3-120 [Japanese police chief was fired]: He was dismissed, following the CIA director

The illegal operation did not stop even after reaching to the Ishigaki island, which was assumed to be the deadline. The real issue was that I was entrapped by them to believe the operation should have been completed.


I believed its end date as the police officer and spy came to me saying that it would halt at the certain date. I actually got an e-mail with the subject reinforcing its assumption. This also meant that they could say my belief was just a result of my delusion as there was no concrete proof that they said it would halt on the specific date.


I moved to the quieter area after the fuss on the first day when I arrived at this island, but they made a noise again on a different day. I became so angry, which was a mental state that the police had waited for a long time to make me accept a false charge.


Furthermore, they would even be happy if I had committed a crime as a result of the psychiatric break. If its damage was horrifying enough, I would have been eliminated socially so that they could not consider a degree of the damage, just considering how to make me crazy.


I fully understood their motivation and tried hard to contain myself, then alternatively to write a memo to denounce the police, which was put on the door of my room, saying that the police lie was a start of the collapse of the whole public security.


Someone became furious of my paper and said that the police could tell a lie in front of my room, which was necessary to reach the final goal. I started to denounce their idea against the possible bug in my room.


It might not be easy to prosecute criminals along with the law, but the public security cannot be protected if the police breaches the code to conduct an illegal operation. Or, originally, the police is just given a right of the investigation along with the law, which is provided by the people.


The police is not a ruler to do whatever they want and should follow the protocol given to them, however restrictive it is. It is absolutely a breach to mobilize many people by a false crime information or to blackmail a target to accept a false crime. It is not conceivable to torture the target or to drive this individual mentally to commit a felony.


The police should stay within the law, however hard it is, which is a basis of the rule of law. The government originally monopolizes the violence under its rule, hence their breach takes over the sovereignty from the people, especially when they self-determine their organizational goal. They oppress the people along with their internal agenda, even employing a torture and assassination, which is no different from the tyranny.


I told them in this way and it might be a coincidence but the police chief resigned on the next day.



3-119 [A midnight fuss]: PIs shouted on the street all night long, eventually alienating the local people

I had thought again that their illegal operation should have halted when I got to Ishigaki island, which was actually one of the intelligence techniques to let me down by betraying its hope eventually.


This is really effective that the subject should be hurt when the hope is suddenly changed to the despair, which is leveraged to acquire the target as an asset or to compel a false confession. Or, the victim might be so despaired to conduct a felony or to commit a suicide in the end.


I had thought it was going to end when I arrived at the Ishigaki island, but it would not happen. I hoped at least the noise could have halted on that day as I was going to stay on the top floor, but it came from the ceiling again as usual. Then, I went up stairs to figure out that there was another floor, not used for the guest where the noise was created.


I could not confront the guest on that day, hence giving up to sleep eventually, and thereafter, I was going to be bothered by a fuss on the street.


At first, I thought there were some young people making a fuss after drinking as the hotel was quite next to the main bar area of the island. However, it would not stop and I realized they actually shouted against me as an intimidation to show the operation would not be stopped.


I could not sleep originally due to a loud noise so that I had decided to stir up their fuss more to dis them through a possible bug in my room. The mob actually made their noise louder along with my decrying.


They became silent after a little while, hence I dissed them again to say that it was all they could do, which made them excited again to make a noise. I was not able to sleep in any way so that continued this plot until the next morning.


They were definitely not a local people as their accent was different from the local, which implied they were private investigators sent from the outside. I had no idea which agency hired them, but they made a noise just to drive me to the edge and they were not decent enough to stay calm against my irritation.


However, they did not realize an important fact that their fuss made a local people away from their side. It was not a resident area, but still, it was the center of the island, next to the city hall. Their turmoil was easily spread out to the whole island, which made them harder to mobilize the local people for a further operation.


3-118 [Yaeyama islands]: I moved to the new islands, but still surrounded by the spy

I moved to the Yaeyama islands after spending a few weeks in the Miyako and decided the Ishigaki as a base, which was the most populated island in the area. The Yaeyama was a south end of the Nansei islands, indicating that I went through from the north to the south.


