4-84 [CIA entrapped me in Guam]: They needed to eliminate me to hide their relation to Sep 11 attack

This whole event taken place in Guam was a trap of the CIA with familiar members of the operation against me, North Korea, South Korean intelligence and Japanese police intelligence as well as the Chinese intelligence as I lived in Hong Kong at that time.


This operation was only capable when the CIA ranking officer was in charge, as they could not have won a cooperation from other agencies in this degree if not.


One of the keys to identify who had commanded was at an anti-drug team of the CIA. The influential officer decided to conduct a plot to involve the anti-drug section or to make use of this team to flag me as a suspect related to a drug trafficking.


As said many times, I had been on the CIA watch list since born and already been a subject of East Asia and anti-terrorism sections until then as well as the anti-intelligence and Middle East sections.


I became a subject of the anti-drug team at that time, though it was quite unnecessary to create another suspicion as I had been an enemy as a possible terrorist suspect for a long time at the CIA file.


However, this officer has decided to avail the anti-drug team as well, even though the CIA could have deployed many field agents for the operation against me as there were a plenty of other teams flagging me as a person of interest.


This logic implies that there were officers who knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand within this anti-drug team, which was why they needed to target me as well. I am not sure whether the section leader knew the Sep 11 attack in advance, but at least, some of the high ranking officers related to this section noticed that it was coming.


The final decision should have been concluded by the higher ranking officer in the CIA commanding line, though there were some critical officers in the anti-drug team at that time moment.


This operation was actually quite complicated to spend nearly a year just have me to take the flight route called as a drug line from Hong Kong to Guam via Manilla. It is hard to write a detail as it clarifies some of the related individuals availed by the intelligence community, but they set up minutely that I looked like a suspect, even with the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


All I can say is that the CIA knew who they were when I wrote this much of the detail and they noticed the Sep 11 attack in advance and let it happen for their favors.



4-83 [Weird inspection on way back to Japan]: There should be an evidence traced back to the police and CIA

My suitcase was opened at the customs and fully inspected when I went back to Japan directly after I flew that drug line.


I had no idea why I was checked in the detail there and I thought I wore a black shirt in a suit to attract the officer’s attention. That was my logic at that time and I made my mind to wear normal from the next time.


In the most of the cases, we tried to find out the familiar answer, not bothered by the weird fantasy, which is a nature of the human psychology.


However, I came to realize that it was due to the drug line and my profile was flagged by the CIA to let the Japanese authority to check my belongings when getting into Japan as the drug might have been hidden in my suitcase.


I was framed by the police and intelligence agencies, but there was an evidence left at the customs which was requested by the police to do so. The police might have destructed the exact paper related to this issue, but the Ministry of Justice cannot have done the same.


We can find out where the order came from. I remembered quite well that the customs officer was frightened so much that there was an extraordinary flag, highly likely a terrorist, as you can imagine.


I actually had the same experience a few months after the Sep 11 attack, when I went back to Japan from the JFK airport in New York. It was a normal protocol to have a full investigation against the individual flagged as a terrorist suspect or dangerous criminal and it was not a result of the natural cause.


Furthermore, it was not normal even on that flight back to Japan in December 2009 as I was asked where I was working suddenly by the cabin attendant. I flew with the corporate booking hence they knew which company I was working for, though she came to me and asked in that way.


This was too weird actually, as the CEO and other members of the management at that airline company knew who I was at that time so that I was flagged in the other way around originally. It meant that this inquiry was too irregular to take place.


That cabin attendant was also a little shivered when asking me that question, suggesting that she was asked to so and assumed I was one of the dangerous criminals. Actually, there was an evidence left for that case, as the airline company cannot discard those requests to protect a probable legal case.


I cannot access to those pieces of evidence, but there were actually many traces to be followed.


4-82 [They framed me to fly a drug line]: One of their main purposes was to flag me related to the drug business

I was nearly killed by the CIA and met with South Korean spies out there influenced by North Korea, but there was another reason why I went to Guam.


I lived in Hong Kong and took a flight via Manilla to Guam, whose flight route was called as a drug line and all the traveler was flagged to inquire for a connection of the drug smuggling. I was said as such by the CIA so that their drug team has had an investigative policy accordingly, as there were many smugglers using this flight course.


That was why I was flagged at the drug team at the CIA, though the issue was how I was profiled by them until then. As said, I had been on that list since born as my father was a union leader at the American company and he was also a member of the communist party. His profile was a perfect enemy of the CIA and has been monitored for more than half a century.


