4-98 We should restrict the capability of the intelligence community

The intelligence community has killed numerous people just for their sake to maintain their authority, the majority of those were murdered to make the society believe that the intelligence functionality is really necessary.


The terrorist attack or social unrest enhances the necessity of the intelligence job and it is necessary for the spy that those incidents really take place occasionally, which is why they intentionally ignore or create some of them, but there are also many victims associated with. They are indirect casualties of the spy operation, which are actually more than the direct hit.


There are many people killed by them with another goal that there are many people who do not accept an authority of the spy, those are potential enemies to the intelligence community. They believe it is the right thing to eradicate those people for their self-determination and I am one of them.


I am a proponent of the capitalism, freedom and democracy, but those basically deny any authorities including the intelligence community. There were many intelligence officers who are basically authoritarian to hate those thoughts undermining their standpoint.


It might be natural for the intelligence organization to become authoritative as the authoritarian is better positioned to be promoted within the agency. The killing is an ordinary job in the spy organization so that it is necessary for them to eliminate the target without any considerations when asked by their boss. The more they have killed, the more they have been promoted, which has deteriorated the intelligence agency.


In the Japanese police intelligence case, those individuals had eventually controlled the whole police organization, who were actually left sympathizers to eliminate their political opponent sometimes with this electromagnetic wave capability.


The situation is basically similar to the CIA except the part radicalized to the Marxist. The agency has been controlled by the authoritarian to ignore or to create the terrorist attack to enhance the necessity of the intelligence functionality.


I have been targeted by them as a potential danger to their organization, but their continuous failure of the elimination positioned me to grasp their covert operation in this way. They are partially correct that I become a danger to their existence as I wrote their unforgivable conduct in this way. Having said that, I am still a subject of their torture even though nearly a million of us have known I am a target.


They still believe they can hide all the problem behind, though it is not acceptable. If we do not make their wrongdoing public, they just continue their operations to kill more people. All the government in this world should choose the way to make this public. The people should understand the danger of the electromagnetic wave capability and we should restrict the operational ability of the intelligence community.



4-97 [Electromagnetic wave technology has worsened the situation]: Spy has a capability to manipulate subjects more covertly and remotely than publicly known

It is the electromagnetic wave technology to make the intelligence community more threatening to the mankind. They can conduct a critical operation without this capability, but they can frame their target quite easily with this technology.


The spy can brainwash the target covertly and remotely as they can send a thought directly to the brain with the radiowave. Furthermore, your emotion is also maneuvered by this technology which makes you believe the thought sent by the wave.


The emotion control is not necessarily a secondary option with other operations, but it is exploded just by the electromagnetic wave irradiation, which can create an impulse to assault others. You might be addicted to the drug if the stress is escalated with this technology with the physical invitation, or even your suicidal emotion is enhanced to lead to the real action with this wave.


In this world, there are many perpetrators created by this technology as well as many victims killed by them.


The electromagnetic wave is also used as a way of the assassination. They can create a cerebral or visceral disease just by the unique pattern of frequencies, which includes a fatal symptom of angina, irregular pulse and brain stroke.


The outcome depends on the individuality and not all the people are killed by these irradiations, but there are a bunch of people killed by this technology with these symptoms. Even if we are not dead directly from the irradiation, there are cases that we have suffered from the permanent visceral diseases, sometimes ended up with the death. The spy has actually availed this technology to kill their targets.


The intelligence community employs this capability for their self-determination to maintain the authority of the intelligence agencies around the world. It is exercised to expel the politicians to restrict their power and also used to manipulate others to increase their authority, budget and headcounts.


There is another dangerous way to enhance the intelligence necessity, which is to create a terrorist attack. The spy sometimes ignores an intel of the terrorist attacks to let them happen or create a terrorist attack with this electromagnetic wave to manipulate the attacker.


There were many cases actually triggered by the wave, but they were not publicly admitted yet, which is actually the most dangerous situation. It becomes apparent to lots of people and the spy started to employ this technology more opaquely, which is still untouched.


We should make this public and let the people know there are ways to counter this technology, we can partially save the mankind from this danger.


4-96 [Self-determination is an issue]: Intelligence community has been too independent from the democratic control

One of the fundamental issues in this world is a self-determination of the intelligence community, which is a phenomena categorized as the bureaucratization. All the organization basically bureaucratized to work efficiently though it often skews a decision making, one of whose aspects is called as a self-determination.


The bureaucracy including the intelligence agency is originally created by the politics to service for the people, however it is often altered to pursue their organizational goal, which is called as a self-determination.


