4-18 [Monitors from the police]: We can identify a chain of the command if finding out the undercover officer

I tried to figure out who was the main operative of this ghost operation, as that friend of mine was just availed and the field agent should be around me to observe the whole operation.


There was actually another one in that car when the ghost operation was conducted in the midnight of the countryside. He technically slept in the backseat, though he was a private investigator hired by the Japanese police intelligence. He was the one who had directly threatened that friend of mine to conduct this operation.


There were several other private investigators around me at the place where I worked as a part-time of the student. I did not care anymore about a presence of the private investigator, but they were basically outsourced by the Japanese police intelligence or CIA to conduct apparent illegal operations.


There was a daughter of the policeman, but I was not sure what role she played in those days. She mentioned she was the daughter by herself so that there were some meanings of her notification, but I had no sense that I was monitored by her though she might have reported to her father.


There was one suspicious guy who, I assumed, was an undercover agent of the police intelligence. I had no conviction, but he worked there as a full-time but I had not get the reason why he chose that job, his career in the past and his goal there. That was quite weird as he was the only one I had not grasped who he was.


I wrote in this way because there was definitely someone to be assigned for a confirmation of this allegation and it should confirm that there was a police operation or not.


If my sense was correct, he was the main field officer to monitor my behavior as an undercover. It is hard to follow a chain of command of the outsourced private investigators, but it was possible who ordered him to infiltrate into my surroundings if he was really a police officer. Then, we could find out who was a man in charge of this operation at that time with an electromagnetic wave capability.


In any way, this was one of my surroundings when the ghost operation took place. I had not realized a true nature, but I was encircled by the operatives, which was designed to frame me into a much bigger plot.



4-17 [Ghost created by the electromagnetic wave]: Ghost voice is one of the ways to brainwash the subject

I mentioned several stories that birds were controlled by the electromagnetic wave, the first of which took place in front of my eyes in 1993. I had thought it was a result of the accidental coincidence for a long time and never imagined there was a technology to maneuver the creature remotely.


One of my friends heard the invisible voice at the same exact moment, which was a manipulation to let him follow the words of ghost that were actually a production of the electromagnetic wave. This methodology has still been often availed as one of the main protocol of the radiowave operation.


Another friend of mine told me that he could have seen a ghost, which was also a part of the operation, though I was not so sure who was the real target at that time. He looked like believing his word, meaning he fell to the operation later to become a member of the left extremist or an asset to the Japanese police intelligence.


There was an enough possibility he was the target, though also probable that this ghost operation was designed to entrap me, as this friend of mine was related to the plot that I encountered with a hijacker of Japan Red Army in 1994.


There was another ghost operation taken place at the end of 1996, which was a month-long operation in November and December that one of my friends suddenly talked about the ghost continuously. He changed a subject many times during that time but kept talking about the story of ghosts.


At the end of the day, the spy conducted an operation to make me believe I have a capability to see a ghost. It was a midnight around 2-3 AM and there was definitely no one walking along the countryside, but there was one woman wearing a white cloth.


You might not realize but the Japanese ghost wore a white cloth in the traditional sense so that many Japanese might believe she was a ghost in this situation. I wrote a detail of the operation before, but in any way, the same individual tried to make me believe it was a ghost, the only he and I could see.


He was in a trouble at that time, which was why he collaborated with the police and private investigator and I realized it later on. He explained it so vaguely that I did not understand what it meant in those days, but it was also one of the protocol to make an excuse during the operation.


This ghost story was followed by the other eliminative operation, hence they originally had a plan to brainwash me using a ghost identity.


4-16 [To cause an accident]: Car crash is one of the main protocol to kill the target

There were several operations in the long past to involve me in the traffic accidents. In my past memory, there was an occasion that my hand moved weirdly just before the crash and I doubted I was maneuvered remotely by the electromagnetic wave but not confirmed. There were also many operations that I could avoid an accident at the last moment and there was one event more confirmed that I was targeted.


It happened in the winter of 1995 when they started a harsh eliminative operation after giving up to drive me to the left extremist activity.


It was a relatively long overpass walled by the concrete, ended up with the right curve back to the normal level. There were two lanes on each side separated by the median and the signal was located a few hundred meter away after the end of the pass.


I had quarreled with my friend in the car and at that exact moment, my car was tailed by another. That car passed over me after a while, though I was so irritated that I took the front again with speeding up.


