2-55 [Enemy wanted]: Intelligence needs their enemies to fight against, even if self-created

It is a common practice to create a criminal by the electromagnetic wave. I have somehow managed to escape from their trap, still away from being a killer or felon, but not all the target has been so lucky.


If you do not realize you are manipulated, you are more prone to accept the idea sent by the radiowave, eventually to commit a crime. For my case, I had no idea this existence in 2006, hence I was so manipulated but it was out of my value and impulse to act according to its manipulation.


The issue is how strong your philosophy is. If it is not strong that you are easily influenced by others, you can be easily maneuvered by the electromagnetic wave.


Or, you might be too emotional to contain your impulse to assault others. This aggressive emotion is also enhanced by the electromagnetic wave so that your reason is quite critical to be away from a battery or murder.


Furthermore, the electromagnetic technology has progressed significantly, which is capable potentially of manipulating more people to offend the law. If you do not recognize a threat of the electromagnetic wave, you cannot realize your brain is manipulated.


The CIA and other global intelligence organization can create a criminal through this methodology. Even if they have failed to make you a criminal, you can become easily an enemy of the country when mentioning you have a dangerous paranoia. As a result, you can be more monitored by these spies to conduct more profound manipulation. This whole system is extremely wrong.


One of this advancement is a threat of the lone wolf. This threat is very real to the society, but some of them are actually created by the spy. Some terror acts were manipulated by the intelligence organizations with the electromagnetic wave to exaggerate a risk of the lone wolf.


In this way, the spy can enhance their necessity from the government, as they are guys to fight against these crazy terrorists. Moreover, they expand the watch list to include those who are potentially against their authority. The spy can render those harmless through various operations, which certifies their winning at the power struggle.


Or, they sometimes leave terrorists to conduct terrors. If this is the case, they have not created a criminal nor a terror. They are not legally responsible for any final acts, but they should choose which terror can be executed negligibly. This choice should be so unlawful.


Although, not all the terrorists are created by the intelligence. The vast majority of crimes are irrelevant to the intelligence operation, but its fact is irrelevant to the real existence of the operation to create a crime.


The world is not created by the conspiracy, but there is certainly a spy operation to create a social disorder.



2-54 [Creating an enemy]: Intelligence has manipulated their subject to murderer

The police can only nail down their target when there is a crime, which is the main way to take, though. The assassination is one of other ways, but it is not necessarily successful. Moreover, if it has been failed for multiple times, it becomes much harder as their subjects care for their behavior more than before.


The manipulation is also another methodology to let the original target commit a crime. Even if they failed its operation, they can restrain the life of their targets if achieving a common ground within the police ranking officers that they were enemies to the police organization.


In the modern world, this manipulation can be created by the electromagnetic wave. Looking back my case, there was a time to think about how to attack the Parliament.


Just in case, I had never thought I should attack it, even under this manipulation. This idea was so out of my political philosophy, hence it was thought as one of the ideas to write a novel.


I had several strokes at the same time, small ones though, which is why I am pretty much sure both of them were results of the electromagnetic manipulation.


Their true intention was to let me attack the Parliament for real. However, they could not have changed my political view, hence it just became up to the level of an idea to write the novel. It was more difficult to change this philosophy than just to manipulate daily behavior, which was why they could not create a criminal act at that time.


There are several critical points here, one of which is that not all the individual has a constraint as I have had. I have a master degree in the politics and law at one of the best school in Japan and it is nearly impossible to change my view toward the philosophy and legality, which was created through a study for numerous hours.


However, generally speaking, the personal value can be manipulated to conduct an illegal activity, if not having a stubborn code. In the end, some of them have killed many people through manipulation to believe they did the right thing.


This criminal conduct was charged only to the executor, but this is problematic. If the operative was out of the legal sanction, there is no restriction for the spy to employ the electromagnetic wave to manipulate their targets to commit a crime. Furthermore, this crime eventually created many victims as well.


This radiowave operation was basically conducted by the spy, CIA and the Japanese police intelligence in Japan. When their target successfully committed a crime especially to murder many people, they become more needed to counter those criminals. This structure should have corrupted the whole legal system.


The Japanese police intelligence had me think the same kind of assaults in 2014 as well. I had no intention to attack in both of cases, but the electromagnetic manipulation was forceful in the latter case when I built up my paranoia striking back to the police if this situation would continue for the next couple of years.


I totally recognized I was manipulated in 2014, though the only I could do was to decline an immediate attack. This basically indicates that you should conduct a murder if the manipulator expands your paranoia. Its urge seems created internally even realizing it is not, therefore you might be easily maneuvered if you do not know you can be controlled by the electromagnetic wave.


As written before, there were many murder cases created by the radiowave. I was lucky to avoid the final cause, but my existence proved this threat is real. Furthermore, comparing the case in 2014 to one in 2006, their electromagnetic capability was by far enhanced, which indicates more people are subjects of the manipulated killer by the wave.


2-53 [For public security]: Japanese police eliminated many individuals out of their narrow common sense

There is a general critical issue in Japan in terms of policing, to hammer in the nail sticking out. They target subjects who would not work for the police intelligence to nail down socially.