This behavior is sometimes escalated to ignore their true nature to work for the people, but to maximize their organizational gains. Even if their organization become unnecessary as the time goes by, they conduct an unnecessary activity to maintain their organization, which distorts the budget to spend for the unnecessary administrative job. Those are also a part of the self-determination.


The intelligence agency also cannot get away from this phenomenon and they pursue their organizational goal at any costs, which is especially dangerous as they are capable of manipulating the people and the politics. The CIA has accumulated many knowledges and experiences to run these operations all over the world, whose capability has been used for the people and politics.


That is when the intelligence agency becomes a danger to their own people and country, which is a fundamental problem actually taking place in this world, and which is a result of the self-determination.


They have conducted many unforgivable operations to pursue their organization survival, which includes an ignorance of the terrorist attacks to let them happen and moreover a brainwash to create terrorist attacks. The real damages to the society have created a necessity of the intelligence job, which expands their authority, budget and headcounts.


This problem is more expanded to run a joint operation of the intelligence agencies all over the world, which is hard to contain by any governments. The American government has no capability to restrict an operation of the Chinese intelligence and the Chinese government was incapable of containing the CIA.


The intelligence community has been working together in this way to conduct any antisociety operation, which is the biggest problem to this world.


4-95 [Intelligence community always needs an enemy]: If necessary, they have created their targets

The Japanese police intelligence started to frame me as an enemy in the early 1990s. At first, they led me to join the left extremist activity eventually to be hired as their asset. I knew some others who actually fell into their trap to become extremists, probably working as an intelligence asset later on.


The left extremists grew older and their activity will cease unless finding out their successors. This direction was quite dangerous to the Japanese police intelligence which would lose their raison d’etre as the left extremist is almost single dangerous terrorist belief in Japan. The peace is always an enemy to the intelligence community.


That was why they supported the left extremist to find out the successors in the 1990s as the collapse of Soviet Union deprived a momentum completely from the activity of pursuing the revolution.


There was another hidden issue here that there were many sympathizers in the police department to believe the left extremism. The majority of them used to be students in the 1960s when the student movement was radicalized to the left and conducted many violent acts.


I was one of their targets, though it did not work as I am a proponent of the freedom, democracy and capitalism already when they tried to entrap me for the leftist activity during my high teen.


My philosophy has contradicted to other types of the police career who are more authoritarian than socialist.


The capitalism is an idea to deny the distribution by the government. The freedom is an idea to restrict the government authority. The democracy is an idea to give the sovereignty to the people. All of them denies the authoritarian view of the police career and that was why they have hated me as I have been dangerous to their existence.


The enemy is not just created by the Japanese intelligence, but it has been a trend all over the world amongst the intelligence community for a long time, especially in the 1990s. The end of the cold war was a victory of the Western intelligence, but also a start of their unnecessity.


The CIA and other agencies needed an enemy to fight with and created them if necessary. One of the easiest way at that time was to ignore an intel of the real terrorist attack to provoke a necessity of the intelligence job, which includes an ignorance of the Sep 11 attack and they let it happen even though fully aware of the terrorist plot.


4-94 [CIA was always out there]: My family was an early target of the electromagnetic wave operation conducted by the Japanese police intelligence introduced by the CIA

The CIA has been always around the operation against me since the beginning as it is not me originally on the CIA watch list but my father has been their active target. He is a member of the Japan Communist Party and used to be one of the leaders of the labor union of an American company, which made him a perfect enemy of the CIA.


Just in case, he told me that he was monitored by the Japanese police intelligence so that I am 100% positive that we were on the watch list of the intelligence agencies. He knew he was under surveillance as his high school classmate told him that, who was actually a police officer involved in the operation. Therefore, I assumed his action was not a result of his good will, but the police intelligence would like to confirm whether my father became an intelligence asset or not.


As far as I know, the police intelligence has continued the operation against him for half a century and I assume they would continue it until he is completely killed. It also means that the CIA has been involved in those operations as he was also on the CIA watch list.


I have been a subject of the electromagnetic operation since youth, as he was an original target of this technology, not in the other way around. This indicated that the CIA was involved in the radiowave operation against my family from the scratch, as this capability was introduced to the Japanese police from the agency. This technology was exported to Japan highly likely in the early 1980s and my family became their target without soon, which was another reason why the CIA originally knew we were subjects as we were on their list already at that time.


This technology was provided to a covert operation team, called as zero of the Japanese police intelligence, which implies that there are many CIA assets in this organization as well. That is why they trusted those people even though there were many CIA officers who had no idea of this technology.


