[One step to the extreme measure]: no one can be trusted

I got an appointment for the job interview under this severe surveillance, which they asked me to come over but it was apparently not a normal interview. Considering its background and the fact that the Japanese and Chinese authorities had watched strictly, I immediately recognized it was a call from the CIA.


In those days, I had not understood my situation totally and misjudged that the CIA came here to help me out. I thought it was apparent there was no reason for the Japanese police and Chinese intelligence to hunt me down and the CIA should be reasonable enough to resolve these misunderstandings. It was a silly notion to believe, but it was problematic just more than absurd.


The other parties had originally pretended to believe I was the CIA agent and they were not happy with my meeting with them in that story. Or more precisely, the majority of them believed those stories except ranking officers really connected, which also held true to the CIA officers who had no idea the real nature of this covert operation.


In this circumstance, I got a meeting potentially with the CIA, which was apparent to the Chinese and Japanese who had hacked my PC. They warned me not to go there with a physical threat. It was hard to explain but the Chinese intelligence had a bug and camera in my room and they knew what I was doing all the time. It had not been often in Hong Kong, but this methodology has been quite common in the mainland China. When I opened its e-mail and thought about whether going to this meeting, the noise level was tremendously escalated to warn my decision.


The date coming nearer, the drilling even started from the upper room, and then, they sent a spam mail not to attend it. Certainly, there was no one telling me directly not to go there, but this was how the spy communicated for this kind of operation, not to leave any traces and evidence. That was the way to deny any responsibilities later on and tried a subtle methodology to deliver their messages or to manipulate others.


Although, there was a possibility that I recognized as such due to a result of the electromagnetic manipulation. In any way, the tension was escalated toward its time and the drill was more frequented from the upper room. That was an apparent Chinese message as the room was used by them for the surveillance.


Thinking through pros and cons, I had a limited option to take and it was necessary to talk to someone, definitely. The Japanese government was helpless as the Japanese police was so aggressive that I had better talk to the US authority. I understood well of the Chinese message, but I should have bet on the CIA option.



[Chinese spy in the game]: Chinese and Japanse intelligence collaborated to hunt me down

There were a lot of apparent police officers amongst watchers, but there were also other types of them, Chinese spies. I could not differentiate them at first but noticed their differences as the time went on.


There were many spies, one of who always held a long steel pole on the Hong Kong escalator. He always stood in front at the place possibly to stick me through. I could not discern whether it was for sticking or poking, but it was definitely not for the watch but the threat.


The Hong Kong escalator is a transportation system from the central to the middle of near mountain, where lots of people live including me. It is about a kilometer long, which is used for a commutation for surrounding residents.


There were many encounters on this escalator. It was not easy to tell all the tails and watchers, but there were so many intelligence and police officers that I could always discern some of them. My discerning capability was improved day by day.


If I found them out and stood behind on the escalator, they became extremely nervous with raising their guard. Some of them even put their hands into the pocket to show their preparation for the weapon. On the other hand, there was no response if they were not spies or police officers watching me. Their reactions were so obvious that I can enhance my ability to tell who the spy was with continuous confirmations.


This opaque surveillance was enforced after my decline over the instigated crime. Then, I came to think there should be another reason putting me under the severe watch as there were apparently many spies sent from the mainland China, not just Hong Kong police officers.


Thinking through various possibilities, I came up with the most probable answer that I was suspected as a CIA agent. Looking back my career and status with not working but still staying there, it might be appropriate for a spying operation.


That was what I thought at that time but it was actually not a correct observation. Their purpose was to presume I was a CIA spy to be rendered harmless, which was the second step after they failed to trap me down at the sting operation.


Their intention was whether the Chinese intelligence pushed me hard to suck down or to push over toward the Japanese intelligence and the CIA. As far as I became an asset to any spy organizations, they could include me in their circle to shut my mouth up. That was one of the goals for the global intelligence joint operation.


As a matter of fact, their plot was scary enough for any of their targets to fall down. Apparent watchers and tails were not for the investigation, they were there to threaten me, whose methodology was employed after they failed the instigation. However, I did not realize they had worked together and I just thought there was a distinctive reason between Japanese and Chinese intelligences why they would like to catch me.


[Joint operation of HK police]: There were a pack of watchers

I lived in Hong Kong when realizing I was under a severe surveillance of the Japanese law enforcements. I moved there in 2007 to work and was still legally entitled to stay there to run the business in 2011, though I had already decided to shut my company down and sought for another opportunity. That was the time when I noticed they surrounded me to watch.


It was apparent but they definitely needed a collaboration from the Hong Kong police to watch or catch me. Even if they succeeded their operation to frame me for a criminal act, they cannot have arrested me without any help from the Hong Kong authority.


