3-173 [Real conspiracy]: There was a conspiracy to take over the Japanese government

I often looked back my past when I was in Hokkaido in the middle of 2013 because I had enough time to do so. At the same time, I have been so tortured that I should recollect its origin, and also, the spy let me think what happened in the past.


I came to realize that the Japanese police intelligence, the left extremist and CIA were certainly around from the long past to suck me down. I did not realize their true identities, and some of them came near to me as an undercover or others monitored covertly.


I knew left activists and saw some extremists, though I have not been one of them. I concluded that the communism and socialism are just wrong until the middle of teenage and that the left extremist should not be permitted to exist as they still attempted a takeover of Japan by the revolution. I came to this conclusion at that age when we ordinary should possess a political opinion.


On the other hand, I had never thought the Japanese police intelligence conducted a normal activity, which also made me think that the police department is not so trustworthy. After all, it was a result of the environment under which I grew up.


Having said that, I had believed the police intelligence and the left extremist were enemies for each other, as the intelligence was mainly established to capture the extremist.


My perception was just wrong and they were deeply connected, which was so apparent that I saw many left activists in front of me in Hokkaido. This reality was reinforced by the fact that there were many operations against me, jointly conducted by them. This outcome indicated that the police rankings were penetrated by the left extremist at some point of time, who supported a revolution pursuit together.


The CIA was also always there and I knew why they had monitored me, though the real issue is that they are also connected not just to the Japanese police intelligence but also to the left extremist and North Korea. I still cannot get an answer of this collaboration yet.


There are a couple of possibilities, one of which is that the CIA has recruited their assets in the Japanese police intelligence who had been originally radicalized to the left. Otherwise, there are radicalized leftists in the CIA as well who has collaborated with their counterpart to seek the same goal. It is hard to find an answer of this to me as it is beyond my ability to understand an internal problem of the CIA from the public information.


In any case, I have been a target of their spy mission, because I have hated their conduct since young. As a result, there has been no probability that I should work as one of them or not to be hired as their asset, which implies that I am definitely an outsider to them.


Some of them had decided to entrap me after its realization, even though they could have left me alone. It started in the middle of 1990s as they truly believed I became a danger to their organization in the end. Their continuous failure to hire me as an asset led to many operations to eliminate me physically.


I still do not know who started this mission, but I knew some of the early operatives who also have demolished the Japanese society for a long time.



61 [Other countermeasures against the radiowave manipulation]: there are several methodologies to counter the invisible assault

Even if you are a victim of the electromagnetic manipulation, you would like to proceed your life going, which requires countermeasures to the wave.


Your motivation should be lowered by the electromagnetic wave with various directions. When the negative emotion arises or other emotions like a fear and fatigue are escalated, your motivation should be deprived. If you cool your head against these emotions, you should contain a negativity, though your motivation is just recovered to neutral. You need to use an adrenaline to dope your motivated feeling.


The exercise is one of the best ways to enhance your motivation. If you would like just to enhance your adrenaline, the muscle training is more appropriate than the aerobics. When you exercise every morning, you can also stabilize the autonomous nervous system and chemical balance of your brain, which does not require a long time.


You can also escalate a motivation by using a mouthpiece, which also increases an adrenaline. When you bite it with cooling down the head, you can elevate the motivation with a stable mind. By the way, it might be better to use teeth piece which is used for non-contact sports.


Another critical struggle is a memory, which is often gone from my brain by the electromagnetic wave. You can counter its manipulation writing down memos as many as possible. The external memory should support your recollection and you can maintain more a normal life. I have prepared many types of memos around me, and if not, I cannot write this blog as well.


The chemical balance of your brain is another concern from the electromagnetic irradiation. The wave can create various symptoms which are basically a result of the synchronization and its chemical reaction. Numerous chemical substances are spent for the manipulation, which is discharged from the body in the end. It implies there is a possibility that your chemical balance might be lost by the radiowave manipulation.


I have no proof of this outcome, but it might be escalated into the brain disease if that is the case, hence I am taking in a necessary nutrition on a daily basis. There are three necessary elements, one of which is DHA. The brain is basically filled with this substance and it requires to take in some from the outside, as it is not enough just by the internal production. Therefore, it is necessary to take in, especially when your brain is irregularly manipulated. It might be more precise to be called as omega-3 fatty acid, but in any way, you better to take in to keep your brain function.


This consideration holds true to other substances, such as minerals, which cannot be produced in your body. There are other similar non-producible substances with an absolute necessity to take from the outside, which is an essential amino acid.


Your body can produce amino acids, but there are several of them which are widely used in your body system, but not produced internally. The human genome does not support their production originally, hence they are definitely taken from the outside. That is why they are called as an essential amino acid. These substances might be off-balanced by the electromagnetic irradiation, hence you need to take in those intentionally.