I have been on their watch list since born, but I had no idea when I became their critical target. In my understanding, the Japanese police intelligence failed to hire me as their asset and failed several assassination attempts until the middle of the 1990s, which attracted an attention of the CIA as I started to see foreign spies around that time.


Then, I went to London in 1999 when the CIA monitored me closely, implying that they become in charge of the operation against me around that time.


4-93 [Japanese police intelligence started a war]: This organization was controlled by the left extremist sympathizers who hated me crazily

I was told in April 2012 that this is a war by the Japanese police, though it was beyond my understandings at that time as I had no clue of their charges against me.


I still had no idea whether this police director knew all the story I wrote here or he was also framed by the police intelligence, but in any way, they have been just crazy enough to instigate me to commit a crime, to torture me endlessly and to attempt assassinations many times.


The whole issue is not a war, but an organizational crime of the Japanese police. As said, my father was blown up by the electric shock and was not able to move in the next one month, eventually hospitalized for months, which took place in the 1970s. This was also a result of their operation unless the CIA conducted it by their own.


The point here is that they have run illegal operations at least since then at least against my family, which was highly likely a proof that they have continuously tortured the target and attempted many assassinations since their establishment after World War II.


The police should make it public what they have done to the people. I am one of the crime victims of the governments and all the fact should be known to the people. I was still a survivor but we should recognize there were numerous people killed by their operation if including a conduct of the CIA.


They started an eliminative operation against me in 1995, as one of the left extremist members said so and he was actually one of their accessories as well. The police said to me this is a war so that there is something problematic happened around that time.


The fundamental reason was that I did not become a member of the left extremist and they confirmed that it would never happen in 1995, after their set up of my encounter with the hijacker from Japan Red Army. This joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist might have been revealed if I were to be survived in this way. Adding to this, there is definitely a personal hatred against me to motivate this endless crazy operation.


Later on, they framed me as a supporter of the Aum fugitive, which was another critical operation against me except several assassination attempts. Iwao Uruma definitely involved in both cases as well as his associates such as Katsuharu Ishikari and Shoichiro Ishikawa.


They are officers at the Japanese police intelligence, and at the same time, belongs to the same career line to control the electromagnetic wave capability even covertly within the intelligence division.


Some of them availed the Sep 11 attack to frame me related to the terrorist and they were able to conduct this plot as they knew the attack before 11 Sep 2001. They have been demolishing Japanese society forever since the middle of the 1990s and I was unlucky enough as I was one of the early targets of these extremist sympathizers.


4-92 [CIA took over the command]: CIA has been in charge of the eliminative operation against me from the middle to secure their organizational interest

The CIA has been in charge of the operation against me from the middle, even though the Japanese police intelligence independently had conducted it until the late 1990s. I used to live in Tokyo from 2003 to 2007 when the Japanese police intelligence had their own opportunity to run an illegal mission against me, though the CIA was always there quite next to me.


I moved to Hong Kong in 2007 and the CIA has been involved in the whole operation as I was targeted to hide a trace that they knew and utilized the Sep 11 attack for their sake, and I was one of the critical witnesses.


Other intelligence agencies had also run independent operations, such as Chinese and North Korean intelligence, though the majority was under a direct control of the CIA.


Their operation started from an assetization, though they have tried to kill me since the middle of the 1990s. I did not elucidate why they alternatively conducted an operation of the assetization and elimination, but the Japanese police intelligence independently attempted assassinations more than ten times and the CIA done several, though there were just two occasions that I was targeted to be killed from 2007 to 2011, in Xian and Guam.


They definitely wanted to kill me, though some of them kept me alive as my analytical capability was outstanding that I realized the financial crisis and the Greek crisis, half a year before they took place.


I had a right expectation for some of the issues in advance and the CIA used my analysis. I actually realized that they read my analysis in autumn 2011, just before the well-calculated fraud operation was conducted against me.


It was broadcasted on TV, which was partially because some of them let me know that I was severely targeted by the intelligence community, though I had not realized the fact more than they used my analysis.


As a matter of fact, it was not so surprising that my writings were availed by the CIA and they were actually not illegally obtained. Therefore, I just noticed in that autumn that I was monitored by them and never assumed that there was an illegal operation against me.


I was useful to them in this way so that there were many people as well trying to hire me as an asset rather than killing me.


However, in either way, the CIA is just wrong for their mission, especially at the point that the intelligence community has built up the spy network around the world which has been out of the governmental control at all. That is why they believe they are lions to do whatever they want to the ordinary people.


We have a right to live freely without interference of their illegal oppression.