3-66 [Antisociety operation]: Antisociety operation is another core of the intelligence agency

The intelligence organization can obtain a secret information as a result of the antipersonnel operation that the spy have hired various assets from targeted countries and entities. It has been an important methodology to gather a secretive intel, though there are more advanced ways for this purpose, nowadays.


This antipersonnel operation is also conducted against terrorist groups and other crime organizations. The intelligence organization can gain an insider information; how the organization is constructed or what is the next target, once they have penetrated into the subject. This can be achieved to infiltrate an undercover agent into the organization, but the primary option is definitely to hire some of their members as an intelligence asset.


The information flow is originally meant from the target to the intelligence agency, but it is not necessary a one-way. The spy can manipulate the subject by way of spreading an intel, which is an inverse flow of usually assumed. If the agency delivers selected information through the bureaucrat spies, they can control a decision of the targeted country for their favor. If that is the case for the terrorist group, they can disturb the terrorist activity.


Having said that, the intelligence agency has always a risk of the corruption. It is inevitable that some of the intelligence officers always become rogue to conduct operations for their sake, which is an issue impossible to be eliminated.


This self-determination is actually quite dangerous in terms of the spy operation, as they have a capability of the assassination and political maneuvering. It means there have been many social problems created by them, even though the majority of them are still concealed as classified.


Furthermore, assets of the intelligence organization also conduct missions by their own. Notionally speaking, they are originally out of the official spy agency, hence they definitely conduct plots for themselves. The issue is that some of them actually have the same skillsets with an intelligence field agent, which is also employed for their favors.


The problem is progressed more from here that their misconducts are easily ignored as they are working for the spy agency. As far as they are concluded as critical to the intelligence agency, their illegal deeds are disregarded even if they are hostile to the country or the agency.


This silent consent is applicable to the terror act. The intelligence organization holds many terrorists as their asset, though they are basically terrorists in nature. Even if they work for the spy agency, they have still conducted a terrorist attack. Moreover, once they successfully kill many people as a result, they might go up a ladder of the terrorist ranking, eventually ruling a major role of the group.


Considering this reality, the intelligence agency sometimes chooses a silent consent to ignore the terrorist attack. It does not mean all the attack is permitted, but there are many terrorist attacks occurred as the intelligence have intentionally not stopped, some of which have created tremendous damages. In a sense, the intelligence agency has selectively chosen a damage for their sake.


There is another reason why the spy organization has chosen a selective damage that the spy prefers an unstable society to maintain their power. When the cold war ended, their necessity was tremendously lowered, which is why they need a social conflict to survive.


It is quite limited for the spy to create a terror by themselves, but it is a common practice to ignore some of them taking place. It is an intentional ignorance so that the spy has notionally chosen a target, which is actually not justifiable from any other perspective than the intelligence own viewpoint.


There is another type of the social unrests, such as mass murders which have been created by the intelligence agency as well. This kind of events are more likely a result of the rogue officers, but they definitely have worked organizationally to manipulate their subject to commit a felony. It is also required to raise their necessary from the administration.


The intelligence intel is not necessarily obtained from their asset in the modern world but directly from the society. It might be acquired through an illegal large-scale surveillance system or from a public information. There is numerous information on the internet where the critical intel is sometimes hidden. As a result of this progress, it becomes more important how to analyze the information rather than how to obtain it.


This information flow can be reversed as well from the intelligence agency directly to the society for a social manipulation, which is one of the main antisociety operations. For example, the operative who works for getting an intel from the internet knows how to manipulate the information out there. In this way, their skillset can be applied to control the society directly.


This inverse flow holds true to the illegal methodology to acquire an intel that they can manipulate a specific information. When the PC is maneuvered externally to control an information which the subject watches through, which is one of the secretive ways to restrict the information.


In the end, the information gathering is always together with the information manipulation. That is an antisociety operation, one of the spy fundamentals.



3-34 [Antisociety ops 4]: The mass can be manipulated directly by the spy

If it is hard to manipulate important individuals who are in the decision-making circle, the spy can manipulate their target country or organization through the public manipulation.


