4-91 [Assassinations and tortures]: Their assassination attempts were failed apparently, which positioned them to torture me for a false confession

I had not realized that I was a target, but the spy conducted many operations covertly. I absolutely recognized many weird events occurred to me, though it took much time to figure out those were intentional.


The intelligence community kept a hindsight to conduct operations against me, though I attracted more attentions due to their continuous failures so that they had to eliminate me before I realized that I had been a serious target.


Then, their operation became apparent to deploy many officers to instigate me to commit a crime even with the intimidation of the criminals related to yakuza. I managed to escape all of them and finally found out that all was set up by the intelligence community.


Their failure triggered another assassination in December 2011, though it was also failed to reveal how the Chinese intelligence set it up. Their next step was a torture that I was a danger to China as a terrorist or a foreign spy, which was the only plausible explanation to continue their eliminative operation after I escaped from their critical trap.


I had lived under the fear for weeks, though I got accustomed with the torture. I thought it would halt sooner or later as it was baseless. At that time moment, one of the Aum fugitives turned himself in and I noticed that he used to be my co-worker in the middle of 1990s during his runaway.


They created another reason in this way to continue a torture as I was still a danger to the society as a terrorist suspect, though this suspicion was lifted within days as I showed them a critical counter-witness amongst their colleagues. Then, they condemned me that I was related to the AIJ fraud case with tortures and interrogations from one of my assumed friend who was originally an intelligence asset.


After all, there was no illegal conduct related to me so that they raised one issue after another to force a false confession with an endless torture. It is quite ordinary for us to fall down if tortured and they can create whatever in this way, which is one of the main protocol of the spy operation.


The tortures and assassinations did not work against me until now, though those were still crimes of the CIA, the Japanese police intelligence and other agencies. Moreover, those frauds, illegal transactions or even the support of Aum fugitive were really conducted by the spy, though they tried to press all the charge onto me.


I initially did not realize the intelligence community was involved in those criminal cases, but there were many proofs that they knew too much and I finally researched out that they were masterminds of those criminal conducts. It was the same for the Sep 11 attack suspicion that it was not me related to this attack, but the CIA and other intelligence agencies grasped the detail of this attack beforehand to make it happen for their sake.



4-90 [Realization of spy ops]: There were a bunch of intelligence ops, though I had not realized them for decades

I eventually worked in the financial industry so that there were many sting operations to frame me for the illegal transaction and the financial fraud. Their endless operations basically imply that there were many individuals working as an intelligence asset after falling down with those tactics.


I met lots of intelligence asset of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence. Some of them were not necessarily there to trap me and told me indirectly how the spy conducted an operation. It was partially because they would like to confirm whether I was also an asset or not, otherwise letting me know I was targeted by the intelligence community.


There were many other spies directly hired by the intelligence agencies, working as a field agent or analyst. In the most of the cases, I did not realize their real identity, but some of them behaved quite out of normal though I did not notice they were spies at that time.


The majority of the intelligence officers I met were from the US, China and UK, and also many officers from the Japanese police intelligence and Japanese Public Security Investigation Agency as well as many spies from South and North Korea.


I encountered with more than a hundred of spies in my life, even though I have not been one of them, as I have been a serious target of them for decades. At the same time, they have failed to fall me down and I have successfully avoided becoming one of them.


When they gave up to hire me as an asset, there were many plots to eliminate me. I was drugged and poisoned by them quite often and they set up several critical car accidents. I realized those were traps because there were always police officers at the dangerous scene in advance.


My room was burnt though it was improbable for me to realize it was a result of the spy operation as I did not realize I had been a serious target. A helicopter directly flew to me on the hilltop and they kept hovered just in front of me, though I thought it was a result of the coincidental accident as I did not conduct any crimes.


However, I realized all of them were intelligence operations once I found out I had been a serious target of the spy.


4-89 [Sting ops for insider trading]: I avoided trading with an insider information, but there were many CIA assets gaining personal interest from it

The CIA had run an operation to instigate me an insider trading. There were several individuals who told me an insider information, some of those were CIA assets. Just in case, I did not trade any with that information as I was pretty much aware that it was categorized as a crime.