Actually, the local police also watched me during this framing operation. The criminal contacted me in December and I noticed many local detectives around the same time. My apartment was located in the winding street so that they deployed watchers every hundred meters. That was why I realized them, but moreover, they treated me as their subject, concurrently.


Thereafter, I declined any involvement of their crimes and the Japanese law enforcements failed their sting operation. There was no more reason to continue this complete surveillance, but they rather enforced it.


This basically meant that they stepped up their operation to the next level to suck me down with a false charge after their sting was failed. You should notice but no one could commit any crimes under its severe surveillance, especially when realized. The only they could do at that time was to threaten me for a false confession.


Although, I did not realize their true intention. All I thought was there should be some reasons to continue their investigation, but what occurred to me was more than surveillance or investigation.


[Illegal sting operation]: The Japanese law enforcement run the illegal operation to hunt me down in HK

The overall conclusion is that I was not a criminal. However, I was severely watched by the Japanese police and the special unit of attorney prosecutor at the end of 2011. As a matter of fact, I had been monitored and manipulated by the police intelligence division for decades, but I did not realize it yet. Although, it was pretty much sure that their operation was no more covert from the autumn of that year after the new police chief assumed his position.


I recognized their surveillance in that December and both of them were already positioned to hunt me down, though there was no crime and no sign of it, but they had decided closely to watch my behavior.


This combination of law enforcements is a little weird for the Japanese legal system, as there is no right for the prosecutor to join an investigation for the person without any crimes. The police is actually empowered to watch the subject under the rule, but the prosecutor’s special unit is not allowed to watch the subject, which implies they had made up a false crime already or deceived by the police that there were to be a crime at that time. They just have a right to investigate after the crime is committed.


There are three special units in Japan for the public prosecutor, one of which was deployed to hunt me down at this moment. Although, another team joined later on for my investigation. As you can see, there are just three teams which have uncovered many critical crimes in Japan by their own and two of them were used for my case. It means those who were deep inside the law enforcement community decided to catch me at whatever cost.


Some criminals threatened and instigated me to collaborate with their crimes under those severe watches. This instigation had been prepared since October 2011 and executed in that December. In the end, I declined their criminal activity and did not commit any crimes, but it is not because I was superior. It was more like I did not know how to commit a crime and had a perception that any crimes should be revealed in the end.


That recognition was nurtured through my degree of law at the university. At the same time, I also knew the punishment was more than assumed always if revealed, which was another reason why I placed myself away from the criminal activity.


A long time has passed since this incident, I revisited it and realized this was a sting operation. Moreover, their act was not permitted in the Japanese legal system. I did not come near to the crime, but they just threatened with a mafia relation and instigated to collaborate a crime, while other law enforcement teams watched to hunt me down. This methodology was out of the law, hence they cannot have prosecuted me in the court.


This implied they had no intention to give a sentence through the legal system, but just to render me harmless through this operation. Furthermore, the whole event took place in Hong Kong, where they had no jurisdiction at all. In those days, I was so driven into a corner that there was no time to analyze what was happening and who was behind.


It took a long time to revisit details of the event and needed more time to realize that it was a setup of the global intelligence community. I was so busy just to survive in those days.


[When did the radiowave start?]: CIA have developed this electromagnetic wave technology

The electromagnetic manipulation is apparently an extension of the EEG / biofeedback which is still conducted through the electrode placed on the skull, but the wireless is just one step ahead. However, it also indicates the wireless transmission is the other important technological background of the radiowave manipulation.


That was why MK Ultra’s sub-project 119 was way out toward the current technology, but the electromagnetic control was established from other sources. Although, there was a quite crucial remark at the MK Ultra that the CIA had been quite interested in a skillset to maneuver the human being externally and wirelessly. This motivation was kept even after the whole project was revealed and denounced, which was eventually realized as the electromagnetic manipulation.


This methodology should start from the simple frequency control. Irradiating a specific frequency band to the subjects, their brain and organs suffered from the corresponding symptom. That might begin with the wired experiment, but there is a large possibility that even a single frequency should cause a critical effect, including a heart attack and brain stroke. Actually, it is a proved fact that these two fatal symptoms can be caused by an irradiation of the ultra-long wave.


It is a complicated task to cause a depression by the radiowave manipulation, but a headache or fatigue is not that difficult; i.e. those can be caused by the simple pattern of frequencies. Mixing up these relatively simple maneuvers, the subject might eventually suffer from the depression. Moreover, if the same techniques are combined in different ways, you might be driven to the suicide or criminal action.


This technology has been further developed even to send a thought directly to the brain. I have opaquely experienced it since 2013, though I saw its capability in 1993, which implied they were capable of transmitting a thought already in 1980s. This evolution was quite dangerous to manipulate other human beings and societies.