This general public control has been centered by the media maneuver, indicating this methodology is also an extension of the antipersonnel operation. When the spy acquires influential individuals as assets, they can control an information flow of the society, which eventually pressurizes to alter the government decision.


However, the spy can manipulate an information directly through the internet control in the modern world. In this case, they can manipulate some of the frequently used application to let people more reachable to their selected information.


They can also enhance this effectiveness by mixing up those two methodologies through the media and internet. The media can be controlled not just by their asset, but also a flood of selected information. There are many ways to combine of those plots, adjusted to their final goal.


The riot and agitation are one of the spy operation to control the general public, which is not frequent but definitely executed many times even in the current world. Those can be generated spontaneously, but the severe uprising is basically plotted by a specific group. It might be created by the anti-government organization, but often operated by the intelligence officers.


A large-scale demonstration can be generated naturally as an appearance of the pure protest of each participant, but it is likely advanced to the riot when a specific group entices the whole. The spy is one of the main specific group that they have accumulated this capability for a long time, even for the case that the riot starts from the internet network to the real.


Those operations require a money to spend as it is necessary to spend a time and money to frame an important individual but also it is necessary to spend a money for the large-scale mobilization. In this sense, it is important how to secure the money, which defines a capability of the intelligence capacity.


3-32 [Antisociety ops 2]: Antisociety ops can be achieved through a control over important figures

The information control is advanced to a behavior maneuver of the target. The spy basically tries to control their subject through the information manipulation, though it is not necessarily functional as initially planned.


On this failed occasion, the spy usually halts their attempt up to the information control, though they might contain a subject physically, if necessary. The physical control is basically the same as information manipulation to achieve their final goal, though its operation should be more extreme.


There are various options to take, but as a matter of fact, those are exactly the same as an antipersonnel operation of the assetization. It may be a honey trap or may be a cash to buy out the subject.


There are many other options, some of which are categorized as an illegal. It depends on what the spy wants to gain, but they are not hesitant to use an intimidation or torture. In this current world, these illegal methodologies are not allowed, but they have actually employed those on numerous occasions. In any way, the behavior control is more than just an information manipulation.


The oppression is also not necessarily effective, but if they would like to pursue their goal further, they should take an option to render the target harmless; i.e. to eliminate their subject socially or physically. They can expel this individual from the decision making process, which is sometimes one of the ways to achieve their goal.


The physical elimination means an assassination, which is still a common practice. This operation takes place in the developed countries as well, though it is basically not noticed as such, hard to be revealed. Its appearance is more like a death from the suicide, illness or traffic accident, not always a brutal murder.


This type of the assassination is disguised enough to reach its true identity. It is partially because the judicial organization has collaborated with the intelligence, but partially because it is hard to charge as it is an illness or accident. The spy has had an enough skillset not to leave a trace, hence it is hard to find an evidence more than a coincidence.


3-31 [Antisociety ops 1]: Antisociety is an extension of antipersonnel, as the society is founded by the people

The society or politics are established by the people, therefore the antisociety operation is an extension of the antipersonnel.


If accumulating a secretive intel of the targeted country, it should be more worthwhile when obtaining from the important person there. The assetization is the main path to take for that purpose, though there are others like a wiretapping, stealing and hacking. They might hire someone near to them as an asset or might send their own spy near to the subject as an undercover.


In any way, the goal is to take a critical intel from the target and its methodology should be chosen as the most suitable from many options. The assetization or undercover are just a result of this consideration, but this relationship is a basis of the antisociety operation.


When you run an operation to have an influence on the society, this information flow should be used otherwise to send it from the spy to the asset. It might be a precise intel or might be a faked one, though it is important to manipulate the target through an information control.


The information is important to understand what is going on, but often, we pay less attention on where it comes from. Therefore, the faked intel can be often trusted or the truth is altered as the slight change is more convincing. The spy can spread an intel which is just favorable to their country, skewing an information outlook.


In this way, a control over the information might have a sizable impact on the decision maker. This information flow is just an opposite to obtain an intel, hence these two operations are each other side of the same spy network.


It means you can spread an intel to control the target if you can obtain an information, not separable. The information gathering is said to be the main function of the intelligence operation, but the antisociety is absolutely one of the main as well.