4-24 [Turn-in triggered another torture]: Aum fugitive arrest was leveraged to gear up the torture against me as a terrorist suspect

Makoto Hirata, one of the three last Aum fugitives, turned himself in at the end of 2011, which was critical to the whole operation. The intelligence organizations failed to assassinate me in the middle of December and started a torture from that day.


It occurred in Hong Kong and the Chinese intelligence was in charge of all of them, but actually, it was a joint operation with the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and others.


It had already passed a few weeks since the start of torture and I was still survived without falling down any one of them and I came to think that they should have stopped this operation as there was no crime of mine to be pursued.


At that exact moment, he turned himself into the police and I realized he was the one I used to work with after the police posted his photo on the internet. Then, I researched his other profiles and confirmed he was my ex-colleague during his runaway.


This fact was also confirmed by the Japanese police and they extended an investigation against me, which also meant that the Chinese intelligence continued their torture.


There was another critical matter related to this plot that he went to the Tokyo metropolitan police, even though he lived in Osaka. This behavior triggered a formal participation of the intelligence section of the Tokyo metropolitan police as they were originally in charge of searching him as a person of interest related to the shooting of the director general of the Japanese police in 1995.


The chief of this section in 2011, Shoichiro Ishikawa, was the past investigator in charge of the covert team in 1995 when he wrote a plan to leave this Aum fugitive at large and framed me as a related person.


He assumed this investigator position from 1995 to 1997 and definitely wrote some of the plots falsely to frame me as a left extremist.


There was another important issue related to this plot that the timing of his turn-in was controlled by the electromagnetic wave. I had been a subject of this radiowave operation for decades including the time I worked with this fugitive in 1997-1998, which also meant that he was also a subject of the same technology. It indicated that his escape and turn-in had been controlled by the police intelligence for decades.


Just in case, I think he did not realize he had been controlled by the electromagnetic wave as I had not noticed this technology for decades. Both of us were manipulated remotely by this electromagnetic wave to work together just for framing as one of the supporters.


The problem at the end of 2011 and in early 2012 was that the most of us did not realize that the covert team of the Japanese police intelligence supported their escape. Contrarily, they suspected that I was involved in another terrorist act including the sarin attack of the Tokyo metropolitan subway system. All of us were framed by this false intel of the Japanese intelligence and the investigation was geared up with harsher tortures.



3-179 [Sudden moving]: I was lost so much to realize the last day came earlier than counted

Several days later, the chime suddenly rang and I woke up to realize that the movers came to my place for the moving.


I totally lost a sense of the date when it was after coming to Hong Kong as I was assaulted by the electromagnetic wave and other physical tortures. I thought the moving was supposed to be held in the next day, though the spy could easily control that kind of the minor difference, even if they could not manipulate me deeply.


I immediately noticed that I had just two options, to postpone or to pack them up right then, and also instantly got the answer that there was no way to stay more in Hong Kong, as it was too dangerous for me. Their original purpose was to make me defer the moving for an extended time of the torture, which might have ended up with my death.


Then, I paid some and asked them to wait for half an hour, which gave me a time to pick up necessities for the next few months. I put those into several boxes which were planned sent separately to my next room and others were directly delivered to the warehouse.


I had continued my packing, next to the movers who completed their work early afternoon. I recollected what had happened in this room for a while, but it was no meaning to stay there more, hence I left there for the hotel I booked.


The issue was I totally lost a sense of days and I was not sure my booking was correct, not just for the hotel but for the flight as well.


Furthermore, I needed to send my boxes by mail at first. I originally planned to carry those to the post office at few times as they were too many, but I had no choice anymore so that I placed all of them in the trunk and backseat of the taxi.


However, it was quite hard to bring those into the post office and it looked like I needed to carry each of those for at least a hundred meter to reach the counter. Those were not left unattended, hence I had to run for a long time, as I needed to carry those separately, but made up my mind not to fall any of their traps.


3-178 [A small stroke]: Stroke was caused again by the electromagnetic wave

I had a small seizure after my headache continued for several days. I was not sure my sense was perfectly correct, but I felt a blood vessel was broken to flow some amount of blood suddenly in the morning. I felt a fear but I had no idea what to do.


A headache was more aggravated in the night that it ached at some parts of the brain. It was so unique that I felt something passing through my vessels in the brain, completely different from a headache I had experienced previously.


It was not a migraine, but more partial, which did not halt all the time to make me tumble in the bed.


