2-101 [A sudden death]: One of my acquaintances had died, likely caused by the electromagnetic wave

I would like to mention about one death from a sudden cause. He was one of the management, who was in charge of IR department, died in 2011. As said many times, I was not involved in any illegal transaction including an insider trading, but the police definitely investigated my transaction about his company.


The investigative authorities often started their inspection against me from a result of the transaction, not from the information. There were many trades I made beautifully in the past, which looked like an insider trading, just from the end result. I quite often sold off the stock before its sudden drop and bought it just before its jump-up and they claimed I had an insider information to trade those.


It was a result of the technique to trade and there were numerous well-placed orders which were used as their excuse to continue their investigation forever.


I traded beautifully with his company at one occasion as well, although it was just an outcome and I have remembered my serious nervousness how to trade it at that time. It was a result of the technique, but it was not that easy as it sounds.


The CIA and Japanese police intelligence absolutely knew there was no insider trading, as they have watched me for decades. This streak of the intelligence operation against me started from 2009 at late when they actually instigated me for an insider trading as well. They knew I would not, which was why they added more operations against me other than that.


These operations were not necessarily executed against me, but they were likely to use an electromagnetic wave against him. I have no idea of their true purpose but assume he was not targeted to be killed. The electromagnetic wave has often murdered their target unintentionally from a sudden cause, such as a stroke or heart attack.


Their possible purpose was to extract information directly from the brain or to create a false past to deliver an insider information, either of which was likely the reason why he was killed by the electromagnetic wave.


This is just a hypothesis, though I have a confidence as the same as I have been right on numerous trading in the past, some of which were so beautiful that they claimed I had an insider information. The CIA or Japanese police intelligence used a radiowave against him to be killed, just for creating a false charge against me.


There were many deaths and despairs in this course and there were numerous illegal activities done by spies. They have still tortured me and driven many people to death in various ways. Why has this craze been unprosecuted? Why can some of them still work for the government to undermine it? Why have their murder and illegal activity been untouched to be continued?


The government and politician should stand up to regulate their illegal operation including electromagnetic one. Furthermore, their conducts should be prosecuted as an organization and as an individual. Otherwise, it is quite unfair to those had already passed away.



2-100-2 [Suicide under investigation]: This person was related to the CIA asset network conducting illegal activities

His trading was likely not categorized as an insider trading, meaning his action was likely legal, as far as I know. However, if there is an information to gain a return without fail, there should be someone breaching a law. This information has been an illegal insider in nature and some of them had definitely known its true identity.


The e-mail sent to me was a leading clue to the real crime and the investigators might have found authentic problems.


I assumed that way he was driven to a suicide, probably by the electromagnetic wave. He should have gotten more proofs as he got this type of information more frequently and might have known a true nature of this circle as he was totally connected to the investment community. Even if he did not commit any crimes, there was a high probability he might have known criminals in the chain.


If he was being interrogated more, the whole circle might have been cracked down, hence they decided to kill him. Having said that, it was just the most likely scenario and there was no proof I have more than this e-mail and sender. On the other hand, I am pretty much sure the nature of this information chain, which was actually led to the CIA and their asset.


This e-mail was linked to the CIA spies who gained a profit with illegal information, which was for sure.


If I was more involved in their insider circle, I could have grasped what this was all about, but I declined, many times, this kind of offer, hence I was excluded from their inner community. That was why I had no idea who made an illegal transaction in person.


Contrarily saying, I have been their targets for decades, not getting into their illegal circle, which was why the CIA and Japanese police intelligence hated me that much. If I am one of them originally, I have been secured to protect their interest, but I have been tortured to create a false confession as I am not. That was why they tried many times to kill me. There has been no fairness in this system and there is no rule of law under their governance.


2-100-1 [Suicide under investigation]: An individual related to the insider chain committed a suicide

I would like to talk about one suicide along with an investigation into insider trading. I have no idea how many people died during the course, but the CIA, Japanese police intelligence and others had definitely driven many to death as usual.


This suicide was one of them that he died from a fall out of a building, when I was severely tortured in Hong Kong, in early 2012, after the industry-wide insider trading inspection started.


I saw an e-mail related to the insider trading in 2011, which he was involved in. The sender wrote to both of us that we could have got a return to buy a certain stock mentioned in the e-mail.


I believe we could have really got a profit to follow this instruction, as it was an information within the professional network. I actually did not know the outcome as I put myself away from these transactions, though it is still a difficult issue to define this either legal or illegal.


