4-86 [CIA lured me out to establish my own company]: This is one of the protocols to hire the subject as an intelligence asset

I went to Guam in November 2009 and I had been an intelligence target until then. For example, my kitchen was burnt and I was not able to use it anymore when I was back home from the business trip. I had thought it was also a result of the accident, but there was no miracle that just the kitchen was burnt without notice by anyone and without any attendance.


There were many operations to instigate an insider trading that I knew who told the information to me, though I avoided any illegal transaction. Actually, there were more operations related to the financial crimes and I found out the majority of them were a sting operation to make me a criminal.


The critical tactic around the time I went to Guam was a plot to lure me out to create my own company. There were several reasons why I had decided to start up my own hedge fund and this itself was not a result of the intelligence manipulation.


I actually got a fund in the summer of 2009, but we held back at the time of signing. If they had manipulated me originally, they should have used this opportunity, but the reality went in a different direction, which meant that my motivation was not manipulated initially by the spy.


However, the CIA started to make use of this situation that I continuously met other investors, one of those decided to fund me in the autumn of that year. It was one of the most well-known American public funds through the fund of funds, hence I decided to leave the job to establish my own.


In the timeline-wise, my flat was burnt without notice in early 2009 and I got this fund in October 2009, a month before I went to Guan. Then, I moved to the new place in December as my rent should have been renewed. I did not expect a good result from the negotiation as I have a landlord to pay all the cost suffered from the fire.


The new room was the place I had been tortured. My old flat was independent of any others hence it was inappropriate for the monitor, hence it was necessary for them to move me to the new place for the monitor and operation. All of those operations were conducted simultaneously, meaning this US public funding case was also one of the operations.


The only CIA was capable of setting up this operation, which was why I can confirm they have been in charge, supported by the Japanese police and the Chinese intelligence, though I did not realize how I was framed.



4-59 [Surrounded by the CIA assets]: There were many CIA assets probably to secure me safely going to the US

There were many CIA assets around me in the spring of 2001 when I went to Tokyo, though I did not realize their real identities at that time. In any way, their existence basically indicated that there was a CIA plan to send me to the US as one of their targets.


Having said that, I had no idea how I was targeted by the CIA in those days, even though I had been a subject of their antipersonnel operation already for half a year during my stay in London in 1999.


It was a light version of the operation for them to hire me as an intelligence asset, and their initial plan was highly likely to retry this plot, though I had no idea what level of the operation they prepared at that time.


As said, I had been on their watch list since born as my father was their target, which suggested that there should have been two sets of the opinions inside their agency, a potential enemy or a target of the intelligence asset.


That was why there were many CIA operatives around me from the scratch when I went to Tokyo, but more likely that the CIA plotted that I was going to work in the US and secured my life from the Japanese police intelligence and others until I got to the US.


Thereafter, they would have had a plenty of time to observe me or to convert me as their asset. I am pretty much sure that they had already realized that I was a severe target of the intelligence agencies but not fell yet, which attracted more attentions from the CIA.


I spent half a year in London to enhance my English capability and met some of the CIA officers out there, which meant that they had already completed their initial interview covertly: more than just grasping my profile.


All in all, they would like to hire me as their asset in the end and assumed that there should have been enough time to conduct an antipersonnel operation against me without an intervention from the Japanese police intelligence.


3-55 [Job control]: Spy can control your job opportunity to drive you working as an asset

Your job can be restricted by the intelligence organization when you are not easily discredited, or maybe, your job is controlled at first, followed by the discredit. Those operations are not conducted in a certain sequence but chosen according to the effectiveness and availability. That means, your job control might be conducted at a start of the antipersonnel operation.


In the political case, the election takes place constantly, hence a targeted politician might lose the job when discredited, concurrently. This individual might be asked for a job opportunity, directly or indirectly by the intelligence agency that can hire an important asset in the end.


This situation holds true to celebrities that their disgrace is also linked to their job opportunity. Or, if you work at a company, your job should be controlled more easily, as your company stops hiring you if the intelligence organization pressurizes to do so.


There are many colleagues and managers in your company, some of them are easily cracked even if you are not instigated by the spy. The spy can leverage this situation to control your job opportunity. Especially, it is easier not to hire you than to fire you, as there is a difference of the legal protection.


This plot is quite suitable to acquire you as an asset. When you are isolated from the society with suffering economically, you are prone to accept the spy offer. On the other hand, you are basically useless under this condition that the spy successfully renders you harmless socially.


