4-94 [CIA was always out there]: My family was an early target of the electromagnetic wave operation conducted by the Japanese police intelligence introduced by the CIA

The CIA has been always around the operation against me since the beginning as it is not me originally on the CIA watch list but my father has been their active target. He is a member of the Japan Communist Party and used to be one of the leaders of the labor union of an American company, which made him a perfect enemy of the CIA.


Just in case, he told me that he was monitored by the Japanese police intelligence so that I am 100% positive that we were on the watch list of the intelligence agencies. He knew he was under surveillance as his high school classmate told him that, who was actually a police officer involved in the operation. Therefore, I assumed his action was not a result of his good will, but the police intelligence would like to confirm whether my father became an intelligence asset or not.


As far as I know, the police intelligence has continued the operation against him for half a century and I assume they would continue it until he is completely killed. It also means that the CIA has been involved in those operations as he was also on the CIA watch list.


I have been a subject of the electromagnetic operation since youth, as he was an original target of this technology, not in the other way around. This indicated that the CIA was involved in the radiowave operation against my family from the scratch, as this capability was introduced to the Japanese police from the agency. This technology was exported to Japan highly likely in the early 1980s and my family became their target without soon, which was another reason why the CIA originally knew we were subjects as we were on their list already at that time.


This technology was provided to a covert operation team, called as zero of the Japanese police intelligence, which implies that there are many CIA assets in this organization as well. That is why they trusted those people even though there were many CIA officers who had no idea of this technology.


I have been on their watch list since born, but I had no idea when I became their critical target. In my understanding, the Japanese police intelligence failed to hire me as their asset and failed several assassination attempts until the middle of the 1990s, which attracted an attention of the CIA as I started to see foreign spies around that time.


Then, I went to London in 1999 when the CIA monitored me closely, implying that they become in charge of the operation against me around that time.



4-93 [Japanese police intelligence started a war]: This organization was controlled by the left extremist sympathizers who hated me crazily

I was told in April 2012 that this is a war by the Japanese police, though it was beyond my understandings at that time as I had no clue of their charges against me.


I still had no idea whether this police director knew all the story I wrote here or he was also framed by the police intelligence, but in any way, they have been just crazy enough to instigate me to commit a crime, to torture me endlessly and to attempt assassinations many times.


The whole issue is not a war, but an organizational crime of the Japanese police. As said, my father was blown up by the electric shock and was not able to move in the next one month, eventually hospitalized for months, which took place in the 1970s. This was also a result of their operation unless the CIA conducted it by their own.


The point here is that they have run illegal operations at least since then at least against my family, which was highly likely a proof that they have continuously tortured the target and attempted many assassinations since their establishment after World War II.


The police should make it public what they have done to the people. I am one of the crime victims of the governments and all the fact should be known to the people. I was still a survivor but we should recognize there were numerous people killed by their operation if including a conduct of the CIA.


They started an eliminative operation against me in 1995, as one of the left extremist members said so and he was actually one of their accessories as well. The police said to me this is a war so that there is something problematic happened around that time.


The fundamental reason was that I did not become a member of the left extremist and they confirmed that it would never happen in 1995, after their set up of my encounter with the hijacker from Japan Red Army. This joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist might have been revealed if I were to be survived in this way. Adding to this, there is definitely a personal hatred against me to motivate this endless crazy operation.


Later on, they framed me as a supporter of the Aum fugitive, which was another critical operation against me except several assassination attempts. Iwao Uruma definitely involved in both cases as well as his associates such as Katsuharu Ishikari and Shoichiro Ishikawa.


They are officers at the Japanese police intelligence, and at the same time, belongs to the same career line to control the electromagnetic wave capability even covertly within the intelligence division.


Some of them availed the Sep 11 attack to frame me related to the terrorist and they were able to conduct this plot as they knew the attack before 11 Sep 2001. They have been demolishing Japanese society forever since the middle of the 1990s and I was unlucky enough as I was one of the early targets of these extremist sympathizers.