Those individuals are basically an edge of the society, who are apparently out of the police reach and their narrow common sense. It is eventually translated into a danger to the public security which they would like to maintain at the level they could accept.


I was actually said by the police officer that all of those individuals went through an “investigation” like this, though more like a persecution. I had known its existence even before they started to torture me, though this methodology was employed against the people who were more socially important.


When I became a target, I had realized all the past social manipulation and abuse were products of the police intelligence which systematically had plotted a persecution to render their subject harmless.


Their operation is so devastating to the society which has been evolved with new ideas created from the edge to the whole society in the end. This process has helped many lives to be improved, though it should be stagnant if hammering all the edge.


On the other hand, the police intelligence can create a society which can be easily controlled by them, if eliminating individuals who do not follow their authority. The change is always an enemy to the authoritarian rulers.


This authoritarian value is also shared by the left extremist who believes every individual is subjected to the socialist bureaucrats. At one point of time, the Japanese police was controlled by these authoritarians, right and left, who had been eliminated many people, which was one of the main force to demolish the Japanese society.


There were many people targeted by them and I could not name all of them, though one of the most abused was Seiji Tsutsumi, a famous entrepreneur in Japan. He was eventually sucked down, but he had been targeted for several decades as he could not have been killed.


His career was an enemy to all the players, the left extremist, its sympathizer, the authoritarian police director and the spy, as he was an ex-communist student leader at the top school, though a son of prominent entrepreneur and speaker of the lower house, to start his own business several years after deported from the communist movement due to a struggle for the political direction.


Reading his book, also famous as a poet, there was a story about sleeping three days after finishing a critical project. This is definitely a result of the electromagnetic wave, as I have experienced the same due to the electromagnetic manipulation. In those days, I thought it was a natural phenomenon, but the wave could put me down in the same manner. That was why I realized it has been an outcome of the electromagnetic manipulation.


I found out how to counter its maneuver, therefore, this incident could not occur anymore, but if not, my situation is still the same as the past, as they still employ the same electromagnetic wave to let me down, occasionally.


Considering these facts, his success was somehow remarkable, even though he was initially supported by his father. I knew it was quite hard to live through from the attack, especially when they had employed an electromagnetic wave.


2-52 [Electromagnetic operation]: Covertly conducted by the CIA, Japanese intelligence and their assets

I have been tortured, which itself is an unacceptable crime by the Japanese police department, but there has been a fundamental issue at the police intelligence, which is related to their covert operation.


It is a fact in Japan that the police intelligence has conducted an operation to counter the extremist. However, they have actually run a political operation to have an influence on the general Japanese governmental direction.


It means that the police intelligence has had a political motivation, but at the same time, corrupted members of the intelligence have taken over the internal power further to enhance their authority to control the politics.


Their covert operation has been quite successful in employing the electromagnetic manipulation, eventually which had demolished the Japanese system profoundly.


I assumed they had the electromagnetic capability in 1970s, but at least they had the device until 1980s, which was definitely provided by the CIA. However, there might be another path how this device was brought into Japan.


The main extremist in Japan has been left radicals, which was associated with the Soviet Union, which absolutely had the same capability that the CIA possessed. This electromagnetic device might have been provided to them from the USSR in those days.


There were many left extremist subgroups in Japan, but there are still hundred thousands of members in total. The majority of them joined this organization decades ago and their activity is diminishing, but they still try a revolution to take over the sovereignty by power. It sounds silly, but there are a bunch of people still believing it in Japan, which is so different from other countries.


In any way, they might have had an electromagnetic capability back then, though the current technology was progressed by the CIA providing to the Japanese police intelligence. However, it is just given to the specific group inside the intelligence, which apparently follows a rule of the CIA.


This group has hired many members of the left extremist as their asset, which is a common practice to the intelligence organization, not unique to the Japanese one.


However, it is unique that they are basically communists losing a popularity in Japan. Their number of sabotage is declining over time and there is no future for them as there are not enough successors.


This is quite critical to the police intelligence as they have more than thirty thousand officers just to counter this left extremist, basically. It is apparent that their necessity should decline with diminishing revolutionist, which indicates that they need an enemy to fight against to prove they are needed.


Then, they decided to avail the left extremist to create a disturbance, which has been the way to show politicians that the police intelligence is indispensable. That was why they have unleashed some of the extremist assets to shoot rockets or to fire the government building. Or, they even have provided an electromagnetic capability to them.


2-51 [Rogue officers]: The police became more like a YAKUZA

“Do not break into our territory”, I was said by the police officer, when moving to a different region. The Japanese police system had totally lost their true purpose.


I had not been in Japan during the winter time for seven years, hence I had no idea how their winter coat looked like. Although, I realized there were two men harassing me during my whole lunch time behind my back. I was basically accustomed to the gaslighting but it was quite rare to keep intimidated for a long time like that by the same people.


