3-223 [All the government should stand up]: It is the only way to solve this fundamental corruption

As you can imagine, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence have fully known what I wrote and they actually could not deny it as I sent several e-mails to the police as a record.


They have still not admitted their organizational crimes to the general public, but it should be the only way to solve this problem. It is always true but the damage is smallest to recognize the wrongdoing as soon as possible. If you manage to hide it, you eventually create other problems, often committing additional crimes, which is easily out of your control.


After all, it is not a fundamental solution to postpone the confrontation and you should admit a wrongdoing sooner rather than later.


They have fully realized this notion, but there should be a crucial reason why they have not made this public. In Japan, there were many officers fired as an accessary to the whole illegal operations and it is nearly impossible to conceal it forever, but there should be an essential problem inside the police department which has prevented to admit the whole issue to the general public.


As a matter of fact, there are a bunch number of people realizing this problem more than you can assume and there is no way to postpone the confrontation. There are hundreds of thousand people just in Japan noticing the intelligence problem including the electromagnetic wave.


We have already identified some of the corrupted officers within the police department including the influential ex-officers, meaning it is not the reason why we have still not finalized the wrongdoing. They have often spread the false information and made their excuses to be related to the crimes, but it was not effective anymore. There are many options to cope with them, but it is not an essential problem as we know who is responsible.


On the other hand, I still have no idea what has happened in the CIA, as it is the real epicenter of this whole issue. There are many corrupted officers in the agency, but it is not easy to find the real traitors from the outside, compared to the Japanese intelligence organization as they belong to the police department and their identities are made public at some point.


In any way, there should be an obstruction that prevented to solve this whole issue. Maybe, there are still many government officials worrying of this revelation to the public, but we should understand that there are still many crimes created by this technology and there are many victims, even killed by the perpetrators brainwashed by the electromagnetic wave operation. There is no option to leave this as it is anymore.


We could not counter the problem if we do not understand an existence of this electromagnetic wave technology, implying that the current state is quite dangerous to many people in this world. There are many people who have already realized how to avoid the radiowave operation as I wrote many countermeasures here.


However, it is still a small population to realize this issue, and if you do not know, you might be manipulated to become a killer or felon due to the electromagnetic manipulation. It is not acceptable and we should stop the intelligence community to conduct these criminal operations.


Each government in this world should make this problem public and should let us know what happened in the past. It is required to tell the truth to the people.



3-222 [The life under the intelligence operation]: I have no control over my death but able to control my life

At first, I was filled with a fear and worry, but I came to be accustomed to their operations in the end.


When I was accustomed to one type of the operations, they escalated the tactics to the next level, but it has already hit the ceiling. Their opaque mission actually started from the assassination and torture so that the upper limit was originally close from the scratch.


Having said that, the electromagnetic operation is a different animal and there is still a possibility that my situation should become worse if they attempt to brainwash me severely again.


They have brainwashed me for the minor issue every day, but they cannot crack me deeply as I have elucidated how the brain is manipulated under the electromagnetic operation and found out some ways to counter. It implies that it is quite hard to brainwash me more even if they fully employ their capability against me.


The leftover is an opaque assassination, which is the simplest way to eliminate me. However, if that is the case, the CIA and Japanese police intelligence cannot avoid any criticism of what they have done for a long time.


I fully understand this probability but it is no use to be worried about this outcome, as there is no way for me to avoid their full assault and they can successfully kill me if they try until its completion.


My current consideration is not to avoid the death, but how to live the life. I have found out many countermeasures and came to the state to write like this. In the past, I only could have endured with their savage missions, but my life has been more meaningful since I started to write many papers.


There are still many readers who cannot believe what I wrote here, but these intelligence illegal conducts and their electromagnetic capability is revealed sooner or later. I have no idea when it is, but these are conducts not acceptable to the humankind and we should find out a way how to cope with these problems toward the future.


There is a large possibility that I would not be saved, but I have made up my mind not to fall into their operation and to resist until the last day. As far as I am satisfied with my current being, I am feeling like I am still alive.


3-221 [Keep calm]: Spy always tries hard to instigate you to conduct a forbidden behavior

I have managed to find out the way to counter the electromagnetic wave operation and have succeeded canceling out some of them, though I have been a subject of the gaslighting and more direct intimation as well as the everyday torture for long.


I have often fallen down from an unbearable headache as it sometimes becomes too much painful. In the worst case, I have just woken up a few hours a day. It has already passed five years since I became a subject of the torture and three years since the electromagnetic operation opaquely conducted, though there was no sign of their closure.


I have been apparently frustrated with the life like this and the illegal conduct of the governments, but I managed to keep myself calm down. It is no use to be distressed by the issue which I cannot control.