This e-mail is not enough to prosecute a trader as guilty, requiring more than just gaining a profit to buy this stock. However, this information was potentially an insider and was categorized as such when knowing it.


Practically speaking, you might avoid an illegality if the information is uncertain like this, but I have even avoided this type of information and tried to clarify whether this was legal in nature or not. When I was told this stock should go up, I always asked how they got a conviction or information always. If it was categorized as illegal, I definitely avoided trading with.


It was an unnecessary protocol to practice, though there was a possibility to be categorized as illegal when gaining a profit every time following that instruction. You might be prosecuted to know the information is illegal in nature inclusively. I even avoided this type of situation, hence there was no way I was involved in the insider trading case.


When I got this e-mail, I also sent back to him that I would not trade on this and he never gave me the same kind of information again. This initial decline was quite important as the information might be escalated into the apparent breach in the end. As said, I declined it, but the other receiver looked like to trade with this for a long time, which was actually written as such.

2-99-2 [Spy investigation]: Foreign spies have protected their citizens from the inspection

I had been asked many transactions which I did not remember at that time, and thereafter I tried hard to recollect why I decided to trade in that way to clear my name for me and for them. I had passed through tens or hundreds of cases like this, hence I became accustomed not to be bothered. In any way, I was able to recollect my memory that I did not do anything wrong and my mental became stronger than before.


They asked me of these cases basically by way of the remote interrogation or intimidation at the public place. Although, they clearly mentioned to summon those Aussies right at that time. That was why I believed they were interrogated by spies, but I had no idea how deeply they were interrogated. I was positive in this case as the spy has not been soft as you can imagine.


It is required to add another explanation for this case. The foreign intelligence organizations had secured their citizens and companies from the criminal case in this industry-wide insider trading investigation in 2012 in Japan. They had justified their conduct to protect their national interests.


As a matter of fact, each country can claim their authority against the subsidiary offices whose headquarters are domiciled in their own country. In the financial business, it is quite hard to define where the transaction actually takes place, which is why the Japanese authority sometimes hands over a prosecution to the other related parties.


This system has been also availed to protect their companies under the name of national interest, which was how the Japanese police has lost their capability to investigate the criminal case related to the intelligence. On the other hand, when several intelligence organizations were teamed up, they could make the Japanese police to proceed a criminal case against the specific spy case.


In this case, the Aussie became a victim of this team-up and their nationals were interrogated in the end.


However, there was no insider trading case originally. If they had inspected these cases in detail at first, they would have realized there was no illegal transaction. This fact was proved soon and the Aussie spy showed up in front of me with dressing up to show their gratitude.


It was convenient for them not to investigate in the detail, just to claim there were a plenty of illegal transactions not fully inspected yet. Anyway, some of them had fully realized there was no such a thing, but they had manipulated others to leave some of the untouched issues.


After all, the industry-wide insider trading probe in 2012 was conducted by the intelligence motivation in Japan. There were many illegal and improper transactions they found in the course, though I had nothing to do with them. On the other hand, there were some of the intelligence assets who had definitely conducted illegal transactions but were exempted from the legal prosecution. There was no fairness from the start to the end, which was a nature of the intelligence operation.



2-99-1 [Spy investigation]: They have had a capability to investigate a financial case, as they have professional assets

Almost all the investigative authority had given up their case against me until the end of 2012, though the intelligence circle was left over. The Japanese police had also continued their investigation, especially led by their intelligence division. However, their capability was limited in the financial case, if there was no support from the professional inspectors. As a result, they have proceeded more illegal conducts than before to oppress me.

On the other hand, the foreign intelligence organizations had no authority to pursue a legal case against me. Their capability of financial investigation has been definitely better, as they have hired many financial professionals as their assets, but they could not have found anything illegal in my case, as there was none.

In the end, one of the main investigative targets was to create a false confession with a created charge, which implied they had already lost their motivation to pursue a legal case against me and tried hard to crack me down mentally. In this way, they could have shut my mouth up to hire me as their asset, if possible.

In my understanding, the last investigative targets were Aussies. I had no idea how they interrogated my counterparts, though some of them were directly confronted by the intelligence officers.

At that time, I was in Indonesia and had a quarrel with Australian spies. This crash occurred unexpectedly, which was treated as a misstep of the Aussie intelligence. Other organizations started to capitalize this situation and decided to raise an insider trading case involved in Aussies. There was no such a case, but I understood what transaction they talked of from a communication with them.

