4-17 [Ghost created by the electromagnetic wave]: Ghost voice is one of the ways to brainwash the subject

I mentioned several stories that birds were controlled by the electromagnetic wave, the first of which took place in front of my eyes in 1993. I had thought it was a result of the accidental coincidence for a long time and never imagined there was a technology to maneuver the creature remotely.


One of my friends heard the invisible voice at the same exact moment, which was a manipulation to let him follow the words of ghost that were actually a production of the electromagnetic wave. This methodology has still been often availed as one of the main protocol of the radiowave operation.


Another friend of mine told me that he could have seen a ghost, which was also a part of the operation, though I was not so sure who was the real target at that time. He looked like believing his word, meaning he fell to the operation later to become a member of the left extremist or an asset to the Japanese police intelligence.


There was an enough possibility he was the target, though also probable that this ghost operation was designed to entrap me, as this friend of mine was related to the plot that I encountered with a hijacker of Japan Red Army in 1994.


There was another ghost operation taken place at the end of 1996, which was a month-long operation in November and December that one of my friends suddenly talked about the ghost continuously. He changed a subject many times during that time but kept talking about the story of ghosts.


At the end of the day, the spy conducted an operation to make me believe I have a capability to see a ghost. It was a midnight around 2-3 AM and there was definitely no one walking along the countryside, but there was one woman wearing a white cloth.


You might not realize but the Japanese ghost wore a white cloth in the traditional sense so that many Japanese might believe she was a ghost in this situation. I wrote a detail of the operation before, but in any way, the same individual tried to make me believe it was a ghost, the only he and I could see.


He was in a trouble at that time, which was why he collaborated with the police and private investigator and I realized it later on. He explained it so vaguely that I did not understand what it meant in those days, but it was also one of the protocol to make an excuse during the operation.


This ghost story was followed by the other eliminative operation, hence they originally had a plan to brainwash me using a ghost identity.



3-209 [Classification of the electromagnetic wave manipulation]: Better to know functionalities of the wave

I have been a difficult subject to be manipulated, which is why I am still alive though I have been driven to the verge for many times. It also implies that there are many people easily manipulated by the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


As discussed, the wave can deliver a voice directly to your brain, and if you assume it is a revelation of the divine or devil, you can be brainwashed just by this voice. This is the easiest mode of the manipulation which is actually reinforced by the emotion control also from the radiowave.


When the operatives employ these methodologies effectively, the multiple electromagnetic wave plots should create a criminal with ease, and actually, there were many murders caused by this technology, including many spree killings.


There is another type of the voice heard directly to your brain, which is actually hard to be differentiated from your inner voice. Even if you can recognize the apparent voice is sent from the outside of your brain, it is hard to tell this invisible voice as an external. As a result, you might be manipulated without realization.


Having said that, this invisible voice is heard as one of the internal voices so that you cannot be brainwashed as they want. Your behavior is not necessarily decided by the single internal voice, especially when avoiding an instinctive action, therefore there is an enough chance to go away with the control.


This invisible voice is also delivered concurrently with the emotion control, which reinforces the brainwash against you. It indicates that you can be manipulated in any way, but there are more chances you can avoid the manipulation if you think pros and cons from many perspectives.


It also implies that your simple action is more easily manipulated by the wave. For example, your choice of the dinners is maneuvered with ease; for example they can maneuver you easily to eat an Italian food. The operatives send you a thought to eating it by the wave and your emotion is controlled to accept its idea positively.


There is no problem to eat an Italian food originally, hence you follow its idea naturally, even if it is sent directly to your brain from the outside. I have been often manipulated in this way, even though I have fully realized the electromagnetic wave manipulation, implying it is hard to avoid this operation if you have no idea of this technology.


It is nearly impossible to contain the radiowave manipulation just by the mental strength, and it is hard to live if you are a subject of this operation, 24 hours a day. There should be less than a thousand who have been targeted by the spy intensively like that in the world, but there are more people occasionally controlled by this technology.


The issue is how to avoid this manipulation. As a matter of reality, this technology will be availed wrongly in the future as well, even if this device is prohibited to use. Moreover, it is less likely that this is totally prohibited to use, even if severely restricted, meaning we always have a risk to be controlled by this technology in the future.


In this world, you can protect yourself when you have a legal perspective in your consideration, i.e. to keep the law.


Keeping the law is quite different from doing the right thing, as there are many issues that you believe they are good, but actually categorized as illegal. If you prioritize the legality in this case, you are less likely to be brainwashed to commit a crime.


