3-182 [First day on the new town]: I was totally lost by the electromagnetic wave operation

I was back to Japan from Hong Kong and it was not a long time since I was in Hokkaido weeks before, though I needed to make myself adjusted to the new environment as this city was new to me.


My original plan was that I should have stayed here until the torture was stopped. It was safe for lots of people that I was not near to anyone I knew, and I needed to stay at the place where they did not recognize me as an enemy or outsider.


This city was appropriate for this measure and I had decided to stay here until the operation was totally failed, eventually to admit a wrongdoing of the CIA and Japanese police department.


I came here by bus from the airport and it was the first time for me into this city center, hence I was a little nervous but nothing dangerous happened for the time being. I completed a final contract for the place and set myself up to the new life here.


In other words, I had no plan what to do as I had no idea what I could do here. All I had decided was to come back to Japan and settle down here, but not decided how to live.


It was a late afternoon that I got to Japan and became dark when I entered into my new room. I just had two suitcases and it did not take much time to unpack those. There was nothing I could do and I had decided to go out for the dinner at first before thinking of my future plan.


It became totally night when I went out of the restaurant and decided to go back the path I walked, but I was overconfident on my space perception that I was totally lost.


The scenery was too dark without many lights as it was in the old town area, so that the path was not so complicated but it looked quite similar to me and moreover, the town itself was structured complexly, which made me feel that I could not go back to my room easily.


Having said that, the main cause was an electromagnetic wave operation that I could not have a correct perception.



3-181 [Moving into the trap]: I moved to the city where the Japanese police intelligence prepared to eliminate me

I was finally back to Japan permanently and felt that I would not go back to Hong Kong, as all my belongings were also sent home as well.


I had not decided where to live, but for the time being, I was going to stay at the apartment for monthly rented. At that time, I still had a hope that this illegal operation could have halted soon and I would not have stayed there for long.


However, it was actually set up by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence, preemptively. I had thought of the plan to come over to this city for more than half a year, even when I was in Okinawa, though actually I flew to Hokkaido alternatively.


I was not sure this move was also manipulated or not, but I assumed they failed a brainwash against me, which was why I went to Hokkaido unexpectedly. I had no idea what the truth was, as I sometimes got away from the manipulation, but the spy has also quite successful outmaneuvered me in the end.


In any way, it was absolutely a result of the manipulation for me to move to this new city, as the local police chief was assigned beforehand. He was sent to this place at that time when I started to think to move to.


Moreover, he was not one of the senior officers hired as an executive candidate, but began his career from the local station, which was quite rare for the chief that there were just three of them in the record, two of those were assigned to the covert operation against me after their long career at the police intelligence.


This assignment was finalized on 12 February 2013, which was the first reshuffle of the then director general of the Japanese police, which meant it was organizationally decided by the whole department.


This fact was quite important that the more critical electromagnetic operation was conducted by this local chief, whose assignment was a protective measure as no senior officer from the executive pool should be hurt even if the operation were to be failed.


That means the police had decided to conduct a severe radiowave operation in that February 2013. Its revelation started when I was in Hokkaido in that March, but they had prepared well enough at this new place as well, which was more easily operated as I had a plan to stay at the single location.


This date was also quite crucial as I saw an old man committing a suicide to dive into the sea by his car on that day and there was a spree killer case in Guam on the same day. I seriously started to consider moving out of Okinawa, probably to move to this new place afterwards.


This fact indicates that the CIA and Japanese police intelligence were involved in these murders cases at that time to manipulate the subject by the electromagnetic wave.


3-180 [Terrorist issue]: Terrorist had been unleashed for fifteen years, even though his whereabout was known

After carrying all of the boxes into the post office, I started to talk to someone familiar in the brain.


There have been many people whom I know on the other side of the electromagnetic wave operation, but I could not confirm any one of them at the spot surely. It was just sure that they were involved in the operation, but the spies could deceive easily at least for a short period of time, which was why I could not confirm them at the spot.


The guy I talked at that time was an undercover agent of the Japanese police intelligence. It was basically illegal to disguise a true identity of the police officer for the investigation, though the undercover has really existed in Japan.


He was a member of the covert operation in those days, which was quite critical to the Japanese society and which was used to frame me as a terrorist to make me close to the real terrorist fugitive.


