3-36 [Antipersonnel ops]: It is not so clean as the word “HUMINT” sounds

The intelligence has given the name for each categorical operation, such as HUMINT or SIGINT, though those names are not important but just a result of the sectionalism. When they name an operation, they can create a new range of the intelligence job.


This new section is basically created for obtaining a budget to enhance their authority and facility. It is certainly important to name an operation to go through, though you might be manipulated if your thought is just linked to the name.


Generally speaking, the name includes not just an appearance but also a meaning, hence it reminds an implication always. Contrarily saying, they can control a nuance by selecting an appropriate name.


For example, HUMINT is an abbreviation of the human intelligence, which just sounds like to obtain an information without any operations, too clean. However, the most of intel can be gathered after acquiring their target as an asset. It implies there is an enough probability that the information is gained due to an illegal activity at some point of the time.


The information gathering is always concurrently with the information manipulation, sending a controlled intel in the other direction. This is often used as one of the antisociety operations though included in HUMINT.


This word is well designed as it is just traced back to a clean information gathering, canceling out any illegal operations. However, the reality is that the assetization is a HUMINT, eventually led to the secret information. The assassination is the main of HUMINT, but it is also a way to control the targeted organization or country as a result.


The social elimination might be the first choice, but the spy is not hesitant to murder a subject. Although, the word, HUMINT does not contain that meaning, which is also a result of the spy manipulative operation.


In any way, HUMINT is a process from the assetization to elimination, which is not necessary to gather information, but always to build a basis for further operations. It is more important to create a spy asset network to be availed as soon as required.


This is a true nature of HUMINT, nevertheless this word sounds harmless, which also generates numerous illegal conducts.



3-29 [Antipersonnel ops 3]: Spy oppresses a target as an emergency measure

The main spy operation is assumed to obtain an intel, but it also means to spread it on the other hand. They have circulated an information favorable to their own country or a fake to disturb a situation in the targeted country. These two intelligence operations share the same route, in or out, though this network is not necessarily availed just for the information exchange.


Fundamentally, the spy acquires the target as an asset. It is not always successful, which sometimes requires a tremendous time to hire, while they render the subject harmless if failed.


It is quite often to eliminate the target socially or physically. For example, the spy instigates the subject to commit a crime as an operation, resulted in either to become an asset or to be jailed, if succeeded.


In this case, the intelligence is indifferent to either of the choices, as they cannot control an outcome of the accident fully. There should be a preference, but they can contain the subject as an asset or complete an elimination once sent to the prison.


Although as said, it is not always successful. If it is failed eventually, they might pursue just an eradication when giving up an assetization. The physical elimination just means an assassination, which is a common practice, though it is quite limited to kill their subject opaquely in the modern world.


For example, the spy often uses a methodology to eliminate a target by a traffic accident, whose knowledge has been accumulated through the past experiences. Their technique is quite intricate, which perfectly looks like a real accident.


Having said that, it is basically framed hence there is a possibility to find a trace when looking back a process how to reach the accident. Furthermore, this attempt is not necessarily successful as well, especially when you realize and prepare for a traffic accident plotted by the spy.


The spy can sicken a subject. You are going to fall ill when taking a dangerous drug or poison. I have experienced both of them for many times, but I could not confirm perfectly where I got those. As you can imagine, the symptoms always appeared shortly afterward and I traced my action and behavior, though it has been always difficult to narrow down the possibilities to the single.


When the specific chemical substance enters into your body system, it is easily found out, later on, hence the cause can be revealed more likely than that of the car accident.


There is another common methodology to drive a target to commit a suicide, which is extended to fake the murder as a suicide, both of which are well planned not to reveal as an assassination. Although, these are also not perfect, hence they might kill the subject opaquely if really necessary to eliminate.


These operations require more time and money to prepare, with many intelligence assets to hide its true nature. When availing many people to be assigned to each small piece of the whole orchestration, it is hard for all of them to realize what really is going on. In this process, they can utilize ordinary people, therefore the intelligence organization hires them if worthwhile for the operation.


3-28 [Antipersonnel ops 2]: Intelligence target is expanded to the economic intel and personnel

The spy has originally targeted a public officer as an asset to gain a secretive information of other countries or it has been necessary to acquire the bureaucrats and politicians for their further operation, which includes intelligence officers.


At the same time, members of criminal organizations are essential targets. If acquiring assets within the antigovernment organization or terrorist group, the intelligence can capture their future action. In this sense, those targets are basically the same as ones in the counterpart government, as all of them are political in any way.


The asset within the ordinary crime organization is categorized a little differently. For example, the spy has hired many assets within the network of mafia and drug dealers, some of those are connected to the antigovernment activities, but not necessarily.


This target range of the intelligence depends on the operational range of each spy organization. The CIA has a team just targeting crime organizations, which is a result of their budgeting capability and political request. If approved like this, they have an enough money to acquire some of the targeted members as an asset.


This target can be expanded to the different direction. If their true target is improbable to acquire as an asset, the spy might hire another who can access to this individual. For example, the spy can affect an administrative policy through academics who is targeted as an asset of the second derivative. Some of them have quite often contacted with outside world, hence they are one of the easy targets for this assetization.


The media is another category which is quite accessible to the politician in charge, as the journalist sometimes has a deeper insider information. Or, the spouse is also another target to be turned, all of those are ways to expand the spy network.


