4-79 [CIA tried to eliminate me]: They tried it many times and there was a car crash as one of the most critical

I left the US in 2003, though I got a car accident a few months before the departure, which was also one of the spy operation conducted by the CIA.


I drove the car in the upstate New York on that Sunday and craved for going back home quickly as I would like to take an enough rest before Monday to work, hence the car kept running around 60-70 miles per hour.


This speed itself was not so dangerous, but it was snowy day and there were many car accidents I saw on the way, though I passed the majority of icy areas especially in Canada where I maneuvered my car at much lower speed.


The essential problem was that I drove mine quite near to the front car which hit the brake suddenly on the left curve. There was a police officer at the median strip which was why the driver in front suddenly speeded down the car.


There was no choice for me to hit the brake, though I was pretty much sure I was going to lose a control over my car as I should have braked more acutely. The snow halted around that area, though the road was still icy and my car slid into the right lane where there was a car running almost the same speed as mine. There were two cars in front which traveled at the same speed to block the road, which was why mine and the next was running side by side.


I understood there was no way to avoid a crash as I lost a control over my car but suddenly realized that I could stop mine without colliding with the next if turning the wheel in the other way around getting into the median strip.


There was a bank of snow and my assumption was that I could stop the car slowly there as I had an experience like that before. However, the outcome was more than I expected that my car jumped on that bank like a half-pipe of the snowboard, turning around in a side way eventually stop at the position where my driver’s seat was located at the bottom.


There was no injury as I wore a seatbelt and no involvement of others as the car completely stopped in the median strip on the snow, even though the car became wrecked.


I got a call on that night and she was the one with whom I visited together the WTC just before the Sep 11 attack. I thought it was a coincidental accident as well that I got a call in the middle of nowhere, though it was definitely a setup to investigate what we were going to talk after they failed to create a fatal accident against me.


There were several people warning me about the car accident as this was one of the main protocol to hire the subject as an intelligence asset or to eliminate the target. I actually knew those becoming an intelligence asset due to this type of operation to create the car accident on purpose. Some of them knew that I had been targeted by the intelligence community.


The spy who planned this operation would like to hide all the trace before I went back to Japan or to hire me as an asset to shut my mouth, as I was a critical witness that the CIA knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand and they had availed this terrorist attack for their favor, even though I had not realized it yet.



4-78 [CIA needed a significant attack]: CIA sometimes ignored a critical intel for their organizational survival

It was a critical problem why the CIA did not stop the Sep 11 attack, even though some of their directors possessed the exact intel of this terrorist act.


This issue is related to the fundamental of the intelligence organization that they require the enemy at any moment. If not, they lose their raison d’etre, which triggers a shrinkage of their capability. The CIA and other Western intelligence organizations won the cold war, but their victory was translated into a reduction of their headcounts and budgets.


One of their options to counter this move was to create the enemy by themselves, which kept their organization intact. I was one of the targets for this operation mainly by the Japanese police intelligence, but definitely, the CIA did the same to others.


There was another option for this, which was to leave the terrorists at large. The CIA could have created a necessity for themselves just not to stop the terrorist act in the US even though noticed beforehand.


The intelligence agency has originally been accustomed to leave the critical issue without interception as it is one of the protocol to grasp the whole figure of the opposed organization. It used to be a spy agency in the enemy countries, though including the crime organization and the terrorist group.


This protocol is escalated to hire some members of the targeted organization and ignore their terrorist conducts to support their promotion within the enemy. This operation is justified by the logic that the terrorist group is easily contained once their decision is made by their assets.


I assume the CIA should have perceived that the Sep 11 attack was one of their strategies for their survivals. If the sizable terror occurs, the necessity of the intelligence job is increased, which was actually what happened after the Sep 11 attack that they expanded their authority, headcount and budget.


There was a possibility that they had not assumed the outcome was so enormous to kill thousands of people. They definitely realized that the terrorist would avail the airplane in advance as they monitored the attackers who had the flight training in the US. However, it was hard to forecast the towers were collapsed in that manner, hence the damage was more than they expected.


Having said that, my assumption was still wishful as the leaders at the CIA or other intelligence organization have behaved not to care about the death count as far as they have secured their organizations and their loyal subordinates. That means, they also did not care how many people died from the Sep 11 attack, as far as it was favorable to their organization.


4-77 [CIA ops related to Sep 11]: FBI NY chief might have been manipulated by the electromagnetic wave

When researching about the issue related to the Michelle, I found an article on the FBI chief in New York at The New Yorker.



John O’Neill requested an intel to the CIA about the KL meeting where many terrorists from the al-Qaida gathered up in 1998 to discuss the next moves.


One of the main outcomes from the meeting was a terrorist attack against the USS Cole in October 2000 and the FBI asked the CIA to share the conversation held at that meeting. The Michelle was a liaison officer at the CIA for this case and this chief was one who asked to disclose the intel.