Although, I still saw that car in my back mirror almost in the same speed and we kept high speed toward the corner. Then, I suddenly saw a traffic jam in front of me as the curve went on. That road had a good visibility but there was a dead spot on that curve as the front was not clear due to the concrete median.


On the other hand, there was no car in the other lane, hence I would have avoided a crash if moving there, but that was not a choice as the other car ran just behind mine in that lane.


The only option was to apply the brake to mitigate an impact of the crash, though my car still ran at the quite high speed and the hard collision was inevitable. At that moment, I saw the other car passed over me from the side and realized there was a chance to move my car to that lane.


Then, I turned the wheel, almost jumping to the next lane, eventually avoiding an accident in five meters.


It turned out that there were police officers standing on the next signal to stop the car to turn right, which was why there was a traffic jam just at the right lane for 500 meters.


That was a technique to cause an accident by the police. My emotion was exploded by the electromagnetic wave, which appeared as a dangerous speed so that it was all my fault if I made a crash.


This operation was quite simple that the police staged a dangerous situation to cause an accident, increased an aggression of the subject and prepared an irritating car. I was totally framed nearly to cause a significant accident, but on the other hand, you can avoid any accidents if you fully understand the police or spy run this kind of operations as you take care of your driving originally.


I have already identified who ordered this operation. He was a chief of the local police, Katsuharu Ashikari, who was different to the different chief I mentioned before, but he was also a sympathizer of the left extremist.


Actually, their eliminative operation was reinforced after he assumed his local chief post, and moreover, he was related to other illegal covert operations as well.


4-15 [Eliminative target]: Japanese police intelligence eventually targeted me to be eliminated

I eventually became an eliminative target of the Japanese police intelligence, because I did not join the left extremist organization as they managed to manipulate. Their new goal was to eliminate me socially or physically.


The social elimination meant that they would instigate me to commit a crime or frame me as an unethical person, while the physical elimination meant that they would purely kill me.


Having said that, it was essentially unnecessary to kill me as I was not their active enemy at all but just improbable to be manipulated as they wanted. It implied that there were some individuals who really hated me, which was a motivation to target me forever.


There was also another reason that they should eliminate me as I was a significant witness of their illegal conducts and the joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist. They have continuously failed their missions and escalated their operations to the level that I should have been dead not to talk.


Their escalation was originally based on the wrong assumption that I would become a member of the left extremist sooner or later, therefore they deployed some of their major assets to the operation against me. However, it would not happen otherwise to reveal that the Japanese police intelligence significantly supported the left extremist activity.


I have not realized this fact for twenty years, but there was always a risk that I might notice their covert operations, accidentally. They have tried many times to hire me as an asset, but those were all failed, which provided me more proofs that the police had run illegal operations, contrarily.


Their leftover option was to eliminate me physically, as I did not fall their many sting operations. As a matter of fact, their assassination against me started at least from 1995 and there have been many assassinating attempts since then.


Although, I had not realized that I had been one of their main targets for decades, and always thought that those events accidently occurred around me. It was not an accidental coincidence but deliberation, though the brain is naturally to find out a plausible rational answer for each of the case.


4-14 [Who targeted me]: No idea who targeted my father initially, but I knew some of the main officers related to my case

There was a decision maker who approved an electromagnetic operation and a mission to frame as a left extremist. The whole operation has continued for decades so that there were several officers who determined each operation.


Having said that, almost all the early operations were conducted by the Japanese police intelligence, which was a part of the countermeasure against the left extremist activity. It meant that their covert team was in charge of the operation, which was named as “zero”. It also meant that the operation was planned, approved and executed by the security planning division of the Japanese police intelligence.


Each operation was hard to be proved who was in charge, but each was approved always by someone and definitely planned by the central security planning division as multiple prefectures were involved from the scratch.


It also indicated that the decision was made by the elite police career within the intelligence division, which could narrow down the probability less than 100 individuals. Although, it was quite hard for me to research further, as my father was targeted a long time ago so that I could not identify who was in charge in those days through the internet.


It might be possible if I could get all the information of the personnel move at the police department, though it could just narrow down the probability, hard to identify the true source of the problem.


On the other hand, I know more about the case against me, as I have been their target to know the other half of the truth. One of the main perpetrator was Iwao Uruma.


He was a local chief of my hometown almost thirty years ago, eventually became a director general of the police department. I remembered my father said to me that there was a young talented chief sent from the central, as he saw the new chief at the headquarter.