I had already realized that I had several small strokes, though I did not have a headache concurrently. I just lost the eyesight at one of my eyes, saw a strange light or lost a partial control of my arm in the night. I did not realize it was a seizure of the stroke, but I had thought a strange incident happening to me.


It was highly likely caused by the electromagnetic wave, i.e. I was quite sensitive to suffer from the stroke when exposed to a certain type of the wave, though I was happily still alive as the symptom was still mild as I was still young enough. I had already realized the electromagnetic wave could cause this problem until then and the CIA and Japanese police intelligence attempted this functionality against me in the past.


However, I got a headache at that time in Hong Kong, which implied that my symptom was not serious as I got a problem accompanying with an ache, which should be more subtle than my past seizures. Having said that, the pain had continued for many hours, which made me unconscious in the end after several hours of tumbling.


In the next morning, I felt again an unbearable headache, but my body moved normally, implying that there was no permanent damage in my brain. Then, I had decided to flow all the clot from my blood vessel in the brain.


I went to walk up the mountain behind my apartment, which warmed up my muscle to increase a blood flow, eventually cleaning up my vessels, though I could not walk at all once I went out.


My headache was too heavy for me to move so that I had stood at the spot for five minutes, and then got accustomed to the pain after a little while. I restarted to walk to the mountain, eventually spend two hours to the top, almost double of the time I spent usually.


I felt my blood flows normally when I got to the top and lost a sense that something clotted in the brain with the lighter headache.


3-176 [The last Hong Kong]: I was back to Hong Kong to pack all my belongings sent to Japan

I came back to Hong Kong for the permanent move to Japan. I ran away from my apartment in the spring of 2012 and occasionally came back to the place, though this was the last time I would stay there.


There were assassination attempts and tortures in this room so that I had never thought I could live in, though I left my belongings there until settling my future direction. Those were the only reason I should have come back to Hong Kong.


I had decided where to stay in Japan until then, though my original plan was to stay at the monthly residence to see how the torture proceeded, hence all of my belongings were sent to the warehouse until the next step.


I had no reason to stay longer in Hong Kong, as it was just for the move, but I only could book the mover two weeks ahead. I completed necessary paper works in the first two days, and then, there was nothing to do just waiting for the end.


I had no intention to meet anyone as it was quite apparent that the CIA and Chinese intelligence would intervene any meetings. I just had decided to spend the last days in Hong Kong quietly.


I walked to the city center sometimes at the beginning, as I was accustomed to the assassinations and tortures so that I was not so frightened anymore to walk around. Actually, I was not a subject of the assaults anymore in Hong Kong.


One day, I saw one of my colleague in the financial industry in the small alley, who was sent from Japan. I knew why he was there as his analysis was crucial to some critical issues, though I did not mention it vocally, but just discussed directly through the brain.


This was another confirmation that they could read my brain through the electromagnetic wave. This technology is invisible and they have often manipulated me not to believe there is no such functionality, though I have seen many pieces of evidence its existence outside of my brain.


At the same time, I realized that many people were mobilized by the government to support their activities.


3-93 [Chinese spy]: They came to Okinawa on the same flight to monitor me

In those days, I lived in Hong Kong to fly over to Okinawa by a direct flight, but there were Chinese spies coming together with me for monitoring. They actually sat in front of me at the local monorail, whom I realized there were travelers from Hong Kong, but not recognized that their true identity.


The Chinese spies told me this exact story from the opposite side, hence I am pretty much sure there were intelligence officers from China. However, they were likely to belong to the Chinese police which also had an intelligence division, as they were in charge of my surveillance at that time.


That means they were officers at the Hong Kong police, and moreover, they looked like a Hong Kong local speaking Cantonese. The Japanese police officially asked a joint instigation against me to the Chinese counterpart, which was why they already set up monitors and bugs, a couple of weeks before my trip to Okinawa.


It also indicates that the Chinese monitor was conducted under a collaboration with the Japanese police intelligence. In both intelligence agencies, there were many corrupted officers, some of those tried to frame me as a criminal. Those Chinese officers sent monitors to watch my behavior in Okinawa.


The Japanese police intelligence had spread a fake intel that I was a danger to the society, which was one of the normal protocol for the intelligence organization, not special for the Japanese spy. However, the Japanese intelligence is one of the police divisions, hence their fake intel can be shared by the other police teams as well, such as an investigation.


