4-85 [Guam spree killer case was highly likely manipulated by the radiowave]: Some traces suggested it was a job of the CIA

I have not checked the detail of the Guam spree killer case and cannot conclude it, though it was highly likely that the perpetrator was manipulated by the CIA with this electromagnetic wave capability.


The agency has had a capability to brainwash a target covertly with the electromagnetic wave and they have a subject hear the voice remotely like the case in Guam. He assumed it was a voice of the god, though it depends on the individuality; some others might perceive they suffer from the schizophrenia.


There is a possibility that some others might realize it is a result of the synchronization that their brain is affected by the electromagnetic wave from the outside. You can understand how it works technologically if reading my writing so that this realization is more often than before.


We are still manipulated by the outside wave, even if realizing the electromagnetic wave technology is availed against ourselves. However, if not noticed, you might be brainwashed to commit a crime, including a felony. Some of us have a tendency to conduct a battery just when our aggressive emotion was enhanced and this type of the manipulated crimes have occurred more often than you assume.


The CIA was capable of deploying this technology in Guam, which was used in November 2009 against me. The Guam spree killer case occurred in February 2013, hence the agency had already deployed it there.


I saw some individuals who were capable of assassinating the target in Guam as I was one of the targets, which meant that the CIA had a team for the black job out there. I assumed this team was availed for this spree killer case, though it was quite hard to prove this technology was used in the law court.


If there were several confessions and recordings of the real manipulation, we could have confirmed it, though that was highly likely not the case.


As written before, I saw the same type of operation that the old man committed a suicide jump quite next to my hotel on 12 February 2013, actually one hour before the attack in Gaum. This was also the day that one of the local police chief, Masatoshi Yamazaki, was assigned to a local police chief, who was in charge of the operation against me employing a full length of the local police organization. All of them were linked, implying that the Guam spree killer case was highly likely manipulated by the CIA to kill many Japanese.



4-84 [CIA entrapped me in Guam]: They needed to eliminate me to hide their relation to Sep 11 attack

This whole event taken place in Guam was a trap of the CIA with familiar members of the operation against me, North Korea, South Korean intelligence and Japanese police intelligence as well as the Chinese intelligence as I lived in Hong Kong at that time.


This operation was only capable when the CIA ranking officer was in charge, as they could not have won a cooperation from other agencies in this degree if not.


One of the keys to identify who had commanded was at an anti-drug team of the CIA. The influential officer decided to conduct a plot to involve the anti-drug section or to make use of this team to flag me as a suspect related to a drug trafficking.


As said many times, I had been on the CIA watch list since born and already been a subject of East Asia and anti-terrorism sections until then as well as the anti-intelligence and Middle East sections.


I became a subject of the anti-drug team at that time, though it was quite unnecessary to create another suspicion as I had been an enemy as a possible terrorist suspect for a long time at the CIA file.


However, this officer has decided to avail the anti-drug team as well, even though the CIA could have deployed many field agents for the operation against me as there were a plenty of other teams flagging me as a person of interest.


This logic implies that there were officers who knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand within this anti-drug team, which was why they needed to target me as well. I am not sure whether the section leader knew the Sep 11 attack in advance, but at least, some of the high ranking officers related to this section noticed that it was coming.


The final decision should have been concluded by the higher ranking officer in the CIA commanding line, though there were some critical officers in the anti-drug team at that time moment.


This operation was actually quite complicated to spend nearly a year just have me to take the flight route called as a drug line from Hong Kong to Guam via Manilla. It is hard to write a detail as it clarifies some of the related individuals availed by the intelligence community, but they set up minutely that I looked like a suspect, even with the electromagnetic wave manipulation.


All I can say is that the CIA knew who they were when I wrote this much of the detail and they noticed the Sep 11 attack in advance and let it happen for their favors.