4-92 [CIA took over the command]: CIA has been in charge of the eliminative operation against me from the middle to secure their organizational interest

The CIA has been in charge of the operation against me from the middle, even though the Japanese police intelligence independently had conducted it until the late 1990s. I used to live in Tokyo from 2003 to 2007 when the Japanese police intelligence had their own opportunity to run an illegal mission against me, though the CIA was always there quite next to me.


I moved to Hong Kong in 2007 and the CIA has been involved in the whole operation as I was targeted to hide a trace that they knew and utilized the Sep 11 attack for their sake, and I was one of the critical witnesses.


Other intelligence agencies had also run independent operations, such as Chinese and North Korean intelligence, though the majority was under a direct control of the CIA.


Their operation started from an assetization, though they have tried to kill me since the middle of the 1990s. I did not elucidate why they alternatively conducted an operation of the assetization and elimination, but the Japanese police intelligence independently attempted assassinations more than ten times and the CIA done several, though there were just two occasions that I was targeted to be killed from 2007 to 2011, in Xian and Guam.


They definitely wanted to kill me, though some of them kept me alive as my analytical capability was outstanding that I realized the financial crisis and the Greek crisis, half a year before they took place.


I had a right expectation for some of the issues in advance and the CIA used my analysis. I actually realized that they read my analysis in autumn 2011, just before the well-calculated fraud operation was conducted against me.


It was broadcasted on TV, which was partially because some of them let me know that I was severely targeted by the intelligence community, though I had not realized the fact more than they used my analysis.


As a matter of fact, it was not so surprising that my writings were availed by the CIA and they were actually not illegally obtained. Therefore, I just noticed in that autumn that I was monitored by them and never assumed that there was an illegal operation against me.


I was useful to them in this way so that there were many people as well trying to hire me as an asset rather than killing me.


However, in either way, the CIA is just wrong for their mission, especially at the point that the intelligence community has built up the spy network around the world which has been out of the governmental control at all. That is why they believe they are lions to do whatever they want to the ordinary people.


We have a right to live freely without interference of their illegal oppression.



4-91 [Assassinations and tortures]: Their assassination attempts were failed apparently, which positioned them to torture me for a false confession

I had not realized that I was a target, but the spy conducted many operations covertly. I absolutely recognized many weird events occurred to me, though it took much time to figure out those were intentional.


The intelligence community kept a hindsight to conduct operations against me, though I attracted more attentions due to their continuous failures so that they had to eliminate me before I realized that I had been a serious target.


Then, their operation became apparent to deploy many officers to instigate me to commit a crime even with the intimidation of the criminals related to yakuza. I managed to escape all of them and finally found out that all was set up by the intelligence community.


Their failure triggered another assassination in December 2011, though it was also failed to reveal how the Chinese intelligence set it up. Their next step was a torture that I was a danger to China as a terrorist or a foreign spy, which was the only plausible explanation to continue their eliminative operation after I escaped from their critical trap.


I had lived under the fear for weeks, though I got accustomed with the torture. I thought it would halt sooner or later as it was baseless. At that time moment, one of the Aum fugitives turned himself in and I noticed that he used to be my co-worker in the middle of 1990s during his runaway.


They created another reason in this way to continue a torture as I was still a danger to the society as a terrorist suspect, though this suspicion was lifted within days as I showed them a critical counter-witness amongst their colleagues. Then, they condemned me that I was related to the AIJ fraud case with tortures and interrogations from one of my assumed friend who was originally an intelligence asset.


After all, there was no illegal conduct related to me so that they raised one issue after another to force a false confession with an endless torture. It is quite ordinary for us to fall down if tortured and they can create whatever in this way, which is one of the main protocol of the spy operation.


The tortures and assassinations did not work against me until now, though those were still crimes of the CIA, the Japanese police intelligence and other agencies. Moreover, those frauds, illegal transactions or even the support of Aum fugitive were really conducted by the spy, though they tried to press all the charge onto me.


I initially did not realize the intelligence community was involved in those criminal cases, but there were many proofs that they knew too much and I finally researched out that they were masterminds of those criminal conducts. It was the same for the Sep 11 attack suspicion that it was not me related to this attack, but the CIA and other intelligence agencies grasped the detail of this attack beforehand to make it happen for their sake.


4-58 [Japanese police wanted to kill me]: They failed their assassination attempt at the last time before my going to the US

It was apparent that I was maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave in those days as well, which was why I was running in the room against my intention. That house was a long target of the Japanese police intelligence as well so that they could employ this technology easily even though I was out of my home.


It was actually the last chance for the Japanese police intelligence before my going to the US and they would like me to jump out of the veranda, lethal enough with 40-50 meter high.


It did not work well as I stayed in the different room of that flat as I used to sleep the room next to the veranda, but it was changed to sleep an inner room with a high window with some reasons.