The CIA had also spread the same kind of faked intel, some of which were already confirmed. There were many layers of lies which made me quite a dangerous figure, whose intel was also shared by the Chinese intelligence.


As a reality, I assumed the Chinese intelligence should have involved with this whole orchestration more actively, as there were many critical events I experienced in Hong Kong and the mainland China.


There were many spies when I was in Okinawa at that time, but most of them had not realized a true identity of mine, but just monitored me as their intelligence job. It was more likely that they had not realized I was flagged as a terrorist suspect.


They had definitely monitored me, but their stance was more or less vague that they had no idea what to watch over. As a matter of fact, my interaction with them looked like I was contacting to the handler, hence it should have become another faked intel that I was connected to the hidden spy organization.


3-12 [Still beeping in Indonesia]: Spy operation was continued even after going to Indonesia

I had decided to leave but had no idea where to go. I preferred a place directly accessible from Hong Kong with unnecessary to take a visa. If it was necessary or at least to take one at the airport, I might have been kicked out there to go back to Japan.


There were about fifteen cities matching to this category, and then, I excluded any capitals as the main city was well protected by their own intelligence officers, but also filled with many spies as well. I would like to avoid a confrontation with them, whose screening resulted in several cities, the majority located in Indonesia. I had never been to Indonesia, hence I thought it was a good opportunity for me to visit there.


It was also the next to Singapore, meaning I could jump on the next available opportunity once it became open. My priority was to leave Hong Kong, which should have given a chance to take a breath. When staying Hong Kong more, my mental might have been worsened, but moreover, they should have attempted the next assassination sooner or later.


Once decided the next destination, I left Hong Kong quickly, though the situation was not that improved. A while after entering the hotel room, the beep sound started to reflect in the room. It had kept continued for all night long, I was so tired mentally and physically until the next morning.


In the morning, I went out of the room to eat a breakfast, seeing several spooky men surrounding the small table. They were apparently spies, but their intention was an intimidation to show up in that way.


Eventually, I gave up all the bookings and decided moving to the next place, as their harassment was so successful. However, the next step should have been tricky as it was necessary to consider several pros and cons. My initial take was to stay at the hotel owned locally, which might halt a collaboration with the intelligence community.


In the reality, its plot was turned out to be useless. The situation was not totally changed and I still heard a severe beeping in the room. The issue was the environment where the spy could easily run their operation.


Then, I hit upon an idea to move to a smaller island. They were able to employ local outlaws when staying at the big city, as there were a plenty of people including baddies. At the same time, the spy had constructed their own network even in the second city, but I could have gotten away from this situation when hopping to the smaller island.


3-11 [Decided to leave Hong Kong again]: I should be killed if decided to stay longer

I had believed the investigation and torture should be halted when the deadline was passed, but the reality was contrary that it was escalated more. They have always lied about the time limit to raise my expectation for creating a despair later on when it was turned out to be faked. They have continued this methodology on and on, as there were limited choices to take because there has been nothing to prosecute me.


The noise from the upper room became louder to deprive my sleep. I more or less lived in the hallucination with other numerous spy operation.


There have been many types of the operation and I had an experience to fall down with unknown cause in those days. When I waited for a taxi, I came to lose my conscious and could not stand still at that spot. I felt the same feeling in the past, though it was so extreme on that day.


I could not breathe nor stand, which can be explained as an extreme sleepy, but it was more like a rope tightening around my head. The only I could do was to crouch down to endure it, which continued for several minutes while I tried to breathe normal under nearly fainted.


I have already known that this was a result of the electromagnetic wave. This pain was out of normal and we could not do anything at all. In the past, I thought it was created by alcohol as its symptom just appeared while drinking. I had thought I became older to be more affected by it, causing a drowsiness.


However, I assumed it was drugged by the spy on that day in Hong Kong, as I had not drunk that much and I had poisoned by them for several times as well, more than just drugged.


The truth is that this was a result of the electromagnetic wave, which occurs even when you are not drunk. You come to lose your conscious under this radiowave, though it had not occurred while I was sober until my realization of the electromagnetic capability.


The alcohol is not an essential issue, though this effect is enhanced when you take it inside your body system, which aggravates a pain to the extreme. I knew some of them passed out due to this wave and even killed eventually.


I started to think about leaving Hong Kong sooner after that event. I thought I would be killed easily when staying there more.


Although, there was no job available in Singapore, therefore I decided to leave there at first, to spend some time in other countries until the issue is settled. In this direction, it was appropriate to go to other countries in the Southeast Asia.