I was eventually so pissed off and decided to confront them directly, turning back to ask them who they were. Surprisingly, they did not answer my question, but still kept their aggression against me. All I recognized was they wore a uniform and one of them were so baffled by the unexpected confrontation.


I had talked to them for several minutes, but I could not get what they really would like to say, therefore I gave up to go out of the restaurant, though I was still wondering why they could not say who they were even wearing a uniform.


Some hours later, I noticed they wore a police winter uniform and confirmed it to go to the police station. They took that gaslighting methodology so apparently as it was hard to confront the police officer directly, if noticed.


Their recognition was right that I tried to behave myself in front of the police uniform, as I would be arrested for the obstruction, if not. This policing measure is basically approved because they play a role to maintain the public security. It is not because they are stupidly smart, where there is definitely a limitation to employing a force.


This incident at the small restaurant indicated the general order was well widespread to the local level. Their chain of command was so intact, but at the same time, their organization was so corrupted.


It is not a duty of the police officer to settle their territory for earning their bills. I was their enemy number one at that time so that I was confronted in that way, but I was not the only victim for their illegal authority.


Their primal target is to secure the life of ordinary people to maintain the rule of law. Its meaning cannot be misinterpreted by the police organization. It is a matter of the democracy how we set the rule.


This sovereignty is held by the people and we should keep the police organization out for their sneak operation to take over this power.


2-50 [Framing]: Several famous methodologies of police framing to create a criminal

During running away, I was extremely cautious not to conduct any petty crimes. After all, it was not a normal running away as there were full of police officers and spies surrounding me all the time. I just escaped from the reality, but I could not be away from anyone physically.


I had already realized they created a crime to suck a subject down, therefore my every move was tried to be 100% coping with the law. I read the criminal law and police law many times during this escape, not to be arrested for the unknown legal matter.


I had made up my mind not to commit a battery, especially. I did not realize an existence of the electromagnetic manipulation but had realized my emotion easily exploding more than usual. I thought it was a result of a stress from the torture and severe watch, but in any way, the battery was an enough reason for them to arrest me, even if whatever minor it was.


That held true to any minor charges, one of which was a theft. There is one famous operation that the police left an expensive item at the noticeable place to me, to instigate its crime. I was not short of cash yet at that time, hence I was not induced to act like that, but there were many occasions to find something like that just in front of me.


I had experienced many honey traps but it did not work basically as they were so scared to near me, as I was assumed to be a bad guy. I luckily understood how it worked and the Japanese police have employed this methodology to frame their subject.


Another common crime was a document forgery, therefore I always used my real name wherever I went. That was one of the reasons I could not hide, but they could not confine me for this crime in this way.


I was extremely cautious of my behavior, but there was a time I was fallen to their minor operation. They prepared a car running around 15miles per hour to create the small congestion in front of me. Then, another operational car drove over this slow car where it was prohibited. There were more cars followed that move and my turn was coming to the next.


When I followed through, the siren was suddenly sounded and my car was asked to stop over to the side. It was absolutely my wrong behavior, but this was a common practice of the police officers to frame a subject. This was apparently not acceptable to the Japanese legal system, but it was nearly impossible to prove that car was asked to run slowly to instigate me.


All I could do at that time was to show my regret and just followed what the police officer would like to proceed. Eventually, there was nothing more than sneering at that time, but I deeply decided not to make any trivial crimes from then on.


2-49 [Arrest me by any means]: Japanese police was out of mind by any means

Their statement was changed from “planned to arrest me” to “will arrest me by any means” in the next two months, which might be an escalation of the police operation or just a threat to me according to its occasion.


The police officers swore me many times until then, but I had no idea what this “will arrest me by any means” meant, even now. They had already mobilized more than thousand police officers until then, following me in seven regions.


I did not hide during this time, hence they not just monitored me but tortured quite often, and then, they said they would arrest me by any means at that time. They had interrogated the people around me and spent years to find the crime, but there was nothing to go after. However, their answer was to arrest me by any means, which indicated the Japanese police system was out of mind.


At that time, they actually swore me with much longer time and words, but I had no idea why this was legal. I was so furious at that time but kept my mouth shut to endure the threat and humiliation with many public eyes, as I might be easily arrested if fighting against them.


All I can say is that they were wrong by any means. The police cannot arrest a subject just because they do not like. The fundamental concern is whether there is a crime or not.


The torture had been continued for more than a year until then, which the Japanese police was involved with. The spy was the primary to torture me, but the Japanese police intelligence was one of them. It was conducted to force me to accept a false charge, which was the only leeway for them that they could justify their past deed. However, I could have stood still for a long time, and then that was why they directly threatened me to be arrested by any means.


This was an expression of their frustration over their wrongdoing. The real issue is that I am not the only subject of this crazy police mindset by any means.


I have no idea how much these swearing police officers had known of the torture to create a false confession, but they should know its existence. It also means that the false charge has been a common practice so that they could not understand it was not acceptable, legally.


This incident also showed their war against me was shared far-flung in the police department. Their job became to protect their organization, not to protect the country nor to maintain the rule of law. They might have believed deeper in their mind that the police can authoritatively confine anyone if they do not like.