I could not mention all the reasons but I am pretty much sure that it was also set up by the spy who knew a detail of the operation.


First of all, this probable jumping was designed by the Japanese police intelligence connected to the left extremist. They attempted assassinations in the past as well that it was not the first time. I have been a danger to them as I have been a potential witness who knows that the Japanese police intelligence has had a joint operation with the left extremist, which includes assassination attempts against me.


I did not realize that fact in those days, but there was a risk that I came to notice a true nature of their covert operation. They also set up an operation that I was related to some of the terrorists, one of those was still at large with a support of them. They needed to hide him until the statute of limitations run out, which required to hire me as an asset or to kill me.


However, both would have become harder if I went to the US and it was the last time to assassinate me, which was a spring of 2001 in Tokyo.


On the other hand, there should have been operatives who were against this operation and they were likely to leak this to the CIA, as they set me up to sleep at the inner room.


I should thank them at this point, though their intention was also likely not that straightforward, as there were enough opportunities for them to run an operation against me after my going to the US.


I am quite ambivalent at this point, though there were many operations to frame me as a terrorist or to assassinate me led by the CIA and their deed was wrong nearly the same as the Japanese police intelligence.


4-16 [To cause an accident]: Car crash is one of the main protocol to kill the target

There were several operations in the long past to involve me in the traffic accidents. In my past memory, there was an occasion that my hand moved weirdly just before the crash and I doubted I was maneuvered remotely by the electromagnetic wave but not confirmed. There were also many operations that I could avoid an accident at the last moment and there was one event more confirmed that I was targeted.


It happened in the winter of 1995 when they started a harsh eliminative operation after giving up to drive me to the left extremist activity.


It was a relatively long overpass walled by the concrete, ended up with the right curve back to the normal level. There were two lanes on each side separated by the median and the signal was located a few hundred meter away after the end of the pass.


I had quarreled with my friend in the car and at that exact moment, my car was tailed by another. That car passed over me after a while, though I was so irritated that I took the front again with speeding up.


Although, I still saw that car in my back mirror almost in the same speed and we kept high speed toward the corner. Then, I suddenly saw a traffic jam in front of me as the curve went on. That road had a good visibility but there was a dead spot on that curve as the front was not clear due to the concrete median.


On the other hand, there was no car in the other lane, hence I would have avoided a crash if moving there, but that was not a choice as the other car ran just behind mine in that lane.


The only option was to apply the brake to mitigate an impact of the crash, though my car still ran at the quite high speed and the hard collision was inevitable. At that moment, I saw the other car passed over me from the side and realized there was a chance to move my car to that lane.


Then, I turned the wheel, almost jumping to the next lane, eventually avoiding an accident in five meters.


It turned out that there were police officers standing on the next signal to stop the car to turn right, which was why there was a traffic jam just at the right lane for 500 meters.


That was a technique to cause an accident by the police. My emotion was exploded by the electromagnetic wave, which appeared as a dangerous speed so that it was all my fault if I made a crash.


This operation was quite simple that the police staged a dangerous situation to cause an accident, increased an aggression of the subject and prepared an irritating car. I was totally framed nearly to cause a significant accident, but on the other hand, you can avoid any accidents if you fully understand the police or spy run this kind of operations as you take care of your driving originally.


I have already identified who ordered this operation. He was a chief of the local police, Katsuharu Ashikari, who was different to the different chief I mentioned before, but he was also a sympathizer of the left extremist.


Actually, their eliminative operation was reinforced after he assumed his local chief post, and moreover, he was related to other illegal covert operations as well.


4-15 [Eliminative target]: Japanese police intelligence eventually targeted me to be eliminated

I eventually became an eliminative target of the Japanese police intelligence, because I did not join the left extremist organization as they managed to manipulate. Their new goal was to eliminate me socially or physically.


The social elimination meant that they would instigate me to commit a crime or frame me as an unethical person, while the physical elimination meant that they would purely kill me.


Having said that, it was essentially unnecessary to kill me as I was not their active enemy at all but just improbable to be manipulated as they wanted. It implied that there were some individuals who really hated me, which was a motivation to target me forever.


There was also another reason that they should eliminate me as I was a significant witness of their illegal conducts and the joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist. They have continuously failed their missions and escalated their operations to the level that I should have been dead not to talk.


Their escalation was originally based on the wrong assumption that I would become a member of the left extremist sooner or later, therefore they deployed some of their major assets to the operation against me. However, it would not happen otherwise to reveal that the Japanese police intelligence significantly supported the left extremist activity.


I have not realized this fact for twenty years, but there was always a risk that I might notice their covert operations, accidentally. They have tried many times to hire me as an asset, but those were all failed, which provided me more proofs that the police had run illegal operations, contrarily.