Having said that, capable operatives should target the issue that you believe it is the right thing to do but illegal. They manage to let you commit a crime as your illegal action leads to your assetization or elimination.


3-208 [Life under delusion by the radiowave]: The most dangerous brainwash scheme in this world

I had been ruled by the delusion created by the spy since the electromagnetic wave operation was openly conducted in March 2013 and it was escalated when I moved to this place.


I occasionally spent a terrible time to lose my consciousness in the past; for example, CIA, the Japanese police had failed to trap me in the sting operation until December 2011, and then, the Chinese intelligence attempted an assassination which was failed again to trigger tortures against me as a further aggression.


In those days, they drugged me as a support of the torture, which created a delusion, but it actually was quite directional, implying they manipulated me through the electromagnetic wave as well.


I fully analyzed what happened to me in the past, but some of them are hard to be concluded as a result of the electromagnetic manipulation as I did not know their capability at that time.


There were many delusions in late 2011, which were apparently created by the intelligence operation, but I was sleepless due to the torture and was drugged as well through smoking a tobacco which they mixed a downer into. As a result, I cannot tell which delusion was created by the wave.


This also held true to the operation in 2012 at my home, when I was obsessed with the suicidal emotion, definitely created by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. In Okinawa, I was also obsessed with a weird emotion just in the morning doze in early 2013, caused by the wave.


In those days, they employed a radiowave operation covertly so that they could not create a complicated delusion, but simple and directional ones every day in my brain. This effect depends on the individuality that some of us are actually more easily brainwashed by this technology.


Since they opaquely employed the electromagnetic wave operation in March 2013, I had lived a life hard to tell the reality from the delusion. I fully understood it was created by the electromagnetic wave at that time and I could remove some of the delusions from my brain, but still, it was hard to identify the reality.


Having said that, it was only the time when I was drugged that I truly lost what was going on. It was possible to lower the brain function just by the electromagnetic wave, but if that is the case, another operation becomes difficult to achieve as the brain is fully malfunctioned.


On the other hand, the spy has drugged me to create a delusion and paranoia internally, which can be manipulated by the wave, which is more efficient for them to conduct the electromagnetic brainwash.


This operation has been continued since then, though I had settled down to the single place with cooking by myself and without smoking, therefore it was quite hard for them to drug me, covertly.


It does not mean my life becomes better as I had been manipulated to attack others including the police headquarter since moving to this place. There were many sting operations to make me commit an illegal conduct in the past and it was not the first time to be manipulated to attack others, but the operation held in early 2014 was so dangerous and profound.


I did not fall their plot eventually, but it does not mean their operation was permitted in Japan, and moreover, I had no idea why they were still at large without captured.


3-206 [Radiowave operation to create lone wolf]: some of lone terrorists were created by the spy manipulation

The Japanese police sometimes warns a danger of the lone wolf terrorist, which is certainly real, as it is probable that the ordinary individual might be radicalized just through the internet.


However, the CIA and intelligence community have created lone wolves by their own. It is one of the ways to increase a demand for their functionality and they have easily created perpetrators by way of the electromagnetic wave manipulation as discussed.


This outcome is not just to produce the potential terrorist, but they have also created many victims even killed due to the attack.


This kind of sabotage is outsourced to their asset as well. In the Japanese case, the left extremists are turned as a spy to the police intelligence, those are hired to manipulate the potential target to commit a felon through the electromagnetic wave operation.


As a result, there were many terrible incidents happened, which has been availed by the police to stir up a danger of the lone wolf and to reinforce the police budget accordingly, or they have also expanded their policing capability. This is a typical wrongdoing of the intelligence community to play their own work


The fundamental issue here is an existence of many victims as a result of those lone wolves’ attacks. There were many cases well planned for the attack in Japan, but surprisingly some of them apparently have prepared too much considering a lack of their experience of the real attack in the past, which is only capable by the recurring felon or the law enforcement officer.


This irregularity is sometimes a proof of the electromagnetic wave, as it is necessary for the spy to let their target prepare the attack well in advance, as it is the only way to make it happened. It is not easy to brainwash you to commit a crime so that it is necessary to manipulate you in the multiple perspectives toward the final assault.


I was also so manipulated near to make an assault even though I fully realized I was brainwashed by the spy. The current electromagnetic wave technology has been advanced to that degree.


On the other hand, the majority of brainwashed perpetrators did not know an existence of the radiowave technology which could deliver words directly to the brain and could maneuver the emotion to be exploded.


If you do not know this technology, you become an easy target of the spy operation to have you commit a felony and you might not realize what just happened for long as you are likely shot dead at the spot.