This operation starts from asking the company a favor, but the electromagnetic wave technology should replace this process as well. The radiowave manipulation can control your career goal, which is one of the ways to maneuver your job opportunity.


Or, you might be unstabilized by the electromagnetic manipulation under this environment, which is one of the ways to hire you as an asset. At the same time, you have been already eliminated from the society, even if not working as an asset.


3-3 [Spy is a lion]: Spy believes they can abuse ordinary people as we are sheep

I had prepared many meeting before I went back to Hong Kong and actually met lots of people out there. There was one guy who clearly mentioned he became one of them and told me to join the spy organization.


He said that the spy came to oppress him to make a false confession that I was involved in the illegal transaction. He had been threatened for many times by them, though he was strong enough not to follow through. For a while, they gave up a threat and offered him to become a spy, which he accepted eventually.


I really thought he would not be threatened by the spies, though I had a question in my mind why he accepted an offer to become one of them.


It was actually one of the procedures that the spy have employed an asset. The threat is one of the plots to create a spy, though the flattering is an alternative way to tempt a target in. In his case, the bad cop confronted at first to create a false charge against me, but he declined the cooperation, hence the good cop suddenly showed up to hire him as a spy.


Whatever he thinks, he was fallen by the CIA operation to acquire an asset.


There is an additional issue in this story; he claimed that the spy is a lion. The spy lion helms the food chain in this world, to rule sheep under their sovereign, i.e. the ordinary people.


He continuously mentioned that there was no meaning to live as a sheep and I should have become one of the lions. The lion had the capability to conduct whatever they wanted and that was why the spy was free to do anything. He told me I should have become one of them to enjoy a freedom. He sounded like to speak as he was said so under the command of someone others.


I had no idea why they believed I would have become one of them by this persuasion. Is it general that we become a spy with this sales talk? As far as I know, the human is a human and there is no lion and sheep amongst us.


The spy actually has lived like a lion at the top of control chain to abuse others, the ordinary people like us, but I cannot get why it is enjoyable to interlude a life of others. I cannot get why they have believed they have a right to deprive a freedom of others, even if they have the capability to do so.


It was my question and I had not got any answers from them. At least, they were not able to answer any when I confronted at that time. They tried to persuade me from a different direction how interesting to control others, but I totally did not get any direct answers and they did not have any.


It might be a coincidence, but their boss, CIA director was fired on the very next day, which I knew when I woke up in the morning of Hong Kong time.


2-99-1 [Spy investigation]: They have had a capability to investigate a financial case, as they have professional assets

Almost all the investigative authority had given up their case against me until the end of 2012, though the intelligence circle was left over. The Japanese police had also continued their investigation, especially led by their intelligence division. However, their capability was limited in the financial case, if there was no support from the professional inspectors. As a result, they have proceeded more illegal conducts than before to oppress me.

On the other hand, the foreign intelligence organizations had no authority to pursue a legal case against me. Their capability of financial investigation has been definitely better, as they have hired many financial professionals as their assets, but they could not have found anything illegal in my case, as there was none.

In the end, one of the main investigative targets was to create a false confession with a created charge, which implied they had already lost their motivation to pursue a legal case against me and tried hard to crack me down mentally. In this way, they could have shut my mouth up to hire me as their asset, if possible.

In my understanding, the last investigative targets were Aussies. I had no idea how they interrogated my counterparts, though some of them were directly confronted by the intelligence officers.

At that time, I was in Indonesia and had a quarrel with Australian spies. This crash occurred unexpectedly, which was treated as a misstep of the Aussie intelligence. Other organizations started to capitalize this situation and decided to raise an insider trading case involved in Aussies. There was no such a case, but I understood what transaction they talked of from a communication with them.

They blackmailed me to become a spy otherwise they would have proceeded an investigation against these cases. I declined their offer immediately and they definitely started an interrogation against them, though I had no proof yet.

This had been a frequent protocol during my investigation, which started from a probe on my transaction, which they believed was an insider trading. There was no trading like that, but there were many transactions I totally forgot why they were placed, which took several hours or days to recollect all the memory.

I have intentionally avoided an illegal transaction, which was why I knew I was innocent, though I felt unease when asked a trade which I had not remembered. I needed a confirmation that I did not conduct anything wrong, which required recollecting the trading rationale.

They employed an electromagnetic wave to create an unnecessary anxiety and despair during my recollection process. It does not matter whether there was a crime or not, but they could have driven me to the edge in this way that they believed I would become their asset in the end.