He left the FBI on 22 August 2001, as his PC was stolen. There was a classified information on his laptop, though it was returned back without any compromise. However, he lost a trust within the bureau, which gave him up for the further promotion to leave for another opportunity.


He was dead on 11 Sep 2001, as he was a security chief at the World Trade Center.


I assumed he was also set up by the CIA to work there. As a general, the electromagnetic wave technology had been already developed to control the thought and behavior remotely.


This technology was held by the intelligence groups who recognized the Sep 11 attack, which was why I was framed as a terrorist suspect by them around the same time.


Adding to this, if the PC was stolen and if there was no direct damage to the FBI, it was nothing more than an intelligence operation, as there is no other objective. If the spy capitalized this situation to enhance the anxiety by the electromagnetic wave, he should have left the bureau with ease.


The biggest focal point was that he was a security chief at the WTC. He was eventually killed as a result of the Sep 11 attack, though he would have been blamed and his words were not to be perceived seriously, even if survived.


That was necessary to the CIA as he knew the agency did not disclose the attackers who were under the surveillance of theirs. If he was positioned as the FBI chief in New York or any other, influential enough to denounce the CIA conduct, there was a large possibility that the CIA recognition of the Sep 11 attack in advance was more focused than it was.


As said, I worked at the same construction sites with the Aum terrorist fugitive in 1997, meaning that they were already capable of manipulating the thought remotely. My body was totally maneuvered from the outside in 2001 at first and I saw it in 1993, all of those suggested that this kind of electromagnetic wave manipulation had been established until 2001. Moreover, I was not the only to be framed with the Sep 11 attack.


4-76 [CIA ops related to Sep 11]: We can confirm CIA involvement from the different angle

There are several more issues related to the Sep 11 attack.


The first issue is a Michael. There has been a doubt that the CIA knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand and one of the proofs was a story about the female CIA officer named as Michelle.


She was a liaison officer to the FBI and showed photos of several attackers who ran the Sep 11 attack eventually. They had been actually under surveillance of the CIA already and she confirmed whether the FBI knew them with showing the photos of them without further information.


I had not known the CIA officer called as Michelle but knew the officer introducing herself as Michael. I met her in London in 1999 and we exchanged an e-mail, probably after 2001 attack. My PC was broken and I had no evidence left for this contact, but the CIA and the Japanese police intelligence had this e-mail if they had not deleted it on purpose.


I met several CIA officers in London in 1999, one of them called me directly after the Sep 11 attack, who definitely knew the terrorist act in advance. I had not realized she was a CIA officer for a long time but noticed her career was peculiar.


She was stationed basically in London, but there were other officers flying from the US to meet me, probably for the interview.


In that occasion, we discussed the global political issue and I had a different viewpoint from them at some point as I was a student of the best graduate school in Japan for the politics at that time, though I am pretty much sure they had more knowledge in the detail.


Just in case, there was no American but a few CIA officers and full of the international students except English natives, with many Brits of course. These traveling Americans directly talked to me at that large bar and all of them were likely the CIA officers as they were the only ones talked to me at that place as a traveler. All of them started to discuss the international issue, which meant that they had interviewed me.


Michael was one of them and she was less likely a field agent but an analyst which holds true to the profile of Michelle that the FBI recognized. Additionally to say, these two figures were around the same age.


Furthermore, the real name of this Michelle of the CIA was a Michael. Statistically speaking, these figures were the same person at 30-50% probability, as there were not so many named as a Michael who was born around 1970, working as an analyst at the CIA.


I cannot find her photo on the net, though I can confirm her identity still. If it is confirmed, we can prove all the covert operation of the CIA related to Sep 11 attack, at least.


4-75 [CIA knew Sep 11 attack in advance]: The issue is just which ranking officers noticed it

All in all, the CIA knew the Sep 11 attack before it took place.


As a matter of fact, the CIA admitted they had an intel related to the attack beforehand, but they claimed that they had not grasped the detail, which was said to be the reason why they failed to intercept the terrorist act.


However, their claim was a well-calculated lie. I paid a visit to the targeted sites in the previous two weekends guided by the spy as the intelligence community including the CIA had understood the exact target and probable timing in advance. I assume I was not the only one framed by them to be related to the Sep 11 attackers.


The CIA apparently noticed those attacks beforehand, but it does not mean all the CIA employees grasped them ahead of time. If we just claim that the CIA recognized the Sep 11 attack when all the officers knew it in advance, they can always claim that they did not know, as all the information have never been shared within the agency.


Their intelligence network captured the exact intel about the Sep 11 attack, which was delivered to the ranking officers in the chain of command. That basically meant the CIA knew the terrorist act in advance, but they left the terrorist to attack the sites.


I mentioned some figures until here; a Korean who was availed to frame me as a terrorist, a Japanese police intelligence chief who was one of the mastermind who set me up as a terrorist suspect again in the US, a CIA officer who definitely knew the Sep 11 attack in advance.


