4-89 [Sting ops for insider trading]: I avoided trading with an insider information, but there were many CIA assets gaining personal interest from it

The CIA had run an operation to instigate me an insider trading. There were several individuals who told me an insider information, some of those were CIA assets. Just in case, I did not trade any with that information as I was pretty much aware that it was categorized as a crime.


I have not confirmed all of them, but some of the assets have been already identified and I have a confidence that these were CIA antipersonnel operations. It had continued for a decade to invite me for the insider trading world.


There are CIA assets in the financial industry which is written in the US government public paper, which is not a secret but their identities are just classified. There are intelligence assets to monitor me sent from the CIA or other intelligence agencies and I can name more than a dozen of them.


Having said that, there is a possibility that some of them have not realized what they have done as a job, meaning they definitely knew I was a target but did not know my background why I was targeted originally by the spy.


This is a necessary protocol for the spy to hide the truth from the enemy when their cover was blown up. Especially, the intelligence asset was expendable under dark for the final goal of the operation, but just to be assigned for each plot.


On the other hand, those CIA assets who told me an insider information definitely knew that I was a subject of the sting operation. The spy can manipulate them to do so with an electromagnetic wave, but they should have realized I have been a target, even if ordered to spread it to many investors.


They tried it many times, but I did not fall any of traps and they changed a plan to isolate me from others to be hired as an intelligence asset. Then, they have run several operations to frame me for the financial fraud, though all of them were failed.


Their next step was to avail a failed insider trading cases that they had investigated it continuously for years to create a false confession with an electromagnetic wave manipulation.


However, those were also failed which eventually led to a revelation that the CIA assets have conducted numerous illegal trading, some of those were critical social problems for some countries. The intelligence community was wrong originally, though they have enhanced their tortures against me to hide all of those.



4-88 [Sting ops for financial frauds]: CIA was a mastermind to instigate me to conduct financial crimes, though all failed

There were several operations around the time when the fund was pulled out including the financial fraud case. I wrote the instigation case about the gold smuggling and money laundering which were ones of those around that time.


It is ordinary for the intelligence agency to conduct a sting operation against the target, a basic of the antipersonnel operation, which is basically well planned with a profound research to frame you under the situation jumping on the fraud. Each operation was not one day mission but continuously adjusted until its final success or failure.


I realized one of the cases was a fraud as the money amount was irregular. I had a career working as a prop trader hence I knew the limit of personal discretion of each trader in the financial company. If not, I might have jumped on these fraud cases.


There was another fraud case when I went to Guam in 2009 and there was also another financial fraud in 2010, which were created by real crooks and spies, as there was no way that I fell on those sting operations.


They did not understand a profile of mine that there was no way to be involved with the normal financial fraud as I am basically too cautious and brush up my judgment of the risk by gut as well, which makes me away from the sizable loss.


Contrarily saying, there were many businessmen from the financial industry framed by those traps as the majority of them are not positioned to take the risk, who are not trained to judge it. After they were instigated to conduct a crime, the Japanese police intelligence or CIA confronted them with an evidence to ask them working as an intelligence asset, which is one of the main purposes of the intelligence agency.


However, this outcome has been a little dangerous to our society as they become an intelligence asset as a result of their crimes. They essentially do not care what is legal or not and they eventually get a legal exemption as far as working as a spy, hence they have escalated crimes including the financial scam to have created a big social problem.


The CIA, Japanese police intelligence or others have left them at large, but this should not be just a result that they worked for the intelligence community; i.e. that crime money has been highly likely reimbursed to the intelligence officers.


This is the fact of the intelligence community that I have not fallen in.