The spy target has been expanded more to the economic relations since the 1990s. The intelligence has been less required as the cold war ended and they were asked to expand their interest on the economic issue, which is why more ordinary people have become subjects of the spy antipersonnel operation. That was the only option to take in those days.


As a result, the asset network also has proceeded to the normal people. It is originally meant to take an economic intel, though this network has self-determined to acquire more ordinary people into their network.


There is no way for them to access a critical information, but they can be availed for the spy operation, hence their network is expanded.


3-27 [Antipersonnel ops 1]: Antipersonnel operation is the first step of information gathering

The antipersonnel operation is basically conducted to obtain an intel. The information can be acquired by stealing, though it is not categorized as an antipersonnel. It is meant to gain an information directly from their target and once its channel is concretely established, this relationship is availed for other types of the operation. Therefore, the antipersonnel is the first step to obtain a secretive intel.


The assetization is an operation to acquire the intelligence target as an asset. There are many types of names for this category, such as a collaborator or double agent.


A collaborator is a type of the asset who is a government officer to provide a secretive information to the spy of another country. This officer can be availed for an operation as well. On the other hand, the double spy is a special term for the same government officer who works for the intelligence organization to breach an intel to another. In any way, both of them are generically classified as a spy.


The intelligence has acquired a general asset, not working for the government, including an informant. After all, the spy has targeted not just counterpart governments, but also terrorists and crime organization, furthermore to the public company and economic entity. They have their own assets in those organization, whose naming is varied by their types, though all of them are assets of the intelligence, categorized as a spy.


Generally speaking, the most of assets know that they are as such, but not all of them have recognized its fact. For example, the target can be framed by the honey trap, whose partner is actually a spy. If that is the case, the subject might not realize the whole orchestration, but the intel has been leaked from this agent. In this case, this target can be categorized as an asset, but not recognizing as such.


On the other hand, there are many people who are willing to become a spy. There are also various reasons for that and some of them provide an intel to the spy with an exchange of the money, which is categorized as an informant.


Some of the double spies have provided their secretive intel to others with an exchange of the information from the counterpart. The CIA has the most affluent budget and personnel, hence the spy of other countries can get a deeper insight if providing their own to the agency. This double spy can be careered up as gaining a special information.


If this individual assumes an influential position to decide the national direction, the CIA can get an opportunity to control this targeted country through their asset.


There are other cases that the target has been driven to become one of the assets without any intentions. For example, the target might be fallen into an unethical or illegal conduct through the honey trap, no way out just to follow a spy order.


It is more general just to frame the subject with a crime or traffic accident. When the intelligence sets up an accident and the target actually causes a traffic accident as planned, this individual faces with the legal punishment and compensation.


The spy asks them to become an asset with an exchange of lifting those charges. If not, they are blackmailed to spend some time in the jail with a huge payment for the damage.


If this is not an accident but a crime, the spy has more leverages. In this case, the subject might be locked up much longer, hence there are more people to choose a way to become an asset.


There are categorically two types, one of which is an acquirement of the criminal if this individual is worthwhile for their spy operation.


The other is more probable but the spy has originally framed their target to commit a crime with an instigation. It requires complicated operations, but this methodology is open to anyone in this world.


3-23 [Spy’s basic 2]: Antipersonnel operation is a key to every intelligence job

The intelligence organization can manipulate the government to select the information delivered to the politics. This is a severe threat to the democracy, but moreover, they often breach a political process, not to tell anything but just to execute an operation by themselves.This outcome is also one of the main natures of the spy.


The operation is fundamentally categorized into two categories, an antipersonnel and antisociety operation. The antipersonnel operation is basically conducted to acquire a target as their asset.


The spy cannot obtain a secret information easily, hence they drive their target to become one of their informants by the antipersonnel operation. For example, the spy can instigate subjects to commit a crime which becomes a leverage to hire them as their asset.


The spy should render their subject harmless as an extension of this antipersonnel, which basically means to eliminate the subject socially or physically. If they assume their subject is dangerous to their organization when failing to acquire as an asset, this individual becomes a subject to be eliminated.


It is basically enough to exclude a target socially. For example, if the spy successfully instigates a subject to commit a crime, this individual eventually becomes an asset or excluded from the society.


If this plot does not work, the secondary option is to discredit the target, which is another way of the harmless. When their target is still dangerous to their organization despite many operations, they should choose a way to make this individual harmless physically.


It is an assassination, but the murder is not so easy in the modern world. Even the poison can be traced by the advanced technology, hence it is quite difficult to employ an opaque assassination.


Their main methodology is more untraceable that the target is driven to a suicide or eventually killed, faked as such. The traffic accident should be more common, which is framed to render a target harmless, either socially or physically.


Those are normal protocols, but there is another modern technology, which is an electromagnetic wave manipulation. This technology is employed as a support of the instigation operation but also is capable enough to sicken or kill the subject. Moreover, the radiowave can induce a traffic accident, hence the traditional assassination methodologies are enhanced and conducted secretively by the modern technology.


The antipersonnel operation is generally meant to acquire an information through hiring a subject as their asset, though an illegal and unethical operation have been conducted quite often. It is apparent that the spy cannot easily acquire an important individual of another country as their asset.


This operation is sometimes extended to render the subject harmless, including an assassination, which is one of the fundamental jobs of the intelligence.