It is surely irritating for me not able to do the thing which used to be no problem in the past as I became assaulted by the electromagnetic wave operation, but it is more important to think how to counter the operation than just being suffered.


For example, I have often crouched down from too much heart pain and I still have no idea how to counter this irradiation, even though I have found many ways to mitigate many types of a headache. Having said that, I can work on the task under this situation after being accustomed to the visceral pains including heartache. Even if my behavior is constrained by the pain, there is something I can do within its range.


My pissed-off against the police does not help me from the pain. There are many operations to irritate me and I have often shouted against them in the outside when I cannot cool down my back of head, but I have managed not to conduct any illegal actions.


After all, the antipersonnel operation is originally meant to hire the subject as an asset or to eliminate this individual, which indicating that one of their goals is to have me assault someone and to contain me as a criminal. It is totally nonsense to follow their expectation with expressing my irritation to the outside.


This holds true to the ordinary gaslighting which has basically conducted for the same purpose so that it is better not to be distressed by their actions. If you are continuously threatened, it is necessary to find out the legal way to cope with, but if it is just a harassment and if it is hard to tell whether intentional or unintentional, you can just ignore it.


I am pretty much sure it is not easy to perceive in that way, but there are many issues which are not solved just by pissed-off.


3-220 [Understating of the law]: The commentary is enough to save you from the intelligence trap

It is necessary to understand the law to counter their operation, which is actually not so strenuous as imagined. If you become a subject of the intelligence antipersonnel operation, your understanding of the law is quite critical, as the spy has often run a plot to instigate you to commit an illegal action.


They would like to lead you out of the legal protection as a result of the manipulation, which is well planned not to realize at what point you start to conduct an illegal behavior. You can avoid this instigation when you have a basic understanding of the related laws. At least, you better grasp the basic of them concerning of your job, as it is quite easy for them to trap you if you have no idea what is legal or illegal.


Nowadays, the ordinary people have become a subject of the intelligence antipersonnel operation, as their interest has been expanded to the economic realm. This situation won’t change easily and you better prepare yourself not to be trapped by their sting operation. One of the countermeasures is to read the law, as you are likely to be hired as an asset when breaching the law.


I recommend to read the law, but it does not mean you need to understand a bunch of articles. It might be too much also to under the precedent, academic interpretation and practical application, even though they are necessary parts of the legal system.


It is enough to read an easy commentary of the law, and if necessary, it should be the one related to your daily action.


If you are a subject of the police illegal operation, it is necessary to read a book about the criminal procedure, as it gives you an idea what is categorized as an illegal investigation. They cannot continue an action to breach the procedure when you raise the point directly to them.


3-219 [Introduction of music]: Sleep-inducing music is quite helpful to counter the depriving operation

It had been quite limited to listen to the music, as I could not use an earphone while driving, and also, it would have deprived more sleep as it stimulated my sympathetic nerve.


I had used my Walkman without sound during the night as there had been a noise from adjacent rooms, which could be lowered by the noise canceling system, though it has just continued for thirty minutes. Its function is effective as far as the music continues, but if not, it is just kept for another half an hour.


If I could not sleep during this window of time, I needed to reboot it, which was somehow strenuous. Furthermore, I could not shut down all the noise just by the noise canceling system, if it was used without any sound.


With a long consideration after settling down, I had decided to purchase a sleep-inducing music. I had already started to study a brainwave until then and I had recognized that it creates a different type of brainwaves during the sleeping. The soundwave and electromagnetic wave are not the same, but I fully realized that the sound can create a certain state of the brainwave.


That is a methodology of the biofeedback and there is definitely a music empirically confirmed to induce a better state for the sleeping, not to stimulate the sympathetic nerve.


I have actually availed this type of the music since then, which is quite worthwhile to induce a sleep, but moreover, quite effective to shut the noise out as there is a sound originally.


The noise canceling system of Walkman has another advantage that I can lower the volume as low as possible, which also protects my ears from a pathological trouble from the loudness.


Then, I was eventually able to sleep with these effects. Even though I was woken up by the operatives every day during the night, but it used to be hard to sleep in the past, especially after waking up like this due to the noise. This situation has been tremendously improved since the introduction of this sleep-inducing music.


I have chosen to listen to the music just by the instrument during the daytime, as the word stimulates my speech area of my brain. If listening to the music with lyrics, I might have been occupied by the words especially when my concentration was lowered. On the other hand, I can allocate my logical thinking to another task when listening to an instrumental music.


The music has been absolutely necessary as there has been a noise during the daytime as well, which can be reduced by another sound.


When I hear the noise, it increases my stress led to the aggressive emotion, rather than losing my concentration, which is also a result of the electromagnetic wave operation. Then, my aggression should have targeted the operative to conduct this operation, though it was useless as they had never stopped it. However, after canceling out the noise and cooling down my head, I could contain these types of the manipulation, fundamentally.