It was still a winter but the temperature was higher than the most of Japan, hence it was easier to live, but my situation was not changed at all in this island. The gaslighting was conducted always, which was done by the tourists as they could not mobilize the local people.


I saw many foreign spies, and actually, the police also sent many officers to the island as well. Eventually, they could not hide anymore that there was a joint operation of the intelligence community at least against me.


The Yaeyama was also unfitting for them to conduct a covert operation. The Ishigaki was big enough, but there were several smaller islands where they could not conduct an operation on their own as it became too apparent due to the off-season for the tourist, and at the same time, the ferry was limited that they could not hide out from me if 100% confirmed.


As a result, they should ask a support of the local people, but many of them were so reluctant to cooperate with the illegal police operation that they intentionally told me there was something wrong going on. Moreover, almost all of the local residents knew there was an illegal operation of the police intelligence and CIA targeting me.


On the other hand, I did not see a police officer in some islands. There were several islands that no officer stationed originally, hence there was no base for their operation at all. That was why they should ask a help for the local community as the only alternative, which was why it was nearly impossible for them to run a covert mission.


3-117 [Irregular emotion]: My emotion became hard to be contained, due to the electromagnetic wave though unnoticed still

The electromagnetic wave operation was enforced after I went to the Miyako island, though I did not know its existence in those days. Just looking back from now, there were more symptoms caused by the wave than before.


It was partially because the operation started to be controlled more by the CIA. It had been the police and private investigators to run a field operation, though it was changed to the intelligence officers and their assets from the foreign countries. The young PIs were sent back home by the police and the intelligence officer can conduct an electromagnetic operation more unnoticeably than before.


I had been tortured and intimidated for more than a year until reaching to the Miyako, which was designed for me to accept a false crime with a false confession. I experienced my thought was read quite often during this time, though I had no idea how they conducted it.


I had assumed there was a skillset to construe what the subject thought in the mind and some of the spies could have had this capability. However, it became impossible in the Miyako island that they exactly knew what I thought just in my head, not telling anyone. They suddenly mentioned those thoughts, pretended as an accidental encounter as one of the gaslighting. I had no idea what was going on and started to be confused.


My emotion also became abnormal from here that I was pissed off with a trivial matter and was suddenly excited sexually without any reasons. I realized my emotion was totally broken though I had no idea how to contain the explosion.


I started to spend more time for dozing as well. I did not understand what was happening at that time, but it was a twilight learning that they tried to create a new memory during the doze, which was actually felt as a real experience. I needed to confirm its event all the time, as it was felt like a truth, and confirmed not eventually as there was a flaw at the causal relation.


I did not understand why it happened, but this incident itself was so horrifying that I tried to confirm my memory thoroughly to screen out those irregular creations.


This was a story in January of 2013 at the same time when the school shooting increased tremendously in the US, implying the CIA and other spies started to use an electromagnetic wave more opaquely. It also implied that they were also driven to the edge, and then tried to show how capable they were to protect their organization. Their show-off included an operation against me.


3-116 [Foreign agents]: Foreign Spy got in charge of the operation replacing PI

The young private investigators were sent back to an outside of the island and I assumed the operation might be eased from here. It was still quite hard to mobilize the local people in the Miyako island, while the number of the police was limited there as well, hence they could not deploy enough officers to an operation against me.


This hope was gone without soon that the foreign spy started to play the main role in the operation. It was essentially conducted by assets of the foreign intelligence agencies, but it was changed to English wordings that I heard from other rooms. There was no accent spoken by Japanese, hence I realized the main perpetrators were shifted to foreigners.


One apparent change was that the harassment was reduced when I ate something. When they operated a gaslighting operation during eating, I often could not eat anything to contain myself, which sometimes bothered local people as well.


That was why I asked many times not to run an operation during eating, but the private investigators fully ignored it. On the other hand, foreign spies realized this protocol hence they at least waited to run a harassment until I finished up eating.


This change indicated that the foreign spy was by far superior to the PIs that they had realized it was necessary to stand and wait for some time, not just to push forward if really need to frame a subject. It also implied that the operation started to be conducted by the different team.


