4-91 [Assassinations and tortures]: Their assassination attempts were failed apparently, which positioned them to torture me for a false confession

I had not realized that I was a target, but the spy conducted many operations covertly. I absolutely recognized many weird events occurred to me, though it took much time to figure out those were intentional.


The intelligence community kept a hindsight to conduct operations against me, though I attracted more attentions due to their continuous failures so that they had to eliminate me before I realized that I had been a serious target.


Then, their operation became apparent to deploy many officers to instigate me to commit a crime even with the intimidation of the criminals related to yakuza. I managed to escape all of them and finally found out that all was set up by the intelligence community.


Their failure triggered another assassination in December 2011, though it was also failed to reveal how the Chinese intelligence set it up. Their next step was a torture that I was a danger to China as a terrorist or a foreign spy, which was the only plausible explanation to continue their eliminative operation after I escaped from their critical trap.


I had lived under the fear for weeks, though I got accustomed with the torture. I thought it would halt sooner or later as it was baseless. At that time moment, one of the Aum fugitives turned himself in and I noticed that he used to be my co-worker in the middle of 1990s during his runaway.


They created another reason in this way to continue a torture as I was still a danger to the society as a terrorist suspect, though this suspicion was lifted within days as I showed them a critical counter-witness amongst their colleagues. Then, they condemned me that I was related to the AIJ fraud case with tortures and interrogations from one of my assumed friend who was originally an intelligence asset.


After all, there was no illegal conduct related to me so that they raised one issue after another to force a false confession with an endless torture. It is quite ordinary for us to fall down if tortured and they can create whatever in this way, which is one of the main protocol of the spy operation.


The tortures and assassinations did not work against me until now, though those were still crimes of the CIA, the Japanese police intelligence and other agencies. Moreover, those frauds, illegal transactions or even the support of Aum fugitive were really conducted by the spy, though they tried to press all the charge onto me.


I initially did not realize the intelligence community was involved in those criminal cases, but there were many proofs that they knew too much and I finally researched out that they were masterminds of those criminal conducts. It was the same for the Sep 11 attack suspicion that it was not me related to this attack, but the CIA and other intelligence agencies grasped the detail of this attack beforehand to make it happen for their sake.



4-90 [Realization of spy ops]: There were a bunch of intelligence ops, though I had not realized them for decades

I eventually worked in the financial industry so that there were many sting operations to frame me for the illegal transaction and the financial fraud. Their endless operations basically imply that there were many individuals working as an intelligence asset after falling down with those tactics.


I met lots of intelligence asset of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence. Some of them were not necessarily there to trap me and told me indirectly how the spy conducted an operation. It was partially because they would like to confirm whether I was also an asset or not, otherwise letting me know I was targeted by the intelligence community.


There were many other spies directly hired by the intelligence agencies, working as a field agent or analyst. In the most of the cases, I did not realize their real identity, but some of them behaved quite out of normal though I did not notice they were spies at that time.


The majority of the intelligence officers I met were from the US, China and UK, and also many officers from the Japanese police intelligence and Japanese Public Security Investigation Agency as well as many spies from South and North Korea.


I encountered with more than a hundred of spies in my life, even though I have not been one of them, as I have been a serious target of them for decades. At the same time, they have failed to fall me down and I have successfully avoided becoming one of them.


When they gave up to hire me as an asset, there were many plots to eliminate me. I was drugged and poisoned by them quite often and they set up several critical car accidents. I realized those were traps because there were always police officers at the dangerous scene in advance.


My room was burnt though it was improbable for me to realize it was a result of the spy operation as I did not realize I had been a serious target. A helicopter directly flew to me on the hilltop and they kept hovered just in front of me, though I thought it was a result of the coincidental accident as I did not conduct any crimes.


However, I realized all of them were intelligence operations once I found out I had been a serious target of the spy.