In this way, I managed to find out how to counter their operation and to take my life back.


3-218 [To contain an aggression]: You can avoid a manipulative assault when controlling an aggressive emotion

My life was dramatically changed after finding out to cool down the back of my head, which was necessary to contain my aggression and anxiety, but also it appeared as the behavioral change.


My self-harm was nearly eliminated as it was also an extension of the aggression which was directed toward myself. The aggressive emotion was not escalated by cooling down the back of head and there was no urge to harm myself any more. This behavior was partially required to stress out my aggression toward myself, for not targeting others, but its necessity was also gone. As a result, my bruise and swelling were also gone from my face and body.


I also came to counter the brainwash to assault others. The electromagnetic wave can enhance the aggression, which is a pure emotion to attack or hit. It is necessary for the operative to brainwash the subject to attack the specific target by way of the thought manipulation.


There are basically two different electromagnetic operations; affecting the thought and the emotion. The brainwash is eventually to make the subject to assault others, as they escalate the aggressive emotion, which also means that you cannot attack anyone if your aggression is not enhanced. This is what the intelligence organizations have availed to manipulate their subject to commit a felony including a mass murder, though this operation is nullified by cooling down the back of head.


However, it is not easy to cool down that part as it is so conspicuous when we go out. For the time being, I have cooled down my head with winding a neck cooler with a cold pack around my head, which was too standing out if treating in the same way in front of the general public and it is nearly impossible to go out.


It might be plausible if the government makes the electromagnetic wave operation public, but it is not the case now, which means I became a dangerous person apparently to the society.


As a result, this cooling is only capable inside the house, which means that my aggression is sometimes enhanced outside the house to trigger a paranoia to assault others. In the most of those cases, the aggression was just enhanced and I had no specific target in my mind, though there was always a risk that I might have attacked someone if I fixed my target accidentally.


In my case, I could also identify this aggressive emotion purely without any thoughts and targets after analyzing how the brain works, therefore I could contain my aggression not to be transferred to the real action.


The pure aggression always requires a specific target to be triggered as the behavior, which means when I avoid anyone to be seen in eyes, I cannot make any target.


Just in case, this methodology, cooling down back of your head, should work for the pathological emotional disorder, as the brain functions basically in the same way as this electromagnetic wave operation. If the disorder is more driven by the stress explosion of aggression and anxiety, this cooling fundamentally contains a problematic behavior.


3-217 [Cool down a head]: Your brain works functionally with cooling down even under the electromagnetic wave irradiation

My life became improved fundamentally after cooling my head. In the past, all I could do was to endure but I have canceled out some of the electromagnetic operations to cool down my brain.


It was accidentally found that my headache became too severe to stand so that I naturally cooled down its inflammation. Then, I realized that the brain works more functional under cooling as well as alleviating the pain.


In the general term, we cool down our head at the forehead, which actually keeps our reason effective, almost nearly the same as maintaining the brain normal function.


However, I had often pissed off just by cooling the forehead. I could have managed to contain myself as my reason worked, but then, the aggression and anxiety were more escalated by the wave, which sometimes became out of the reason control.


I did not meet anyone regularly so that my emotion was not transferred to the physical attack, though I came to realize that my aggression could be calm down when cooling my back of the head.


It was also accidentally found. After my reason become more functional, the operatives were not able to control my emotion unless they enhance it to the extreme level. They had often conducted this operation to make me crazy, but one day, my back of the head got heated during their operation. Its sense of heat was so unpleasant that I cooled it down, which actually eliminated my emotional disorder.


In this way, I confirmed how to counter their operation, one by one, with a research how the brain works and how it is affected by the electromagnetic wave. At the same time, I could find out how it works through my real experience after my reason was recovered.


The brainwash is not a result of the simple thought manipulation, but the emotion is also maneuvered at the same time to increase a belief or disbelief. The sense of positive, aggression and anxiety are often maneuvered at the same time, which is a supplement to the brainwashing process. I could detach those emotions after my reason worked properly, which also have given me an opportunity how they conducted their brainwash through the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


I have elucidated how they control our emotion with the wave, such as tiredness or sexual arousal, and I found out the way how to counter their specific radiowave operations, partially in the end.


It was necessary to cool several parts of your head always to live a normal life. After all, I have kept my brain functional with cold packs though I should replace them quite often, many times a day. Moreover, I look quite silly as my brain is more or less wrapped with them, while I have spent more time normally, not just enduring the pain.


These methodologies are still not perfect and there are many symptoms which I have no idea how to counter, such as the heartache. We need to accumulate those remedies for the nullification of the electromagnetic wave operation.