I talked to him and got a clue why they had conducted this operation. He said to me that he monitored this terrorist as the police would later arrest this criminal later on.


Just in case, this was a conversation directly through the brains, hence it is quite hard to confirm this authenticity. However, I knew both a monitor and a criminal, and I am pretty much sure the monitor was quite honest, a good person. That was a part of the reason why I had already realized that there was a large probability that he was an undercover police officer.


That was why I believed he was said by his commander that this criminal would be arrested later on. In the end, this criminal turned in by himself, though it was thirteen years after that.


Later on that day, one of the police ranking officers was interrogated to be involved in this case. His claim at that time was that this criminal had been monitored but just unleashed for fifteen years, eventually.


Then, I realized their claim was just wrong as they had kept him at large for nearly seventeen years, which implied that he hid something still. This two-year difference was too critical that there was a big lie behind.


Those conversations were just conducted through the brains and there is a problem of the authenticity, as said. However, it was a fact that this terrorist had been at large for seventeen years and the Japanese police intelligence had manipulated me to work together with this terrorist. Just in case, it was a construction job, not a terrorist activity, but the police framed me as one of the related.


This operation apparently used an electromagnetic wave so that I was entrapped by the same team which has been conducting the radiowave operation for more than twenty years.


It was categorized as a crime not to arrest the terrorist whose whereabout had been known to the police for more than decades. It basically implied that there was a reason not to arrest him, as his capture should have triggered another revelation of their illegal operations.


3-179 [Sudden moving]: I was lost so much to realize the last day came earlier than counted

Several days later, the chime suddenly rang and I woke up to realize that the movers came to my place for the moving.


I totally lost a sense of the date when it was after coming to Hong Kong as I was assaulted by the electromagnetic wave and other physical tortures. I thought the moving was supposed to be held in the next day, though the spy could easily control that kind of the minor difference, even if they could not manipulate me deeply.


I immediately noticed that I had just two options, to postpone or to pack them up right then, and also instantly got the answer that there was no way to stay more in Hong Kong, as it was too dangerous for me. Their original purpose was to make me defer the moving for an extended time of the torture, which might have ended up with my death.


Then, I paid some and asked them to wait for half an hour, which gave me a time to pick up necessities for the next few months. I put those into several boxes which were planned sent separately to my next room and others were directly delivered to the warehouse.


I had continued my packing, next to the movers who completed their work early afternoon. I recollected what had happened in this room for a while, but it was no meaning to stay there more, hence I left there for the hotel I booked.


The issue was I totally lost a sense of days and I was not sure my booking was correct, not just for the hotel but for the flight as well.


Furthermore, I needed to send my boxes by mail at first. I originally planned to carry those to the post office at few times as they were too many, but I had no choice anymore so that I placed all of them in the trunk and backseat of the taxi.


However, it was quite hard to bring those into the post office and it looked like I needed to carry each of those for at least a hundred meter to reach the counter. Those were not left unattended, hence I had to run for a long time, as I needed to carry those separately, but made up my mind not to fall any of their traps.


3-178 [A small stroke]: Stroke was caused again by the electromagnetic wave

I had a small seizure after my headache continued for several days. I was not sure my sense was perfectly correct, but I felt a blood vessel was broken to flow some amount of blood suddenly in the morning. I felt a fear but I had no idea what to do.


A headache was more aggravated in the night that it ached at some parts of the brain. It was so unique that I felt something passing through my vessels in the brain, completely different from a headache I had experienced previously.


It was not a migraine, but more partial, which did not halt all the time to make me tumble in the bed.


I had already realized that I had several small strokes, though I did not have a headache concurrently. I just lost the eyesight at one of my eyes, saw a strange light or lost a partial control of my arm in the night. I did not realize it was a seizure of the stroke, but I had thought a strange incident happening to me.


It was highly likely caused by the electromagnetic wave, i.e. I was quite sensitive to suffer from the stroke when exposed to a certain type of the wave, though I was happily still alive as the symptom was still mild as I was still young enough. I had already realized the electromagnetic wave could cause this problem until then and the CIA and Japanese police intelligence attempted this functionality against me in the past.