My profile started from here to be identified as a left extremist or one of the sympathizers highly connect to some of the members. I even contacted with terrorists, a hijacker from Japan Red Army and one of the members of the sarin attack by Aum cult. Furthermore, I was one of the suspected related to Sep 11 attack and contacted to the individual related to North Korea with flying in this drug line.


All of them except my father’s profile were fake, but there were some portions of the truth, hence they framed me as a dangerous terrorist and have successfully monitored me for decades.


I met with a possible mafia in Manilla on the way back to Hong Kong, who said he was a Sicilian-American born in New York and worked in California for a long time and moved to Hawaii. He claimed that the Russian was coming to the south to have a trouble at his business in Europe. He even said that he went to Japan on business, so that I was a little worried as he might have known Yakuza, though he added they were normal Japanese seeing at my face.


I had no idea who he really was but there was a possibility that he was one of the CIA agents to confirm whether I was involved in the drug business.


On the other hand, there was also a possibility that he was one of the CIA assets as a Mafia organization and tried to frame me for their business. I had not concluded to the single answer including a less likely pure coincidence, but at least, they succeed to frame me that I was related to the individual living in the underground as well as the North Korean relation.


4-52 [Drug operation]: Drug is one of the main items to frame the target as an intelligence asset

I was mainly monitored in London, not a hard target of the framing or assetization, though there was apparently an operation to crack me down with the drug. It was the time when the speed got a popularity and there were many drug dealers to try to sell it or the weed to me.


Having said that, I did not experience that kind of instigation in the first few months when I got there, which was changed to the daily event later on. I was asked to buy it every day, more than 100 times in several months.


The worst case was 12 times an hour that various dealers had spotted me and my friend on the Camden main street at the early Sunday afternoon. I asked him or others that this was normal, but none of them had experienced the same invitation that much.


In those days, I thought I looked like to be addicted to the drug, but the reality was that it was one of the ways to hire foreign nationals as an intelligence asset. I hung out with many people so that there were actually some of them getting high with the weed, and I perfectly realized that it was quite easy to get those illegal drugs.


I was a graduate student of the law department and fully realized an outcome of breaching the law. The drug was a serious crime in some countries that it was not worthwhile to try as its choice was quite irrational.


Looking back from now, there were some individuals who purposely smoked it in front of me, as the whole was a setup of the spy, not the independent activity of each one of them including dealers.


If I had taken a drug, they could have arrested me to ask whether working as an asset of their intelligence agency, the CIA or MI6. I knew some of them becoming an intelligence asset after fallen into the legal issue in this way.


After all, you should accept an offer of the intelligence asset, if you would like to avoid to spend a time in the prison. This is one of the main protocol for the intelligence organization to expand their HUMINT network.


3-153 [Visual hallucination]: Spy doped me more due to taking back their lead

When I started to control the conversation, they became confused as their past crimes had been uncovered, but they were definitely strong enough to fight back that they increased a drug dose to win over the command.


As a result, my recognition became obscure not just by the electromagnetic wave, and then, I could not have discerned my delusion from their real crimes revealed through the mutual interrogation.


Concurrently, they started to write down words with a finger, as they could not outperform me when talking. Precisely saying, they wrote those until a middle of the phrases and I added the latter part. In this way, they could have found out a matter related to me which they did not know yet and they also could slow a response of the conversation which they had not caught up with me.


I was caught more by the delusion in this way, which also created a visual hallucination as I was drugged by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence. The hallucinogenic drug connected my visual cortex to the other part of my brain, which created a delusive visual and it was felt more real with an electromagnetic wave manipulation.


I have not confirmed the authenticity yet, but I might have seen an image which the operative had in their brain. The obscure image can be sent by the electromagnetic wave directly to another brain, but the vision was clearer when I was drugged.


However, I could not eliminate a possibility that it was a result of the visual hallucination purely created by the drug, indicating that I had a clearer image in my mind under its influence along with the conversation. Then, they would have just agreed my delusion to create another delusion that I could see a clear image of the operative.


In any way, they managed to keep their advantage as far as doping me more delusive. Although, the operation was still hard as there was no crime originally and I had nothing to lose any more so that they should instigate me to commit a crime or should compel me to make a false confession.


At the same time, they should have gotten away from my interrogation as their brain was also directly accessed from the outside to be interrogated. The drug was an appropriate choice for the purpose to avoid a confrontation from my question. However, the more they added their operational skillsets, the more crimes revealed that they organizationally had conducted for a long time.


