4-47 [Japanese society under attack 1]: Two sets of rogue groups in the police: Authoritarian and Left sympathizer

There was a line of the intelligence careers who have been demolishing the Japanese society and system inside the police which eventually controlled the covert operational organization called as zero. They took over this command even before their members assumed the director general post.


I assumed I was an early target of them after they fully in charge of the covert operation, highly likely occurred in the middle of 1990s. Their director general was shot in 1995, but its true nature was covered up because their team had already taken over all the covert intelligence operation.


Some of the local police chiefs were selected in relevance with this cover-up operation to leave the Aum fugitive at large, Shigeaki Ishikawa and Katsuharu Ashikari, though their assignment was confirmed by Takahiro Kunimatsu who was the director general shot by North Korea.


It is improbable for him to cover up the shooting against himself so that there should have been an influential ex-executive officer who intervened into their deployment.


This ex-officer was highly likely not radicalized to the left as he was older than the left sympathizers. The majority of the left sympathizers in the police department graduated from the university after the 1960s when the left student movement was peaked.


As said, there were two sets of the groups inside this line of careers, authoritarians and left sympathizers. The majority of old generations were categorized as the authoritarian who just pursued their power without the specific goal.


Both groups have been mixed to compose one line, sharing a capability of the electromagnetic wave operation. This technology was even hidden in the police intelligence, which was why several police leaders were hospitalized around the same time by this functionality, though not realized that their suffering was caused by the electromagnetic wave.


This device was introduced from the CIA and their group exclusively availed this technology, which was one of their main identities.


There was another important character of this line that they shared the pachinko concession with the North Korean government. The police started to take this interest from 1985 when one of their subordinated company was in charge of testing all the machines used for this gambling industry.


That was why the old generation was not one of the left sympathizers but helped North Korea as they were highly involved in terms of the pachinko concession. That was why they supported a plan to leave the Aum fugitive at large to hide a truth of the shooting against the police director general after condemning one of them was a mastermind.


This operation was later utilized by the left sympathizers inside the same line, which was why I was framed to work with one of the fugitives, Makoto Hirata, after they failed many operations to drive me to the Marxist extremist group. They were more involved with North Korea, as they shared the same ideological goal with.


They had conducted many political operations since the middle of the 1990s to demolish the Japanese society and system to idealize their socialist pursuit as a covert revolution with the electromagnetic wave.



2-57-2 [Japanese intelligence politicization]: Authoritarians left in the power

There is a crucial reality that these left radicalized police bureaucrats have employed left extremists for their operation. They can deploy their subordinated officers for whatever operations, but they might have trusted extremist spies more. As a result, their operation has had an influence from the left extremist view, especially in terms of a selection of their target.


It should have been assumed as a terror when the extremist has targeted the ordinary people, but the electromagnetic wave is not yet recognized as a lethal weapon by public. However, they can conduct these operations due to working as a spy to the police intelligence. All of their electromagnetic capability is supported by the police which should share a responsibility for the damage against the general public.


This whole system has been supported by ranking officers at the police intelligence division. The social unrest creates a necessity of the intelligence operation, which is ideally caused by the extremist who is a potential enemy to them. If they mobilize the covert intelligence team to create a mass murder, its revelation should hurt a trust of the police intelligence permanently.


On the other hand, the left extremist sympathizers in the police ranking officers have fulfilled their political motivation in this way. They have controlled an investigation toward the radicals to run a political operation to turn over Japan.


They have to keep the left extremists active for their power struggle, but the extremist has been so unpopular to find a successor. This is a problem to solve for the whole police intelligence division to have their enemy alive and to create a large candidate pool for their spy operation.


Their answer was a support for the extremist to recruit their new members. This should have been totally agreed in the police ranking officers at the intelligence division, though it has a byproduct as well. Not all of the people can be manipulated as they want and its failure has triggered many assassinations to cover a link between the intelligence and extremist.


