3-55 [Job control]: Spy can control your job opportunity to drive you working as an asset

Your job can be restricted by the intelligence organization when you are not easily discredited, or maybe, your job is controlled at first, followed by the discredit. Those operations are not conducted in a certain sequence but chosen according to the effectiveness and availability. That means, your job control might be conducted at a start of the antipersonnel operation.


In the political case, the election takes place constantly, hence a targeted politician might lose the job when discredited, concurrently. This individual might be asked for a job opportunity, directly or indirectly by the intelligence agency that can hire an important asset in the end.


This situation holds true to celebrities that their disgrace is also linked to their job opportunity. Or, if you work at a company, your job should be controlled more easily, as your company stops hiring you if the intelligence organization pressurizes to do so.


There are many colleagues and managers in your company, some of them are easily cracked even if you are not instigated by the spy. The spy can leverage this situation to control your job opportunity. Especially, it is easier not to hire you than to fire you, as there is a difference of the legal protection.


This plot is quite suitable to acquire you as an asset. When you are isolated from the society with suffering economically, you are prone to accept the spy offer. On the other hand, you are basically useless under this condition that the spy successfully renders you harmless socially.


This operation starts from asking the company a favor, but the electromagnetic wave technology should replace this process as well. The radiowave manipulation can control your career goal, which is one of the ways to maneuver your job opportunity.


Or, you might be unstabilized by the electromagnetic manipulation under this environment, which is one of the ways to hire you as an asset. At the same time, you have been already eliminated from the society, even if not working as an asset.



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