[Trace of the radiowave manipulation]: If the criminal is manipulated by the wave, there is a specific characteristic

It is quite rare for the ordinary people to be targeted by the intelligence organization, hence your depression is more likely triggered by a natural cause, rather than by the electromagnetic wave. However, you might be used for their operation manipulated by the wave.


Furthermore, there is a possibility that you might be a victim of the crime triggered by the radiowave. There are many incomprehensible assaults caused by the electromagnetic wave, which has actually been escalated to murders.


There is one apparent characteristic caused by the wave that the crime is quite preemptive, but it is planned by the totally irrational criminal. This cannot occur in the real world without help from the outside. The electromagnetic wave can obscure the thinking function and control the delusion led to the criminal action. If this is the case, the manipulation requires at least several months, which is also likely supported by the physical manipulation, hence the trace can be left during the course.


Generally speaking, there is no incomprehensible assault if the reasoning functions intact. The potential criminals can murder their targets rationally, but there is enough evidence for the rationality, hence it is not incomprehensible.


It is the only psychopath who can conduct an incomprehensible crime with a rational mind. Some of their cases should be preemptive but unconceivable, as their thought process is so irregular from the norm. If thinking in the same distorted mind, their rationality should emerge behind the trace.


There are also cases for the impulsive assaults caused by the electromagnetic wave, which is more difficult to be discerned. If their crimes are categorized more than the battery, the criminals are dangerously aggressive in nature even if created by the radiowave manipulation.


More precisely saying, they have issues to contain their emotions and their behaviors are easily escalated by enhancing an aggression. In these cases, there are no plans beforehand and no need for a long-term manipulation, though it is necessary to find these potential offenders for triggering large scale incidents with multiple victims.


I have realized there were such cases in the real world, but I am still not sure why these manipulations are necessary. We can guess several reasons, such as just to see a turmoil after killings, to show their capabilities to manipulate the subject committing a crime, which might be intended to blackmail the government or others. I did not get the exact reason why, but I am pretty much sure there are lots of victims from crimes created by the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


If they target those anonymous people originally just to show their capabilities, they are just psychos. They did not kill victims directly, but their intentions create murders. Sadly, it is hard to find the evidence of these electromagnetic wave manipulation, but you might find a slight physical trace, as the perpetrators have definitely confirmed a mental state of the target in some ways.



48-2 [Criminalization by the radiowave]: the rational step to create a criminal

If you hear the voice just in the brain, you might believe it is a message from the god, which is one of the famous ways to criminalize the subject. If you believe the voice, your behavior is highly controlled. Although, there are many people who assume this is a result of the mental disease rather that the god’s message, as they are sane in nature. Additionally, it requires an intellect to play a role of the god, which needs to employ the smart manipulator. Or, the manipulator might play the ghost when the god is impossible, which lowers a trustworthiness of the voice in the brain.


Even you believe the god’s word, it is still not certain whether the subject really commits a murder, as the killing of this extension occurs with the preemptive planning, not by the sudden escalation. The electromagnetic wave can cause an abrupt murder, which is driven by the emotive manipulation. However, the majority of people cannot kill others just by being too angry. It means the deeper electromagnetic maneuver is necessary to criminalize the subject usually, including a change of their personal ethics. Adding to this, the manipulation should define victims, weapons, the place and time for the brutal action. It is more than the emotion and ethics that many related thoughts should be sent by the radiowave.


Furthermore, the manipulator should justify the murder in the subject’s brain. For the normal people, the manipulation should change the emotion rather than the reason. If you believe the murder is necessary emotionally, you might accept the action. If you have a legal constraint to commit a crime in your mind, the manipulation takes more time as this code should be lifted for the action.


If you are manipulated deeply in this way, there is one symptom appearing along with your action. You seem to have a mental disease under this brainwash or actually suffer from it as a result of the manipulation. You cannot build a reasonable plan under this mental circumstance, but your crime is preemptively designed when controlled by the electromagnetic wave. This is one of the critical symptoms for the crime triggered by the radiowave.


You definitely cannot prepare the weapon well beforehand, even if you have a target in your mind. You cannot imagine a process of the murder under this mental state, but your plan is so considered that several supplemental plans and weapons are prepared well in advance. If the murder is executed when the subject cannot make a decision under the severe mental disorder, it is highly likely a result of the electromagnetic manipulation. This type of the murder is not frequent in Japan comparing to ones triggered by other reasons, but various murders have been conducted by this radiowave control. Also, there are enough proofs that the same kind of manipulative murders take place in the United States.


Adding to this complicated manipulation, when the subject has no mental constraint to assault others in nature, the manipulator creates their crimes more easily. In this case, they should commit a crime less than half of manipulations written here. If it is not a crime but murder, even a simpler manipulation makes them execute its action.


These manipulations are completely conducted electromagnetically, but it is often executed with the physical manipulation. If that is the case, there is a trace more than just nonmatching reason and mental disease, which is another clue of the radiowave control. Having said that, the radiowave is invisible, hence it is hard to prove that the crime is partially triggered by the manipulation.


48-1 [Criminalization by the radiowave]: the emotive manipulation might create a criminal mind

The brainwash starts from changing your preference and philosophy to triggering your criminal behavior. The radiowave not just can control your simple emotion and thought, but escalated to cause a complicated behavior. It is not easy to make you commit a crime, but it is possible by the electromagnetic wave. The issue is how much it controls your life.


As a matter of fact, it is not easy to make you commit an apparent crime. As far as the rule of law prevails, the ordinary people does not want to conduct an illegal activity. For example, it is not easy to have the subject to murder. It is not a simple task even with physical manipulation that the manipulator makes you believe the murder is necessary. Or, even if you can succeed to brainwash the subject, it is not easy to make them kill others.


First of all, the manipulator needs to enhance an aggressive emotion of the subject. This manipulation is easily achieved by the radiowave control, which directly escalates an aggression. Although, this emotion is usually contained by the reason. The aggressive emotion is created at the cerebellum, which is restrained by the frontal lobe and cerebral cortex. That is a necessary control for the human being to create and live in a society.


The aggression is generally contained not to escalate into the aggressive behavior, but the aggressive stress is necessary to be released when it is elevated too much. It should have appeared as an aggression in the primitive world, but the reason should interrupt it not to appear as a direct behavior against the stressor. Your reason should choose a harmless target, starting from a demolition of the inorganic surroundings. It might be escalated into an abuse of the organic creature, such as a dog or cat, which is a critical sign leading to the murder. On the other hand, your reason might choose yourself as a target, which is escalated into a self-harm, not assaulting others. In this case, the emotion is not exploded to the outside.


If the manipulator wants to change this situation and to shift your attack to the outside, your frontal lobe and cerebral cortex are dysfunctioned not to judge reasonably. In this case, your aggression cannot be restrained, which might be exploded to attack others suddenly resulting in an injury case. Although, the murder is still far away from at its state.


If the subject has no mental constraint to assault others in nature, the sudden aggressive eruption might trigger a murder, which is seen at the psychopath’s behavior. However, it is more than just a control of the reason, hence the subject should suffer from a lack of the empathy or other pathological symptoms. This outcome is not just generated by a constraint of the reason and an escalation of the aggression.


It is necessary to skew the reason and the brain should justify the killing is necessary at their distorted code. This manipulation starts from a clarification of the killing target. If this target is not the specific individual rather the general society, the manipulation requires more philosophical brainwash.