3-142 [Noticed to be drugged]: It was the first time for the spy to dose a hallucinogen against me

I had been interrogated by the spy and law enforcements for hours under a control of the truth drug. I had no idea what had just happened, but in the end, I came to realize that I was drugged by them.


I was accustomed to being drugged by the spy, but it was different from the previous dope so that it took some time to realize. They often used a downer against me, but they put a hallucinogen at that time, implying as well that I was hallucinated to take some time to notice I was drugged.


It was after the interrogation ended when I realized I was drugged. I was totally abstracted but came to recognize this was ugly, and then went down to a souvenir shop of the hotel to buy several litters of pocari sweat with staggering.


When back to the room, I was mad to drink it as much as possible to dilute the chemical substance in my body system and to urge to get it out more quickly.


Pocari sweat was better than the water for that purpose and I came to be settled down sooner or later, though I could not sleep at all. I thought it was a result of new dope rather than the leftover, but actually, I had no idea what was happening to lose an equilibrium of my brain.


I woke up all night long, but I was still affected by the drug even in the next morning. I did not feel any drowsiness and any hunger but just sitting in the room not to do anything at all.


Just in case, it was not a result of the electromagnetic wave which is also capable of waking you up all night long, but you feel sleepy naturally. You are just woken up by other skillsets, such as the spy talks to you all the time through the wave. Additionally, you feel a hunger as well that I have never experienced a full stomach just by the electromagnetic wave.


Those phenomena were apparently caused by the hallucinogen, which I had experienced many times since then. The electromagnetic wave operation is still not capable of representing the same phenomena triggered by that chemical substance.


In my understanding, the brain is affected by the hallucinogen to experience a hallucination, which is taken from outside of the body, meaning that it is not a result of the internal change of our brain system. It is still hard to cause the same effect just by the chemical substance originally existing in our body system.


In any way, I had been still affected by the drug not to do anything at all, even if my brain was back to the normal realizing that I was drugged. On that day, the hotel was worried of my bringing something to eat to the room but I was still not hungry to eat anything. All I could do was to sit down in the room with swaying.


3-51 [Secret drugging]: You might be drugged without notice, mixed up with what you take

The drug is as nearly dangerous as the electromagnetic wave, which is usually mixed into the tobacco so that you might not realize you are drugged. I have quitted it as I was nearly killed by a drug overdose mixed into the tobacco.


As a matter of fact, you are prone to be addicted to anything if you are controlled by the electromagnetic wave, not just smoking.


It has already passed for several years since I quitted a tobacco, but I want to smoke still when a vague stress is intensified by the radiowave. Although, I can separate my feeling from my being, hence it is less likely to start again as the spy can easily drug me. Contrarily saying, the spy has their target addicted to it for drugging.


The drug can be actually put into your drink or food. There are various ways to drug a subject, but it is always required for the spy to have their target to take a product mixed with a drug.


All the time when I was drugged, I tried to figure out where I got those, but it was quite hard to narrow it down to the single source. The tobacco is one of the easiest choices, but there are always multiple opportunities to drug me.


The intravenous injection and nasal mucosa are the other main ways to take a drug than the smoking and oral administration, though the former are impossible to be conducted secretively by the spy. It is necessary to confine a subject or to have the target addicted to a drug, the latter of which is an extension of the criminalization.


There are several main effects of drugs, which depends on what kind you are drugged. I have been often drugged by the downer or stimulant, sometimes by the truth drug. Their choice is based on the appropriateness to crack a subject.


The symptom has been so widespread, ranging from falling down to the sleep to not sleeping at all. I had sometimes woken up for two days, not eating anything, which is a result of the stimulant, impossible to be caused just by the electromagnetic wave.


You cannot control your thought and behavior when drugged. The electromagnetic manipulation was added on top of this state, which made you near to the death or drove you abnormally crazy. This drugging suffers your mental that you might accept a rule of the spy in the end, which is a purpose of the torture.


I can manage to stop smoking, but it is nearly impossible to control what I eat, especially when I am out of my home. One day, I realized I was harshly drugged a couple of hours after losing my normal sense and decided to water it out with drinking a lot, but it is not easy to resume myself.


It means there are several ways to avoid drugged, but it is not so difficult for the spy to find out the way to sneak into. They can drug their subject, even if not rendering the target addicted to the drug.