I have not confirmed all of them, but some of the assets have been already identified and I have a confidence that these were CIA antipersonnel operations. It had continued for a decade to invite me for the insider trading world.


There are CIA assets in the financial industry which is written in the US government public paper, which is not a secret but their identities are just classified. There are intelligence assets to monitor me sent from the CIA or other intelligence agencies and I can name more than a dozen of them.


Having said that, there is a possibility that some of them have not realized what they have done as a job, meaning they definitely knew I was a target but did not know my background why I was targeted originally by the spy.


This is a necessary protocol for the spy to hide the truth from the enemy when their cover was blown up. Especially, the intelligence asset was expendable under dark for the final goal of the operation, but just to be assigned for each plot.


On the other hand, those CIA assets who told me an insider information definitely knew that I was a subject of the sting operation. The spy can manipulate them to do so with an electromagnetic wave, but they should have realized I have been a target, even if ordered to spread it to many investors.


They tried it many times, but I did not fall any of traps and they changed a plan to isolate me from others to be hired as an intelligence asset. Then, they have run several operations to frame me for the financial fraud, though all of them were failed.


Their next step was to avail a failed insider trading cases that they had investigated it continuously for years to create a false confession with an electromagnetic wave manipulation.


However, those were also failed which eventually led to a revelation that the CIA assets have conducted numerous illegal trading, some of those were critical social problems for some countries. The intelligence community was wrong originally, though they have enhanced their tortures against me to hide all of those.


4-88 [Sting ops for financial frauds]: CIA was a mastermind to instigate me to conduct financial crimes, though all failed

There were several operations around the time when the fund was pulled out including the financial fraud case. I wrote the instigation case about the gold smuggling and money laundering which were ones of those around that time.


It is ordinary for the intelligence agency to conduct a sting operation against the target, a basic of the antipersonnel operation, which is basically well planned with a profound research to frame you under the situation jumping on the fraud. Each operation was not one day mission but continuously adjusted until its final success or failure.


I realized one of the cases was a fraud as the money amount was irregular. I had a career working as a prop trader hence I knew the limit of personal discretion of each trader in the financial company. If not, I might have jumped on these fraud cases.


There was another fraud case when I went to Guam in 2009 and there was also another financial fraud in 2010, which were created by real crooks and spies, as there was no way that I fell on those sting operations.


They did not understand a profile of mine that there was no way to be involved with the normal financial fraud as I am basically too cautious and brush up my judgment of the risk by gut as well, which makes me away from the sizable loss.


Contrarily saying, there were many businessmen from the financial industry framed by those traps as the majority of them are not positioned to take the risk, who are not trained to judge it. After they were instigated to conduct a crime, the Japanese police intelligence or CIA confronted them with an evidence to ask them working as an intelligence asset, which is one of the main purposes of the intelligence agency.


However, this outcome has been a little dangerous to our society as they become an intelligence asset as a result of their crimes. They essentially do not care what is legal or not and they eventually get a legal exemption as far as working as a spy, hence they have escalated crimes including the financial scam to have created a big social problem.


The CIA, Japanese police intelligence or others have left them at large, but this should not be just a result that they worked for the intelligence community; i.e. that crime money has been highly likely reimbursed to the intelligence officers.


This is the fact of the intelligence community that I have not fallen in.


4-87 [Fund was pulled out]: The whole event was a setup of the CIA

The initial inception was pulled out while I was establishing my own company. They explained to me that this US public fund had decided to withdraw from the long-short strategy in the Japanese stock market and I was thrown out without any customers, which compelled me to rewrite the business plan.


There was no problem if signing a paper beforehand, though it was illegal to do it before licensed properly, which was only possible after establishing the licensed company so that there was a window time with a full of risk and they actually stopped a lifeline, a few days before getting the license.


This was a CIA operation and I am pretty much sure who was responsible, knowing the name of people who were involved in this operation. I tried to avoid to write down the names unless they were absolutely a public figure, though it was not illegal to write down their names as well, as this whole event is categorized as the public interest and their identities are associated with.


By the way, I got an excuse after this initial fund disappeared. It sounded like she did not know what she was involved with, though she was highly likely told to make an excuse to avoid a direct damage to herself as it was dangerous if I had become one of the crazy spies.