The brain reading was developed later than sending, which should be in the late 1990s or might be in 2000s. There was a time lag for this advancement and I was pretty much sure of it as I was a subject of this electromagnetic manipulation without the brainwave reading in the middle of 1990s. Additionally, they employed the thought reading at the operation against me or others at least in 2000s.


This technology is still in the progress to manipulate the human being more efficiently in the near future. This advancement is horrific, but we better understand the current technology can kill the people and have actually created many social problems.


The people should understand a true nature of the electromagnetic wave manipulation. This has been covertly deployed to manipulate the people and societies for decades and there were many crimes caused by this technology piling up huge casualties. We should restrict the electromagnetic manipulation to recover a normal for the people.



[When did the radiowave start?]: The radiowave manipulation is not an extension of MK ULTRA

MK Ultra is a code name of the CIA’s mind control project with human experiments, which had been conducted until 1970s when it was leaked to the public. The majority of related papers were disposed, but some of them were remained to public later on.


The sub-project 119 was one of them, which was about a control over the human body by the electromagnetic wave. The detail was not clear, but there was a memo about a direction of the project written on 17 August 1960. There were focal points for the experiment as below,


  1. Bioelectric sensors: sources of significant electrical potential and methods of pick-up
  2. Recording: amplification, electronic tape and other multi-channel recording.
  3. Analysis: autocorrelators, spectrum analyzers, etc. and coordination with automatic data processing equipment.
  4. Standardization of data for correlation with biochemical, physiological and behavioral indices.
  5. Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means.


The current electromagnetic wave technology is actually not an extension of these focal points, which means the current device is irrelevant to MK Ultra, even though they shared the same direction to manipulate the human being.


The CIA would had targeted to control the body, rather than the brain control. Any body parts are controlled by the electric signal from the brain and the sub-project 119 targeted to access its electric signal. This researcher itemized technological directions and analytical frameworks for that purpose.


However, these were not projected to the current electromagnetic wave technology, as the current focuses on a control over the brain and brainwave and does not concern the electric signal running through the spine. There is a technology to connect a device to the neural system, which is not necessarily related to the wireless control.


This analysis implies that the current technology is not a descendant of MK Ultra, nor this sub-project 119 was not successful as it does not make sense from the modern technology point of view. Furthermore, this is not a research targeting an EEG at all. There was no other memo leftover for this and we cannot tell how this research progressed, but it should be futile and its budget should be cut sooner rather than later.


There was no other project similar to the sub-project 119. The majority of MK Ultra’s evidence was disposed in 1973, but if the electromagnetic wave were successful until then, there should have been more traces than this 119 paper. That implies the electromagnetic manipulation was highly likely established after 1970s.

[Rogue spies behind]: The rogue spies are the main perpetrators, but there should have been official orders as well

In Japan, the police intelligence has gone rogue to conduct multiple murders. This operation has not been recognized as a crime because they are one of the divisions of Japanese police department and they disguised assassination as a death from an accident or illness. That is why it has been impossible to prosecute their crimes.


The CIA has also gone rogue, not just for the operation in Japan but also in the home country, the United States. I am not sure how many criminal activities they have planned and executed, but there is no doubt they have killed many innocent people, more than just committing crimes.


Furthermore, their assets have been also derailed to conduct criminal actions. The controlled crime of intelligence community is offensive, but the uncontrolled organized crime of their affiliate is destructive. Those assets also have the capability to run an electromagnetic operation for an intelligence outsourcing, but they definitely employ these technologies for their own. It is problematic to manipulate others through the radiowave even if it is an official order of the intelligence organization, but it is absolutely unacceptable to use it for their own interest.


To make the situation worse, they are not caught nor prosecuted eventually, as they are valuable assets. This flaw of the legal system provides more incentive for the rogue operative to conduct an inadmissible crime for their personal interest, including an abuse of the electromagnetic manipulation. Moreover, it is hard to prove the incident has been triggered by the radiowave. They can torture, sicken or kill the subject, but we only can get circumstantial evidence and there is no trace of the external radiowave on the dead body.


There are lots of serious problems triggered by the electromagnetic wave manipulation, but we have no clue for each case who the perpetrators are. This technology is definitely employed by the intelligence community so that their rogue officers and assets have the capability as well.


I am pretty much sure the CIA should blame their assets going rogue, but it is not necessarily true. Some of the crimes should have been ordered or implied by them as I was a subject to have experienced their rogue operations. I also acknowledge that some of them have been really conducted out of control of the intelligence organizations.


They should admit a responsibility for numerous wrong operations. At the same time, their assets should take responsibilities for their crimes and those are the only way to halt this craziness. It is definitely necessary to charge righteously for taking back a democracy from the rogue organizations.