We should realize the fact that there were many perpetrators manipulated by the electromagnetic wave to cause many victims as well. Moreover, there were political manipulations as well by way of the same technology, which has created more victims eventually due to the government failure.


3-205 [More than emotional control by the radiowave]: Necessary to manipulate more for attacking the exact target

You do not necessarily believe a manipulated information just because your brain is malfunctioned. It depends on the individuality, but you still have a capability to decline an opinion of others even under the brain dysfunction.


There is a way to crack this state that your instinct is controlled by the electromagnetic wave, which makes you more easily affected by the brainwash. If your feeling of negative and positive is maneuvered at the same time when the opinion is presented to you, you should have a positive or negative view on the issue.


In this way, I emotionally believed that the revenge was the right thing. I can detach my emotion now, though it is more important to know an existence of the electromagnetic wave which is why I can be away from their instinctive manipulation.


In those days, my brain was malfunctioned to lower the reasoning ability, which made me believe my emotion without the restriction. However, I did not make an action even if I was too manipulated because I did not believe it was that urgent.


It was a result of my training to make a move after enough analysis considering probable outcomes, which was the only reason I did not assault the police station under the severe brainwash. This analysis was meant to compare pros and cons of the action, which was even separated from my value judgment, hard to be manipulated more.


I have tried to observe an event from many perspectives and they failed to crack my codes simultaneously, which was why I was still survived. Although, my brain was often ruled by the emotion, which had a potential to make an assault, especially with my detest against the police torture under this electromagnetic wave.


Every manipulated perpetrator finally made an assault as they are brainwashed in the way that their aggression is escalated to go over the tipping point. This control is originally meant to support the brainwash, but if you have been already entrapped by the operation, you should make a move just by this escalation of the aggression.


However, the emotional explosion might make them assault a different target from the original plan so that it is also necessary for the spy to brainwash their subjects how to attack.


In my case, I was brainwashed to assault the station with the rifle, but the spy let me think how to obtain it, where to practice it and the exact route to attack the local police headquarter. This is necessary for the brainwash through the electromagnetic wave, especially when you do not make a real assault even after many hours of the manipulation.


The electromagnetic wave brainwash is composed by many minor manipulations to create the final outcome, each of which is also complicated to require a profound skillset of this technology.


I was one of the least manipulated people in many perspectives, but I was quite in danger to become a perpetrator through their operation, which basically implied that they had accumulated many experiences to the similar type of the operations for a long time.


It also meant that CIA, the Japanese police intelligence and other intelligence organizations have employed this methodology to kill numerous people, including infamous mass murders.


3-204 [How to brainwash by the radiowave]: You are manipulated to believe the assault is right thing to do

It is necessary to elucidate how this brainwash took place to assault the police station, whose analysis provides a general idea how the spy conducts a mission through the electromagnetic wave.


They at least make you believe that the assault is the right thing to do. If not, the assault won’t happen even if they whisper an attack directly to your brain. Having said that, if you are originally aggressive or accustomed to assault others, you might conduct a severe felony without a profound rationale.


In any case, the reason is always required to make a charge, even if it is too skewed and even if it is incomprehensive to common sense. All the attack has been caused by some reasons, which holds true to the brainwash by the electromagnetic wave.


I was not aggressive to believe the assault was the right thing to do so that I could not conduct it just by an escalation of the aggression. Therefore, they rationalized my attack assumed to be a revenge to the police, as I had been tortured and my freedom had deprived by them for a few years until then. They brainwashed me that my retaliation would be fulfilled with an assault against their local headquarter.


I have no such delusion after relieved from that brainwash, which is basically unnecessary as I can win over the trial if fighting with them through the legal court in terms of the torture and intimidation as I have proofs.


My current problem is not that but I need to find out a way to reveal the fact that they have been destroying the Japanese society for decades. They have conducted political manipulation to fail the country, assassinated many individuals who might contradict their absolute authority, created many felons by the electromagnetic wave operation and killed many people as a result of the manipulated mass murders.


Those are not just my personal issue.


When back to the normal, I fully understand the revenge attack was logically a wrong option to take, which indicated that they lowered my reasoning ability through the radiowave operation as well as to make me think how to attack the police.


This brain dysfunction can be triggered by the sleepless, but there is a pattern of the frequencies to lower the brain function. I came to conclude that the wave has an influence on the prefrontal cortex 9 when the reasoning function is disabled. You feel dizzy under this irradiation and you cannot correctly judge against any opinions which might cause an actual action to go beyond the restriction of reason.