Basically, the foreign agents did not conduct an operation by their own, as they were so opaque in the Miyako island, especially in the winter, an off-season for the tourist. If they had increased their aggression against me, it was not so sure how they were going to be treated in this island.


Although, they showed up sometimes that I saw one foreign spy at the local hot spring spa. He came with the police officers, though I was not sure of his intention, as it was quite unnecessary to show who he was. I actually saw him several thousand miles away, hence it was absolutely confirmed he was an intelligence officer.


There were many gaslighting conducted under a control of the foreign spy who mobilized many Japanese assets as well. I confirmed at a look that they were not private investigators and they were the main figures to run a field work after young PIs were sent back home.


3-115 [Private investigators]: They were eventually kicked out of the island

There were many young private investigators deployed for various plots, the most of those believed they were capable. However, I could not fall into their tactics, hence they became irritated eventually.


Their methodology was centered by the gaslighting to intimidate me to accept their demand and they also employed many framings to instigate me to commit a crime.


It was not effective as I was watched by numerous people that any crimes triggered an immediate arrest, though they kept their useless instigation forever. Adding to this, they supported the police to create a crime from my past, as they mentioned a matter related to the police investigation which I had known of.


There was no crime originally, hence all they could do was to create a false confession as a result of the gaslighting, intimidation and torture which was conducted by those young PIs as well as the police intelligence and CIA.


There was a critical problem at their methodology that they did not understand a system of the good cop and bad cop. More likely, they could not have become a good cop, as they could not hide their evil intention. As a result, they tried to control me just by lies and bluffs, though they did not understand it was operationally limited without a good cop.


They should have driven me to the edge as far as they could, but they were not physically fit comparing to me, hence they could not go beyond a mental stir-up, though they were so persistent and annoying. They were not local people but just sent from outside of the island as a contract including a cash payment, hence they could have continued as far as the payment went.


They also realized that I tried to control myself not to attack them so that they became to show more aggression against me than a bluff. They were pissed off in front of me to escalate a tension, which was the only option to take for them as far as the payment continued.


This aggression might have been escalated into a physical damage to the local community, hence the police eventually decided to send them back to the outside. One evening when I went down to the hotel lobby, the police gathered those young PIs altogether, some of those I had known that they conducted a gaslighting against me.


The police said to them that they were sent back to their home, which was likely conducted to win a trust of mine that they were a good cop, but contrarily, it was revealed that the police was fully involved in the whole illegal orchestration.


3-114 [Private Investigators]: PIs were sent from outside of the island for a ground operation

The Japanese police intelligence and CIA were not able to mobilize the local people in the Miyako island, which essentially required them to conduct an operation by their own. However, it was also not easy as it was a remote island, a population of fifty thousand, hence there are not enough police officers assigned to their mission.


When the number of intelligence officer was more limited, it was necessary to send them at least from the main Okinawa island where their local headquarter was located.


That was why the gaslighting was conducted by the private investigators sent from outside of the island. I had not understood their background, though it looked like they were professional PIs coming from Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan area, judging from their accent and dialect.


The most of them had discussed of a new intelligence organization created by the Japanese government. This agency would have been run by me or others related to this operation and they were believed to be hired by this organization as capable spies.


It sounds quite silly, but they believed this story, which was why they were willing to run an operation in this island. There are several agencies holding tens of thousands as intelligence officers in Japan, hence there is no need to construct another.


Furthermore, I believed they could not work as a government official. There are many criminals in the police, especially who run an illegal torture against me or demolished the country, but the majority of others are good officers.


On the other hand, the young PIs out there was nearly impossible to work for the government. There were many people working as a bureaucrat around me and I also considered its possibility when I was a university student, but it at least required a decency to work as a public servant. This recognition is fundamental even working for the intelligence agency, but they just did not understand this part of the spy mentality working for the government.


Their ignorance of the real figure of the spy made them believe that they should be hired as an intelligence officer by the government, which was why they were cheaply hired by the CIA and Japanese police intelligence to run an operation on the ground in this island.