The politicization was not solely driven by the left extremist, but this ideology has radicalized their operation beyond just an authoritative motivation. There have been numerous operations to achieve the left extremist ideal, the communist revolution, including manipulations and murders. Japan had paid a lot of costs unknowingly in the last two decades, which was a result of left radicalization of some ranking police officers and progress of the electromagnetic capability.


These sympathizers were losing their power, partially kicked out due to this kind of the revelation, but the pure authoritarians are still left in their organization. The student movement was hiked in 1960s and early 70s in Japan, who were already above 60 years old, not many staying in the government.


Their successors are becoming less radicalized to the left and no one is categorized as such within years. However, some of them have been so corrupted and power centric under the covert socialist leader. In a sense, these successors are pure authoritarians who are similarly dangerous to the society. Furthermore, they are the core to run the electromagnetic manipulation.


They are basically one group characterized as a control circle of the covert operation at the police intelligence division, which had also dominated an electromagnetic technology. This team was taken over by the left radicalized police leaders whose successors have been less directional for the political ideal, but still active in the power struggle.



2-56 [Authoritaritative oppression]: You should follow any orders including illegal to become an intelligence director

The police intelligence has required an enemy to fight with, which is the only way to show they are necessary. If not, the budget is cut and spent more on others.


However, it is not the sole reason why they have created a criminal partially by the electromagnetic wave. They could run this operation because they are authoritarian, who cannot accept any individuals not to follow their rules. It is not because those are dangerous to the society, but the police intelligence does not like them in nature.


Generally speaking, it restrains a personal freedom to maintain the public order. All the regimes are in between, the laissez-faire and dictatorship. The authoritarian cares more about the public order, which is matching to the police intelligence as it is eventually their job description.


If your job is to maintain the public order, you better be an authoritarian to keep your mental health. Conversely saying, if you are authoritarian, it is easy to oppress the people from the higher command, which leads your career toward the director.


After all, you need to kill a subject as ordered, to go higher up the ladder in the Japanese police intelligence. Your illegal activity should help your perception amongst the same kind of intelligence officers.


In this system, the whole department should be corrupted sooner or later, and there is no way back, as there is no one left to do the right thing. Once the most corrupted had reached the top, its organizational crime would not halt.


Looking back the Japanese history, there was a critical incident that the intelligence director was fired due to the illegal wiretapping against the congressman in 1987. They had conducted many illegal activities, but this incident was assumed to start of the normalization, and moreover, the collapse of communist countries should lower their necessity which should have eventually reduced their activity itself.


However, that was not true. They have employed an advanced electromagnetic wave technology to covertly operate their illegal mission.


Fundamentally speaking, if the number of terrorist activities is reduced, their authority targets to maintain their power and to oppress the ordinary people. Their final goal is to maintain the public order, which is also achievable to restrain the personal freedom. There is just one direction and no optimal point for the balance between the freedom and order.


Their methodology is to create an enemy for the maintenance of their power. The most efficient way is to choose any individuals whom they do not like and to manipulate them to commit a crime.


This manipulation becomes much easier with the electromagnetic wave, which had also been unnoticed for a long time. They got two birds with one stone in this way.


In the end, their target was expanded from the left extremist to the individual who is an obstacle to their power maintenance. At the same time, they have created incidents to kill many victims to keep their necessity, which has made them more dangerous to the society and the ordinary people.


2-55 [Enemy wanted]: Intelligence needs their enemies to fight against, even if self-created

It is a common practice to create a criminal by the electromagnetic wave. I have somehow managed to escape from their trap, still away from being a killer or felon, but not all the target has been so lucky.


If you do not realize you are manipulated, you are more prone to accept the idea sent by the radiowave, eventually to commit a crime. For my case, I had no idea this existence in 2006, hence I was so manipulated but it was out of my value and impulse to act according to its manipulation.


The issue is how strong your philosophy is. If it is not strong that you are easily influenced by others, you can be easily maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave.


