96 [Radiowave contracted to the asset]: The majority of Japanese police assets are left extremists

In some occasion, the Japanese police intelligence needs to fake the real identity of their criminal operation and they employ their assets for its covert operation. It is quite common to deploy unofficial spies when conducting highly prohibitive covert operation. The Japanese police intelligence is so enormous that the majority of their operations are conducted in-house, but they still use their assets for a unique occasion.

The left extremists are their main assets, some of those are connected to North Korea, as they share the same communist view. They are deployed for an operation run by the Japanese police intelligence including the electromagnetic manipulation. There is a possibility that they might get the old device in the past from the Soviet Union, but I personally detected some of the police operations executed by the extremist as there were traces of their ideology at their conduct. Although, I cannot deny a possibility that the operation was conducted by the extremist of CIA asset.

There is an extensional issue related to this matter that their targets are wider than the original police surveillance list. It is not acceptable for the police intelligence to destruct the people’s life, but the extremists have expanded a range of the damage. This responsibility should be partially shared by the police department, as many crimes take place as they have unleashed dangerous terrorists.

Their sabotage looks diminishing in the last several decades, but there are more activities than we assume as they employ the electromagnetic wave to kill and to control many targets unnoticeably. Some leaders at the police department have had more sympathies to the left extremist than their subordinated police officers, which is why their operation was contracted to the extremist or they collaborate together to conspire the political plot.

There are other types of contractors hired by the Japanese police intelligence, one of those are private investigators. There are PIs, used to be police officers, who execute criminal activities as a proxy. This system is quite clever that the police provides an exemption for the legal liability for PI’s criminal act, which is contracted by the police intelligence. In this way, they can create many victims, but there are no prosecutions and the police control the ordinary people as they want.

The electromagnetic manipulation is included in this contracted operation, which is another way to execute the plot covertly by the police intelligence. The CIA also hires them as a contractor, hence all the criminal activities are not necessarily related to the police. Although, the CIA prefers an English speaker, hence the majority of PI’s covert operation is an accessary to the police.

At the same time, there are many independent operations conducted by the PI’s own interest even for the electromagnetic operation, whose device is provided by either of spy agencies. This damage should be partially responsible to those agencies as they would like to keep them as assets whatever they have conducted, because they would like to use them for their forbidden operation.


88 [Suicide caused by the radiowave]: It is an assassination when the electromagnetic wave creates a suicide

One of the effective ways to render the subjects harmless is to drive them committing a suicide. If this inducement is driven by the electromagnetic wave, it should be an assassination, though it does not leave an evidence behind. The disguised suicide has been one of the main tactics employed by the spy, hence the electromagnetic suicide should be one of its advancement.

Although, it is not easy to drive others to death.

There are two types of the suicide, an abrupt or considered attempt. The impulsive suicide occurs when a self-harm is escalated by an explosion of the aggression, which is less likely seen at the political conspiracy. The death is the final outcome of this manipulation, but there has been many self-harms previously, which makes the subject impossible to work as a politician. Moreover, it is quite hard to keep any jobs as usual under its condition.

The preemptive suicide requires a conclusion that the death is a better option to take after fully considered. This consideration is critical to analyze whether the suicide is driven by the electromagnetic wave or not. If the reason is clear why the subject chose a death, but if it does not make sense to choose that decision, the suicide might be triggered by the electromagnetic wave.

There is a gap at the causality, which can be explained by the emotion rather than the reason. The suicidal emotion is an extension of the negative, which sometimes overrules a rational decision. In the brain, this emotion justifies a result, but it does not make sense from the rational viewpoint, which is why there is a gap of the causality for its suicide.

This emotion can be escalated extremely by the electromagnetic wave, and at the same time, the manipulator can obscure a frontal lobe of the subject which lowers a reasoning capability. In this way, the subject should commit a suicide, which is unnecessary in nature if keeping a rationality in the mind.

There is also a possibility that this initial cause might be created by the intelligence operation, and then, they try to distort an emotion of the subject. If this is the case, it is absolutely an assassination, but it is quite hard to prove. When tracing each thought process thoroughly, we might find out an irregularity which is at most we can get as an evidence.

The issue is not just many suicides created by the wave but also it has been never prosecuted that the spy killed a subject in this way. That is why they have employed this strategy conveniently to render their subjects harmless. There are many incomprehensible incidents in this world and many suicides with strange reasons, some of which are manipulated by the electromagnetic wave.