I have a confidence that I can prove enough that they knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand, though the intelligence community is likely to support these insiders at whatever cost, as they knew and conducted more unforgivable operations which the community worried to be revealed to the public eyes.


Having said that, I assume it has been already investigated which ranking officers knew the terrorist attack in advance. As you can imagine, the US Department of Defense would not accept to let it go as they were one of the main targets of the Sep 11 attack.


The majority of the fundamental issues have been uncovered until now, but I had no idea whether it was made public or not. On the other hand, there is a large possibility that all the information will be revealed to the public in the intelligence file against me when I am dead.


4-74 [CIA called me to confirm Sep 11 attack]: It was kind of an interrogation to know whether I was involved or not

The CIA actually called me directly after the Sep 11 attack. I did not remember it was that day or the next, but they called me suddenly.


As a confirmation of the fact, I got a call from the CIA field agent though I did not realize her true identity when I met her. I noticed her career and behavior was weird, but I thought there were peculiar people in this world to pursue their own distinctive lifestyle.


I noticed she was a CIA officer as I met her asset at the unexpected place. I could not have called her as I encountered her at the weird place, though it was one of the main protocol that I saw many collaborators and assets of the CIA and MI6 at the weird occasion.


I met this CIA field officer in 1999 and often talked to her around that time but never contacted since my leaving from London. However, her asset called me that she would like to talk to me urgently so that I told her my phone number.


Then, I got a call quite immediately and she started to talk about the Sep 11 attack. I was located at 30 miles away so that I said I had no mental impact from the attack, but she said she was at the downtown at that time moment. After the airplane crashed into the building, one of the WTC was collapsed and she ran away from that area.


I cannot confirm whether she was really there, but she sounded real. This fact was quite meaningful as she was not originally stationed in New York as a CIA officer, but she was there on the morning of Sep 11 attack, which implied that she knew the terrorist attack was coming.


I actually asked her why she was in New York but her answer did not make sense. As said, her career was weird and looked like a free person so that she might have decided to work in New York, totally irrelevant to her career history. It actually made sense as she was a CIA field agent and her career was a full of lies with a meaningless career path, though I had not hit upon that idea.


She was so mad at the other side of the phone. Her anger was partially meant to interrogate me to be confirmed whether I knew the attack beforehand, but moreover, she denounced me that I should have known the terrorist act beforehand and it sounded like the outcome was more disastrous than she or the CIA initially expected.


I had no idea why she was angry with me but assumed this terrorist attack had a sizable impact on Americans. As you can imagine, I had an experience to meet the hijacker before and kind of accustomed mentally to the terrorist attack, but I was not able to grasp what she was doing at that time, as I did not realize she was a CIA officer.


I did not write down names of those CIA officer and asset, but many US government officials knew who they were. This field agent should have been interrogated to clarify how many officers knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand and I am pretty much sure that she was involved in many unforgivable operations to the US citizens more than the operation related to this attack.


It might be the policy not to reveal the fact that the CIA knew the Sep 11 attack beforehand, but this judgment was so wrong.


4-73 [CIA even left traces]: There were many plots to confirm whether I was a terrorist or not

Looking back what happened in those days, there were lots of events assumed to be a CIA confirmation.


For example, I was shouted by the man in the elevator who said that it was our fault that the Sep 11 attack took place. At that time, I did not realize that he said this to me and just assumed it was said to others around me.


One of my colleagues was a Sikh wearing a turban around the head, which looked like a Taliban, but as a matter of fact, he was even not a believer of the Islam.


The US can confirm this authenticity as I had been on the CIA watch list since born and flagged as a terrorist suspect related to the Sep 11 attack. In this specific occasion, this man clearly mentioned the Sep 11 attack, though I had no idea it was told to me. If I knew it was the word toward me, they could have confirmed that I was one of the terrorist suspects, and when not, they should have noticed I was not one of them.


This is one of the methodologies of the spy as they do not require a concrete information as they do not run a crime investigation to prosecute the subject later on. They just need a confirmation in a different way, and at the same time, they could hide a trace of the intelligence operation in this way without a direct interrogation. That is one of the reasons why I had not realized I was targeted by the spy for a long time.


There were other operations they left a proof, one of which was that I was called at an airport when I was on the cue, and they took me to the different place to open my luggage.


I was the only person taken out in the line and thought it was a racial discrimination, but I did not protest it as it happened in December 2001 at the JFK airport in New York.


This was actually a result of their suspect that I was related to the Sep 11 attack. It made sense to check all of my belongings, but I had no idea I was a suspect or even flagged as a terrorist as I was falsely condemned as the left extremist meeting with the infamous terrorists.


The point here was that the CIA or FBI asked an airport security to confirm my belongings, which should have left a proof that I was a suspect out of the CIA control. This fact also proved that I was framed as a terrorist related to Sep 11 attack by officers who really knew the attack beforehand.