His job required to visit many official places for the machine maintenance including the police headquarter, though, as I said, he has been monitored by the police for more than half a century and it was not a coincidence that the new chief saw my father as he was one of the main figures of the Japanese police intelligence.


There should be some reason for this encounter, but furthermore, this officer was the one who eventually controlled an intelligence covert operation, which was availed to demolish the Japanese society.


4-13 [Targeted severely]: I was likely targetted harshly as a survivor of the initial human experiment of the electromagnetic wave

I cannot elucidate fully why I became one of the main targets of the Japanese police intelligence and their extremist associates. They should have known that I would not become one of the activists at the beginning when I declined their invitation. However, they had continued to target me, might be because I was a son of the communist or might be because my name was appropriate for the leftist activity.


There should be another reason which was related to the electromagnetic wave operation. I could not confirm 100% but my family has been a subject of the radiowave operation since I was quite young, as a human experiment.


As you can imagine, the children’s behavior is often irregular so that it is hard to tell which was manipulated by the wave even in the case of myself. Having said that, my family was a target before I became one of their main subjects.


The electromagnetic operation was set up against the home definitely when I was a teenager, but I was not sure about the previous home we used to live in the 1970s and 80s. I was pretty much sure that my family was under surveillance of the police intelligence when I was young, which I had a clue, but not sure about the electromagnetic operation.


My father has been on the watch list of the CIA and Japanese police intelligence since the 1960s and became a target of the electromagnetic wave operation at some point with some reason.


My understanding is that it was a result of the pure human experiment. It was necessary for the CIA and Japanese police intelligence to conduct a human experiment for an improvement of their electromagnetic operational skill-set. They should choose their target in any way, which was naturally selected from their watch list at least for the initial phase.


This is how he was selected as a target, but I could not tell whether there was any further cause. There is a possibility that his choice was a result of the personal motivation that the inside officer truly hated him, though it was beyond my capability to confirm.


At least I can say that he was not an active member of the communist party in the 1990s and it was less likely he was chosen as a target around that time. He was blown off by the electric shock in the 1970s, meaning he was a severe target already at that time, hence it made more sense that my family became a subject of the electromagnetic wave operation in 1980s.


However, I was able to go to the university even though a severe operational target. The wave facility was assumed to be sizable in those days and they could not carry it easily, meaning I could study anywhere but home, which was actually what happened.


This analysis implied my existence attracted their interest as I went over their electromagnetic wave operation. This was one of the possibilities and I could not confirm it yet, but the guy in charge was still alive so that we can get a true reason when asking him.


4-12 [False intel as an extremist]: Their failed operations were contrarily used to frame me as a dangerous left extremist

The Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist has been failing to drag me to the leftist organization, although their abandonment was a recent event, not happened in the long past. They have continued operations to trap me into the leftist group or to eliminate me, which were being conducted alternately.


There were many occasions that they gave up operations to convert me a leftist in this sense, but they actually utilized their failed operations in a different way that I was filed as one of the Marxist activists for a continuation of the monitor against me.


My file definitely says that I am a son of the labor union leader of the communist party and knew well of many party members. I have a contact with the left extremists and was seen at one of their main bases. Moreover, I was close to one of the hijackers of Japan Red Army and also related to some of the leftist parliament members.


This record was only precise that I was a son of a member of the communist party, though they can frame me as a dangerous left extremist if written in this way. They had fabricated my file as an extremist until the middle of the 1990s and this record was escalated as the time went on.


This framing was necessary to the Japanese police intelligence as they have required an enemy to fight with, for their maintenance of the budget and headcount. They could frame me as a dangerous activist, even if they failed many times to drag me into the Marxist organization. In this way, they have justified a resource allocated to the operation against me for decades.


There is no other choice for them as they started an operation to avail their extremist asset near to me with a wrong assumption that I would become one of them soon. Their continuous failure made me a witness of the joint operation between the Japanese police intelligence and the left extremist.


I did not realize this fact nor the operation itself against me, but I was positioned to know the majority of the hindsight if there were an accidental chance.


There is another reason why they have targeted me for decades that I have been a believer of the freedom, democracy and capitalism. All of those pursuits are dangerous to the left extremist as those basically contradict their ideal and to the Japanese police intelligence as their authoritarian governance absolutely denied by those ideas.