An impact from the electromagnetic irradiation is temporary in nature, but the chemical balance might be collapsed as a result. It is necessary to take in some of the substances to maintain a balance of your brain system, but I have no clue how effective the radiowave distort it.


59 [No remedy for the visceral pain]: there are several symptoms, still no idea how to tackle with

I found out several ways to contain pains and disorders in the brain, but still, there is no measure to halt a visceral pain. The only I can do is to endure, but the pain sometimes becomes more than endurable. If you create a pain intentionally on another part of the body, the visceral pain becomes relatively minor, but it is not a fundamental remedy to the problem.


Although, you can survive as far as the pain is not escalated into a disease. Even if you just stand still at the corner of your room by the pain and even if you are crouch down on a street to endure, it cannot continue forever as far as its radiowave manipulation does not create a visceral disease. The pain is just a pain and you can do whatever you want as far as you are not fallen down in the bed. If it is not a result of the electromagnetic wave, it is better to take a rest in the bed to cure your body naturally, but you cannot cure the wave just by sleeping.


On the other hand, when the visceral damage is escalated into a disease, you need to treat it as a disease. Even if it is created by the electromagnetic wave, the real change has already appeared in your body, such as an inflammation or ulcer, hence you need to see a doctor for the next step.


The sexual arousal lasts in your brain, even if the electromagnetic irradiation halts, whose emotion is also generated by the radiowave stimulus on the genital as well. At least for men, it is necessary to emit the androgen to recover a chemical balance in your body system. If not, the chemical might distort your thought and behavior, which can be countered simply to be processed by yourself.


There are other parts of the body highly affected by the radiowave, one of which is the eye. If your eyes suffer from the real disease even escalated by the radiowave, you should see a doctor to treat. Conversely saying, you should stand a pain unless it is not escalated into a disease.


There are many ocular symptoms created by the electromagnetic wave; one of the simplest is a dry eye. It might control the amount of tears, and in anyway, it is quite often for eyes to be dried up. The pupil has no blood vessel as you can see, which takes an oxygen through tears covering eyes. During the daytime, an oxygen in the air is dissolved into tears, which is used for a cellular activity of the pupil.


As a result, if your tears are reduced, you might have a problem on the cells in your pupil as well as a dry eye and its pain. It is necessary to keep yourself from a dry eye and one of the best way is to moisturize your eyes by a steamer, which just takes less than a minute.


The dry eye is also an issue during the night when your pupil uses an oxygen originally contained by tears. Your eyes might be dried up even when your eyelid opens minutely, which can be secured by an eye mask.


The dry eye can be contained by these methodologies, but the viscous eye lotion can save you as well. There are several types of eye lotions stocked in my house, nutritious, anti-mycotic, viscous and anti-allergic. You can lower symptoms by using an appropriate remedies. The electromagnetic wave cannot cause an eye disease, but might escalate its symptom, hence it is necessary to maintain a normal eye condition.


There are other symptoms which is an eye pain felt like stabbed into the brain. This pain can be contained by cooling your temporal lobe. I have no reason why it works, but I happened to know its functionality. When the eye aches unendurably, you do not want to see anything, which is quite problematic to a normal life, but one of its pain can be conquered by cooling your temporal lobe.


55 [Intelligence develops the electromagnetic technology]: spies are responsible for any crimes driven by the radiowave manipulation

There are several version of devices to manipulate the brain. The most advanced one should be highly restricted and the small number of governments can employ its technology. Some of the advanced systems should be linked to the satellite, which can be deployed by even the smaller number of countries.


Having said that, there are many devices just to irradiate simpler frequency patterns, which are still used widely in the world. The advanced technology did not suddenly emerge but have progressed for several decades. In the past, the manipulative function was more limited and its influence on the brain should be limited as well.


The technological development should make its device smaller and portable. Conversely saying, the old facility should have an enormous structure with a huge transmitter, which cannot be portable. It was developed to shrink its size, though there should be many devices still large enough to facilitate and also to require tremendous electricity.


These old facilities should be still in practice, as it has a basic capability, though it is quite visible with its inappropriate size. If you are a target of the intelligence communities for a long time, you can find the facility near your place. On the other hand, if you are new as a target, the device is likely invisible to the public eyes as it is too small.


They should have a screening standard to decide their target. There are many people included in its initial screening, though it cannot be more than a percent of the population. For example in Japan, there should be hundreds of thousands are included in the initial list, but the potential should be narrowed down to tens of thousands. The critical victims should be on this list.


This intelligence operation is a crime, more like conducting an organizational crime, which is never acceptable, but their harm is limited to tens thousands of the people. If you are not one of them, you do not need to worry about this device and the electromagnetic manipulation.


