3-60 [Unethical conduct]: It is easier to manipulate you to conduct unethical than illegal

The spy can also frame you an unethical conduct if you are have not been instigated to commit a crime. The crime is not easily framed as it is notionally out of the legal code, but you might be more manipulated to conduct a non-illegal behavior by the electromagnetic wave. In this case, there is a conduct categorized as the lawful but denounced as the unethical.


For example, if you fall in an adulterous relationship as a honey trap, your trust can be degraded as a result. You might be socially eliminated when this information is modified more to discredit you.


The abnormal sexual desire is usually assumed to be unethical, one of which is a sex addiction. This is not a legal issue, but it is assumed to be a sexual pervert, hence this individual is received as an abnormal. This addiction can be created by the electromagnetic wave and it is more easily manipulated by the wave, as it is not illegal.


The operative can increase a sexual impulse of the subject by way of escalating an androgen in the body system for men’s case. The electromagnetic wave can boost its secretion, whose chemical change is transferred to the irregular libido. Once it is increased in the body system, it has been kept as far as it is not expelled to the outside. That is why the electromagnetic wave can create a sex addiction as a result.


There are various addictions caused by the radiowave operation. When the stress is escalated by the wave, you might choose a certain behavior to lower it, whose combination is received as an obsession. In the sex case, the sexual stress and sex are combined to cause a sex addiction. This stress and stress-off hold true to any obsessions.


The drug addiction is one of them, which is categorized as a crime. When the vague stress is escalated, you might take a drug to lower it, which is recognized as a set to cause a drug addiction. You might want to take a drug every time when this stress increases, which is actually created by the electromagnetic wave as well.


The drug addiction is somehow special as your vague stress should hike when you have been out of the drug for some time, which is why it is hard to stop a drug addiction.


The violent behavior can be addictive as well, which is also categorized as a crime. When you aggression is escalated by the radiowave, you might get addicted to the assault as a stress-off. The addiction always has a risk of the escalation, as the brain is easily accustomed with an on-going stress-off, which requires more action to calm down the same level of the stress compared to the past. In the end, this violent behavior might be escalated into a murder.


These stresses can be natural but easily manipulated by the electromagnetic wave as well. Moreover, your stress-off behavior can be maneuvered by the wave to cause a certain addiction.


It is more manageable to manipulate you to conduct an unethical behavior but an illegal, which includes a sex addiction or pervert. Even if your consumption becomes extraordinary, you might be ended up tremendously indebted.


Your explosive aggression might cause an incomprehensive temper, which is enough for you to lose a credibility, though it is not categorized as a crime. Even if it is just a violent language, it is enough discreditable, which is actually manipulated by the radiowave operation.


Those are basically designed to render you harmless socially, as the unethical behavior is enough to eliminate you from the society.



3-59 [Traffic accident]: Your accident can be framed by the spy

There should be numerous operations to frame traffic accidents, which I have actually experienced many times. I have not fallen totally by the intelligence mission, but those were designed so minutely that I did not realize they were operations.


When looking back the accidents or near accidents, there were traces of the operation, whose authenticities were also confirmed with other operations conducted against me concurrently. Moreover, I knew some of them who were framed by the traffic accident plotted by the spy.


This operation of the traffic accident is also originally meant to acquire the target as an asset. Even if your accident is not prosecutable, there is a possibility that you should pay a considerable compensation. If you get an offer that the intelligence organization should pay for those with an exchange of the assetization, you might accept their proposal as you have no idea of its true nature under a confusion after the accident.


This offer is calculable in a rational way, as the compensation can be compared with the cost of assetization. All of the issues are considerable in a monetary way, hence its final decision should be quite rational as well.


The traffic accident has several outcomes, ranging from a death to a small injury. You might suffer from a disorder, even if you have survived an accident, which might create a social burden in the end. If the outcome is severe, the operation is originally designed to render you harmless, socially or physically.


These accidents can be caused by the electromagnetic wave manipulation. It can divert an attention to others during a driving, which used to be conducted physically in the past, placing something intriguing on the road to deprive an attention of driving, but this is easily executed by the wave nowadays.


Moreover, your concentration can be lowered by the electromagnetic wave, which creates a traffic accident while operated during a driving. Or, you might fall down with a seizure while driving, which can be triggered by the wave as well.


Your aggression is escalated by the radiowave to cause a reckless driving. This operation is basically accompanied with a physical manipulation that you are irritated by something physically while driving, which provokes an accident.


Even after I realized I was maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave, there were tens of operations to involve me with the traffic accident, accompanied with physical plots. There were many people involved in these operations, hence it is likely widely known that the spy has conducted a mission to cause an accident.


3-58 [Crime instigation]: This mission becomes easier when employing the electromagnetic wave

The electromagnetic wave is also suitable to instigate a crime. As a matter of fact, some of us should commit a crime, just whispered in the brain by the wave, though, analyzing real crimes under this control, it actually requires some time before conducting felonies.