Or, you might be too emotional to contain your impulse to assault others. This aggressive emotion is also enhanced by the electromagnetic wave so that your reason is quite critical to be away from a battery or murder.


Furthermore, the electromagnetic technology has progressed significantly, which is capable potentially of manipulating more people to offend the law. If you do not recognize a threat of the electromagnetic wave, you cannot realize your brain is manipulated.


The CIA and other global intelligence organization can create a criminal through this methodology. Even if they have failed to make you a criminal, you can become easily an enemy of the country when mentioning you have a dangerous paranoia. As a result, you can be more monitored by these spies to conduct more profound manipulation. This whole system is extremely wrong.


One of this advancement is a threat of the lone wolf. This threat is very real to the society, but some of them are actually created by the spy. Some terror acts were manipulated by the intelligence organizations with the electromagnetic wave to exaggerate a risk of the lone wolf.


In this way, the spy can enhance their necessity from the government, as they are guys to fight against these crazy terrorists. Moreover, they expand the watch list to include those who are potentially against their authority. The spy can render those harmless through various operations, which certifies their winning at the power struggle.


Or, they sometimes leave terrorists to conduct terrors. If this is the case, they have not created a criminal nor a terror. They are not legally responsible for any final acts, but they should choose which terror can be executed negligibly. This choice should be so unlawful.


Although, not all the terrorists are created by the intelligence. The vast majority of crimes are irrelevant to the intelligence operation, but its fact is irrelevant to the real existence of the operation to create a crime.


The world is not created by the conspiracy, but there is certainly a spy operation to create a social disorder.


2-53 [For public security]: Japanese police eliminated many individuals out of their narrow common sense

There is a general critical issue in Japan in terms of policing, to hammer in the nail sticking out. They target subjects who would not work for the police intelligence to nail down socially.


Those individuals are basically an edge of the society, who are apparently out of the police reach and their narrow common sense. It is eventually translated into a danger to the public security which they would like to maintain at the level they could accept.


I was actually said by the police officer that all of those individuals went through an “investigation” like this, though more like a persecution. I had known its existence even before they started to torture me, though this methodology was employed against the people who were more socially important.


When I became a target, I had realized all the past social manipulation and abuse were products of the police intelligence which systematically had plotted a persecution to render their subject harmless.


Their operation is so devastating to the society which has been evolved with new ideas created from the edge to the whole society in the end. This process has helped many lives to be improved, though it should be stagnant if hammering all the edge.


On the other hand, the police intelligence can create a society which can be easily controlled by them, if eliminating individuals who do not follow their authority. The change is always an enemy to the authoritarian rulers.


This authoritarian value is also shared by the left extremist who believes every individual is subjected to the socialist bureaucrats. At one point of time, the Japanese police was controlled by these authoritarians, right and left, who had been eliminated many people, which was one of the main force to demolish the Japanese society.


There were many people targeted by them and I could not name all of them, though one of the most abused was Seiji Tsutsumi, a famous entrepreneur in Japan. He was eventually sucked down, but he had been targeted for several decades as he could not have been killed.


His career was an enemy to all the players, the left extremist, its sympathizer, the authoritarian police director and the spy, as he was an ex-communist student leader at the top school, though a son of prominent entrepreneur and speaker of the lower house, to start his own business several years after deported from the communist movement due to a struggle for the political direction.


Reading his book, also famous as a poet, there was a story about sleeping three days after finishing a critical project. This is definitely a result of the electromagnetic wave, as I have experienced the same due to the electromagnetic manipulation. In those days, I thought it was a natural phenomenon, but the wave could put me down in the same manner. That was why I realized it has been an outcome of the electromagnetic manipulation.


I found out how to counter its maneuver, therefore, this incident could not occur anymore, but if not, my situation is still the same as the past, as they still employ the same electromagnetic wave to let me down, occasionally.


Considering these facts, his success was somehow remarkable, even though he was initially supported by his father. I knew it was quite hard to live through from the attack, especially when they had employed an electromagnetic wave.