They blackmailed me to become a spy otherwise they would have proceeded an investigation against these cases. I declined their offer immediately and they definitely started an interrogation against them, though I had no proof yet.

This had been a frequent protocol during my investigation, which started from a probe on my transaction, which they believed was an insider trading. There was no trading like that, but there were many transactions I totally forgot why they were placed, which took several hours or days to recollect all the memory.

I have intentionally avoided an illegal transaction, which was why I knew I was innocent, though I felt unease when asked a trade which I had not remembered. I needed a confirmation that I did not conduct anything wrong, which required recollecting the trading rationale.

They employed an electromagnetic wave to create an unnecessary anxiety and despair during my recollection process. It does not matter whether there was a crime or not, but they could have driven me to the edge in this way that they believed I would become their asset in the end.

2-98-2 [Spy immunity creates a crime]: This immunity structure always motivates a crime in the end

The immunity of the intelligence asset is not necessarily absolute, as there is no written paper. It is a result of the common practice and necessity that these assets are deployed in the future spy operation.


This free-hand is also applicable to the money laundering case. Their basic logic is that they can control these crimes when they hire those criminals as their assets rather than prosecuting them. However, this is just an official logic and the reality is that they have hired them to frame their potential targets to expand their intelligence network. In this way, the CIA or Japanese police intelligence can expand their power.


Contrarily saying, if you deny an authority of the spy, you will be a target of them as far as alive and they actually have the capability to render you harmless. That has been the reality. I still have no idea why they believe what they are doing is right, but moreover, no idea why they have still stayed at the public position.


Furthermore, I have no idea why the immunity is provided to criminals just because they have worked to the intelligence organizations. As far as I know, there were huge financial crimes in Japan, some of which were revealed in 2012 to be prosecuted, though there were others not prosecuted in the same manner despite its seriousness.


There should be another reason, a corruption. The financial crimes were so different from others in terms of the amount of money. As you can see, I wrote several cases until here, some of which went beyond billion US dollar. There were numerous illegal transactions trading at tens of thousand dollars, which has been a nature of the financial crimes.


This money should have been provided to the CIA and Japanese police, though I had no proof of this corruption. I was pretty much sure their whole system was wrong, but there was no proof that the intelligence officers got a personal gain from these immunities.


Sadly, these intelligence officers are in charge of these investigations including corruption cases, hence it is quite improbable to make these cases publicly prosecuted.


The immunity of intelligence assets has been apparently abused to motivate more crimes as they have free hands. This wrong system should have created numerous corruptions which are likely one of the reasons why they would like to run an operation against me to cover the reality I have known.



2-98-1 [Spy immunity creates a crime]: CIA operatives were actually not arrested during 2012 industry-wide investigation

It is a general issue that some of the criminals are immune from prosecutions when working as an asset to the intelligence organization. In the police operation, they have often hired rats to know the detail of criminal activities of others but themselves. The criminal spies can access easily to other criminals who were eventually arrested in this scheme.


However, this immunity created a chance for any crimes with free-hand. This issue should be critical enough and some of the murder cases were immunized as well.


There were other types of crimes created in this scheme that the police asked their rats to create a crime. There were many cases in Japan that the police department confiscated drugs and weapons prepared by their rats.


The same structure has been seen at the left extremist in Japan. Some of their members have been hired as spies to the police intelligence, who worked to frame other members of the same extremist group.


On the other hand, their sabotages were immunized as they worked as spies. In the end, the extremist has been radicalized to conduct violent crimes with an immunity as their nature was not changed even after they work for the police.


The police has had their own logic that their spies can proceed a career with a successful sabotage operation, which should lead more control over this specific terrorist group. On the other hand, the extremist spy can conduct an illegal operation without a worry to be caught.


This relationship is also seen between the CIA and their asset, both of those have immunized from Japanese legal system. They cannot be prosecuted even when they have conducted many illegal transactions including an insider trading. Or, more precisely, they are exempted from the official prosecution. The CIA has enough capability to negotiate every issue under the table, which provides them de facto immunity.


There were several investors who had conducted numerous illegal transactions, which was found in a course of the insider inspection in 2012. However, nobody was arrested within their circles. I heard this story at the almost end of their industry-wide operation because some of the officers of the CIA and Japanese police were so mad at this untouched outcome.


I have been fully monitored by many authorities, hence they let other parties know unacceptable crimes were left at large. This conversation was recorded and heard by lots of people, but still, they would not have arrested. There was just one reason why they were not prosecuted; they had worked for the CIA.