2-75-2 [Crime infrastructure – PI network]: The network is still intact by the police support despite of many crimes found

There were several ways to obtain the personal information in those days, through this PI’s network. When a private investigator was asked to find an address from the car number plate, this guy contacted another who had an access to this information.


This information was administered by the police department, hence it was easily obtained when paying some for it to a police officer of an internal collaborator. There were several people arrested for this misconduct, which was a story in 2012, almost the same period.


One of this information was originally sought by yakuza who would like to blackmail another police officer for his standing on the court against. It meant the police internal information was passed through the PI’s network to sabotage the police activity.


There was another prominent way to get the personal data from the mobile phone shop. When the PI’s network cracked one of the shop managers, they could trace back an address from its phone number easily.


These methodologies were illegal and are still unaccepted, but I am not sure these flaws were buried permanently or not. These issues were revealed around 2012, which showed that the police was highly involved with this PI’s network. The criminal case was charged that the network availed the police officers, but actually, the police department also leveraged it for their covert operation.


However, the police was not able leave the network as it was, because it became more apparent availed by criminals. They called this network as a crime infrastructure and declared to demolish it, but still intact. This was obviously used for the famous fraud case in Japan, still costing several hundred millions of dollars per year, though not demolished.


I truly believe they have had no intention to break this down, as this PI’s network is used by the police for their illegal covert operation. If they threatened PIs for an arrest, they can mobilize them at a cheaper cost, which is better than to eliminate a dangerous network.


Although, I have no confirmation at this point. There should be some reasons why they are still around me to conduct a gaslighting and harassment. It is highly likely motivated by money, which is provided by the police intelligence and CIA, though it is impossible for me to get its proof.



2-75-1 [Crime infrastructure – PI network]: My personal information was breached by this network

PIs have been involved in the intelligence operation against me and they are still around me, but I am not sure how deeply they are involved. As you can imagine, there is no money making opportunity just to tail me, hence they cannot run their operation by their own expense for this long.


It indicates they have been hired by some parties, though they cannot get all the intel if that is the case. They might recap their totaled information to reconstruct the big picture, which is the only way to understand what is going on.


They are not a mastermind, necessary to have a source of the income, one of which is apparently the CIA. However, the PIs’ activity has been sizable for a long time, which is hard to be supported by the agency, even though they are affluent enough. As you can imagine, if the operation has not worked well for years, the budget should have been cut and spent on others.


This logic implied PIs had another source of income to continue their operation, which is inevitably earned through the criminal act.


The PI network is one of the prominent crime infrastructures, which was why they have had enough fund to continue the supportive operation. Although, this continuation is motivated by another reason, which is a threat from the police department.


The police has availed this same network for their operation, which is one of the ways to run a covert illegal operation. In this sense, the police department has known that this network can be used for the crime easily. The data broker network is actually one of this, which created several social issues in the early 2010s in Japan.


They have sold a personal information, which was sometimes used for a murder. My personal information was also sold to the criminal organization, which was an incident in 2011, though its information was quite imperfect. I spent a majority of time outside the Japan in the last fifteen years, hence they cannot track me down properly.


My residence registration was untraceable as it occasionally showed going abroad without any address. In Japan, you can track down someone from these registrations, even though it is classified as an illegal and punishable.


However, there is another registration for the legal domicile, which was a point of the leak. It means my imperfect information was illegally stolen by a criminal who was legally entitled to obtain those and abused his access.


A couple of weeks later of my visit to the city hall, one of the judicial scriveners was arrested due to an abuse of his legal entitlement to access that personal information as a representative. He actually got them not representing the true principal, which was resold to this brokers’ market, eventually sold to the yakuza as well.

[shadow brokers]8:another possibility that the equation group is uninvolved

The equation group is a mastermind, which is assume to be the main scenario, but there is a possibility that another global crime organization hacked into the server of the equation. Thereafter, they leaked the hacking tools through Japanese data brokers.


If this is the case, it is necessary to understand why they should structure this crime framework, including why they decided to auction them and why they hired these specific data brokers.


In May 2016, there was a crime illegally drawing cash from ATMs at convenience stores in Japan, amounting to $20 million damage. This breach was huge, as the crime took place at 17 prefectures out of 47 totally in Japan within a few hour timeframe. It was calculated as more than 1,000 people involved in its crime. This crime background is quite similar to “shadow brokers”.


Originally, the South African bank was hacked and they stole a cash at ATMs from their banking accounts, as they decrypted the code which this bank employed for a transaction. The basic skill-set was a hacking and decryption. It was highly likely for the global crime organization to hire the Japanese crime infrastructure for its monetization. This background is totally the same as this crime, the auction of NSA hacking tools.


Therefore, there is a possibility that this global organization hacked into the equity group to obtain these hacking tools. However, the equation can also structure the same crime framework, so it does not just mean they were hacked.


[shadow brokers]5:the crime infrastructure

Japanese data brokers have connected to the global crime organization, which is how they got hacking tools developed by the NSA. In this sense, their job was totally a data broker and the global criminals should know its fact beforehand. This implies they auctioned the tools but have never thought it should be actually sold out. Their intention was to show up themselves.


The issue is how they can monetize their show-up. There is one possibility that they have already known globally as the Japanese data broker and they can get a contact from potential buyers directly in another way. This possibility holds true to the equation group that they might get a direct demand from the third party to acquire their tools in hand.


There is another main possibility that they just showed off their capability. At this time moment, it is still unclear how they obtained these tools, and at the same time, their identity had been unknown for some time, hence many governments just escalated their anxiety. If they maintained their anonymity, the US government would have misperceived they would be quite skillful criminals, critical to the national security.


Having said that, the truth is that “shadow brokers” were just hired to leak the hacking tools as an agent of the foreign counterpart who perfectly understood the Japanese data broker consisted the crime infrastructure and also conducted a ransomware to take a ransom without notice. In the end, their crime was an extension of these capabilities.