum, and then, controlled by the frontal lobe. The fear is usually suppressed but if the operator ignites your fear more than you can control, you will act irregularly under its control to leave the reason away.


This aggression and fear are the same as emotions of the fight or flight. In the primitive world, the human ancestor should take a fight or flight reacted to a change of the situation. The aggression was exploded to its change for the fight and the fear was for the flight. If the brain control is shifted from the frontal lobe to the cerebellum with the aggression, it removes the restriction on the muscle to move effectively. The fear also makes the flight easier, though its excessiveness makes the human frozen.


These functions are fundamentally different from the positive and negative. Some animals should hold these positive and negative emotion, but not all of them. When the brain function is limited, these are not facilitated in their brains. On the other hand, the aggression and fear are shared by more living creatures as one of the basic brain functions.


26 [Positive and negative by the radiowave]: your emotion is easily manipulated by the electromagnetic wave

The emotion can be controlled by the wireless electromagnetic wave. It is one of the primitive functions of the human being. Each feeling consists of the straight direction, indicating it is not composed of the complicated brainwave pattern, which implies the emotion can be controlled by the simple pattern of frequencies.


Although, the emotion is not emerged independently, but more like along with the object. For example, the negative feeling arises in your mind, which is just a negativity, nothing more than that. However, it is escalated to a hatred coming up with the disgusting event or object.


The positive and negative are the basic emotions to the human being. The positive feeling is quite similar to being high on the drug if the emotion is independently given. If you are manipulated by the radiowave to become high, you are prone to accept and believe the words or proposition from the other end of the conversation. It is also coincidental to the endorphin effect, and actually, it might be released when the radiowave is irradiated for this manipulation.


The essence here is that the human being is more misled by the informational manipulation, together with the emotional control. The information is not necessarily sent by the radiowave, but can be delivered by the physical conversation, or even fine with the e-mail. If that is the case, the brainwave control is just required to explode an emotion with the help of physical manipulations. Under the emotional control by the radiowave, your positive feeling should form the conviction by an exposure to the manipulated information which is easily slipped into your mind as a truth.


On the other hand, the negative emotion works in the other way. If this feeling is strengthened by the electromagnetic wave, you hold a negative perception of the issue confronted at this time moment. However, it is just a directional feeling of the negativity, which is not decisive how it is escalated into.


For example, the sadness is an extension of this negative, while it consists of the complicated perceptions, more than just being negative on something. It implies the sadness requires more complicated manipulation to arise in your mind. The negative is a straight feeling which can be controlled more easily by the wireless radiowave, though it requires more manipulation to become a concrete feeling on the targeted object or person.


The electromagnetic wave actually manipulates you more than just being negative, though it also requires more complicated control. For example, when you feel a negative at the same time with a pain in your heart, you become sad from the wireless irradiation. It is because the sadness is also felt at the heart, whose control should give a direction from the negative to the sadness.


Having said that, there is no object to feel sad, hence you can separate that feeling as external if you realize you are controlled by the wireless electromagnetic wave. The frontal lobe has its function to separate the emotion out for the logical thinking. Your emotion might be manipulated, but your thought and behavior are not necessarily affected by the same wireless radiowave.