It is not easy to instigate you committing a crime as there is a restriction of reason. Especially if it is an instigation about a felony, your conscience should stop you from a real action.


There are two ways to crack this reason, one of which is to make your brain dysfunctional by the electromagnetic wave. Your reason does not work under this maneuver and not realize what you have done. The crime created by this manipulation is quite preemptive, even though the reason does not work showing a symptom of schizophrenia. The operative has prepared a crime with a replacement of your dysfunctional brain, which is why your crime is too much designed improbably.


The crime can be instigated by an emotional escalation to overcome a restriction of reason. When your aggression or sexual arousal are escalated to the extreme, you might conduct an illegal behavior. The human decision is based on the balance between emotion and reason, hence you might ignore the law or moral if your emotion takes over a command of the brain. If you are manipulated to commit a crime, you are likely to be eliminated socially.


If your instigated crime is a felony, the spy is unlikely to consider your assetization from the scratch rather targets to render you harmless. As a result, the crime should be an extreme felony. The spy manipulates you to raise a social instability, though it is not meant to eliminate you from the society if that is the case, but you have been just consumed for their antisociety plot.


Generally speaking, it is quite hard to uncover a true nature of its crime if it is instigated by the electromagnetic wave, though its difficulty does not mean it does not exist. If the crime is investigated in the detail, there is a possibility that the slight trace can be found. Although, it is necessary to make this technology public and to prosecute operatives of the electromagnetic wave operation as an accomplice.


It is possible to prosecute these spies in the current legal structure, but it is necessary officially to define this technology is illegal in nature, which is not just punished as a complicity, but the possession itself should be legally charged.


The target can be manipulated to commit a crime by other methodologies but the electromagnetic wave. If that is the case, the spy should come near to a target physically at least for the manipulation. In this case, this spy is more like an asset rather than an intelligence officer to avoid a risk when revealed.


The odds of this operation can be enhanced by the electromagnetic wave, or historically, which has been used as a supplement. The spy has been close to the target to commit a crime as an instigation, whose final push is driven by the wave.


The radiowave has a capability to brainwash a target to change the ethical viewpoint, though it is more straightforward to explode an emotion of the subject, which has appeared as a unique signature of the crime under this maneuver.


In the end, the intelligence organization can ask their target to choose to become their asset or confined behind the bar after conducting a crime. Moreover, they can make this subject eliminated socially and, as said, this individual might be just chosen to create a social instability as an antisociety mission.


3-57 [Psychiatric disorder]: Electromagnetic wave can cause a symptom like a mental disease

The electromagnetic wave operation can cause visceral diseases, but it is basically developed to control the brain, which appears as a brain disorder, to provoke a symptom exactly like a psychiatric disorder.

When your emotion or reason is maneuvered by the wave, you look like suffering from an emotional disorder, schizophrenia, depression and others. However, it is actually triggered by the radiowave manipulation, hence your disorder should have gone when the irradiation is halted. After all, the wave cannot cause a mental disease directly, but it just looks like as such under the electromagnetic irradiation.

Having said that, you might really suffer from a mental problem, just by this radiowave operation. The brain irregularity cannot be created by the wave, though there are some of us suffering when listening to a hallucination. This is an indirect result of the electromagnetic manipulation.

On the other hand, this wave can cause another type of the brain issues, which is a brain stroke. More precisely saying, you might suffer from other types of brain diseases as well, such as cerebral ischemia, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral tumor. Your brain might have an issue of the blood flow, vessel and clot caused by the electromagnetic wave irradiation, ended up with the permanent disorder or death.

This outcome depends on the nature of each individual. If you are more prone to the stroke genetically, it is more probable that you fall down as a result of the radiowave operation. This outcome might be recognized by the disease history of your relatives.

You might suffer from these diseases as a byproduct of the operation, which is initially meant to manipulate you but ended up with creating a permanent suffering.

The psychiatric disorder can be created by the drug. I assume it is one of the traditional protocol before the electromagnetic wave is available generally. A drug addiction can be instigated as a process of the assetization, but you might be drugged without notice even if keeping away from it. The spy cannot make a subject to sniff or inject it into a vein, though you might be drugged through foods or tobacco.

You might conduct a behavior to lose a social trust when talking publicly under this control, but moreover, you might suffer from the mental disease as a result. In either way, you are going to lose the trust and the spy can go through their mission.

3-56 [Disease caused by the electromagnetic wave]: Radiowave can cause fatal diseases as well

You might fall ill as a result of the spy operation, which is one of the social elimination, but it is not easy. In my experience, it was executed by poisoning in a physical way, though it also meant this traditional spy operation is still employed to control a target.


The poison can be left in your body system as a proof. In my case, my hand had been inflamed double for two days. I was under the environment not to go to the hospital unless really urgent, but the cause should be revealed when hospitalized. The spy can run an operation against the hospital, but not all the doctor accept a maneuver of the intelligence agency.