However, the intelligence community sublets these devices to their assets for an avoidance of their own criminal conduct. It is originally meant to attack their targets, but it is apparently abused by them to target the ordinary people, which might harm you as one of the victims.


Even if its device is an older version without advanced manipulation, the influence is still too critical. It can cause you a psychiatric break or brainwashes you to commit a crime. Moreover, you simply suffer from the visceral diseases or even death by the electromagnetic wave. The deteriorated technology does not mean its influence is junior.


The direct operation of the intelligence is quite wrong for this manipulation, but they have already spread these devices far-flung to have an influence on the ordinary people. Even if the specific crime is not committed by the intelligence circle, its responsibility is also shared by them, as they have developed this technology. As far as I know, they have no intention to admit their wrongdoing, but on the contrary, they actually escalate societal damages to stir up the anxiety for an enhancement of their power.


50-1 [Visceral damage created by the radiowave]: even the visceral disease can be created by the wave

The electromagnetic wave can also create a visceral damage. Some of the human cells generate an electricity through the ionic exchange when functioning. It is a natural phenomenon but its frequency is synchronized to the external electromagnetic wave which can control some of the human organic function. In this way, the visceral function is controlled to cause an internal damage as well.


Its damage is basically felt as a pain and its chemical reaction is dependent on the frequency pattern. For example, if your heart is harmed by the wave, it is easier for you to recognize its influence. However, there are other organs, hard to tell how it is affected. The stomach should be one of the easiest, but the duodenum should be harder. Some of us might recognize a symptom at the liver if you have suffered from its damage for a long time. You can say all of the above is an abdominal pain and it is hard to clarify how the radiowave affects your visceral organs.


However hard it is to tell, there is a cause of the pain. For example, the gastric acid is one of the digestive juices, whose hyperacidity hurts your stomach. It is a chemical change, hence it is highly likely that the gastric acid generates a frequency when functioning, which is synchronized to the external electromagnetic wave. As a result, your hyperacidity can be generated by the radiowave to create a pain in your stomach.


This causality occurs to other visceral organs. Each organ has a unique frequency pattern when functioning, as if not, your body is easily malfunctioned. The human body is dielectric so that each organ should irradiate a different frequency to avoid the wrong synchronization.


The frequency pattern is also unique to each individual, but the visceral function is created by the same chemical change, such as the digestive juices, hence each organ might have the generic frequency. All in all, the similar frequency might create the same pain to lots of people. This similarity and difference should define the radiowave controllability, where some might need a complicated customization to crack and others might be too general.


There is another dimension of the individuality, whether you are invalid originally or not. If your stomach is strong enough, yours are fine even with a high-powered irradiation creating a chemical secretion. On the other hand, you might be prone to create an inflammation or even to suffer from an ulcer. This difference is hard to be created by the wave, and in other words, the individuality creates a distinctive difference at the damage.

[shadow brokers]11:they should be caught

All in all, there is a large possibility that we can elucidate the background of these crimes if arresting “shadow brokers”. They are just data brokers, but highly likely related to more crimes and we might tail other global crime organizations, including the equation group.


Additionally, they are an indispensable part of the crime infrastructure in Japan. When we arrest them, this infrastructure should be severely damaged. They are critical targets for the Japanese police as well.


There is another unsolved question for all of us. Snowden worked at the Japan desk of the NSA, which implies it is highly likely he knew some of the members of shadow brokers. It was one of his job descriptions when working for the NSA to find these hackers. Is it common not to realize or even to misread old enemies when leaving the job?


In any way, I hope they are caught as soon as possible.

[shadow brokers]10:another possibility conducted by the NSA and CIA rogue operatives

If the CIA and NSA were intentionally concerned with this issue, it was not to frame the criminals but exploit them. This might be an approach to stir up a threat from the global crime organization with providing them obsolete hacking tools. In the end, the intelligence circles should be more demanded than before.


This type of counterintelligence really took place and I knew some of them, but this specific crime, the auction of hacking tools, was less likely an organizational decision of them, as this appeared too much. However, there is a possibility that some of the agents might leak these to keep their authority. If they are in charge of the job against these criminals or the national security breach, they can keep or even elevate their authority in the intelligence circles.


If that is the case, the equation group itself consists of the rogue agents. It should make sense why they hired Japanese data broker to auction and leaked the obsolete hacking tools under this scenario.


This case is probable, but if you consider they are assumed to be one of the global crime organization, the conclusion should be the same as original; the global crime organization hacked into the NSA server and obtained the tools which were provided to the Japanese data brokers who were told to auction them.


The difference might appear at their motivation that it is not for the show-up, but they would like to keep their authority to stir up the threat of the global crime organization.