However, I got a headache at that time in Hong Kong, which implied that my symptom was not serious as I got a problem accompanying with an ache, which should be more subtle than my past seizures. Having said that, the pain had continued for many hours, which made me unconscious in the end after several hours of tumbling.


In the next morning, I felt again an unbearable headache, but my body moved normally, implying that there was no permanent damage in my brain. Then, I had decided to flow all the clot from my blood vessel in the brain.


I went to walk up the mountain behind my apartment, which warmed up my muscle to increase a blood flow, eventually cleaning up my vessels, though I could not walk at all once I went out.


My headache was too heavy for me to move so that I had stood at the spot for five minutes, and then got accustomed to the pain after a little while. I restarted to walk to the mountain, eventually spend two hours to the top, almost double of the time I spent usually.


I felt my blood flows normally when I got to the top and lost a sense that something clotted in the brain with the lighter headache.


3-177 [Torture in Chinese way]: Torture was slightly changed what they conducted in Hokkaido

The torture was continued as usual in Hong Kong, though it was slightly different from the operation in Hokkaido.


The beep sound never stopped during the night and the construction drilling was unbearably loud in the daytime. I would like to close the door, but I would have been suffocated as the spy should fill the carbon dioxide in the room if I had shut down all. It also meant that it was impossible to use the air conditioner, which deprived more sleep in the summer of the subtropical Hong Kong.


I had a physical strength at first to stand but lost my conscious within days. I stopped smoking so that they could not mix a drug into it, which used to be their favorite methodology when I had been in Hong Kong.


However, my conscious still became low driven by the sleepless and headache rather than the downer they used to dope me in the past. A headache was partially triggered by the sleep deprivation, but I felt it was caused by more fundamental origin.


It was also not the same as the pain directly created by the electromagnetic wave, which was actually aggravated by the wave but I felt there was something fundamentally wrong inside my brain. I felt heavy in the head, a different from the acute ache by the radiowave, both of which were mixed up to drive my brain out of normal.


This headache also prevented me from sleeping as well, which damaged also my mental, though I had nothing to do anymore, as I had completed what I should do in the first two days.


I did not go out in those days, but also I could not go out physically. I spent almost all the time in the room as I could sleep if I would like to under this circumstance, which also deprived a sense of the day and night.


This happened quite often when manipulated by the electromagnetic wave, though it was more created by the noise at that time, which prevented me from sleeping to create an unbearable headache. This ache was aggravated by the wave, which lowers my brain function, which was my perception in those days.


You lose your conscious when the drug starts to function if you are drugged by the spy. This fact indicates that the brain lost consciousness in different ways either by the drug or the wave and I could identify often how I was affected.


Although, it was always hard to tell what just happened under the deteriorating consciousness when I just spent a day to do nothing in a state between sleep and awake.


3-176 [The last Hong Kong]: I was back to Hong Kong to pack all my belongings sent to Japan

I came back to Hong Kong for the permanent move to Japan. I ran away from my apartment in the spring of 2012 and occasionally came back to the place, though this was the last time I would stay there.


There were assassination attempts and tortures in this room so that I had never thought I could live in, though I left my belongings there until settling my future direction. Those were the only reason I should have come back to Hong Kong.


I had decided where to stay in Japan until then, though my original plan was to stay at the monthly residence to see how the torture proceeded, hence all of my belongings were sent to the warehouse until the next step.


I had no reason to stay longer in Hong Kong, as it was just for the move, but I only could book the mover two weeks ahead. I completed necessary paper works in the first two days, and then, there was nothing to do just waiting for the end.


I had no intention to meet anyone as it was quite apparent that the CIA and Chinese intelligence would intervene any meetings. I just had decided to spend the last days in Hong Kong quietly.


I walked to the city center sometimes at the beginning, as I was accustomed to the assassinations and tortures so that I was not so frightened anymore to walk around. Actually, I was not a subject of the assaults anymore in Hong Kong.


One day, I saw one of my colleague in the financial industry in the small alley, who was sent from Japan. I knew why he was there as his analysis was crucial to some critical issues, though I did not mention it vocally, but just discussed directly through the brain.


This was another confirmation that they could read my brain through the electromagnetic wave. This technology is invisible and they have often manipulated me not to believe there is no such functionality, though I have seen many pieces of evidence its existence outside of my brain.


At the same time, I realized that many people were mobilized by the government to support their activities.