I met many people to find out the potential customers after I lost my initial fund and some of them actually realized that I was framed by the spy, though I did not realize what was going on, still. As said, there were many CIA assets in the financial industry, whose identity can be spotted from their careers as some of them lost a practical job like me for a couple of years, and eventually, they accepted an offer from the intelligence agency.


I also knew some of them getting away from this trap, though having the similar career history spending some period without a practical job. I am not able to run away from them yet so that I had been tortured for years and the Japanese police intelligence and the CIA controlled everything not to make it public.


4-86 [CIA lured me out to establish my own company]: This is one of the protocols to hire the subject as an intelligence asset

I went to Guam in November 2009 and I had been an intelligence target until then. For example, my kitchen was burnt and I was not able to use it anymore when I was back home from the business trip. I had thought it was also a result of the accident, but there was no miracle that just the kitchen was burnt without notice by anyone and without any attendance.


There were many operations to instigate an insider trading that I knew who told the information to me, though I avoided any illegal transaction. Actually, there were more operations related to the financial crimes and I found out the majority of them were a sting operation to make me a criminal.


The critical tactic around the time I went to Guam was a plot to lure me out to create my own company. There were several reasons why I had decided to start up my own hedge fund and this itself was not a result of the intelligence manipulation.


I actually got a fund in the summer of 2009, but we held back at the time of signing. If they had manipulated me originally, they should have used this opportunity, but the reality went in a different direction, which meant that my motivation was not manipulated initially by the spy.


However, the CIA started to make use of this situation that I continuously met other investors, one of those decided to fund me in the autumn of that year. It was one of the most well-known American public funds through the fund of funds, hence I decided to leave the job to establish my own.


In the timeline-wise, my flat was burnt without notice in early 2009 and I got this fund in October 2009, a month before I went to Guan. Then, I moved to the new place in December as my rent should have been renewed. I did not expect a good result from the negotiation as I have a landlord to pay all the cost suffered from the fire.


The new room was the place I had been tortured. My old flat was independent of any others hence it was inappropriate for the monitor, hence it was necessary for them to move me to the new place for the monitor and operation. All of those operations were conducted simultaneously, meaning this US public funding case was also one of the operations.


The only CIA was capable of setting up this operation, which was why I can confirm they have been in charge, supported by the Japanese police and the Chinese intelligence, though I did not realize how I was framed.


4-85 [Guam spree killer case was highly likely manipulated by the radiowave]: Some traces suggested it was a job of the CIA

I have not checked the detail of the Guam spree killer case and cannot conclude it, though it was highly likely that the perpetrator was manipulated by the CIA with this electromagnetic wave capability.


The agency has had a capability to brainwash a target covertly with the electromagnetic wave and they have a subject hear the voice remotely like the case in Guam. He assumed it was a voice of the god, though it depends on the individuality; some others might perceive they suffer from the schizophrenia.


There is a possibility that some others might realize it is a result of the synchronization that their brain is affected by the electromagnetic wave from the outside. You can understand how it works technologically if reading my writing so that this realization is more often than before.


We are still manipulated by the outside wave, even if realizing the electromagnetic wave technology is availed against ourselves. However, if not noticed, you might be brainwashed to commit a crime, including a felony. Some of us have a tendency to conduct a battery just when our aggressive emotion was enhanced and this type of the manipulated crimes have occurred more often than you assume.


The CIA was capable of deploying this technology in Guam, which was used in November 2009 against me. The Guam spree killer case occurred in February 2013, hence the agency had already deployed it there.


I saw some individuals who were capable of assassinating the target in Guam as I was one of the targets, which meant that the CIA had a team for the black job out there. I assumed this team was availed for this spree killer case, though it was quite hard to prove this technology was used in the law court.


If there were several confessions and recordings of the real manipulation, we could have confirmed it, though that was highly likely not the case.


As written before, I saw the same type of operation that the old man committed a suicide jump quite next to my hotel on 12 February 2013, actually one hour before the attack in Gaum. This was also the day that one of the local police chief, Masatoshi Yamazaki, was assigned to a local police chief, who was in charge of the operation against me employing a full length of the local police organization. All of them were linked, implying that the Guam spree killer case was highly likely manipulated by the CIA to kill many Japanese.