81 [Electromagnetic manipulation]: it is unconceivable why the spies need to manipulate others

Still nothing changed, I have been tortured at every minute, mainly by the electromagnetic wave. Although, I created many countermeasures which let me survive even under this extraordinary circumstance. It is still far away from the normal, but I am being more creative than before when there was nothing to do but breathing.

I can keep my sanity from cooling my head, which requires a continuous replacement as the cold pack is just functional as long as an hour for this usage. It is difficult to go out under this treatment, but I can maintain my being in this way. If not, I am easily manipulated to assault someone, which has been contained, though.

There have been many cases that the manipulator let the subjects commit large-scale crimes, including mass-murders. I know how they were created, but still, it requires a substantial effort not to be manipulated. Having said that, I found out a physical procedure to counter the electromagnetic manipulation, mainly to cool your head, which contains an emotive explosion. That is why I am completely away from any murders and that is why I am still alive.

At this point, I am always wondering why the intelligence community, the CIA or Japanese police intelligence, needs to manipulate the subject to commit a crime, especially for a felony. If they kill the subject directly, it is basically wrong but we might understand why they made its decision later on. However, it is hard to conceive why they need to create a felon and felony using this electromagnetic device. I fully understand they have its capability, but it does not mean they can maneuver others to commit crimes.

It is more unconceivable why they need to create victims of the manipulative murders. If the subjects kill too many people, their future is more or less eliminated in the society, which is one of the intrinsic purposes of spies. However, this act also creates too many victims, which is also a result of the intelligence electromagnetic manipulation.

Even when the intelligence community is not directly involved in a specific crime, there are many cases their contractors are in charge of the brutal manipulation. Spies should be responsible to this indirect action as well, irrelevant to the fact whether there is an organizational order or not, as an indirect involvement is guilty enough for the legal framework.

My case is another mystery to me, as their operation started in the late 2009 and seven years have already passed, though their manipulation continues for 24 hours every day. There were tens of major plots failed in the end and that is one of the reasons why they cannot kill me, as it has attracted lots of attentions in the end.

However, they are still powerful enough to torture me at every minute at least for the last five years. Their opaque electromagnetic operation has been in practice for more than three years. I am still wondering why they have a right to do so, even though they do not have a sovereign power.

57-3 [Cool down the head]: the cooling gives you back a sanity

There is another part of the head often cooled by a cold pack, which is an area between the vertex and forehead. Even if you contain an emotive explosion and maintain a reason, you cannot do anything due to a fatigue. It is quite similar to the depression, but its electromagnetic manipulation creates a tiredness all over the body with a paralysis on the motor area in the brain.


Actually, it is better to separate this feeling from the depression. The fatigue can be triggered by the depression, but it is a result of the complicated brain dysfunction, but this tiredness on the motor area is a simple phenomenon. You can calm this feeling just by cooling down the motor area from the skull.


I am still wondering why this simple cooling is quite functional to counter the primary feelings. Initially, I cooled down my head to contain a headache. There is no nerve to feel the pain in the brain, though you can feel a headache at the blood vessel. Therefore, the pain should be lowered when the bloodstream is reduced, which can be achieved by cooling down your head. You actually feel another stimulus when cooling so there is another reason why it functions to contain a headache. At the same time, the inflammation is restrained by cooling, as it halts a further collapse of the cells.


The critical fact here is that the cooling is also functional to work the reason and to contain an aggressive emotion. Although, it has been a known fact for a long time, as the anger is said to be cooled down. The aggressive stress can be lowered when the cerebellum is cooled to reduce the bloodstream.


It actually functions more but I still have no better explanation why the reason becomes functional when cooling down a forehead. There might be another reason the brain is more functional lowering the temperature from the norm.


In any way, you can keep your sanity by cooling down your head. Although, there are more problems you cannot solve just by cooling down. If you suffer from a severe depression, you can contain your emotion and pain from its disease, but you cannot halt a hallucination and delusion. You can contain negative feeling, but your emotion is not shifted to positive.


For example, this methodology can prevent the subjects from suicide due to an enhanced reasoning function, but the suicidal emotion is hard to be dissipated. Although, you can recover your normal life a lit bit more even under the electromagnetic manipulation. At least, I recovered myself after finding out this simple methodology of cooling.