On the other hand, you became sick secretively under an influence of the electromagnetic wave operation. The radiowave manipulation can create a disease, especially causing a visceral disease.


When the chemical balance is changed in your body, the electromagnetic wave is basically irradiated concurrently. Contrarily, the external electromagnetic wave generates a chemical change in your body as a result of the synchronization, which means your organ is controlled by the wave.


The majority of organs have a digestive juice, whose secretion is a chemical change. If it is over-secreted, you suffer from an inflammation, which might advance to the ulcer. The electromagnetic wave can cause a sick and you might be hospitalized as a result.


The electromagnetic wave manipulation should create various diseases, but I have even not captured the whole capability. Having said that, not all the people are hospitalized due to this influence, as it depends on the individuality, implying there are many people whose symptom is not exacerbated.


The spy cannot sicken a subject as they want due to this individuality, thought they might find out a disease you are prone to suffer.


There are three fatal diseases amongst those, one of which is an influence over the pancreas. Your pancreatic inflammation can be caused by the electromagnetic wave, which is possibly advanced to a cyst, again which is can be progressed to cancer. This phenomenon might occur in other organs, but it is not normal that the ulcer is transformed to cancer for other organs.


Your heart is definitely affected by the electromagnetic wave, even if you are not driven to death but you have suffered from angina, at least. This symptom is sometimes escalated to a death, but your life becomes harder even if you are not killed. This heart problem should appear as far as you are under an irradiation of the wave, which might hospitalize you if you have no idea what is going on.


The last one is a brain stroke. The brain is the main object of electromagnetic operations, including a brain disease, sometimes escalated to a death.


3-55 [Job control]: Spy can control your job opportunity to drive you working as an asset

Your job can be restricted by the intelligence organization when you are not easily discredited, or maybe, your job is controlled at first, followed by the discredit. Those operations are not conducted in a certain sequence but chosen according to the effectiveness and availability. That means, your job control might be conducted at a start of the antipersonnel operation.


In the political case, the election takes place constantly, hence a targeted politician might lose the job when discredited, concurrently. This individual might be asked for a job opportunity, directly or indirectly by the intelligence agency that can hire an important asset in the end.


This situation holds true to celebrities that their disgrace is also linked to their job opportunity. Or, if you work at a company, your job should be controlled more easily, as your company stops hiring you if the intelligence organization pressurizes to do so.


There are many colleagues and managers in your company, some of them are easily cracked even if you are not instigated by the spy. The spy can leverage this situation to control your job opportunity. Especially, it is easier not to hire you than to fire you, as there is a difference of the legal protection.


This plot is quite suitable to acquire you as an asset. When you are isolated from the society with suffering economically, you are prone to accept the spy offer. On the other hand, you are basically useless under this condition that the spy successfully renders you harmless socially.


This operation starts from asking the company a favor, but the electromagnetic wave technology should replace this process as well. The radiowave manipulation can control your career goal, which is one of the ways to maneuver your job opportunity.


Or, you might be unstabilized by the electromagnetic manipulation under this environment, which is one of the ways to hire you as an asset. At the same time, you have been already eliminated from the society, even if not working as an asset.


3-54 [Discredit]: Several ways to discredit you by an electromagnetic wave

If the faked intel or phrasing does not work to eliminate you socially, they should take an action to discredit you from your behavior.


Your image can be easily discredited by the faked intel, fabrication of the past speech or phrasing, but you are more trusted socially than those manipulations. If that is the case, the spy needs to proceed a different type of the operations, whose choices are expanded when using an electromagnetic wave.


If the radiowave is not available, it is difficult to brainwash you believing a skewed ethical code, even though possible. Especially when you have well prepared for the spy operation after realizing multiple attempts, it is quite hard to manipulate you.


On the other hand, the electromagnetic wave can easily control your behavior, such as an escalation of your aggression. You are easily pissed off against a small irritation, which discredits you amongst your surroundings, which is one of the examples.


This operation is applicable to the thought manipulation that your preference can be easily revised, even if your morality and philosophy are hard to be cracked. If your altered preference is not generally acceptable to the society, your credit is disgraced even if it is legal. If this electromagnetic manipulation is conducted together with the information control over the society or community with inappropriate phrasing, you can be avoided socially.


This maneuver is escalated to a control over your speaking. If you are synchronized to the operative through the brainwave, your speech itself is controlled by the spy. If this control is applied to a long remark, you should realize something wrong, but it is hard to recognize when a few words are inserted into a whole conversation.


In this case, you utter quite unexpected words under the electromagnetic control. The more irregularly your speaking is distorted, the more credit you are going to lose, eventually eliminated from the society.


Although, this is an extreme case that the spy has so failed their operation for long or assumes it is desperate to eliminate you socially, sooner rather than later, as you might realize something wrong on your speaking even if you have no idea about the electromagnetic manipulation. Its discomfort might lead a revelation of this invisible methodology of the electromagnetic wave.