Their leftover option was to eliminate me physically, as I did not fall their many sting operations. As a matter of fact, their assassination against me started at least from 1995 and there have been many assassinating attempts since then.


Although, I had not realized that I had been one of their main targets for decades, and always thought that those events accidently occurred around me. It was not an accidental coincidence but deliberation, though the brain is naturally to find out a plausible rational answer for each of the case.


[Killer hornet]: Chinese intelligence has raised a hornet to attack the subject

My mental health had been recovered after several weeks of the torture. It was still continued, but I countered it and adjusted myself to a life under the intelligence aggression. Although, I spent almost all the time on the couch to lay myself down for the only goal to be survived.


The killer hornet flew to my room under that environment. It was sized as two and a half inches just swooping toward me. I was down on the couch where I saw it was coming and then jumped out to the next room.


I took a breath and revived to think how to counter. At first, I would like to confirm where it was and opened door to find it on the wall, three feet away. There was no way out for me to kill it and I prepared tools to strike it down, but it was gone when I was out of the room.


However, it was not the last time I saw it. The killer hornet visited my room many times after that. If closing down all the window, I can keep it out from my apartment, but it was countered to increase a carbon dioxide density, which was not a plan I could follow through. That was the reason why they put many insects into my room including this hornet, even though it was apparently unnatural for the twenty third floor.


As a matter of fact, the killer hornet flew from the upper room. They frequented to my room so that I had time to confirm where it came from and recognized it was sent from the upper room.


There was one issue for this insect that I could not kill it on the spot. It basically came to my place I was so unprepared and just sent before dark. There was a protocol to run this killer hornet operation. It might be controlled by the radiowave, but I have had no clue of it. At least, it was raised by the Chinese intelligence to conduct a covert mission.


I had struggled many times with it. I found out a pesticide spray for the cockroach in the room, which was held at my arm’s length during the daytime. When I dozed off in the noon, the killer hornet was ready to attack me, and then, I immediately sprayed it or just rolling down to get it.


However, it was so smart to run away abruptly when realizing sprayed. It was not the case for other insects and this one was so special to survive from my attack. After several struggles, I found out the escape route which was a ceiling of my kitchen. There was a blindfold area over my sink, which was physically connected to the upper room; i.e. the Chinese spy made a hole which was used as the route for the killer hornet.


The Chinese intelligence cherished just this one. It had the capability to kill the subject and especially could fly straightforward for the attack, while he was super smart to run away when confronting a threat.


The initial countermeasure was to prepare a pesticide spray, which I had continued for several weeks, but then, I realized a lace curtain secluded it from getting in as it was too big to go through a room. At the same time, I can avoid a carbon dioxide attack in this way.


[Assassination by carbon dioxide]: One of the best ways to covertly kill a subject with suffocation

Spending several days almost just on the bed, I thought I could go through this torture without death. However, I jumped up from the sleep on one day with a suffocation. I felt like losing an oxygen rather than not breathing.


I had no clue what was going on, but I ran to the other room at once, and then, I could calm myself down. A short time later, I felt suffocated in the next room as well, which occurred while I was awake. There was something wrong with an air in the room and actually I felt the wind on my face at the same time.


I noticed it was one of the usual harassment, but I had no idea how they run its operation. In this occasion, I tried to light up my tobacco to stress out, but it did not catch a fire, which just occurred when I felt the strange wind on my face.


The air-conditioner is buried into the ceiling in this room which was easily controlled by the upper room if they created a hole. Actually, they drilled many times on the upper room so that I knew it was possible. I tested many times and confirmed that the wind came from this air-conditioner even if it was shut down. Although, I had no idea why it did not catch a fire for a few days, but it was a fact that the lighter did not work even if I prevented its air by my hand.


I also became suffocated when that air started to blow, and then, I realized that it was not a normal air. That was most likely a carbon dioxide, which was also the most convenient. Even if it was not true, that air does not contain an oxygen, which was why I felt choked when the wind came from the air-conditioner.


Then, I continued many trials to light the fire and finally confirmed it was not normal, though all of the sudden, the wind became stronger and cooler to lower the oxygen level in the room, nearly impossible to breathe.


I needed to open all the window at my apartment, which was another disaster as the savage drilling roared during the daytime. I was mentally on the verge not to do anything at all originally, but the loud drilling made my life much harder. But it was the only option I could take at the time to survive.


That carbon dioxide was still a threat to me even if all the window was opened, as the wind blew an original air in the room to be replaced by the cooler carbon dioxide as the time went. I needed to circulate the air to counter its danger and sent the other wind from the window side by the portable fan. It saved me and I can breathe normally again, but it was not all the time. The air-conditioner wind was sometimes directed toward my face, which still lowered my oxygen level. The only option I can take was to live just next to the fan or stay a place where I could go over there if something wrong started.